Chapter 5

11/05/2011 22:31

The plane lands and we get out quickly. We have no luggage, so we go straight outside. I follow Bruno thinking he goes to call a taxi, when I see a familiar face. 

„Laura. Hey!" I yell and run to her. „Whatcha doin here? Wow, I haven’t seen you for such a long time.“ I hug her tight.

Laura is one of my best friends and also became one of Bruno. Whenever I travelled to New York since Bruno and I moved together to L.A. she was the only one I visited every time. I know her for about 8 years now when I began studying teaching in New York. She was already in the 5th semester and helped me a lot with the studies and all other problems I had. She is like my big sister, at least I love her like she was.

„Well, Bruno called me to pick you guys up, so I immediately drove here to see my Sabi-Sabi again.“ She says smiling and squeezes my cheek.

„Haha yeah my Lauri-Glori.“ I smile back, muss up her hair and hug her again tightly. „I’m so happy to see you! I missed you!“

„Missed you too. But now let’s go. You guys have a long day and night before you.“ She says with a grin when Bruno suddenly gives her a be-quiet-look. „Ehm.. I mean... I guess... not that I will know...“

I look at Bruno then Laura and ask: „Do you know something I don’t know?“

„No, enough talking. Let’s go. Did you get the car?“ Bruno asks quickly turning to Laura.

„Yes, I did. Wasn’t easy but with mentioning your name there weren’t any more problems... There.“ She says and pointing somewhere.

I look there and froze: „Oh... my... fucking... God. Are you serious?“

There was standing a huge white hummer limousine.

„All for you babe. After you.“ Bruno says, opens the door and gesture like a chauffeur.

I get in, then Laura and Bruno follow me. On the floor is a black carpet and there are disco-like lights all over. The seats are in a fire-red leather and everywhere are mirrors and even a small bar. Bruno gives us a glass and fills it with champagne.

„To Marriott Hotel. Please.“ Bruno says to the driver, “they always treat me like a king there and today you will be my queen.“ He says and kisses my hand like a queen’s hand is used to be kissed.

„Oh well, my lord. I love to be your queen. But why only for a day?“ I reply with my best british accent.

He grins and answers also with a british accent: „A queen for a day, but my lady for a lifetime.“

„Aawwww, you both are sooooo cheesy.“ Laura interrupts our little royal-chat. „I don’t have to listen to all this lovey-dovey now the whole time, do I?“

She looks at Bruno and he gave her a weird look. Then she said: „I actually don’t have much time either. I have to correct some tests today...“

„Well I think thats okay. We can meet tomorrow. Today is Bruno-Sabi-Day.“ I answer and smile at Bruno.

„Ehm, baby to be honest I have to leave you alone for some time when we arrive at the hotel.“ Bruno tells me, „I came here for you... for us of course, but I thought when I’m already here I could get some connections for my next collabo either. It’s not gonna take long, I promise, only about 2 hours. Don’t be mad, babe. Okay?“

„What the hell? You can’t be serious!“ I reply angrily and turn away from him crossing my arms.

„Babe, please. Don’t be angry. It won’t be long. That’s really important for me.“ He tries to explain.

„I can’t believe that you take me here just to leave me alone again. I really regret now trusting you again so fast. If u told me earlier I would have never come with you here. Again your career is more important than I. You really make a fool out of me now even when Laura is here... All the things you said and sang in the plane were lies, or what? I’m so foolish believing in your words, knowing that I only should believe in what you DO not SAY.“ I say almost crying, but try to be strong and don’t let this get to my heart.

„Oh baby, please. I took you here to get all right between us. Okay I see, that this isn’t really the best thing to do now, leave you alone. But I have to. In fact I don’t wanna meet someone because of work. That was just a pretense. Well not the best one, I see now. I wanted to get something for you... a surprise....“ He explains and takes my hand.

„A surprise?... For me?... No work?... Oh... That’s... I think I was a little too upset...“ I reply with a look of regret and sorry.

