Chapter 5

19/05/2011 17:23

''Bre?'' I heard a voice saying. ''Hmm?'' I opened my eyes and saw that Bruno was awake. He tried to sit up in bed, but as soon as he did he grabbed his forehead. ''Ah! My head!'' his head hurt like hell. It felt like someone was stabbing him in his head with a knife.

''What happened last night?'' he asked in pain. ''Do you even wanna know?'' I raised one eyebrow.

He looked at me with a confused look.

''Well, you got drunk at the afterparty.'' He tried to laugh, but his head hurted more. ''Did I do anything stupid or weird last night, while I was drunk?'' he asked me.

Should I ask him if he remembers about what he said to me last night, before he went to sleep?

There was a long pause. ''Well?'' He raised his eyebrows. ''No. Except that you took like two glasses of cocktail and three shots of Martini!'' I threw a pillow at his head. ''Really?'' he widened his eyes.

''Phil told me you always get drunk at partys.'' I played with my nails. Bruno tried to laugh again. This time it didn't hurt much. ''Aw, story of my life.''

''Should I get you some pills, for your headache?'' I asked him. ''Yes, please.''

I stood up and walked to the door. ''Bre?'' I turned around. ''Thanks for taking care of me. I really owe you.'' he said with a sweet voice. I smiled at him, then turned around, opened the door and walked out.

I closed the door behind me and walked the hallway over to the reception. ''Hello. Do you sell headache pills here?'' I asked the woman at the reception. ''Yes. How many do you want?'' ''I'll take one box.'' I said. The woman turned away and came back with a little box. ''Here you go. That'll be two dollars.''

I paid the lady, took the box and turned around to walk away, when I bumped into someone. ''Oeps, sorry.'' I said, wanted to walk away, when the person called my name. ''Bre?''

It was Matt, from the record label. ''Oh, hey Matt, didn't expect you here.'' I said surprised. ''How are you?'' he asked. ''Good. Good. And you?'' ''I'm fine too. I didn't see you anymore at the party yesterday. You and Bruno left early.'' ''Yeah, we had things to take care of.'' ''How is he anyway?'' he asked me. ''He's...oke.'' I hesitated. ''By the way, tell him not to forget our appointment today. You can come too. We're going to record some stuff.'' he looked at his watch. ''I gotta go now. I'll see you later today.'' and he walked away in a rush.

I turned around and headed back to Bruno's room. I entered the room and noticed that Bruno wasn't on the bed anymore. I looked around and still didn't see him. ''Bruno?''

''In the bathroom!'' he yelled. I heard him throw up. ''You oke?'' I asked concerned. ''Yeah.'' I heard him say. One minute later he left the bathroom. He was standing in the entrance, looking exhausted and all covered in sweat. ''Oh great, you got the pills.''

I took two pills out of the box, went to get some water and handed them to him. He trew the pills in his mouth and drank the whole glass of water. Then he went to go lay down on the bed again.

''Rough night, huh?'' I joked. He glared at me. ''It's not funny.'' he murmered. ''By the way, I just ran into Matt. He told me to remember you about your appointment today.'' ''Ugh, I forgot about that.'' he said disgusted. ''Should I cancel it?'' I suggested him. ''No, I have to go. I have a deadline. The demo's should be done today.'' ''But look at you. You're a mess. You're not even capable.'' ''I have to.'' It took him much effort to get of the bed. He went to the bathroom to take a quick shower and brush his teeth.

I sat down in the chair, took some magazines from the table and ran quickly through the pages, 'till I saw Bruno on page 7. I looked at the line above: Celebities most weird habits.

I read the article under Bruno's picture. Grammy award winner Bruno Mars, (from the number 1 hits: Just The Way You Are and Grenade) who makes the ladies' hearts melt like chocolate, maybe isn't the most perfect man on earth that you might think. This singer starts his morning with cereal. You might think:'Yeah, duh. That's normal. I eat that too.' But the thing is, he eats it with mayo and ketchup! I know, weird right?

I started to laugh out loud. ''What's so funny?'' I heared Bruno ask, just coming out of the bathroom. ''Cereal with mayonaise and ketchup? For real?!'' ''What? It's delicious.'' he said blushing.

I even started laughing harder when I saw his look and rolled over the ground. He just looked at me, thinking: Is she on crack? I stood up from the ground with tears rolling down my cheeks drom laughing. My stomach hurt. ''Seriously Bruno, you're weird.'' I grinned.

''What? You really should try it yourself.'' he walked to the door. ''Come. Let's get some breakfast.'' he opened the door for me.

