Chapter 6-10

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Chapter 6


“CAMILLA RIVORI, GET BACK INSIDE RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY!” I kept running. I didn’t look back. I heard footsteps behind me and saw my dad running after me. “CAMILLA STOP NOW AND YOUR PUNISHMENT WON’T BE TOO HARD.” My family tried to teach me English and all other stuff, I had enough of it. I kept running and finally ran into the forest. I hid behind a tree, completely out of breath. After 5 minutes I looked, I lost him. I looked back and sighed. I opened my eyes and saw him right in front of me.

I quickly opened my eyes but my vision was blurred. “AAAAHHH!!!!!!” I let out a scream. “Ssshhh…” I felt someone put a finger on my lips. When I regained my vision I saw Bruno. “Are you okay?” he asks. I nod. “Just a bad dream.” “Cammie, are you alright??” Kyra came rushing towards me. “I’m fine sweetie.” I said as I hugged her. “Hey, you’re that guy Cammie keeps bumping into. Sorry I forgot your name.” Kyra said. “It’s okay. Just call me Bruno.” he gave her a smile. Soon everyone was here. I told them it was just a bad dream. As I was talking to Kyra, Julie and Joshua I saw Paõlo drag Bruno with him.


Bruno’s POV


She was reassuring everyone. She was so sweet. All of the sudden I felt someone grab my arm and drag me with them. I looked and saw it was Paõlo. “What are you doing here?” he asked. I looked away. “I asked what you are doing here?” he asked more angrily. “I… I… I came to ask her something.” “And this couldn’t wait till the morning?!” he softly yelled. He was taller than me so I didn’t dare to say anything. “Are you gonna give me an answer?” “Well… No. It couldn’t.” I said a bit more secured. “Then what were you gonna say to her.” He was starting a fight. I could hear it in his voice. “That’s none of your business.” “It is now.” He stepped closer to me. “It’s not.” I accepted the challenge and stepped towards him. “Okay. Knock it off both of you.” Camilla said. We both looked surprised at her. “It’s 2.30Am, I’m fucking tired and can’t have anything right now thanks to that freaking dream so Paõlo, go back to sleep or whatever you were doing!” Paõlo walked away like a little puppy that just got punished but before he did he whispered, “Watch out. She’s like a different person when she’s like this.” When Paõlo was gone she focused on me. She sighed. “Go home.” she said softly trying not to show her anger. “Please, can you just listen for a minute?” “Not now.” “Please. It’s really important.” She just pointed at the door. “Please, just one minute.” I looked in her eyes with my puppy eyes. She looked down. “Just go. I’m not in the mood.” I stepped towards her and lifted her chin up. “Fine. You get one minute.” She gave in and I smiled.


Camilla’s POV


I gave in. I’ll just let him talk and go back to sleep again. I’m just so tired. “One minute starting now.” “I know you love to sing and such an amazing singer as you can’t live like this. What if you and the rest come with me to LA and record a song together? I’ll make sure you guys have a place to stay and I’m sure Elektra Records will sign you when they hear your voice.” I just stood there in amazement. “So, would you like to come with me?” His eyes were begging me to say yes. “Please?” “I… I… I don’t… know.” “Just say yes or no.” “But how about the others? I can’t take the decision for them and I’m not leaving them. If one of them doesn’t want to go, I’m not going either.” I looked down, afraid I might’ve hurt him. I could see him look down too, rubbing his neck. He sighed. “If you don’t want to go, you don’t have to go.” he said reassuring me. From the corner of my eye I saw a shadow move. “Could you excuse me for a minute?” “Sure. Whatever you want…” He looked a bit sad by now. He really wants me to come with him. I walked over to see what the shadow was. As I walked around the corner, I saw everyone standing there. “I thought I’d told y’all to go to bed.” I said with a smile. “Well…” Paõlo started. I could hear he was scared that I might get mad at him again. “We think you should go.” Julie finished for him. “Hey… I was gonna say that!” he said in a whiny voice. “But…” I said. “Yes, we kinda wanna go too you know… Explore the world!!!” Joshua said as he pretended to be an airplane. We all laughed. “Fine. We’ll go, but now all of you go back to sleep.” Joshua and Kyra ran back hand in hand. Paõlo and Julie hugged me.  “You’re giving us a chance.” he said. And with that they let go and both walked back to their room. I leaned against the wall silently, looking at Bruno. He was looking to the Moon and the stars outside. I walked up to him. Apparently he heard me because he turned around and faced me. “So… What was going on?” “Well… Some people were LISTENING…” I said it extra loud because I just knew they were listening again. “They’re listening right now, huh…” “Yes, they are.” I said with a small smile. “But… We… We’re… Coming with you.” “Really?! That’s amazing!” he said while hugging me and lifting me off the ground. “Is it okay if we talk about it in the morning or afternoon? I’m still kinda tired and you have your concert tomorrow…” “Everything is fine withme.” he said. He smiled and his dimples showed. Those dimples just keep melting me. “See you then.” And he walked out of the door. I sighed and walked back to the bedroom. I just entered the room as everyone started to hug me. They were just so happy. After our hug session we all went back to sleep, nervous for our trip to the US.



