Chapter 6-11

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Chapter 6 Part 1

I woke up the next morning. I felt like everything that happened with Bruno was all a dream. I sat up on my bed and looked at the clock. 8:36 am. I rubbed my head still thinking about him and our kiss. Did I love him too? 
I took a shower and put on my black dress. Katie came over and she curled my hair. Our parents took our pictures while we put on our graduation gowns. Both Katie and I didn’t discuss about Bruno until we were driving to the venue where the graduation ceremony was at. “So what does gonna happen tonight?” Katie asked. I looked straight ahead. “I don’t know. Nothing I guess.” I turned towards her. “I mean we can’t like sneak away and make out because it’s my party and my whole family is gonna be there.” “Yeah but it’s your party and you can do whatever you want.” 
We got to the venue and went through the practice. After graduation practice, Katie and I went to the venue’s lobby for lunch. We sat at a bench away from the other students. “I got an idea!” Katie exclaimed. “Stay the weekend at my house! After your party I’ll take you to Bruno’s house. My parents will be cool with it!” “I don’t know, Katie.” I said. “What if we get caught?” “You guys won’t get caught!”Katie reassured me. “Just let me be in charge of arranging things.”
Suddenly, Katie and I were backstage about to graduate. We could hear the crowd growing louder. We walked in our lines with the band playing ‘Pomp and Circumstance”. I looked up and the audience looked amazing. The arena was filled with people. I felt like a rock star. I looked at Katie who was a few feet in front of me and she gave me thumbs up and pointed towards the seats. There I saw who she was pointing to. There was Bruno, standing up clapping. His smile grew wider when he saw me. The next row above him was Amy and Jo cheering us on. I waved at them and continued walking with my graduating class. Soon it was time to walk the stage. Katie went first and when she got her diploma I cheers so loud for by best friend. Suddenly, I was 4 people away from walking the stage. Oh God please let people cheer for me. Please don’t let me trip. When the principal called my name, I walked from behind the stage and went to receive my diploma. The whole arena erupted in applause. I even thought I heard Bruno calling out “You did it babe!”
After we threw our graduation caps up high above our heads, we then lined up again to go backstage and leave the venue. Outside, I ran into Katie and we hugged tightly not letting go. “Oh my God, Katie we did it!” “Oh I’m so proud of us!” she said through happy tears. “I’m proud of both of you guys.” A soft husky voice said behind us. Bruno was standing there in black slacks and a white button up shirt with black shinny shoes. He looked so handsome. He was holding a dozen roses which he handed to me. “I am so proud of you.” He repeated. Katie squealed. I gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, not caring who saw. “I’ll see you girls at the party.” He gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked towards some other graduates who I recognized were my music classmates. “Oh my God.” Casey stood beside us with her other two minions. “You and Mr. Hernandez?!” “Yup” Is all I said. “But what? How? When?” Lilly stuttered. “”Last day of school after you guys left the classroom” I smiled knowing I was one lucky girl. Katie held my arm and told the girls we had to leave. I knew I wouldn’t really miss them. Katie and I found our parents in the parking lot. “Ooh who gave you the roses?” Katie’s mom asked. “Her new guy” Katie said smiling. I didn’t really care what my parents would say or think. But they surprised me when my mom asked “So where is this gentleman?” “Yes I want to meet this guy if he is giving you roses.” My dad said. “Uh, he left already.” I made up the lie. “He’s going out of town.” “Oh that’s too bad.” My mom said sounding disappointed. “But I still want to meet him soon.”
Bruno only saw me in my graduation gown, and not in my hot black dress. Katie fixed me up again in the girls’ restroom at the restaurant my parents rented out. “Now I’ve found some hiding places for you and Bruno so just let me know when you guys get the urge and I’ll distract everyone while-“ “We are not gonna be doing anything like that.” I laughed. “Oh Katie I just wanna enjoy tonight without any drama.”