„No. It’s ok. You’re right. That was a dumb idea telling you that I have to work. It’s just I wanted to surprise you... my lil drama queen.“

I smile and say: “But all this is already surprise enough. I’m overwhelmed of all that. That’s why I’m reacting so sensitive. You don’t have to do any more surprises. Just let us have a nice day, okay.“ I suggest and caress his cheek.

„But I want to. And I will. You shouldn’t have just a nice day, you should have the best day and night in your life. And I already planned everything. Just takes about 2 hours, then I’ll be back, ok?“

„Hm... Okay. How could I say NO now?!“ I confess and turn to Laura, „are you joining me til Bruno’s back?“

„Oh, Sabi. I lied to you too. I don’t have to correct tests today. I will go with Bruno. He needs my help to find the perfect... surprise for you.“

„You too? I see you both really wanna make a fool out of me. Okay then I will be on my own. I think I know what I wanna do.“ I say a little bit angry but also happy that they want to surprise me.

„Great. Whatcha wanna do honey?" Bruno asks me.

„As if I'd tell you lying bitches... duh...“ I answer giggling.

We all laugh.

Then the driver says that we arrived at the hotel. We get out of the car... I mean... big white hummer limousine.

Bruno gives me a kiss and says: „See you later, sweetheart. I will call you.“

„Ok.“ I reply „Bye. Do I see you tomorrow, Laura?“

„Yes, of course. Maybe even today later...We’ll see. Coz who knows what’s gonna happen?! Bye Sabi.“ Laura answers and gives me a hug. Then they immediately get into a taxi and drive away.

I’m standing in front of the hotel and say to myself: „So Sabi, here you are. Later you will get a huge surprise from the man you love. Could you think of that when you got up this morning? Did you expect that the day will go this way when you went to the lawyer’s office?... No!... Damn. Life is weird. But life’s good to you! Enjoy it! You deserve it! You went through a lot of bad days! Now it’s time to have some good days, girl!“

„Madam, do you need me any longer?“ The driver asks me.

„Huh?“, I turn around and look at him standing in front of this huge white hummer limousine. „Ehm... no... ehm... I mean... YES!“

A big smile comes on my face, I put on my sun glasses and get into it.

„Please drive me to a shopping center near here. I just have 2 hours...“


Oh, how I enjoy it, going shopping, I really haven’t done it for a long time. It is a blessing. I look down at the 3 big shopping bags. I already bought a red tiny jeans and perfect matching black high heels, a black short-sleeved blouse, a short blue denim dress, creole earrings and a matching silver bracelet and necklace, grey chucks and a golden-yellow shirt with a black lion on it.


And now I’m standing again in a fitting room trying on lingerie for later. I know how the day will end and I want to be prepared for it. I giggle quietly and remember what Bruno said on the plane: „It’s gonna be perfect. Just like our first time.“


Our first time. It’s now quite a long time ago but I still can remember every detail, move, feeling, like it was yesterday...


...It happened on our sixth date. Because he was touring we only could meet when he had one or more days off. For the first 5 dates he always flew to New York to meet me. We did the common things like going for diner, watching movies, I showed him my place and we went for endless long walks talking about everything, laughing, flirting. It really was amazing but I wanted to wait for the right moment...

Then one day he said that he want me to see one of his shows and the next concert is in L.A. so he could show me L.A. and his place too. So I flew to L.A..

A driver picked me up from the airport and drove directly to the venue where he already was waiting. I watched his show and after it we were hanging out backstage. The Hooligans like they calling themselves were fooling around. It really was a great funny evening and it followed an incredibly night that I never will forget.

I was a little bit nervous because I knew that it would probably happen. No I was absolutely sure that it will happen that night. And so was he. We both smiled to each other all the time.

The others were already poking fun at us. „I think Sabrina has the MAAAAAAAAAARRRSSS SAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRSS!“ „No she has the BRUNOMANIA, hahaha.“

After everybody took a shower and put on fresh clothes, we decided to leave the venue. The others said they were all so tired and didn’t want to go to a club.

So we went to Bruno’s place. When we got there he said that I should wait for a minute outside. So I did. After some minutes he took me in and I was astonished.

