Chapter 5

01/12/2011 12:04

Damn it! I run up to the door after Gina, I swing to grab her but I miss. I watch her run up the stairs and look behind me. I frown as I see Alisia looking grim but she's not looking at me, she's looking ahead towards the overview. I feel guilty. I look back up at the stairs and then look back at Alisia. Back and forth I look and then I look at Alisia again. She's still looking straight ahead and the moon is shining on her making her look like she's glowing. I blink a couple of times but it doesn't go away. Damn, she's beautiful.

I’ve always noticed her since I moved here and yeah sometimes I stare but who wouldn't. Sometimes Gina would catch me and get mad but I cant help it. I like looking at her I always tell her and Gina always throws that “i convinced my family to move here so we could stay together” bull but it's true. I force myself to look away, close my eyes taking a big breath and run up the stairs after Gina.

I stop at the top of the stairs and try to listen for the sound of crying but I don’t. Strange. Out of all the rooms I know she wont go to Jams room so I go to the only other room, my room. I open the door and see Gina sitting on the bed with her back towards me. I walk towards her and she has her head back and her eyes closed. Wait, something is not right.

What the hell and that's when I realized it was Eric on his knees In front of Gina. I run over there push Gina off the bed, pick up Eric and punch him right in his hazel eyes. Gina screams and I pick Eric up and throw him out the room.

“PHRED STOP IT!” Gina screams





Eric runs towards me and knocks me down onto the floor. Gina is screaming but I cant hear her all I can hear is my heart in my ears. Eric sits on top of me and punches me causing me to feel nauseous. I feel the throbbing pain in my jaw but I ignore it and roll over putting Eric under me. Giving him the ole one two three, I hear something crack and hope it's his jaw.

Getting off Eric and picking him up, I give him another knuckle sandwich and throw him on the bed. He gets up and aims for me but misses. I pull my arm back when I feel something grab my arm.

“PHRED STOP!” Jam says

I yank my arm away and drop Eric. I step back and look to see Jam and Dwayne walking towards me but they end up walking past me and pick up Eric. I look at that bastard and he smiles at me, I make a face at him. He's fucking crazy.

“I want you to know she enjoyed every bit of it.” Eric said licking the blood off his lips

“YOU BASTARD..” I scream

“I know who my dad is.” Eric said

I froze. Eric smiled at me and I'm just standing here like an idiot. I try to say something but nothing comes to mind.

“Aw what's wrong Phredrick? Cat got your tongue?”

I still didn't say anything. It was like my brain was frozen solid but on fire at the same time. I tried to move my mouth but it was like I'm in shock.

“Oh wait. That pussy was in my mouth.” Eric says

“GET HIM OUT OF HERE!” Gina says

I swing landing my fist on the sweet of his lips, I try to swing again but Gina is holding on to my arms. Eric pushes Jam and Dwayne off of him and wipes his mouth then he looks at Gina and smiles at her, I lunge for him again but this time it was Dwayne holding me back and Jam was pushing Eric out the room.

I freaking hate Eric with all of me. He's always been an ass and I don’t even remember letting him in my party. Eric is just that type of guy who I just wish would disappear, I mean no one would miss him. I can't stand him because He's got it all, the money, the power, the women and he makes sure you know it. That fast talking bastard is a thorn in my side.

“You OK my man?” Dwayne said

“Yeah, i'm good.” I say

“Phred your..”

“Don't touch me Gina.”

“Well that's my cue to leave.” Dwayne said walking away

I watch him leave and then go into the bathroom. Gina follows me but I pay her no mind at all. I look in the mirror, hmm not bad. Just a swollen lip. Gina is looking in the mirror looking at me but I just turn on the sink and splash my face with cold water,I reach for a towel and dry my face.

“Phred I..”

“I don’t want to hear it Gina.”

“But Phred you were..”

“I was what?!.”

“Kissing her!”

“I was not!”

“Yes you were I seen you! I always catch you looking at her so I know you wanted to kiss her and now I just seen you do it!”

“Yes, I like to look at her but No I wasn't kissing her Gina!”











It all happened so fast, one minute she was next to me and next thing you know she was flying across the room and hitting the wall. I didn't mean to push her it just, happened. I look at Gina and she has a look of terror in her eyes. I open my mouth to apologize but she just runs away sobbing. Damn it. I swear I didn't mean to do that. I would never push her intentionally.