''Oeh. Cereal with mayo and ketchup?'' I joked again. ''No. Why? Do they have it here?'' he asked with wide eyes opened. I laughed, slapped him on his shoulder and walked out the room.

We first knocked on Phil and Phreds hotelroom and then at Erics, Kenji''s and Jamereo's. As we were complete we walked to the hotelrestaurant and sat down at a table. ''I'm starving. Lets see what's on the menu.'' Phil said.

''I hope they serve cereal with mayo and ketchup.'' I said and looked at Bruno with a big smile. ''So, you found out that Bruno Mars really isn't from this planet.'' Eric laughed. ''Yeah, I mean like who eats that? That's disgusting.'' Jamareo looked like he was almost about to puke.

''You guys haven't even tried it. One day you will see, cereal with mayo and ketchup will take over the world.'' Bruno protested. ''Yeah, when butterflies fly out of my ass!'' Phred yelled. The whole table died laughing and other people at other tables were just staring angry at us.

We ordered our food. I just ordered some eggs, bacon and toast. I peeked at what Bruno was ordering and couldn't believe my eyes. He ordered lots of food, like the other hooligans did too. ''You guys eat a lot!'' I said shocked. ''Yeah, we're hooligans. We need our big tummy's to be filled.'' Phil patted his stomach.

Later our food arrived and we dig in like animals (well, except me). After eating we still sat there, talking. And then my phone rang. I looked at the little screen and saw it was Lea. Sh*t, I forgot about her.

''Sorry, I really should answer this.'' I stood up, walked to the hallway and answered the call. ''Hi, Lea.'' ''Bre, where have you been? I've tried to call you yesterday, but you didn't pick up the phone. I even came by to see you.'' Lea said concerned. ''I'm sorry. But guess where I am right now.'' I said excited. ''I'm eating breakfast with Bruno Mars and the band!'' ''No way!'' Lea yelled. ''And yesterday went great. I did my first performance and went to the afterparty and then...'' Should I tell her about Bruno getting drunk?

''It was just great.'' I decided to say. ''You're so lucky. But what about work? Since you're so busy with music now, are you going to quit your job at office?'' ''I guess. I mean, I don't have enough time for two jobs.'' I hesitated. ''Good choice. I would let office down too. I can't stand working at such a boring place anymore. Should I deal it for you with the boss?'' she asked. ''Ehmm yes. Thanks.'' I looked back at the restaurant and saw that the band was about to leave.

''Look Lea, I have to go now. I think we're about to head to the studio now. I'll call you back. I miss you.'' I said. ''Oke, have fun. I miss you too. I'll talk to you soon. Bye.'' she said. ''Bye, Lea.'' and I hung up.

I walked back to the restaurant. ''Are we going now?'' I asked and took my wallet out of my bag, about to pay for the food. Bruno held out his hand to stop me. ''No, we pay.'' he said. ''Yeah. We never let a lady pay. That would be so rude.'' Phil said, acting like a gentleman. ''Oke. Thanks.'' I laughed and put my wallet back in my bag.

They left the money on the table and we walked out of the restaurant. Phil looked at his watch. ''We should head to the studio.'' he said.

Phil, Bruno and I said goodbye to Phred, Jamareo and Kenji and took of to the studio.

''Right on time.'' Matt said as we entered. ''Now lets record!'' Bruno went into the recordingbooth and I sat next to Phil and Matt. ''Oke. Track one: 'Lost'.'' Matt said and turned on the music. It had a catchy beat.

Bruno put on his headphone and started: ''It's getting hard to breath. I'm trying to make her see that she don't really know that I. I'm trying to find a way and tell her everyday, but she just goes along so I... I don't wanna be the only one that knows, that somebody could come along and just take the love for me. I'm standing shaking ground. And I'm been thinking that I'm gonna lose it. 'Cuz I'm losing my head, I'm losing my mind. I'm losing control 'bout myself this time. She's got me losing my head, I'm losing my mind. I'm losing my way. But I think she feels I'm already lost.''

Through the whole performance I had a feeling that Bruno kept looking at me like he was singing about me.

The song ended and he came out of the booth. ''So, what do you think?'' ''That was good. I really like it. We'll keep this one. What's next?'' Matt said.

''It's called 'All About You'. But I wanna try something different. I wanna do a duet.'' Bruno said and flashed a look at me. ''Sure. Who do you have in mind?'' Matt asked content.

''What about Bre?'' My eyes met his, confused. ''I mean, this song really needs two people. And Bre is amazing. Her voice would fit perfectly.'' Bruno explained. I still looked at him, confused. ''Yeah, I think that would be great too. You heard her live on stage yourself, Matt.'' Phil backed him up.

