Chapter 54

01/07/2012 20:42

Bruno’s POV

Pull yourself together Bruno. I think to myself as my palms start to sweat.

Today was the day of my wedding and I had never been more nervous in my life. Still sitting on my bed in the hotel I was thinking back over the last year with Mel. It had been the happiest year of my life.

I thought of how I loved it when she laughed and how she looked amazing when she smiled. I thought of Faith and Peter, our children, two of the most precious things of our life. What was there to be nervous about? Getting to marry the girl I love? We’re already kind of married so what’s the difference?

No longer feeling nervous I walk into the bathroom and take a shower closing my eyes and picturing Melanie with a smile on her face the kids by her side. Smiling to myself I finally decided to get out of the shower and get ready. When I was half way through drying myself Phil storms in “Yo Bruno you rea- ahh cover that shit up man. It ain’t pretty!” He practically screams and runs out. I can’t help but suppress a laugh.

“Phil, I just got out the shower. Don’t walk in on me and my piggly diggly okay?” I burst out laughing despite feeling a little embarrassed.

I wrap the towel around my mid-section and walk back into my room where Phil was stood in the corner looking like he didn’t know where to place himself. “You staying for another look?” I challenge him raising my eyebrows and threatening to remove that towel.

He flings his arms in the air “Alright I’m going, I’m going.” He laughs under his breath and leaves closing the door behind him.

I walk to my wardrobe and take out my tux and slide into it quickly noticing the time on the alarm clock. Shit. “PHIL!” I shout. “GET IN THE FUCKING CAR!”

I grab my tie and run out the door seeing that everyone was already gathered at the door ready.

“Dude relax, you’re not going to be late.” Eric says putting his arm across my shoulders. “You’re going to be just fine lil bro.”

“I have to be there before her you know. I have to be.” I say quietly. I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that something is just destined to go wrong today.

“We know Bruno. You’ve said it a million times.” Jamareo says from the corner rolling his eyes.

Someones phone rings on the table and Phred runs to get it and answers straight away, “Mel’s on her way, we gotta go Bruno.”

All of a sudden everything’s so hectic and everyone is falling over eachother to get out that door. Eventually we all manage to get out and into our cars and my heart is beating faster than ever. When we pull up outside I’m surprised. I knew that Shareen was being secretive but I did not expect this. We had pulled up next to the beach. To tell the truth it looked beautiful. Perfect even.

“Oh my god.” Is all I manage.

Someone slaps me on the back and I turn around to find my dad. “This is your day son, no one can take this from you.” And he produces the biggest smile I think I have possibly ever seen on him.

“Thanks dad. Where’s Mel?” I ask, “Wasn’t she with you and Mom?”

“She’s a few cars back and we just pulled up. Better get to the altar kid.” He shoves me from behind and I make my way up to the make shift altar that is on the sand under a canopy of light flowing material. When I reach my place I see my Mom sat near the front smiling at me, tears glistening in her eyes.

“I love you.” I mouth at her and she blows me a kiss.

“Show time.” I hear Shareen say from somewhere behind me and I turn to face the sea as I hear a band start up and play Rest of my life. How did they know? It played when we were at Vegas. Shows how perfect this moment truly is.

I slowly turn around as people gasp. There she is. The woman of my dreams. Looking as beautiful as I have ever seen her. Her face is lit up with a huge smile and I can’t help but gasp as everyone else did.

As she reaches my side I take her hand and turn to face the vicar. I lean in to her ear and whisper “You look beautiful baby.”

Her smile widens and she whispers to me, “Not so bad yourself short stuff.”

I can’t help but laugh as I lift my head to read the words that will tie us together forever.