I splash my face with water once again and dry my face off. I hear the party still going on but i'm in no mode to dance. I take a shower, wash my hair and get out. I wrap a towel around my waist and as girlie as it sounds my head too but my dreads are long and I don’t want water everywhere.

Brushing my teeth I hear some one come in, more like stumble in my room. I assume it's Dwayne. Knowing him, he probably want to talk about what happened and what is going on with me and Gina and all that jazz. I walk out of the room and pause.


I stumble into a room and closed the door behind me, please god let there be a bathroom in here. Alicia was right, I shouldn't of drank that much. I mean i'm not drunk, I’ve drank way more before but I will say i'm buzzed. After Phred left for Gina I kinda drank my life away and stared at the stars but that got interrupted when Alicia busted out wanting some air. After about an hour I couldn't hold my pee anymore so I ran upstairs, praying for a bathroom.

I look up and almost had an orgasm. It was Phred, wrapped in a towel soaking wet. Oh my goodness I want to lick that water right off his body and his towel is blue? Die. I can tell he washed his hair because it smelled so strongly of vanilla the room could have been made of it.

“Uhh, sorry I uh thought this was a bathroom, I'll leave.” I said turning around

“No, wait. You can use my bathroom.” he says

I turn back around and look at him and damn. I want him. I lick my lips and cover my mouth, shit. I hope that wasn't obvious.

“You sure?” I ask

“Yeah, go right a head.” he says

“Ok Thanks.”

“Mmhm. Plus it'll give me time to get dressed”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Well the bathroom is behind me, so it's all yours.”

I walk over to the bathroom and he steps out the way. I inhale and smile, god I love how he smells. He's not choking me with cologne and after shave, everything is simple and sweet just like him. I go into the bathroom and stall like a mug, I mean don’t get me wrong I would love to walk all up in there and watch him get dresses and see him naked and lay him on the bed and rip off his clothes and screw the hell out of him but I can't. Girlfriend. And I refuse to be like Maria.

I relieve my bladder, wipe, flush and wash my hands. I open the door and see Phred with just pajama pants on and laying on the bed with his eyes closed. Something seems off about his face, I take a closer look at gee wiz! His lip is swollen. He opened his eyes and I blush but he just smiles at me.

“There you go again.” he says with a smile

“ thanks.” I say


“So, what happened to your lip?”


“You were fighting?!?”



“About 10 minutes ago.”

“What? Wow, What happened.”

“You know, I don't bite.”

“Wait what?” I said blushing

“You can sit on the bed next to me. You don't have to stand.”

“ i'm OK.”

“You sure?”



“I'm fine right here.”

“Come on, I told you I don't bite.”

Phred sat up and patted on the spot on the bed next to him. I gulped, I'm nervous. I mean I know it's just sitting but it's on a bed where people have sex on. Where I want to have sex on. With him. Oh Mad do I want him. I look him up and down as I walk over and sit down next to him. He smiles at me and I blush and smile back.

“See it's not so bad.” he says

“Yeah true.” I say

“I told you.”

“ what about this fight now?”

“Oh it's nothing really, just that I caught Gina cheating on me with Eric and I had to beat some ass.”

“That's not nothing!”

“It is to me.”

“How is it just nothing, you caught your girl cheating and you fought the guy. That seems like a lot to me.”

“Not really, it was going to end with us anyways.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was going to break it off with her when I came up here. It's been 6 months & we wasn't going anywhere and to be honest she was boring. Never wanted to do anything and she is a crazy perfectionist but no one is perfect. Especially not me.”

“Wait you moved here like 3 months ago right?”

“Yeah but before I moved here from Detroit, I was with Gina.”


“Yeah, so that's why I said no biggie.”

“Oh, so are you and Gina over?”

“Hell yes.”

“Oh, that's good..i mean.”

Shit. I didn't mean to say that out loud. Well shoot I did but not for him, I hope he don’t take it the wrong way.

“Sorry.” I say

“No, it's OK. So can I ask you a question?” Phred

“Um, sure.”

“Do you like me?”

“Yeah, you're a cool guy.”

“No Alisia, do you like me?”

“...Why that question?”

“Because i'm sitting here thinking about stuff and realizing things.”

“Like what?”

“What if I told you that I know that you like me?”

“And how would you know?”

I closed my eyes and smiled. The dream. It was the dream all over again well kinda, we weren't at school and their was no note but it's close enough.

“You don't just look at someone for no reason.” he says

“Maybe I was wondering about your dreads?” I said

“Well why didn't you ask me then?”

