Chapter 5

16/12/2011 16:46

I'm gonna make this more often" I triumphantly smiled and against all the odds, Bruno said with a very frank voice "Thank you".

"YOU ARE JUST A BITCH !" I yelled at Melly on the phone. I tried to go to her home yesterday night, after our 'private' moment with Peter but she wasn't there. Which was better for her anyway, otherwise I would have kicked her ass out .

Mel burst out loud and God knows I wanted to crash my phone on the floor and jump on it to break it in thousands of pieces. Once again, she read in my mind and told me between two laughs : "Don't break your phone". I didn't smile or something. This girl could read in your mind. Scary. "Why have you done that?" I asked when she calmed down a little bit. "Because it was damn funny ! Oh God Jay cracks me up … 'A giant pigeon' Bahahahaha" "SERIOUSLY MEL ! TELL ME!" She laughed for about two more minutes and eventually settled down. "Because it's pretty clear you like each other"

There was a blank for about 30 seconds.

"Excuse me, can you repeat what you just said?" I asked. "Oh come on monkey, it's obvious! If you really hated each other, you already would have killed each other …" "Mel, I can't even call him Bruno … And he just keeps calling me Coffee Girl. We CAN'T like each other. It's as easy as making a cap!" "Alex told me you couldn't stop talking about him" "ALEX DID WHAT?" "Erm … no, nothing" Obviously, she wasn't supposed to tell me that. "We're gonna have a talk tonight, Alex and me" I angrily said. "Please don't fight because of me!" Melly said. "Smh … We'll see. By the way, where were you yesterday night? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, let me guess … You were with JAMES!" "What? Absolutely not!" This was the biggest lie I EVER heard in my whole life. "Okay, I need to go now" quickly said my best friend. "Yeah sure, you should tell me you're dating James King !" But she hanged up.

I felt suddenly lonely. Al were … I didn't know where he was but he was clearly not at home. Melly was hanging with Jay … And Bruno … WHY DID THE HELL I THINK ABOUT BRUNO? Damn … F**k my life...

The only thing I do when I'm bored is to go working. The problem is that I didn't have any cap to do … Nevertheless, I decided to go at the office. Maybe I would find something to do there. I felt my phone vibrating. It was Jay texting me to thank me for his cap. All the guys were jealous. I suddenly had an awesome idea! I was going to do a cap for every guy of the band! God, this was such a great idea.

I was starting drawing Phred's one when I heard someone knocked at the door. "Hummmm?" "I knew I would find someone here!" I turned back to see Bruno … Peter wearing a white tee shirt and his leather jacket. "God what did I do to always see him around me?" I asked, watching the sky. Curly Hair laughed. "No, that's alright … I'm wearing a white tee-shirt today. I wouldn't mind if you threw a coffee on it" "I already apologized for your yellow tee shirt" I said, rising an eyebrow. "You couldn't fix it?" I asked "Nope. The hotel told me it was impossible to erase coffee AND chocolate on a yellow tee shirt" "Next time, buy a blue one" I said and focused back on Phred's cap.

He became silent and after a little moment, I stared at him. He was watching the wall with his frowned puppy eyes. Oh come on! He really cared about this stupid shirt and I ruined it. Smh …

"Okay Peter" I sighed "You've got your tee shirt with you right now?" He nodded. "FINE! I'm only doing this cause what's happening is my fault ... We're going to my place and I'm going to fix your tee-shirt" Peter's brown eyes locked in mine. "You will? Thank you so much!" He had a huge, honest smile on his face. "But … My hotel told me it was impossible to wash ... " "Hotels are lazy and I've got super powers" I took my helmet on the table and he followed me.

"Yo Constance!" someone told. I turned to see Carter who was running after me. Carter was a newbie in the office. He was the type of guy would give his life to be a 'swagger'. Any buck, he would spend it in clothes or expensive accessories. "We reached the 500 000 sold caps on Justin Bieber's caps" "Hum, that's good. Thanks Carter. By the way, you shouldn't wear this cap with these pants" "Oh, thanks for the advise boss" he said before leaving.