Chapter 6 Part 2

We walked out of the restroom and I saw Phil and Ari bringing in the DJ equipment. Bruno was outside talking with my parents. It was 4:30 in the afternoon and the party starts at 6. I was just so excited about everything. About graduating, about the party, about my time with Bruno. Phil and Ari glanced at me and smiled. When Bruno walked in with my parents, he was like a deer in headlights. “Wow you look so amazing!” exclaimed my mom. Dad nodded in agreement while Bruno just stared, jaw hanging and what looked like lust in his eyes. “Thanks” I said smiling. Mom and dad went to the kitchen to check on the food. Phil and Ari joined us at the main table with Bruno following along, not saying a word. I had the roses in the middle of the table. “I recommended Bruno to get you the roses, despite of your student/teacher romance.” Phil said taking a seat. “Dude, stop calling it that!” Bruno finally spoke up. “Babe you look so amazing. My beautiful woman.” I blushed. He sat beside me with his hand in my hand underneath the table. Katie sat on the other side of me. “So what type of music do you want us to play?” Phil took out a notepad and started to write down our requests. “Daddy Yankee!” Katie blurted out. “Ooh yeah! “ I agreed. We both took out our phones and texted Amy and Jo for their suggestions. We then started blurting out songs and artists for the guys to play. “Oh but don’t play any offensive songs or any sexy songs ‘cause my grandparents will be here.” We all laughed while Phil wrote down and said to himself “No grinding allowed.”
Katie then asked Bruno about after the party, where to drop me off. “Just follow me. I don’t live too far.” I smiled at Bruno and just as I was about to place my head on his shoulder, my mom called for me. I sighed and left the table while the guys got up and finished setting up.
I was really having a good time tonight. My whole extended family came along with Jo and Amy. “Next year it’ll be your turn.” Bruno told them. Bruno and Phil took turns at the DJ booth. Ari just stood next to them basically looking lost. My Grandma Gracie even went up to Ari and offered him to sit with her. “He’s too skinny he needs something to eat.” She said bringing him a plate of Tamales and rice and beans. The guys picked great songs. I was too nervous to eat or to dance but Katie would either drag me on the dance floor or bring me plates of food. Bruno looked so hot. He after our graduation ceremony, he changed into blue jeans and a white t-shirt with one of his favorite hats and a black leather jacket. He took off the jacket when I noticed drops of sweat falling from his forehead. “God he’s so beautiful.” I whispered to myself. Katie must’ve heard me because as soon as I said that, she grabbed my arm and signaled Jo and Amy to follow her. We went to the girls’ restroom and Katie, being the overprotecter , she checked the stalls to make sure we were alone. “Okay so you girls know the plan?” she asked Jo and Amy. They both nodded. I had no idea what they were plotting. “Okay, now you,” Katie pointed to me. “We’ll distract everyone for the next 25 minutes, before they bring your cake out.” I still had no clue what she meant. “Ari and Phil already informed Bruno on what to do.” She took me into the hallway, still hiding from the party. “You see that storage unit by the fire escape?” I nodded. “No one will see you guys enter it. Meet Bruno there in 5 minutes.” Then suddenly Katie pushes me into the hall and pulls my arm into the room. “Wait here!” she whispers and slams the door. 
I can hear and feel the bass of the music. No one will hear us. Then Bruno is pushed into the unit by Katie. Ari is behind her when she whispers “You guys have 20 minutes!” And again slams the door. I looked at Bruno, shinny from the fresh sweat. “I told them I had some stomach problems. You know too much Mexican food.” I smiled and told him to shut up. I pulled him closer to me and gave him the most passionate kiss I can give him. I pulled his hips even closer. I wanted to feel him. Feel it. “Baby, we can’t” He whispered. “I know.” I said “But I can’t help it.” We kissed even harder. My breathing grew rapidly. He held my face by his two strong hands. Then his left hand lowered to my neck, and then my shoulder, and then a knock came from the door. “You guys have 5 minutes.” Phil said from the other side of the door. Bruno sighed and looked deep into my eyes. “We still have after the party.” I said with lust in my voice. “Babe not yet.” Bruno said holding my hands and then kissing them each. “I would like to take things slow.” I guess he read the disappointment on my face. “No babe I do want you but I want us to take our time. For us.” He kissed my forehead. He left the room first and I waited a few seconds to leave. 
We got out of the room without anyone noticing. My parents brought out my birthday cake. They had Bruno sing me “Happy Birthday”. We both tried not to break into laughter. It was so awkward, especially what had happened just moments before. My party ended at midnight. All of my family and cousins left. Katie and I told Jo and Amy what happened. They couldn’t believe it. I was glad they didn’t ask me too many questions. My parents were gonna stay at the restaurant to help clean up and they let me go with Katie to “her house”. We got in Katie’s car and Bruno was in front of us in his car. He was gonna drop off Ari and Phil at their houses. Katie said she didn’t mind following them around. I got nervous. “Now you girls have fun this weekend.” My mom said. She handed me my backpack and we drove out of the parking lot.


