Chapter 5

27/12/2011 16:40

He turns and looks at me.

“Hey, I remember you” he says.

“You do?”

“Yeah, from the road the other day.” He smiles. I couldn’t resist smiling back.

“So, you came here alone?” I ask.

“Yeah. Sometimes I just want to be alone.”

There was silence.

“That was your cue to say aww!”

“Oh..I’m sorry” I say awkwardly.

He laughs. “So, I see you came alone as well?”

“No. I came with my two best friends. But I guess I’m alone now.”

We continue to talk for the rest of the night. I honestly cannot describe him. He’s just so down to earth.

Before we know it, it’s midnight. “I should probably be getting home now” I say.

“I’ll drop you home” he says. Is he being serious?

“I really don’t want to bother you” I say.

“Nah, I don’t mind.”

We walk out of the bar, and to his car.

We get to my house.

“Thank you.” I smile.

“Don’t mention it.”

I’m about to get out of the car when Bruno says something.

“Hey Kate, do you mind if I call you sometime?”

Is he seriously asking for my number?!

My heart races and but I don’t want to sound like a fan girl or anything.

“Sure” I say.

I cannot believe how I managed to be so calm.

I give him my number and head to my door step and unlock my door.

I can see that he is waiting till I get inside and close my door.

Does he really care about me?

I get inside and he drives away. I cannot believe what had happened. I never thought that I could easily fall for someone after one night.

Am I really falling for him? Does he like me? Why did he want my number? I have a problem of overthinking.

I get into bed and immediately fall asleep.

I wake the next morning at 11am, with one missed call.