"What?" I said when I realized Peter was looking at me "This dude respects you and all" "Yeah, you know, I've got SWAG" He laughed ans told that Jay, Kam and Dwayne couldn't stop telling that word. "You see how I dress? Pretty rare for a girl yeah. Guys respect me for that" "Yeah, you're not like other girls" I took that as a compliment and we kept walking through the corridors.

"And you worked with Justin Bieber?" he asked "Yup, I did. He was a a bit arrogant and all but his songs are okay and as you heard, we sell pretty well his caps" "I worked with him too" "Oh yeah?" "He is actually talented. And honestly, he's extremely brave and noble. I wrote him a song called Love Me. It sounds like … " He started singing a little bit and I nearly melt. His voice was so azerfdkpfhs. "It sounds like Lovefool by the Cardigans" "You know the Cardigans?" he asked, surprised. "Why are you so surprised?" "Well, you know … I thought you were the kind of girl who listened to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry all day" I glared at him "Nope, I'm not that type of girl. I love a lot of different artists. Maroon 5, Phoenix , The Police … But also Eminem, Lil Wayne …" "Good choices. Never heard of Phoenix though" "That's a french band. When we'll be at my place, I'll show you their albums"

We finally arrived at the garage where my baby motor bike waited for us. I gave Bruno another helmet and he looked at me in a weird way. "What?" I asked, annoyed. "To be honest … I was riding a scooter in my Billionaire video and it was okay … but it scares me to death to go on a motor bike" I looked at him and I nearly said an 'Awwwwwwwwwwww' It was so cute how he admitted it. "I promise I will go slowly and as long as you hang on on me, nothing's going to happen" It was pretty clear he was scared to death but it seemed like he trusted me. "Now if you grab my boobs, I swear I kick out of the bike" I warned him. He rolled his eyes and we left.

"That's my place! Sorry if it's a bit small but I'm not a super star" "No that's alright. I love small places. This one's cool" I asked him if he wanted to drink something and he chose a Light Coke. "All your walls are full of DVDs?" he asked. "Nope, some are books and others CDs" My walls were a little dig and I could full them with whatever I wanted. I collected DVDs, books and CDs and put them it the walls. It was a nice decoration and looked like a library. I took my iPod and put Phoenix on the stereo. "Phoenix, enjoy" "Thank you but what about my tee shirt?" "Oh yeah … Bloody tee shirt. Give it to me"

Instead of going to the laundry, I took my phone and dialed a number. "Bonjour mamie! Comment ça va? Oui oui, très bien, je viens d'apprendre que je viens de vendre 500 000 casquettes, pas mal hein? Ou donc je t'appellais parce que …" I started to talk.

When I hung up, Bruno was looking at me, totally astonished. "What? What did I do wrong?" "You're french?" he asked, shocked. "Yup …" "Wow, you didn't tell me that you were french, I would never have guessed … You don't have an accent" "That's not really a secret but I don't tell people I'm french after until I know them well. By the way, thank you. It was hard to me to have the American accent" He gave me a respectful look. "By the way, why did you call a french person?" he asked. "Oh yeah, I called my grandma. I don't have superpowers and I usually don't wash the clothes … But my grandma's awesome and she knows a lot of stuff. Including washing yellow shirts. So, she told me how to wash your thing" Bruno opened his mouth but no words came out.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed vinegar and salt to wash the Honolulu tee shirt.

Bruno was frowning and I went a bit angry "What? Why are you frowning?" "I'm just wondering why you called your grandma? Don't you have a mother?"

I froze. Tuned back to him after thirty long seconds, and coldly told him "That's not of your business" "Of course it isn't, but I was just wondering, sorry" I felt a bit released he didn't insist on this subject and we talked again, like he never asked about my mom.