Chapter 7

Katie drove me, Jo and Amy to both Phil’s and Ari’s apartments. First stop was Ari. He got out of Bruno’s cars and walked over to Katie’s car. “Happy Birthday.” He said. “And tell your Grandma Gracie thanks for keeping me company.” Us girls laughed while Ari walked into his unit. Next about a mile away we went to Phil’s place. He got out of the car but signaled us to get out of Katie’s car. We all stood outside in the parking lot. Bruno was leaning against his car while Phil unloaded his stuff from the trunk. When we got closer to Bruno’s car, Bruno reached out and grabbed my hips and whispered “You’re coming with me.” The girls giggled while Phil shook his head and said “Just go easy on her, man.” Katie handed me my backpack and winked. Bruno laughed and shook his head. “Well girls say goodbye to your friend.” I waved goodbye to the girls while I got into Bruno’s car. “I’ll drop her off in the morning.” He called out. He drove away while I waved back to Phil and the girls. 
The drive was silent. I was so nervous. What was going to happen? I’m not a virgin but I haven’t had sex in over 2 years. My first and last boyfriend was my first. It was noting memorable about it. And even after we did it, we only did it about 3 more times after before we broke up. I didn’t know how I was gonna work it with Bruno. He’s older and more experienced than I am. Oh god please let him lead. “I got a very special dessert planned for you.” He spoke softly. Oh god he’s making me more nervous. “Oh” is all I said.
We got to his apartment. It was a beautiful sky rise overlooking the city. We got to the 5th floor to his apartment. He opened the door and I walked in. Everything seemed like a bachelor pad here. He had red curtains with a red rug in the middle of the room. Black sofa and matching couch with a 42 inch flat screen in a mantle. On the right side was a small kitchen with black appliances. Straight ahead was a room where I can see a shadow of a king size bed. Oh God. “Ready for your dessert?” Bruno whispered in my ear. Before I can respond, he took my hand and led me to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and took out a pie crust, cream cheese, eggs and milk. “Wanna help me make cheesecake?” Dear God is this some sort of codeword for sex? He must’ve read my expression because he grabbed both my hands and said “Babe what’s wrong? Isn’t it your favorite” His smile captivated me. But wait how did he know that? “How did you know it’s my favorite?” Then I remembered.
It was the last day Before Christmas Break. Jo’s mom brought us our own cheesecake for us to have for lunch. One half was plain and the other half was chocolate. We all got a piece. Peter, this guy from Science class, kept begging us for a slice. “Piss off” Katie said after the 14th time of Peter blubbering at us. Mr. Hernandez was doing rounds in the cafeteria and Jo asked him if he can tell peter to leave us alone. Mr. Hernandez threatened him with detention so as his reward, we offered Bruno a slice. I was too preoccupied to notice Bruno watching me devour my cheesecake. It was just so good. “Cheesecake is her most favorite.” Katie whispered to Bruno. 
Bruno smiled and said “So are we doing this?” We made the cheesecake, which was so simple and just took about 20 minutes. We sat on the sofa and ate and talked about the party. “Poor Ari can’t believe your Grandma gave him that plate! You do know he has problems with Mexican food, which is why he didn’t want to eat tonight.” We laughed and finished our slices. Then there was no more cheesecake. I looked at the clock and it was already 2 in the morning. I leaned my head against the sofa. My eyes were getting heavy. But weren’t we gonna do it or not. Bruno brushed his fingertips close to my eyes. “You’re so cute when you’re sleepy.” He said so softly, like he didn’t want to wake me. “I’m not sleepy.” I insisted. He smiled and shook his head. “Babe you had such a long day with graduating and then your party. You need your rest.” Before I can shake my head in protest, he took off my shoes and lifted me into his arms. I placed my head on his shoulder, trying to keep my eyes open. He gently placed me on something so soft and warm. It was his bed. “Babe I’m ready.” I managed to say. “No sweetie, you need to sleep.” He took off his shirt and threw it on the chair. “I need rest too babe.” He took off his shoes and climbed into the bed with me. He pulled me closer to his body. I felt his warmth and muscles against my back and shoulders. I couldn’t fight it anymore. I pulled his arms around my body and whispered “I love you.” He kissed my neck and shoulders and whispered back “I love you too.” Then we both fell into a deep sleep.