„WOW! What...? Is this... for me?“ The whole floor was covered with black candles and red and white rose leaves leading to the living room and also upstairs.

„No in fact this is for Halle Berry. But she cancelled our date. And I was too tired to tidy up everything.“ He answered flatly.

I smiled: „Oh, poor Bruno, but your also my stopgap. Brad Pitt just stopped calling me.“

We both laughed and walked into the living room. On the table were also candles, flowers and in the middle two glasses, a bottle of white wine and a small presentation pack.

Bruno opened the bottle, filled the glasses and gave one to me.

„Thanks. Is this also for Halle Berry?“ I asked and pointed at the pack.

„Yes, but you can have it. It wasn’t THAT expensive.“ He kidded and handed it to me. „I hope you like it. It’s really nothing big. So don’t expect too much now, okay! I saw it in a shop and it reminded me of you. So I just had to buy it.“

„That’s cute“, I said while opening the pack, „now I feel really stupid I don’t have anything for you... except...“ I grinned at him.

„Except... what?“ He asked curious.

„Hmm... you will see later.“ I responded and smiled thinking of the red bra and thong I was wearing which he surely like later... I opened the box and in it was a black leather bracelet with a golden lettering on it. I read loud „Already Taken“ and looked at Bruno. „That’s beautiful. I love it. Can you help me putting it on?“

„Yes, sure. So...“ He said while putting it around my wrist. „...what you’re saying...?“

„About what?“ I asked back.

„About what stands on the bracelet, baby.“ He looked into my eyes. „I mean we are dating now for a while... and... I like you... very much... in fact I wanna be with you... oh I so suck at this... I just don’t know if you... I know I’m difficult... I mean... to be with me is difficult... all the touring and publicity n’stuff... I mean I love it... but it can be hard to... deal with... to understand... when you’re on the other side...“ he stuttered while finding the right words.

I smiled and put my arms around his neck.

„Bruno, don’t you feel it?“

He looked at me confused. „Feel what?“

„That I’m all about you. I’m already fully yours.“ I committed and he smiled. „I don’t care about your status as a star and all the publicity and lifestyle that comes with it. You know what you want and you work hard for it. That’s what I LIKE about you, not what makes me bother. To me your a thoroughbred musician with much talent and passion for what he does. Also I can talk to you about everything. I can be myself. You take me as I am. That what counts for me most.“

„Wow... Okay... that are some clear words. I like that.“

„That’s just the truth. I feel good and happy when I’m with you, beside the racing heart when you look at me or touch me.“

„Oh really? And how do you feel when I do that?“ He asked and kissed me softly.

„I get a heartattack.“ I said jokingly.

We laughed.

„If that’s so, I think you won’t survive what I wanna do with you the rest of the night.“

I smiled and said: „I think I will take the risk. I’m not afraid.“

He kissed me again, took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom. There again were flowers and candles everywhere. It smelled wonderful. I took a deep breath in.

„Hmm. Vanilla... I love vanilla flavour.“ I said. "And all these rose leaves... it's so cheesy... but you know I'm a woman... I kinda like it..."

„Oh do you?“ He comes close to me and we kissed again. It was awesome. I felt a warm shiver running through my whole body. He put his hands on my hips. Our kisses became more passionate and his hands moved to my lower back and finally on my booty. I hummed a little bit and put my arms around him as well.

Then suddenly he stopped kissing me, looked serious at me and said: „Sabrina I wanna tell you something.“

I thought to myself ‚Oh God, what’s coming now? Please not the 3 words! Not yet. What should I response when he says it now? The same? It’s too early to say it...’ I tried to relax. „Ok. What is it?“

He looked at me intensely and said: „I want you to be careful. Coz I’m still a virgin.“

„What?“ I was shocked.

He burst out in a big laugh.

„Oh you idiot.“ I laughed too, grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

„Too sad that you just don’t see what I see. Your flabbergasted look. Too awesome.“ He catched the pillow and pretend to throw it back to me.

„Hahaha. You’re soooo funny.“ I ducked down expecting the pillow hitting me.