I started to wash his tee-shirt and we were talking at the same time. We were still having sarcasm but we didn't shout at each other like we used to. I learned he was from Hawaii and was raised in a numerous family. Eric (I told Bruno that I thought he kinda looked like a lunch lady and he burst out loud) was his half brother and he had four sisters. He was all cute cause even if he was younger than three of them, he acted like the big, tall, old brother. He really cared about them and he admitted that if any of his sister's boyfriend hurt one of them, he would ruin his life. Awwwww, he was a family man, that's adorable.

I told him my story. I was stuck in a small town in France. All the people were arrogant and superficial. I hated it. When I was 15, I went a month in Florida and from this day, my dream was to go living in the USA, no matter what. I worked hard, met Melly who was German and there were are now. "Very impressing …" He admitted.

His phone started to blow off. He also had a Blackberry and I knew it was the emails sound. "Why don't you answer?" I asked him, pointing to his vibrating pocket."Oh, that's nothing" he blushed. I frowned. "Tell me what's going on" I said with a serious tone. "Now." "Okay okay! Don't yell!" Peter said in a defensive way. God I liked when he obeyed me. Hahaha. "Well, to tell you the truth, I'm a dumb in technology". I stared at him for a long time. "You what?" "I know it sounds pathetic but I can't read a mail on my phone". I looked at him in a very serious way and then, laughed my ass off. "You can't read a mail? Hahahahaha, oh God you're killing me" At first, he looked very ashamed but then, he started to laugh with me. "Seriously, you suck at everything except for music" I teased him. "And you didn't saw me on Twitter, I'm just a looser. I can't even post a picture" I laughed again. "Oh come on, it mustn't be so difficult, show me your phone" He gave me his red Blackberry. "You don't even have a password on it?" I said, surprised. "I told you, I don't know how to do it" "But like … if your phone get stolen, the guy will have all the celebs number … Not cool" "I'll take the risk" he shrugged. I rolled my eyes and clicked on the Twitter button.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I said and looked at him, exasperated. "What did I do?" He asked, defensive "Are you blind or retarded? Look here, there's acamera button. I don't think this button is useful to listen to music" "Well … Now that you are telling me, it sounds logical …" I laughed again. He took his phone, took a pic of my wall, and after 5 minutes, proudly said to me: "I twipiced for the first time in my life!" "Oh yeah … In five minutes … It must be a slowness record" "Shut up" "Plus, you twitpiced my wall … What a looza …" He ignored me and scrolled his phone. "How many tweets do people send to you?" I asked "I've got about 10 every second" "WOW, REALLY? That's huge" He smiled to me "Ohhh … Some Hooligans are asking me whose wall your wall belongs" "Hooligans?" "My biggest fans, they are the best. I owe everything to them" "Awwww, that's cute" He smiled again. "Okay, I'm tweeting that : This swaggish wall belongs to a swaggish girl who's going to create my new merchandise #Swag" "Hummm, yeah, I think you forgot to mention I had swag" We laughed again.

Bruno stayed at my place for a long time. I tried to explain him how to email someone but he was the worst. However, he eventually managed to read his emails and erased some one. We were interrupted by Al who came back from the I-Didn't-Know-What-He-Done-Trip. "Hey, I'm Alexander" Al presented himself. I mentally thanked him to not getting jealous of Bruno. I was hungry and Bruno made me tired trying to make him understand how to use his BlackBerry. No time for drama. "Peter" Bruno said and shook Al's hand. I was surprised Bruno said his name was Peter but after all, it was his choice and as he wasn't wearing his forever hat, neither his usual Ray-Ban, it was pretty much impossible for Al to recognize him. "I'm working with Constance" Bruno said. "Oh nice! She never brings some people from her work here except Melly, maybe you could eat here someday" I glared at Al. "Who the hell did he think he was?" He was talking like he was my mom. "Yeah sure … Damn it! I didn't saw the time. I've got some interviews to do … I mean, some work to do, I'll see you another day. Bye Constance. Tomorrow, you'll show me how to use my Mac" I shot a smile and shook my head, exasperated. This guy was impossible.

"This Peter seems nice" Al said when he closed the door.