Chapter 8

When I woke up the next morning, I looked to the other side of the bed and noticed I was by myself. I sat up and picked up the small note that was placed on Bruno’s pillow. “Good morning sweetie. I didn’t want to wake you. I’m in the kitchen making you breakfast.” I smiled and then I heard a thud coming from the kitchen. He had closed the bedroom door, I guess to keep from me waking up. I continued sitting on the bed, trying to wake up. I looked around the room and my eyes fixed at the corner of the room. Bruno had 7 beautiful guitars on their stands. In the middle was a bright red guitar. I was tempted to go over there and touch it. Instead I got out of bed, grabbed my backpack and headed to the bathroom. 
I washed up and brushed my hair and teeth. I looked in the mirror and somehow I felt more beautiful than yesterday. I’m not wearing make-up or anything but I feel a glow inside. I smiled, straighten my party dress that I was still wearing, and exited the restroom.
I walked into the kitchen and Bruno was pouring batter onto the pan. Bacon, eggs and pancake scents filled the whole apartment. I felt awkward walking in, like I was interrupting him. He turned and oh gosh his face lit up like Christmas. “Good morning my beauty.” He came over to me and put his arms around my body. His kiss was so welcoming. I couldn’t help but blush. He held my hand and guided me to his dining room. I sat down while he went back to the kitchen and got our plates.
After we finished breakfast, I just sat staring at my empty plate. Bruno got up and went to my side of the table. He knelt down and touched my face. “Is everything alright?” He held my hand. I looked up at him. “You said you love me.” He moved his chair closer to me and put his arms around me. “I do love you. Like I said before, you are so amazing.” I had butterflies in my stomach. “Just whatever worries you have, don’t be nervous.” I smiled and took a deep breath. Bruno reached over and kissed me so soft and gentle. He held my face and repeated “I love you.”
After changing out of the party dress, Bruno drove me to Katie’s house. Jo and Amy stayed the night there. From what Katie had texted me, the girls were anxious for the details about my night with Bruno. I couldn’t help but sigh and roll my eyes, knowing how disappointed they will be. We got to her house and just from the street, I can hear my friends squeal with delight. I honestly rather stayed with Bruno at his apartment than with Katie. I really wasn’t in the mood to answer questions. I don’t know if it was because of the late night cheesecake or because of my disappointment of the hype. Bruno noticed my silence. “Babe,” He sighed. “I know what’s bothering you.” I looked at him without a word. “I know you were expecting some fireworks of some kind.” Oh so he can’t say ‘sex’? “But trust me when I say…” And he got so close to my face, I could taste his breath. “I promise when I make sweet love to you, we will remember the moment for the rest of our lives.” My jaw was hanging and my mouth started to water. He grabbed my thigh and kissed me with so much obsession, I thought I was gonna explode. After I bit my lip in anticipation and said “You better keep that promise.” Cocked up my eyebrow and exited his car. I giggled as I lifted up my backpack and ran to Katie’s backyard. 
“Oh my God tell us EVERYTHING!” “Did he go fast or slow?” “Was it like so orgasmic you made so much noise?” “Did you guys role play?” “How big was he?” “OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS PLEASE STOP!” I laughed and shook my head. As soon as I entered Katie’s room through her window, the girls just kept on and on with these questions. “You guys remind me of those annoying girls from my music class!” Jo, Amy, and Katie were sitting around the bedroom, jumping in their seats. I sigh and told them what happened that night.
“Awwwwww!” They all said in unison. “That really happened? He told you he loves you?” Jo was smiling ear to ear. I nodded happily. “Did you say it back?” I nodded again. Rapidly, my friends got up from their spots and gave me a really tight, group hug. I was kinda awkward but nice. Once they let go, I said “That’s not all.” I told them the last thing he said to me in his car and believe me, I haven’t heard them scream like that since we were 13 years old, at a Justin Timberlake concert, front row.


