Chapter 5

13/05/2011 23:30

He then introduced me to his friends.

“this is Phil” Bruno pointed to the side

“oh yeah I know him, we met at the store”

“oh look who it is, the girl in a hurry” phil giggled as he made his glasses

His laugh was hilarious!!! It was like hihihihihhihihihihhi!!!!


I burst out laughing and it took me a good five minutes to catch my breath. After I had calmed down, I met his other band members, Kenji, Jamareo, Phred and his Brother Eric who played the drums.


Kenji was fair and had the sweetest face ever. He had spiky hair and seemed really nice. Jamareo had this great big smile which took up most of his face and he had a cute lil Mohawk on his head. Phred had these long dreadlocks like Bob Marley and it looked incredible on him. And Eric was like a panda, big and chubby, you just feel like getting big panda hugs from him. 


I went inside and waited until the show started. After a few mins, Bruno got on stage and started playing the drums like a pro. I could see the drum sticks flying up in the air as he did many of his moves. My jaw dropped and I stood there staring!! I didn’t know he could play the drums like that. He was like a ninja, moving everywhere, throwing his sticks and playing these incredible beats.

Then he took his green electric guitar, walked towards the mike as the spot light shone on him.

“this is the first song me and phil wrote together, its called top of the world” Bruno said as he started singing.


” It's your boy Bruno

  Imma take ya to the top girl, hey 

  Top of the world. you ready?

  C'mon lets go


 I feel higher than the ceiling

Cause I'm floating on this feelin'

So long my feet have been up off the floor

Destiny is what I call it

My Heart's for sale and girl you bought it

The moment that you walk right through the door ooh

Till the day that I stop livin'

Girl my love I won't stop givin'

Cross my heart and hope to die my love is yours

And I pray girl that this feeling

Is something that we always feelin'

If you're with it girl, hear me girl

This is what I'll do

I will give you the world

Put it in your hands

Cause I ain't never felt this way before

On top of the world

Is where we'll stand

You just say the word and girl it's yours”

Just take my hand ooh

We can float to the sky, baby just you and I”


And he pointed his finger at me as he sang that part, you and I. I could feel the whole room looking at me so out of pure shyness, I put my head down and smiled at the thought of how adorable he was. I never thought a person could make me blush so much and never have I see such a charming guy in my life.





I had a deep down feeling that he was singing that song to me and it was like he was asking me to join me on his journey….or not!!! Better not get my hopes up! And I shook my head as he continued singing .

“Never let you go

Just take my hand

So many things I wanna show you girl

While we're on top of the world

I will give you the world

Put it in your hands

Cause I ain't never felt this way before 

On top of the world

Is where we'll stand

You just say the word and girl it's yours

It's all for you girl

It's all for you

Let's go”


Bruno had the most remarkable voice I’ve ever heard on this planet. It was like honey to the ears. He can sing, he can play the guitar, piano and drums like an expert!! Is there anything this man can’t do!!! I was impressed that he had so much talent! 

After he had finished singing, I went backstage to congratulate them.

“you guys were awesome!!!” I said as Bruno ran over and hugged me

He was dripping in sweat, I could feel it in my neck. Can a person be this HOT I wondered as a tingly feeling ran down my spine. By the time he finished hugging me, I was covered in his sweat and I smelled like him, lavenders and mint with a hint of summer.

NO!!! HUG ME MORE!!!’ I was screaming inside my head

Too bad I had to control all my nasty thoughts so I sucked it up and shouted “ Ewww”

“sorry babe” he said as he wiped the side of my face with a white towel and then continued to wipe his.

Phil and the others sat on the couch and started relaxing.

“we will be big one day!” Phil said with a serious face as he fell back on the sofa.

“of course! you guys are gonna be legends, I can see it. One day the whole world will know who you guys are and love you for your music” I said

“that’s the plan babe, we’re gonna take over the world” Bruno said as he raised one eyebrow and smiled.

“you guys have so much talent,” “don’t forget me when you guys become famous” i said

They all started swooning and laughing. They were all so happy, just joking and smiling. I had a feeling that one day their music and talent will be recognized and everyone will love their songs.

But nothing was gonna stop them from having fun because in a few minutes they started making stupid faces and poses and taking hundreds of photos. They were a bunch of goof balls and I liked them that way….!