Chapter 5

19/05/2011 18:34

I woke up hearing my phone ringing, I looked at the time

"5:32pm" God I must of been tired, probably because of that fight with Brian last night.

I answered the phone.

"Hello" I said groggly

"Girl, did I just wake you up" It was Naomi! "It’s half five and your still sleeping? GOD sarah if your still mad at Bruno for what he said to you JUST FORGET HIM and come out with me tonight to that new club"

No matter what it was Naomi always spoke her mind! It could be great and annoying sometimes

"No I was just tired. You will never guess who came to my house last night?"



"What!! Are you kidding me? What the fuck did he say to you? Did he hurt you? Are you alright?"


"You see if he hurt you I'll spank his arse and I'll make sure he doesn’t enjoy it"


"Huh! Did you say something?"

"He didn’t hurt me he just said that he wanted to get back together with me and all"

"And what did you say?"

"No, of course you plonkhead"

"Haha. Thats a new one, well me and my sister are going to that new club club tonight called the Roxy and we wanted to know if you wanted to come?"

"Wait the Roxy, isn't that hard to get into?" I asked

"Yeah but Kirsty's (Naomi's sister) boyfriend is a bar tender there so he can get us in! So what do you say?"....

"Well I guess after what happened last night I could use a drink"


"Okay I guess I will come"

"YAY!!!!" she screamed

"You know when you scream in people's ears like that it does tend to hurt a bit" I laughed

"Oops sorry, it's just because you haven’t been out with me in ages"

"Yea I know but sure tonight we will make up for lost times"

"You know it girl! Well we will get a cab. Be ready for eight!"

"Okay I'll talk to you soon"

"Oh Yes and girl!"


"wear something sexy, you deserve to have all them boys looking at you tonight"

"No! No boys tonight, its just gonna be us girls"

"Alright What ever you say, Bye"


I got excited about tonight. I hadn’t been out with Naomi in ages. I went downstairs to get something to eat.


"Ah there she is" My dad said as I walked into the kitchen "Good evening or should I say good morning"

I just smiled

"Me and your sister are going to stay at your grannys for the night"

"Oh really, why?"

"Oh she’s just been feeling kind of lonely ever since, well you know!"

My dad still couldn't mention what happened to my mum it was still to hard for him.

"Yeah dad I know"

"So you wanna come with us kiddo?"

"I wish I could dad but I’m going to that new club tonight with Naomi"

"Oh you are, are you!" He smirked

"I’m nineteen now I can do whatever I want" I said with pride.

"Oh really, so does that mean you can pay for your own food and water and your electricity, new clothes, makeup and so on and so forth"

"Ha Ha Ha", I grabbed a bowl of cereal and poured some milk kissed my dad on the cheek and went back upstairs.

"We will be back around lunch time tomorrow" He shouted.

"Okay" I shouted back

I opened up my laptop to find surprise, surprise. Sabrina had been on it and of course she had googled "Bruno Mars" she was on the latest news page and it had said something about him performing that night I went. I don't no why but I just had to see what it said. When I clicked on it was an interview, I pressed play:


Interviewer:  So Bruno what was it like performing last night in New York?

Bruno: It was Incredible, I got so much feedback from the crowd they were just going NUTS!

Interviewer:  You know I noticed that everytime you sing "Just the way you are" you always pick out a special gal from the crowd!

Bruno: Yeah I do and in New York it was hard just to pick one you know with all the lovely looking young ladies out there (Does a Cute Pose)

Interviewer: So Bruno Mars you are 24 and a very handsome guy, is there anybody special in your life at the moment?

Bruno: You know what Im gonna have to be honest here, I don’t (SAD FACE) but I think I might find someone here in New York (Lifts Eyebrows) Or mabye I already have (Looks into the camera)

Interviewer: What makes a woman beautiful?

Bruno:  Im a big fan of rythm and shes’ smart , brains and beauty and a Big Ol Booty :) Ohhhhhhh 

Interviewer:  Haha, well thank you for joining us.

Bruno: Thank you for having me (BIG SMILE)


After the interview finished all I could do was smile! 'STOP THAT SARAH!!' I said to myself. I turned of my laptop and started to get ready.

For my outfit I decided to take Naomi’s advice and wear something sexy. It’s not that I wanted to boys to stair at me but for tonight I wanted to feel sexy so I ended up wearing this:

I did my hair:

and makeup:

I put my blackberry, money and make up into my bag:

After about 5 minutes of waiting I heard a car horn, I looked outside to see Naomi and Kirsty in the cab.

"Wooooohooooo" Naomi said as I got into the cab


"It looks like someone took my advice"

"Yeah well I was just in the mood to dress up"

As we drove off I was just hoping to have no drama tonight but I have got a feeling that as always there will be.......