Chapter 7


I woke up quite early. ‘My last day on the Dominican Republic. My last day at home for awhile.’ I thought. I made myself some breakfast. Everyone was still sleeping, the sun hasn’t risen yet so what else did I expect. I decided to go to the beach. I sat down in the sand. The sun just started to rise. I just sat there, looking at the mesmerizing view. I was gonna trade all of this for the big city. I put my head down. I closed my eyes and just thought. “CAMILLAAAAAAAA!!!!!” I looked up and immediately got knocked down again. “Buenos días Joshua.” I said smiling. “Qué haces aquí?” I asked. “Es peligroso ir aquí todo por ti mismo.” “I know, I know. But I didn’t come alone!” “Really? With who are you here then?” A grin appeared on his face. “Tell me Joshua, who brought you here?” “I did.” I looked behind Joshua and saw Bruno. I slightly smiled. “And you know the way here how?” “Little Joshua.” he said as he rubbed Joshua’s head. “Quit it Uncle Bruno!” “Uncle?” I looked at him questioning. “I don’t like to be called sir or anything like that, okay?” he said giggling. “It’s fine. It’s just kinda weird.” He sat down next to me. I looked away. “You’re gonna miss it, aren’t you?” he asked. “Yep. It’ll be weird.” “Let me cheer you up.” “How?” He got up and started tickling me. “STOP IT! Hahahaha!!! Le agarra Joshua!!!” “What did you say?” he asked and stopped tickling me. “Nothiiiinnggg….” “Raaahhhhhh!!!!” Bruno looked up and saw Joshua storming towards him. He quickly got up and pretended to be scared and ran away. He sure was good with kids. He let Joshua tackle him. I couldn’t stop laughing. “You think it’s funny…” Bruno said as they both slowly walked towards me. I quickly got up and ran away. “YOU’RE NOT GONNA GET ME!!!!” I ran & ran & ran until I got exhausted. I slowed down and just as I did Bruno tackled me. He lay on top of me. We looked intensely into each others eyes. I quickly looked away and saw Joshua just standing. Bruno was distracted. I could feel it. I quickly rolled over. Now I was on top of him. “Vamos Joshua, ayudarme a hacerle volver.” Bruno still looked surprised and shocked. After a few seconds Joshua and I were tickling him. After a minute or so, I started to feel uncomfortable. I quit tickling and looking around me. It felt as I was being watched. I sat down and pulled my knees close to myself. Joshua was still playing with Bruno and it made me smile against my knees. “What’s wrong?” Bruno asked as he came crawling towards me. “Nothing…” “Then why are you sitting like that?” “Because I like it.” Joshua, being in his weird mood, crawled underneath my knees. Making his head come out on one side of them and his legs on the other side. It made me laugh. Bruno lifted my chin off my knees. “You sure?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” I said giving him his hand back. It was hard to let it go. It was just so soft. I looked up at the sky. It was blue. I guessed it must’ve been around noon. I didn’t realize the time. “Come on Joshua.” I said as I got up. “Where are you going?” “It’s around noon and I’m hungry so we’re gonna head home. Besides the others must be worried.” ”Okay, but one more thing.” “What then?” “Be ready at midnight. We’ll pick you up & go to the airport then.” “Okay. See ya.” Joshua grabbed my hand and we both started to walk home. “Cammie, I’m… I’m kinda scared to leave…” He looked at me with sadness and fear in his eyes. “I know, I’m too. But I’m sure it’ll be fine.” I wrapped an arm around his shoulder to make him feel comfortable. When we got home, I told everyone when we’re leaving and we started packing our stuff.



