Chapter 5

21/03/2012 19:35

Without making a scene i whisper back to Joe, “Why? What’s happened?”To which he replies through a fake smile “I said we will talk about it when we get home.” Yeah he knows about me and Bruno for sure. Phil looks at me as to say the cat is out of the bag and then he nods in Ari’s direction, meaning he was the one who told Joe. I just slowly shake my head, smile and mouth to him, it doesn’t matter. I don’t see why Joe would find this a big deal. Bruno is my ex and yes i’m not gonna lie, i am always going to have a spot for Bruno but i’m with Joe. I have been for two years so he should know nothing would come out of this. I put on a fake smile to everyone so its looks like everything is fine but of course Bruno look at me with a concerned face and he knows something is up. I just shake him of and just carry on with the meal. This awkward tension now is really getting to me. Thank goodness for Dan to start speaking. He starts babbling on about something and it gets us all laughing and bantering. He’s a life saver. We all finish our meal on a good note. Dan pays for everyone and i offer to pay but he says no to me.“Laila, it’s nice of you to offer but if i you pay, i’m going to have to fire you?” I give him a shocked face. “Daaan?! For real?” He starts laughing.“No of course not sweetheart. i’m just kidding, it’s my treat.” Oh he scared me then. We all stand outside talking for a while and Dan still wants the night to go on. “So, who’s ready to hit the club? Guys?” He looks at Bruno, Phil and Ari. Bruno looks at the guys then answers. “Yeah sure. We down for that.” “AWESOME! Joe, Laila. How about you two?” I go to say yes but Joe answers for the both of us. “No, not for us Dan. I think we’ll give it a miss tonight.” Dan looks at me. I can’t believe Joe is answering for me. I really want to say yes and go but i know that would just make things worse between us so i have to say no. I look at Dan. “Yeah i’m going to have to give it a miss tonight. I am tired. Another night for sure.” I hate lying but it had to be done. “Awh okay sweetheart. We shall see you in the studio tomorrow then.” He comes up to hug me and says bye. Then he shakes Joes hand. Next Phil and Ari hug me and say bye to Joe. Then i go up and hug Bruno. He whispers in my ear as he holds me, “Ya boy is giving me evil looks.” “That’s because he knows about us. I’m sorry. He will get over it.” As i release from him, he looks at me all confused. Joe shakes Bruno hand. I haven’t felt so uneasy in my life. But nothing happened. But then Joe quickly kisses me on the lips and takes my hand. “Nice meeting you guys. Hope to see you soon. Have a good night.” Yeah and i’m back to feeling uneasy again. Why did he feel the need to do that. We start walking to the car and i remove my hand from Joes. “What was that for?” I know damn well why he planted that kiss on me but i just want to see what he says. “Baby. I was just showing you my love.” Really? Well if he wants to play dumb with me then i will too.

We get to the car and i decide to carry on. “Oh okay. So what did you want to talk about?” “Nothing.” “But you said in the…” “So Bruno. He’s just a friend right?” “Yeah. Yes he is. We go way back.” “Yes i know. But i got told from a guy i just met and NOT my girlfriend.” “Look, i don’t know why you are making a big deal out of this. Yes me and Bruno dated but now we are just friends. Nothing to worry about.” Joe seems to be frustrated. “Right, so why did he come back then?” “He’s here to finish off his album.” “Oh really.” “Yes really. Bruno is not here for me. I didn’t even know he was coming to our studio untill i saw him and the guys yesterday.” “Bit of a Coincidence he came to the studio YOU’RE at huh?” Joes really getting on my nerves now. I wish i said yes to the club now. “No it’s not really. Lots of aspiring musicians come to Dan’s studio. You know that. Why are you being difficult?” We get to our house and we both get out the car and slam the doors. Joe raises his voice. “I’m not being difficult, it’s just strange how all of a sudden he is back in your life.” “Back in my life. Joe what part of WE ARE FRIENDS and HE IS HERE USING A STUDIO do you not get? I am with you and right now you’re being stupid and blowing this whole thing up.” I can’t be doing with this anymore. I rush to get into our house and walk away from him but he catches up with me. “Oh so i’m being stupid in thinking that your ex is here and you’re suddenly working with him.” “WHY WON’T YOU LAY OFF! WE ARE JUST FRIENDS. BRUNO IS HERE FOR HIS ALBUM! THAT’S IT! You are the one making things up in your head. I can’t believe you’re acting like this. I’m starting to think i should of said yes about going to the club.” Damn i know that’s the wrong thing to say but with the way Joe is acting, i don’t want to be around him. He gives of a sarcastic vibe to me. “Oh okay. Run along to your ‘friend’ then darling. I’m sure he’s missing you.” “God, you’re such an asshole sometimes you know. I’m not gonna bother talking to you while you are in this mood. I’m done talking. Leave me alone and GOODNIGHT. OH and don’t bother coming to bed. The sofa wants you more, she’s jealous of me and i guess you two are just ‘friends’ too.” Yeah i felt that sarcastic comment was in need. I get to the bedroom and slam the door.

I take my make up off, brush my hair, put my nightwear on and get into bed. God i’ve never seen Joe act so childish before and with the mood he is in, i really don’t want to be around him. I couldn’t care less what he is doing right now. I can’t stop thinking about the club. I wish i went now and i would make my way over there now given the chance but i’m settled in bed and can’t be bothered to move. I’ll just sleep away and hope this will all blow over tomorrow from me and Joe. As soon as i start to shut my eyes and drift off to sleep, my phone goes off. Text message from Bruno. It reads: ‘Sorry if i’ve woke you up Laila, i just need to know if you’re okay? Bruno x’ Without hesitating, i text him back straight away. ‘Don’t worry, i’m fine. Just annoyed right now but i’m okay. Go and enjoy yourself. Laila x’ I put my phone by the side of my as i have a feeling he is going to text back. And i was right. After about 10 minutes i get a reply. ‘Why are you annoyed? Laila what’s happened? Bruno x’ I’m too tierd to explain so i just simple tell him ‘Long story. I’ll tell you tomorrow okay. Night Bruno. Laila x’ I leave it there and finally fall asleep…..