Chapter 9

I called my mom and asked if I can stay an extra night at Katie’s. Since she works at the Burger King by the mall I work at, she offered to drive me to work Monday morning. Sunday night was just a girl’s night. Bruno had Teacher Work Week all week. He needed to put in the last grades into the students report cards and clean out his classroom for the summer break. He said that since we had a wonderful time together Friday/Saturday, he wanted me to spend time with my friends and enjoy our summer. 
“You can’t spend all our time with me.” He told me on Sunday night over the phone. “that’s how friendships end. The girl strays away from her girlfriends because the guy keeps her occupied. I don’t want to be that guy. I am NOT that kind of guy to keep you away from your friends.” I was in the hallway, away from the girls but after he said that a choir of “Awwwwws” behind me made me realized the girls followed me into the hall and heard what he said. Bruno laughed and asked if those were the girls. I rolled my eyes and made a stern look at the girls. I pointed at the girls and pointed at the bedroom. “Go!” I mouthed. They giggled then obeyed me. I was so fixed on getting them away that I didn’t notice Bruno saying “Put me on speaker. I wanna ask you girls something.” 
We all sat on the floor in a circle. The girls were so giddy but I was just wondering what Bruno was up to. “Do you girls have plans on Saturday?” I raised an eyebrow while my friends giggled and said “no.” Katie nudged me with her elbow and winked. “Well Phil and Ari suggested we all go bowling if you girls are up for it.” We all smiled and said yes. “Bruno that’s so nice of you guys!” Jo said leaning toward my phone. “Well since I’m dating your best friend, I gotta get on your good side.” We laughed “Well right now you’re doing a great job.” Amy said.

Throughout the beginning of the week, all I thought of was Bruno. Sure we got to text each other during our lunch breaks and every night, but I wanted to see him, feel him. On Thursday, Bruno worked only half a day, since he said he already packed up half of his classroom. He surprised me at work. It was super busy and I haven’t been able to look up for 10 seconds without placing money into the register or scanning items. Then I heard a familiar, fantastic voice. “Well Hello beautiful.” Bruno was standing in front of me. I haven’t smiled like I did in such a long time. Well, since Saturday night. I wanted to reach out and kiss him but of course I can’t do that at work so instead I thought of doing a bit of role playing. “Why thank you sir. So how may I help you?” “Well, you see I got these very sexy items for my very hot girlfriend.” He handed me a black, lacy see-through bra and a matching thong. My eyes widen while I rang up the items. “Oh that’s not all.” He said with a smirk. He placed black knee-high stockings that matched the lingerie. It was such a good thing that there was no line behind Bruno. So I was able to take my time playing Bruno’s game. “What’s all this for?” I asked giving him a suspicious look. He sighed and pierced his lips together. “Well I’m hoping this Saturday will be our special first time.” I carefully looked around to make sure none of my coworkers were around. The other sales associates were on the floors, helping customers. Again no one was in line behind Bruno. “Are you serious?” I bit my lip. He looked back and licked his lips “Only if she’ll have me.” Oh I wanted him right there and then. But all I said, while getting his total, was “I think she will.”

He got to spend lunch with me on Wednesday. We didn’t talk about what will happen on Saturday, I guess he was nervous about it. I didn’t mind because I enjoyed our talks about what we been up to during the week. We still kept in contact through phone calls. On Friday, Katie stayed for dinner at our house. I didn’t tell her or the other girls about Bruno’s visit at my job and about the lingerie. I wanted to keep one thing just between me and Bruno. But at the dinner table, Katie basically ratted me out to my parents about Bruno. “So Katie do you know anything about that guy she keeps talking to?” My mom asked. Katie helped herself to mashed potatoes when she answered, like it was nothing “Oh you mean Bruno?” “Bruno? So that’s his name!” I couldn’t believe it. “Who is this ‘Bruno’ character like?” My dad said. “Oh he’s just a student. A high school student.” I wanted to make it sure they know he’s a high school student. “Yeah but Bruno what? He does have a last name.” Katie and I stared at each other with our eyes widen. I couldn’t tell them his last name. Then I remembered Bruno’s mom’s maiden name. “Oh his name is Bruno San Pedro Bayot.” Everyone looked at me. “Uh he’s half Pilipino.” That stopped the questions, for now. Even Katie looked nervous and whispered “Sorry”. “Well perhaps you can invite him for dinner sometime. Your father and I really want-“ “And need” added my dad. “And need to meet Bruno.” My mom continued. How am I gonna get away with dating Bruno, my former music teacher. I sighed and just kept looking at my plate. Then I remembered the special night Bruno has planned for tomorrow. Now I lost my appetite.