Matt hesitated. ''Oke. Lets give it a shot.'' Matt said serious. Bruno gave me a sheet with the lyrics and I followed him into the booth.

''Alright. I want you to sing the second verse, oke?'' he wispered. I nodded. he gave Matt the sign that we were ready and Matt put on the music. Bruno put his headphone on and handed me one too. I took it and put it on.

Bruno started: ''I know girl, when you look at me you don't know how I feel. 'Cause I'm usually so nonchalant my feelings I conceal. but I want you to know. Oh I want you to know. I must admit I've felt this way for more than quite awhile. But I can't hold it no longer when I see that pretty smile. Can't wait no more. Oh I can't wait no more.Oooh. Girl, to tell you the truth. It's always been you. I'm all about you. Oh girl, no one can do me the way you do. It's always been you. I'm all about you.''

Bruno gave me the sign that it was my turn now. I quickly looked at the sheet and started singing:

''Maybe I'm a fool for speaking up, but I don't mind. 'Cause a guy like you will come around like once in a million time. So what can I do. Tell me what can I do. And the look that you are givin' me gives me hope to believe.'' I shyly looked up at him, then quickly down and continued: ''So for you baby I'' change my ways, I'll wear my heart on my sleeve. Got nothin' to lose. I've got nothin' to lose. Oh. Boy, to tell you the truth. It's always been you. I'm all about you. Boy, no one can do me the way you do. It's always been you. I'm all about you.''

And then Bruno took over again and looked at me while he sang: ''Girl when you smile, not a place I'd rather be. Just stay for a while, then you'll see you should be right here with me. 'Cause I love everything you do. That's why I have to take this time, baby to tell ya. Oh, and now you know. And now you know. Girl, to tell you the truth. It's always been you. I'm all about you.''

He then pointed at me so sing the next part. I quickly looked again at the sheet and sang:

''Oh, boy, no one can do me the way you do. It's always been you. I'm all about you.''

I stopped and then he sang:

''Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. I'm all about you.''

And then I repeated what he just sang. And then he went again:

''Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. I'm all about you girl.''

He smiled and pointed at me. And the last part we did together:

''Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.'' and then the song ended. We heared Phil and Matt applausing and I knew they were happy. Bruno hugged me and we went outside the booth. Then Phil and Matt hugged me.

''Gurl, you were born for this. Look at you. You really can become a big star. It's in your blood.'' Matt congradulated me. ''Thanks.'' I blushed.

''This is definetly coming on the new album.'' Bruno said excited. He hugged me again and this time a shiver went through my body. I looked at him, our eyes met eachother and I thought back to the night he was drunk. Does he really feel about me that way? That thought hunted me again. ''Bre, is everthing alright?'' he asked me with a charmant smile.

I came back to reality. ''Yeah, I'm fine.'' I shook my head and smiled back at him.

Bruno recorded two more songs and then we went back to the hotel.

''So, what are we going to do next?'' I was sitting in his hotelroom, watching him strumming his guitar. ''I don't know. What do you wanna do?'' ''Hmm.'' I had my eyes on his red, shiny guitar and said: ''Can you teach me how to play the guitar?'' Bruno smirked. ''I mean. It looks so much fun when your playing it. It makes me wanna do it too.'' I said, playing with my hands.

''Ok. Come here. Lets see if you're a fast learner.'' he said, making room for me on the bed. I stood up from the chair and went to sit next to him. He handed me his guitar. I touched the strings for a second and smiled at him. ''Ready?'' he asked nervous. I nodded.

He then took my hand, that was resting on the strings, and placed it on the third string. He then shook his head.

''We're going to start easy.'' He took my hand from the string and gently took it in his. He strummed the first string with my thumb. A low sound came out. ''This string is called the ''E'' string.'' Then he moved my thumb to the second string. ''This is the ''A'' string.'' Then the third. ''D'' string.'' Fourth string. '' ''G''. ''. Fifth. '' ''B''.'' And finally the last string. '' ''E" string. So you have: E,A,D,G,B,E. You can easily remember this as: Eat All Day Get Big Easy. That isn't hard to remember, right?''

''Eat All Day Get Big Easy.'' I repeated.

''Congrats. You've learned the first basic.'' Bruno smiled. ''Thanks Bruno. You know, you're an amazing teacher. I bet you can make me a pro in this.'' I said very thankfully. ''I's nothing.'' he blushed and looked down at my hand, playing with it. He then looked into my eyes. Wow he really is gorgeous.