Chapter 8


When we were done packing I looked outside. The clock said it was 11.30Pm. ‘Wow. That time already?’ I thought. We all checked if we didn’t forget anything. Before we knew it, it was midnight. We heard a car pull up. Instead of going outside, we waited. Like we didn’t want to go. “Knock knock.” Bruno said. “Who is there?” Joshua said. “Uhm… Joshua.” “Joshua who?” “Joshua, I’m gonna tickle you if you don’t open the door!” Bruno laughed. “I surrender!” Joshua yelled as he opened the door and quickly ran to me. “Hey everyone!” Bruno greeted joyful. We all greeted back. “Everyone ready to go?” he asked. “Of course we are.” I said pointing at our bags. “Let’s get it loaded then.” he said. “Grab your stuff.” I said. I could see a guy with large glasses getting out to help us. When everyone was outside loading their stuff, I got my 2 bags and walked towards the door. “Let me help you.” Bruno said as he grabbed one of my bags. “Uhm… Okay.” I just agreed since he was already outside. Everyone was in the car except Bruno and I. “Ladies first.” he said as he opened the door for me. “Thanks.” I said and gave him a friendly smile and got in the car. During the ride to the airport I was quiet and just looked out of the window. “Uhm… Camilla?” “Huh? What?” I got out of my thoughts. “I haven’t introduced you yet. Meet my partner in crime, Philip Lawrence.” I chuckled and gave him a hand. “I’m Camilla, but you can just call me Cam or something.” “Sure. And you can call me Phil.” I smiled. “And these are, Paõlo, Julie. Joshua and Kyra.” “Nice to meet you all.” Phil said with a funny accent. I went back to staring out of the window while Phil was joking around with everyone. I heard Bruno yawn. I guess he was tired from his concert. After 5 minutes or so, I felt something on my shoulder. I looked and saw Bruno’s head. He probably fell asleep. I just let him lay because I didn’t wanna wake him up. After awhile I felt myself getting sleepy and before I knew it I was gone. While I was sleeping I felt someone slightly pull me but I just ignored it and got comfortable. After awhile I slowly woke up because I heard a lot of people talking. “Aww… How cute?” “They look adorable together.” “Eric you were right man.” I slowly opened my eyes and saw a lot of guys looking. ‘What are they looking at?’ I thought. “Guys we woke her up.” “I told you we should be quiet.” When I opened my eyes completely I saw I was lying on Bruno’s chest and his arm was wrapped around me. “What happened? Where am I?” I asked confused and still half sleeping. “Ssshhh… It’s okay. We’re at the airport.” some bald guy said. “Okay.” I said as I closed my eyes again. I was just so tired. ”You can’t go back to sleep. We need to get on the plane.” I heard another person say. ‘How many of them are here?!’ I thought really annoyed. After that I heard someone softly moan and moving. “What’s up guys?” I heard Bruno asked surprised. “Look at you man!” “Oh shit.” I heard him say under his breath. “What did you say?” “Nothing.”


Bruno’s POV


I quickly pulled my arm away from her and shook her slowly. “Cam, wake up. We’re at the airport.” I whispered. “Hmmm…” she mumbled. “Cam, you really need to wake up.” “Fine. Whatever you want.” she said. She got up and opened her eyes. “Who are you?” she asked to the guys in a sleepy voice. ‘Wow. Her sleepy voice sounds so sexy! No. Get that thought out of your head Bruno.’ I shook my head. Everyone looked at me. “What?! I’m still kinda sleepy. Whatever guys. Camilla these are Eric, Jamareo, Kenji, Phred, Kameron, Dwayne, James and Dre.” “Nice to meet you all.” “Dude. You forgot Phil.” Kameron said. “No, I’ve already met him.” she said with a smile. “Here. These are you tickets. You’ll have to go behind us like you’re not with us. I don’t want y’all to be in the gossip magazines.” “Thanks.” She smiled. We grabbed our stuff and started walking towards the airport. “You’re sitting next to me.” I whispered before we split up. All she did was slightly smile. ‘I wonder if she likes me. No Bruno, no! Get those thoughts out of your head! You don’t like her. You’re just trying to help!’ “I hate mixed feelings.” I said under my breath.