Chapter 10

“Girl did you know how close you were to spilling it out?” It was close to 11:00 PM and Katie and I were in her car on our way to her house. “I know, I know. I’m so sorry!” Katie’s voice was sincere. “I don’t even know how to tell my parents about Bruno.” I checked my phones for text messages from Bruno. He hasn’t texted me since before dinner but I gotten a text from Jo about tomorrow. “Well,” said Katie. “your parents should know soon because tomorrow you and Bruno are taking a big step.” I froze. How did she figure it out? “Wh-what do you mean?” Katie looked confused. “Uh about Bruno and his friends hanging out with us. That’s not only a big step in any relationship but it means he truly cares about you.” I stared straight ahead. Watching the traffic lights come and go. “Oh” is all I said. I really hope Katie didn’t figure out the truth. But of course, Katie knows me too well. Katie’s eyes widen. “No, don’t ‘oh’ me!” She pulled to the side of the road. “What did you think I was talking about?” I was just about to open my mouth when she blurted out “DON’T TELL ME YOU ARE FINALLY GONNA HAVE SEX WITH BRUNO?!” I nodded. She smiled and hugged me. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I wanted it to remain just between Bruno and me.” Katie looked at me like she understood. “Please don’t tell Jo and Amy. Not until after because I’m already nervous as is.” Katie smiled “Don’t be nervous. You are so lucky to have someone like Bruno who loves you. And I promise not to tell them.” We hugged again and Katie continued to drive.

The girls and I arrived at the bowling alley before the guys. Bruno texted me saying he was running late. We got our bowling lane and our shoes and sat and waited for the guys. I kept thinking about tonight. Katie gave me another prep talk before we picked up Jo and Amy. I felt a little bit better than yesterday. I know I am completely ready for Bruno. Bruno arrived to the bowling alley about 15 minutes after we got there. Along with Phil and Ari, Bruno had another guy with him. Bruno came up to me and kissed me. He whispered into my ear “I can’t wait to have you.” I couldn’t help but smile. “Girls, we realized there were four of you and only three of us.” Phil said. “So we brought along our friend Brody Brown. He is part of our songwriting square.” Brody was super nice and introduced himself to us girls. He shook our hands with an impressive grip. When he got to me, his face glowed. “So you’re the student who captured my friend’s heart.” Bruno put his hand on my shoulder and kissed my cheek. “Indeed she has, Brody.” 
We got to our alley and Jo decided to put bumpers on the lane. “Oh you girls are wack!” Bruno laughed. “Oh well, we’ll still kick your butts!” Katie was put in charge to add our names to the scoreboard. The keyboard was kind of sticky, so Katie was struggling with adding our names. She then just put in our initials. Once she got to Brody’s name, she giggled and typed “BB”. “Hey BB!” She said, throwing her hands in the air. We all laughed and throughout the night, we called Brody “BB”. “Hey BB hurry up!” “Don’t drop the ball, BB!” “Hey BB! Hey BB!” 
When it was my turn to bowl, Bruno would come up behind me and try to distract me. He would pinch my butt or make sexy talk in my ear. But he also did make romantic moves on me. He came up behind me and held me close. He helped me make a strike by guiding my body and hand. After I took my seat, Ari was next and we all busted out laughing when Phil ran up behind him and did the same thing Bruno did to me. “Oh you know you like that!” Phil said in a deep sexy voice. The other customers stared at us, but we didn’t care. We were in our own little world. 
After our first game, we got some pizza and drinks and sat and chilled. “Uh, would you girls mind if we went to the bar for a while.” Bruno asked, holding my hand. We all had pizza stuffed in our mouths so all we did was shook our heads and continued chewing. “Bring me a shot!” Katie yelled. “Hey shut up minor!” Phil yelled back, pointing at us. We smiled and shrugged. “Nice try.” Jo said. 
Once at the bar, Katie noticed 2 hot-looking twenty-somethings walking toward the guys. Katie nudged me and we looked their way. “Oh my gosh they look hot!” Amy exclaimed. I looked at her and couldn’t believe she said that. She shrugged and apologized. We watched the girls approach them. And of course, the blonde with caked on make-up was making a pass at my boyfriend. “Oh and who wears flip-flops to the bowling alley?!” Jo pointed out. We glared at the blonde while she flirted, or tried to, with Bruno. But I felt so happy and proud when he gave her the cold stare and cold shoulder. Even Bruno’s friends didn’t seem interested. The girls walked away disappointed and pissed off. 
When the guys got back to our tables, they basically figured out that we saw what happened. “Those girls are just looking for trouble.” Brody said, shaking his head. “What happened?” I asked. Bruno sat down next to me and lifted me off my chair and placed me on his lap. “The girls said that they saw us hot guys with y’all ‘preschoolers’ and that we deserve much better.” My eyes got wide. “What did you guys say?” I looked back and forth between the guys. Phil cleared his throat. “We told them you girls are our friends and that they can screw a bowling ball since they are so desperate.” We couldn’t stop laughing. “Oh I love you guys!” I said, reaching out to Phil for a hug.