We kept looking at eachother for like seconds, waiting who was going to make the first move. No one moved.

Then the door flew open. Phil was standing at the entrance. ''Hey, you guys, we're...'' he saw us sitting on the bed, too close to eachother. ''Was I interupting something?'' he said.

Bruno quickly let go of my hand. ''Boy, you really should learn how to knock on doors.'' he murmered and stood up.

''Sorry. Anyways, we're about to get some lunch. You guys coming?'' he asked.

I looked at Bruno and he looked back at me. ''We'll be there right away.'' he answered. ''Oke. We'll be waiting for you.'' Phil said, gave me one last look and walked out of the room.

There was an awkward silence. Then I stood up and carefully put the guitar on the bed. ''Uh. I' already.'' I said struggling with the words. ''I'll meet the restaurant.'' He just nodded and I struggled out the door.

'Boy, you really messed up this time.' he thought to himself.

At the restaurant it took minutes 'till Bruno came. Phil just keep gaving me the curious look, while he was talking to the other guys.

Bruno arrived and we all ordered our food. We were quiet the whole time. We barely looked at eachother.

Phil patted the other guys and looked at Bruno and me, asking: ''So what were you guys doin' before I came in?'' crossing his arms. ''Nothing.'' Bruno and I said at the same time. ''It didn't look like that when I came in.'' Phil said jokingly. The others looked at eachother, trying to find out what Phil was talking about.

Just in time the waitor came with our food. ''Look, our food's here.'' Bruno said fast, changing the subject. I felt relieved.

The waitor placed our plates on the table and Bruno quickly began to eat. So did the rest of the band. I saw the basket with bread and reached out for it. At the same time Bruno did too.

Our hands touched. We both looked at eachother, then embaressed down, and in a reflex we took our hand away. I quickly looked at Phil, wondering if he saw what just happened, but he didn't.

Luckily he didn't confronted us with the situation anymore, for the rest of the meal.

We quietly went to our hotelrooms. I sat down at the chair, looking out of the window, while Bruno continued playing his guitar. He was murmering some lyrics and I was looking at his reflection in the window.

Suddenly he looked up at the window and our eyes met. But this time I didn't look away. Neither did he. Then he opened his mouth, hesitated, and closed it again. He laid his guitar down on the bed and stood up.

''I'm tired of this, Bre.'' ''Tired of what?'' I turned to him. ''Tired of us ignoring eachother.'' he answered. '' I'm not ignoring you.'' I looked down. ''Bre, I'm not stupid. You haven't said a word to me during lunch.'' ''Neither did you.'' I murmered.

He sighed. ''Well, we really should stop this.'' I put my shoulders up. ''Now you're doing it again.'' he said frustrated. ''Doing what, Bruno? You're the one who has been ignoring me the whole time, like nothing happened.'' I stood up from my chair. ''Nothing did happen!'' he began to get mad. ''Ok, now who is the one ignoring now.'' I almost yelled.

Bruno went silent for a moment.

''Dang, Bre. Why do you have to be like that.'' he said calmly. ''Be like what, Bruno? You don't know me at all.'' I scratched my head.

''Oh, now you're going to be like this, huh? He started to get frustrated. ''You know, I don't get you. You're being a total b*tch now.'' he said angrily.

That's when I lost my temper. ''THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU SAID TO ME LAST NIGHT, WHILE YOU WERE DRUNK!'' I yelled.

His eyes widened and he calmed down. ''What are you talking about?'' he said in a soft voice.

''Remember when you asked me this morning if you did anything stupid or weird and stuff while you were drunk?'' He nodded. ''Well, I was lying. You did say something to me before you went to sleep.'' I didn't know where to look at, so I just stared at the floor.

''What was it?'' he came closer to me and stopped a few inches before me. I opened my mouth to say something, but then dropped it.''Tell me, Bre.'' he said concerned.

I looked at him and said: ''You told me you loved me.'' My heart sank to my stomach.

''Oh. Oh.'' he grabbed his face.

''And?'' I was waiting.

''And what?'' he asked confused.

''Did you mean it?'' I asked carefully.

He didn't answer.

''Well.'' I folded my arms around my chest. He just looked away.

''That probably means a no. Sorry for wasting your time.'' I was about to walk out the door when he grabbed me by my arms. ''Please, dont go.'' he wispered and suddenly turned me around and kissed me hard on the lips.

My eyes widened in shock.

''Bruno..''I struggled.

''Shhh.'' he wispered and kissed me again. But this time I didn't struggle and kissed him back.

This definetly means a yes, right?