Chapter 9


Everything went okay I guess. I’ve never done this so I was kinda scared. We followed the guys from a distance. ‘Time to leave the Dominican Republic.’ I thought. Joshua and Kyra were holding my hand as we walked towards the gate. “Could I see your tickets please?” the lady asked nicely. I gave her the tickets of Joshua, Kyra and me. Paõlo and Julie had their own ticket. “Everything is alright. Have a nice and safe flight.” “Thank you.” I replied with a friendly smile. Soon Julie and Paõlo were following us. When we were on the plane a steward guided us to our places. Joshua sat with Julie and Paõlo. I sat between Bruno and Kyra. We were gonna start a new life in the US. Bruno and I talked a bit and after 30 minutes we were ready for take off. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Yeah. I’m fine. I’m just gonna miss it here. I know I don’t have a lot but it’s still a part of me.” I said as I looked down. “It’s gonna be okay. You’ll see.” He put his hand on my leg. I quickly looked away from my legs. I felt him pulling his hand back. I looked at him. He was looking away and had red cheeks. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” I chuckled softly. “It’s okay. Relax.” I looked over at Kyra. She was looking at the dark sky through the little window. She looked at me with her sleepy eyes. “Venir aquí. Usted puede ir a dormir.” I said to her and soon after she fell asleep. She got herself comfortable on my lap. I felt myself getting sleepy again. “Cam, are you tired?” Bruno asked. It’s like he can read my mind. “Yeah… Kinda, why do you ask?” “Just checking and you can go to sleep if you want too.” “No thanks. I’ll be fine.” I said smiling. “Okay. Just tell me if you change your mind.” After awhile I started playing with Kyra’s hair. I felt myself falling asleep and the last thing I heard was; “Come here.” And felt someone slightly put me down on a shoulder.


Bruno’s POV


Camilla fell asleep as I pulled her to my shoulder, making her comfortable. She looked so cute when she was sleeping. “Dude.” I heard someone whisper as they tapped my other shoulder. I slightly turned and saw Phil. “We all know you like her.” he said as I looked around. Everyone looked at me with a ‘we totally know it’-look on their face. Except for Julie, Joshua and Paõlo. Julie and Joshua were sleeping too. Paõlo gave me a nasty look. I guess he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. I just shrug it off. “Shut up Phil.” I say. “Don’t deny it Bruno.” “What are you talking about?” “You know, what I’m talking about.” “Bruno, you told Eric you like her. A lot.” “Eric told you what?! That idiot.” “Bruno, are you gonna tell her?” “I don’t know. I mean, what if she doesn’t feel the same? I think I’ll wait a little longer.” “One thing, once we’re in LA, a lot of guys will try to get her.” “I know, I know.” I got a strand of hair out of her face. “Just saying man.” Phil said as he leaned back into his seat again. ‘He’s right.’ I thought. I got lost in my thoughts and eventually fell asleep.


Camilla’s POV


I woke up when I felt someone softly pull my sleeve. I opened my eyes and saw I was sleeping on Bruno’s chest. I slowly and carefully got his arm off my shoulder. I startled when I felt him move but luckily he went back to sleep. “What is it Kyra?” I asked softly. “When will we be there?” “Uhmm…” I looked around looking for someone awake but everyone was sleeping. “I don’t know sweetie. I hope soon.” “Hey, since when are you up?” I heard someone say. I looked and saw Bruno was awake. “Not that long, did we wake you up?” “No you didn’t. Don’t worry about that.” “Uhmm… Uncle Bruno?” I giggled. She was hesitating to say uncle. “What’s up Kyra?” I gave him a surprised look. He looked at me and just shrugged. “When will we be there?” “I’d say in 2 hours. Is that okay?” “Yes, its okay.” she said as she turned on her side going to sleep again. “Can I ask you something?” Bruno asked. “You just did.” I joked. “Just kidding. Go ahead.” “Well… I was wondering, is Camilla Rivori your full name?” “How did you come up with that question?” I said with a curious tone. “But no, my full name is Camilla Jaleesa May Rivori. Why do you wanna know?” “It just hit me and I was just being curious.” I chuckled at his facial expression. “How about you?” “Well… My middle name is Gene.” I gave him a friendly smile. “Shall we sleep some more?” he asked. “It’ll be a long day when we’ve landed.” “Sure.” I said as I made myself comfortable. ‘Ugh… Why can’t I find my twist?’ I kept moving, I just couldn’t find a comfortable position. “Come here.” Bruno said. “Huh?” I said as he grabbed me and pulled me closer to him. I finally lay good. My head on his shoulder and my hand on his chest. He hugged me and after sometime we both fell asleep. 