We walked out to the parking lot. The girls gave me a hug goodbye before I got into Bruno’s car. The girls didn’t mentioned anything about how my night was gonna be like with Bruno. They thought it was just gonna be either a quiet, romantic night like last time or they did know what was gonna happen but wanted to respect my privacy. Once in the car with Bruno, we realized our car was only one of 4 in the parking lot. I turned towards him and touched his thigh. “Oh I see you are ready.” Bruno said so softly with his lips burning with a passion. He arched his eyebrow and kissed me so deep. I felt his tongue dancing against mine. I brushed my hand into his thick curls. Our kisses went deeper and deeper. We pulled apart, still panting for more.


Chapter 11

The school bell rang while we all sat at random desks. It was the first day of senior year. It was my last class of the day and I had no clue who these other students were. We were in different grades and they needed to take this class to get the elective credit. Our teacher was already 5 minutes late to our class. We looked around on the walls. The classroom was filled with Beatles and Michael Jackson posters. The teacher’s desk was quite unorganized, with books and binders on the desk. All of a sudden, a tan, 5’5 young man walks into our classroom with bunches of paperwork in his arms. He’s wearing red pants and a black button up shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. On top of his head, he has a brown hat with a feather on the side. He places the papers on his desk and clears his throat. “Hey guys, my name is Mr. Hern-“ He turns and looks at me. His eyes were the most beautiful I have ever seen. The other girls in our class sighed and giggled while I stared at our new teacher. He kept looking at me then to the rest of the class. We were all waiting for him to finish saying his name. “I’m uh Mr. Hernandez. Welcome to Music Theory class. Let’s go around the room and introduce yourselves.” He pointed at me and I stood up. I faced the class but then realized how nervous I was. I then just turned to Mr. Hernandez and said my name and my grade. He had the most amazing smile when he said “Welcome to my class. It’s a pleasure to have you here.” I smiled back and sat down. I heard the other girls sigh but I just ignored them. Oh God Mr. Hernandez looks so hot. This school year is gonna be so awesome!!!

“Sweetie, are you okay?” I blinked and I was in Bruno’s car on our way to his apartment. Outside was pouring rain. “Are you okay?” Bruno asked again. I nodded. “I am.” He reached his hand to my forehead. “You look pale. Are you sure you are okay? I can take you to Katie’s if you are feeling sick.” “No, I’m fine.” I smiled. “I’m just kinda anxious about what’s gonna happen tonight.” He held onto my hand and kissed it. “I promise you that I love you and I will never hurt you. I’m always here to protect you in anyway.” I giggled and reached out and kissed his cheek.
We got to his apartment door. Before he opened it, he turned and held my waist. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He looked deep into my eyes. I looked back and bit my lip. I nodded. Then suddenly, he lifted me into his arms, newlywed style, and opened the door. It took my breath away! All over the apartment were red and white roses and white candles on the tables and counters. On the floor were more rose pedals. He placed me back on my feet. I turned to Bruno and I then realized I was crying. He kissed me and when he pulled back, he too had tears in his eyes. “Oh you have no idea how much I love you.” He said, wiping his and my tears. “I love you too, Bruno.” We kissed again and he picked me up and led me to the bedroom. I had my legs wrapped around his waist. I wanted him right then and there.