“I didn't want to offend you”

“Offend me?”



“I don’t know..but I do know this, you like me too.”

“How do you know I like you?”

“Because you just don’t ask a question like that out of no where.”


My heart dropped then fluttered then flew down then laid eggs in my stomach and the eggs hatched and turned into caterpillars then turned into butterflies and they are now flying in my stomach giving me this feeling, and it feels amazing.

“Ok, so now what.” I ask

“Whatever you want.” he says

“...What if..i want you.”

“You know I’ve been waiting for you to say.”

“Oh really?”




I don't know what is going on but i'm not gonna stop it. Phreds lips are on mine and i'm loving it. He lays me down on the bed and kisses me more, my hands are all into his dreads and he's holding me close to his body. He starts licking and sucking on my neck sending a tingle down my spine, Phred holds me up and unzips my dress but then pauses.

“I'm sorry..” he says

“No no, don't stop.” I say

“You sure?”

“Yes now shut up and take off my dress.”

He rips my dress off of me and we start going at it with the kissing again but that was it. Just kissing, I want him so bad right now and I feel like he's not into it as much as I am. So I stop him.

“Phred, are you OK?” I say

“Yeah, I just. Don't want you to think we're moving too fast.” he says

“Do you think we're moving to fast?”

“No I just..don't feel right.”


“Because you've been drinking and I don’t want you to think that i'm taking advantage of that.”

“I'm not drunk.” I say annoyed

“Still you've been drinking and it just don't feel right.”

“Look you want me right?”

“Yeah Alisia I do want you but i'm not going to have sex with you if you have been drinking. I got more respect for you than that.”

Woah...Wow. That's a first. I’ve never had a guy stop me before. Phred rolled over and was laying beside me. I sat up and looked into the bathroom, now that I think about it a guy never stopped me from about to having sex with them. Phred started rubbing my back and I just smiled. He respects me, not only did he stop me, he didn't give in and he cares about me feelings which just makes me like him even more. I turn around, get on top of him, move a dread out of his face and smile at him.

“You know, a guy has never said they respected me before.” I say

“Oh really.” he says


“But you know what?”


“That just makes me like you even more.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. Phred I want you and have for a while.”

“You know, now that I think about it. I feel the same way.”


“But Alisia are you..”


I lean down and kiss him softly on his lips but then I bit it. I feel him poke me and I feel myself moisten. I kiss him on his neck and on his pecks then his stomach until I reach the top of his pajama pants. I pull them off and watch his screaming manhood pop out looking all read to go, taking off my bra and panties, I climb back on top of him and connect us, making us become one.



I felt myself get harder as she climbed on top of me, she grabbed my hands and put them on her hips. She put her hands on my chest and did her cowgirl thang to me and making me feel like I'm heavy and her being so beautiful, I feel like i'm making love to an angel. Its already a turn on that she's on top but it's an even bigger turn on because she's in control. See I like women not girls and right now she's showing me how much of a women she is making me fall for her.

Grinding and rolling her hips making me moan, she whips her hair to the side and shows me her neck . I sit up and kiss her neck making us move together, I tend to her tender twins bringing us even closer than we already are. She groans and moans as I do as well but then she pushes me back down on the bed. I see the fire in her eyes that I love so much, I feel the passion between us and even though it's our first time together. I feel everything about her.

As Time progresses on, She trembles and I can feel her legs shake and hear her breathing shudder and her moans gets longer and shes biting her lips making me go crazy. I making noise along with her and thank god the music is so loud that no one can hear us. Alisia makes her head fall forward and her beautiful silky hair tickles my chest sending an unbarring sensation down my spine that I hold in my climax. I want to wait for Alisia, I got to wait for her.

I can feel her clench up all over and then with one last grind she stops. Hearing her moan and Feeling her quiver and pulse with relieve, I let myself go right along with her. She looks at me with glassy eyes and a smile on her face. I smile back.

I roll Alisia to her side and move her hair out of her sweaty face, she has a smile on her face so wide it fills me with pride. She's satisfied so I'm satisfied. I kiss her softly on her lips and she blushes and looks down shyly. God, I love it when she does that, it makes me feel good.

Alisias breathing goes even and I feel her smiling against my chest. Pulling her towards me and making me her pillow, I close my eyes with a grin on my face. I feel lucky but even though a beautiful girl made love to me and I only known her for 3 months. It feels right and I hope Alisia feels the same way too because as of right now. I will never let her go.