Instead I felt his hand grabbing mine and he pulled me near him.

Again we kissed and this time it became quickly passionate. He put his hands again on my hips but then not further down. He moved them upwards and gripped my shirt while his way up. I took off his short too and caressed his chest. He caressed my face and neck. Then he kissed my neck. I put my head to the side and hummed. Then he turned my body around and caressed my stomach. He kissed my shoulder and neck from behind. Then put down the straps of my bra. His hand moved over my breasts. I hummed again.

He opened my bra and took it off. Again his hands caressed my breasts while he was kissing my neck. I turned around and kissed him. I lost every resistance and gave myself to him fully. He pulled me towards the bed not stopping kissing me more and more ardent. When we were at the edge of the bed he kissed my neck and went further down. He sat on the bed caressing and kissing my stomach, my breasts, my whole body. I caressed his head and run my fingers through his hair. It just felt so good. I closed my eyes, then opened them again because I want to see him. He opened my belt and pulled my skirt down. He stood up and the passionate kissing and booty and whole body caressing went on. Once more he turned my body around and his hands wandered down my breasts, my stomach and further down inside my string. I groaned and thought to myself 'Oh gosh, these fingers... Where the hell did he learn that?’ I groaned more and couldn’t stand still anymore. Our bodys rubbed against eachother what let the fire that was already on them burn more. His fingers circled and rubbed with more and more intense. I almost climaxed when he put his hand out of my string and turned me around. We kissed again and he pressed his body against mine. I could feel his arousal.

He whispered in my ear: „I’m so ready babe. I want you.“

I opened his belt and he took his trousers and boxers off.

We lay down on the bed. He took my string off and lay on top of me. I opened my legs and he slowly went inside. We looked at each other, kissed, caressed, groaned. Our bodies rubbed at each other, heated up, finally moved in the same rhythm. I closed my eyes and could fully feel him all over and inside my body. My mind left my head and flew high above us, I nearly lost it.

Our bodies moved faster and faster. I groaned more and more until I climaxed. A moment ago he climaxed too.

His body fell winded on mine. I caressed his hair and back. After a while of rest he rolled over to the side and we smiled to each other.

I looked at the ceiling, took a deep breath and aspirated: „Oh my God. This was great.“


Yeah that was our first time. Hard to believe how much happened since that night. We travelled the world, moved together, got a baby, married, broke up, almost got divorced.

But now we will find our love again. We’ll be alright. At least I hope so...

I get a satisfied and happy feeling.

Then my phone buzzes. I look at it. It’s Bruno’s number.

I pick up and say with a grin: „Hey darling, guess what I just thought about.“

„Sabrina?“ A female voice says.


„Hey, here’s Laura.“

„Laura? What’s up? Why you calling me with Bruno’s phone?“

„Oh Sabrina. Something terrible happened. Bruno had an accident.“ Laura says excited.

„What?“ I yell shocked. „What happened? How is he? Where are you? Oh God. Is he injured?“

„Not at the phone. Just come here quickly. To St. Patricks Hospital. I will wait for you outside in front of the main entrance.“

„Yes, of course. See you there.“

I put the phone into my pocket, change my clothes quickly, grab my bags and run outside. I get into the next taxi and say: „To St. Patricks Hospital. Fast.“

On the way thousands of thoughts run through my mind. ‚What if he is badly injured? What if he’s.... dead? No! I don’t even wanna think of that! What bad happened to him while I was shopping and enjoying myself? What’s with Sammie? I left him alone in New York. I’m so a no good mom.’ I begin crying when thinking of lil Sammie. ‚Oh God. Please. I beg you. Please. Don’t let Bruno die. Please. I know I wasn’t always an angel. But this will hurt him more than me. Please don’t take him his father because of my sins. Please’ I try to swallow my tears and be strong.

„We’re here. That makes 23 $.“

„Ok. Here.“

I pay and get out of the car fast. I look around and see Laura. She beckons to me. I run to her.

„Laura. What happened? Where’s Bruno? Is he injured?“

„Sabrina, calm down first.“