Chapter 5

03/05/2011 16:17

We arrived into the emergency room, expecting to see Phillip. But he wasn't there... Bruno was talking to a doctor and asked him where Phillip could be. Just then Phillip walked in. "Bro you okay?" Bruno asked him. "Dude, man, I'm scared." Have I ever heard Phillip say he was scared? Phillip was the kind of man I expected to be not scared of ANYTHING. I watched both of them talk to eachother. But again, I couldnt hear them. Because other things were raging in my head. Like 'Is Phil gunna be okay?' or 'Bruno really cares for him.' "Cait?" Phillip took off my Ray Bans. "Oh Phil!" I hugged him. "Well fine then!" Bruno said jokily. I kissed Bruno. "Happy?" I smiled. "Phillip how've you been?" I asked. I saw Phillip smile and start to laugh. I could Bruno was doing something behind me. I looked back at Bruno and then he started laughing. Phillip was doing something behind me too. "You're just happy you got a kiss from her" Phillip said to Bruno. "Dude!" he said. I started laughing. "Anyways, how are you??" I asked Phillip. "Good actually. But scared at the same time." he said. "I'm sorry. Did the doctor say you needed any surgery?" Phillip had an angry face on. "Phil?" I turned around to Bruno and he was doing kisses in the air toawrds me. I guess trying to make Phil jealous. Phil ran towards him and attacked him. They were fighting. "Phillip stop! You can't be fighting! BRUNO! DON'T YOU DARE" I pulled Bruno away from Phillip. "Just stop fighting over me! I love both of you. But Phil I date Bruno. And Bruno you know how I said I loved both of you? Well Phil is like a close brother to me. You, my soulmate:)" I said. Both Bruno and Phil stopped and looked at me. "I love you too" Both of them said and hugged me. But Bruno kissed me. "Phil c'mon you need a room" I said. "C'mon babe" I said to Bruno. All three of us walked to the front and asked for a room for Phil. This is like the fifth time I've been in this hospital for my friends. It was really awkward with it just being all three of us. I mean, since they both just fought, they didn't talk for a while. So I decided to set things staright. "Guys, you need to talk. I miss hearing both of your voices. Just because you fought doesn't mean you don't talk. I mean it’s just me your fighting over." I said pointing my eyes mainly at Phil. "Babe your way important, It's not JUST YOU. it's you. Caitlin. Who's my girl. And pretty. Wonderful" Bruno said. I turned to Phillip. "Cait, I like you. A lot. Sure, we can be just friends. And Bruno, man, please don't stay mad at me. I love you man. Like a brother." They both hugged. Which was kinda weird. Just saying. "Kaye well Phillip we're gonna leave. Call or text eachother of us if you need anything. " And then we left. So much drama went on. "Let’s go somewhere where we wont get shot, or attacked." Bruno was hilarious. "You know, you make me laugh. A LOT." I said smiling towards him. "I know" he said smiling back. We got into his car and drove to his house. His summer house in Pittsburgh I should say. When we got home, my jaw dropped. His house was HUGE! Its just a summer house too. "So, whatcha wanna do?" He said, raising his eyebrows up and down like he wanted to do something else. If you know what I mean. But he was just kidding. "Bruno," I said. "Can you sing for me? You have such a amazing voice. I'm serious. Pleeeasssse" I begged. "No need to beg. Anything for you." he said. He sat down at the piano and I sat down next to him. "So, I should sing, what song my dear?" he was such a gentleman. "Talking To The Moon" I said. Thats the first thing that popped in my head as we sat down at the piano. "I know you're somewhere out there, somewhere far away" he started to sing. I had kinda softly sang along. He heard me and stopped singing. It was just me singing. "Louder?" I sang what turned out to be the rest of it. Whenever the song was done, I looked at him. "Happy?" he laughed. "You're a better singer than me" he teased. "Am not! Bruno! Peter Gene Hernandez, you have the most amazing voice in the world that I dream about it. I love to hear it EVERYDAY. I'm lucky if I even get to hear you sing. I love you and your voice." I said. "And your body" I mumbled softly. "Huh?" he said. "Nothing!" "No tell me!" "I said and your body" I confessed. " Oh so I'm sexy?" he said smiling. "Oh my gosh Bruno, the sexiest!" I started laughing. We loved eachother. Officially.