Chapter 10


“Yo Phil, Take a picture!” I heard someone yell as I slowly woke up. “Vete.” I mumbled. “What did she say?” “You’re asking me?” “Do any of us know Spanish?” I heard everyone reply ‘no’. “We should wake them up though.” “Yeah, you’re right.” “Uhm, I’m not gonna wake a woman.” “Nor do I.” “Let me through. Cam, despertar es perezoso humanos.” “Mmm…” “Esto no es el momento de meterse con mi chica.” “I mess with you whenever I want Paõlo.” I smiled and opened my eyes. And again, everyone was hanging around. I sat up. “Come on.” Paõlo grabbed me and dragged me out of the plane. We met up with Julie, Kyra and Joshua. “Hey guys.” I said joyfully. They just looked down or away. “Did I do something wrong?” “Cam, we-“ Paõlo said before I interrupted him. “I know, I know.” “What?” “I know what you wanna say, and I already told you the answer. Trust me.” “What are you talking about? What answer? Paõlo tell me please.” Julie said. “Uhm… Well, it’s a long story.” “And he promised me to never tell anyone.” I quickly covered him. “Oooohh… Okay.” I wanted to put my hands in my pockets but I felt something in the right pocket. I got it out and saw some cash and a note.  I opened the note. It said:


‘Here’s some cash to buy something to eat at the airport.

Love, Bruno.’


Before I could do anything Julie grabbed the note out of my hands. She looked at me. “Julie, I didn’t know.” “What? I wanted to say how nice of him.” We got our suitcases and walked towards a shop. Joshua and Kyra grabbed my hand as we walked to a shop for something to eat. Just as we were done eating Dre walked up to us. “Come on. I’ll bring you to your ride.” We just followed him. After 5 minutes we got outside. I saw a huge group of people surrounding Bruno and taking pictures. ‘So he didn’t lie about being famous.’ I thought. Eventually we arrived at a car and sat inside. Kyra, who was sitting on my lap, kept looking at the tall buildings and tons of people we were passing by, just like the others. I didn’t feel the urge to look. ‘I’m here for not even 2 hours and I’m already homesick, great…’ I thought. After the drive, which felt like forever, we arrived at a big house. I guessed it was Bruno’s. Soon after another car arrived and Bruno stepped out. “Hey y’all! Had a good trip?” “It was so pretty!” Kyra and Joshua said at the same time. “Good to hear and how about the others?” “It was okay.” Julie said. “Could’ve been worse.” Paõlo said. I just gave them a ‘behave’-look. Sometimes I felt like a mom. “And you Camilla?” “It was okay I think. I was sleeping most of the time so I didn’t really pay attention.” He chuckled. “Me and Dre will help you with your suitcases. If Dre wants to?” “Bring it on.” he replied. We went inside and it was huge. We walked upstairs and the first guestroom was for Joshua and Kyra. After the suitcases were in the room, they went to play on the bed and all the other things. The room next door was for Julie and Paõlo. They closed the door once their stuff was inside. “You can go Dre. I’ll take it from here.” “Sure. See ya.” And with that Dre left. “Uhm… Camilla, can I confess something?” “Give me one reason why not.” I joked. “Well, I just have 2 guestrooms, so…” He rubbed the back of his neck. “You can choose to sleep with the others or you can use my bed.” “But where will you sleep then?” “I’ll just sleep on the couch.” “What if I use the couch? I wouldn’t mind.” “NO! I mean, you’re the guest so it would be rude.” “Relax. I’m fine with it. I don’t care.” “Okay. So my bed it is.” he said quickly. “Wha-?” “Follow me.” he interrupted. “I never thought a person could be this stubborn.” “Hahaha. As long as you’re here you’ll have to deal with it. Here we are.” he said as he opened the door. He put my suitcases inside and I followed. “Wow. Your room is beautiful.” I looked around. “And messy.” “That’s me. I’ll clean it up before nightfall.” “Uhm… I know it sounds stupid but I don’t want to be rude or whatsoever so if you want to we can share the bed.” I said nervously.