We got to the bedroom and it just as beautiful as the living room. The bed had white all over with red rose pedals. Bruno placed me on my feet and I stood in front of the bed. My whole body shook when he wrapped his arms around my body and whispered “I got you all night.” He kissed my forehead and gave me the bag that contained the lingerie.
Once in the bathroom, I took off my clothes and one by one, put on the lingerie pieces: the bra, thong, and then the knee-high stockings. I felt like I was playing dress-up. I looked at the long mirror that was behind the bathroom. I let my hair down from my low ponytail. I felt pretty yet so awkward at the same time. I had my glasses on which made me look even more self-conscious. I took my glasses off then tried to see how I looked without them. I looked okay, I guess. But I’m so blind without my glasses, how am I gonna perform? But I wanted to make it right with Bruno and I want to look hot. Like playboy/maxim hot. I took a deep breath. I can do this. Then I opened the door.
The bedroom lights were off except for the lights from the candles. I walked into the room slowly, gripping my glasses for dear life. Bruno was sitting on the side of the bed wearing only his blue boxers. I heard him sigh softly from the sight of me. “You look so amazing. Breathtaking.” He got up from the bed. “But you know what will turn me on the most?” I smiled and shook my head. He reached his hand into my hand where I was holding my glasses. He then gently put my glasses on my face. “Now you are perfect to me.”
He kissed me so soft and caring. He then held my hand and placed me on his bed. He lay beside me while we kissed. His hands rubbed my stomach while his kissed moved to my neck. I felt Goosebumps all over my body with every touch and every kiss. I sighed with every movement of his. His fingertips brushed against my thighs. He looked deep into my eyes when he put his hand inside the thong. He bit his lip when he entered not one, but two fingers inside my already wet center. I threw my head back in pleasure. I started to whine when he moved his fingers in and out in a nice pace. I got more wet with the sound of his voice “You like that don’t you?” I couldn’t speak, I just nodded my head. I turned my body towards him and wrapped my arms around Bruno’s bare chest. We kissed while he continued fingering me. I had to take breaks from kissing him when I felt a climax coming on. He took out his fingers from inside me. I looked deep into my eyes while he licked off my wetness from his fingers. “You taste so good baby.” He whispered. He then went under the covers and licked my clit. He worked his magic under the covers which left me in agony. Good agony of course! He kissed the lips (the lips down there) between every lick and every suck.
He got out of the covers and reached into his drawers and got out condoms. “I’m so ready for you.” I said, breathlessly. “Do you want to put it on my dick?” Bruno said, opening the condom. I laughed “No, no that’s okay I might do it wrong!” Bruno laughed “How will you do it wrong?” We played fight in the covers, arguing who was going to do the honors. Bruno then helped me slip on the condom on his really swollen dick. It was so long and big, I felt kind of intimated. Bruno got on top of me. He kissed me gently and whispered in my ear “I’ve wanted this since I first saw you.” I held on to dear life on Bruno’s shoulders when he entered me. I let out a scream of both pain and pleasure. I winced when he went all the way in. “Oh baby you feel so good.” I rolled my eyes back as he pushed himself deeper inside me. Bruno grabbed the pillow while he thrusted slowly. Noises I have NEVER made came out of my mouth. I digged my nails into Bruno’s bare back. He lowered his head onto my breast and undid the bra strap. He threw the bra across the room and roughly attacked my breasts. He licked strong and hard while still pumping inside me. My head threw back many times. I felt my cum on my legs, dripping down. I moan out his name while he kept sucking my nipples and keeping eye contact with me.
So if he was so good at this slow pace, I wanted to see how it would be when he really fucks me. And I never really been ‘fucked’. So I whispered in his ear “Fuck me Mr. Hernandez.” Oh hell that did it!!!! He lifted his head from my breasts. “What did you call me?” His voice was so stern and sexy. “You heard me, Mr. Hernandez. What are you gonna do? Keep me after class?” My eyes were burning hot with a fiery passion. He hissed and threw off the covers from our bodies. He lifted my body up and turned me over, doggy style. He licked my pussy from behind and gently bit my clit. He got up and jammed his dick inside my wet pussy. He fucked pounded me hard. Over and over. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” I couldn’t get enough. He pulled my hair back and whispered into my ear. “You’re mine, baby. I’m gonna work you hard.” He let go of my hair and reached his fingers to tease me on my throbbing clit. “So good. So good. Don’t stop.” I said, running out of breath. “I love you” I heard Bruno say behind me. He too was running out of breath. I also could feel his hands grasping my waist. They felt wet from our hot and sweaty bodies. Thinking of his hot body made me feel so good. Then a scream releases from my lips, quite unexpectedly. I then felt a huge orgasm going through my body. “Bruno I’m almost there!” I clutched the bed sheet while Bruno responded “I’m coming to babe.” Then he pounded me like an animal and we both screamed out.
After, I collapsed on the bed, Bruno collapsed next to me. We were both panting and reaching out to each other for a cuddle. “round two?” Bruno asked while catching his breath. I took my inhaler from under the pillows and used it. Bruno signaled me to give him the inhaler and he used it as well. After 3 long minutes of catching our breath, Bruno finally spoke up. “So you ready for round two?” He smiled and gave a wink. I looked at the clock. We have been at it for almost an hour. This is gonna be a long night.