Chapter 6+7+8

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Chapter 6


They all got out of the car


“where is everyone?” Katie looked around


“oh i said we were going to a different hotel to the paparazzi so they wouldn’t follow us” Bruno smiled


Bruno and Eric did a hand shake


“are we there yet?” Phil looked around


“yes” Bruno laughed


They all went into the hotel room


“this place is huge!” Katie’s jaw dropped


“it should be its a 5 star hotel” Eric smiled


“do you all have different rooms?” Amber asked


“yes of course we do” Bruno smiled


“where am i staying?” Katie asked


“you can stay with Phil make sure he is alright if you like” Eric said


Phil, Katie and Eric went to there room


“What about me?” Amber looked at Bruno


“you’re staying with me” Bruno smiled


Amber lifted up one eyebrow “what if i don’t want to?”


“oh but you do” Bruno sat on the bed


“maybe i don’t” Amber sat next to him


Bruno looked at her “oh c’mon i know you do”


Amber looked into his eyes “okay then i do”



“Phil” Katie said




“how many drinks did you have?” Katie looked at him


“i don’t know about 1 or 2”


“but......but you said you had more than that!” Katie was shocked


“yes i know but i saw how much Bruno and Amber liked each other so i lied”




“they needed to spend time with each other” Phil smiled




Phil rang Bruno’s phone




“ hows it goin?”


“hows what goin?”


“you and Amber duh”


“fine.....aren’t you drunk?”


“no no no i pretended so you two could have time together” Phil laughed


Bruno was shocked


“what?! I had to carry you up those stairs”


“yea sorry about that” Phil whispered


“what till i get my hands on you!”


“oh...okay I’ll leave you two alone now bye”




Phil put the phone down


“is everything okay?” Katie looked at him


“not really he’s angry at me”


Katie laughed “thats what you get”



“who was that?” Amber looked at Bruno




“oh what did you say?”


“he.........pretended to be drunk” Bruno whispered




“he faked that he was drunk”


“oh why did he do that?” Amber looked at Bruno


Bruno looked into her eyes




“huh...sorry what?”


“its doesn’t matter its late i wanna go to sleep”


“oh okay” Bruno showed a sad face


“night” Amber said


“where are you going?”


“the sofa” Amber looked at him


“what why there’s enough room here”


“fine okay” Amber walked to him on the bed


Bruno smiled


“so you’re happy now?”


“totally” Bruno wrapped his arms around her


Amber looked at him “you look so cute” She whispered


Bruno shut his eyes and kissed her on the lips


They both fall asleep



Chapter 7


Amber got up and looked at Bruno “awww.... he’s so cute when he’s sleeping” she whispered


Bruno opened one eye


“morning beauty” Amber smiled


“morning babe”


“im gonna take a shower” Amber walked to the bathroom


“okay” Bruno watches her


Ambers phone gets a text message


“hey babe your phone’s got a text” Bruno knocks on the door


“read it”


Bruno picks up the phone and opens the text “oh”


“who is it?” Amber shouts


“its from Edward” Bruno looks if he’s mistaken


“whats it say?”


“ it says “you broke my heart by a kiss, now i’ll brake your heart by taking the one you love””


  “what’s that suppose to mean?”


“i..i don’t know maybe.....”


“KATIE!” Amber quickly gets dressed and runs to Bruno


“it might not be her”


“well ring Phil in case it is”


“okay” Bruno rings Phil


“you just woke me up”


“morning sleepy head is Katie there with you?”


“umm” Phil looks around


“no why is she there with you?”


Bruno looks at Amber “she’s not there”


“Phil go to the restaurant  and hurry!”


“wha....” Bruno hangs up on him


They all go the restaurant


“when was the last time you saw her?” Amber looks at Phil


“late last night after we had...........late last night” Phil goes red


Bruno laughed


“its not funny if she’s gone bro” Eric looks at him


“sorry” Bruno stops laughing


Amber rings her phone




“hey Katie are you aright? “


“yes i am, where are you?”


“what do you mean? Im at the hotel” Amber tells them she’s okay


“but...Edward said you wanted me to come to you”


“what you’re with Edward!”


“yes you told him to take me”


“what?! No i didn’t let me talk to him”


“oh okay” Katie passes the phone to Edward




“what are you doin with my sister?”


“didn’t you get the text?”


“yes but we aren’t going out”


“oh c’mon i know you love me”


“no i don’t” Amber yelled at him


“this is because of that Bruno guy isn’t it!”


“look just bring my sister back save and sound and we’ll forget all about it”


“no only if you make a deal”




“meet me by the first place we kissed at 12:00”


Edward put the phone down


“what happened?” Bruno asked


“he’s got my sister and if i want her back i have to meet him at a place at 12:00”


Phil looked at his clock “you have an hour”




“do you want us to come with you?” Eric asked




They all had something to eat


After they went to meet Edward



Chapter 8


“Stay here” Amber said as she ran to Edward


“okay shout if u need us” Bruno said


“where is Katie?” Amber got angry


“she’s in the car” Edward pointed


“If she has one scratch on her i swear i will kill you!” Amber didn’t make contact to his face


“haha she hasn’t” Edward laughed


“so you think this is funny”


“kinda” Edward put his hand on the side of her face


“give me your car key” She took his hand off her


“no, not until you say you love me” Edward pulled her up close to him


“what no!”


“then she stays with me” Edward pulled her closer


“let go!” Amber tried to push him away


“you know what to say then i let go” he pulls her even closer


“i don’t love you i never will” Amber stands on his foot


“ouch!” Edward yells


“give me the keys!” Amber said


“fine they’re in my pocket if you want them you get them” Edward smiles


Amber quickly grabs them then tries to run to the car


Edward grabs her arm


“let go” Amber said






“make me”


“you see them over there? Yea they will so let go” Amber points



“dude what going on ever there?” Eric looks


“i have no idea” Bruno looks at them


“he pulling her close do you think we should go to them?” Phil said


“no she said she would shout if she needed help” Bruno explained


“oh” Phil and Eric said


“why is she pointing at us?” Eric whispered


“ do you think she need us?” Phil looked at them


“stop worrying” Bruno looks at Phil


“okay” Phil says


Bruno stands up they the others do


“what is it?” Eric asked


“nothing” Bruno sat back down



Amber quickly gets the chance and runs to Katie then gets her out


“i thought i’d never see you again” Amber hugged her


“same” Katie hugged her back


Bruno came running to them


“are you alright?” He asked


“yes we’re fine” Amber smiles


Eric came then Phil


“i had no idea those little legs could go that quick” Phil said trying to catch his breath


Bruno smiled


“is everyone alright?” Eric asked




Edward came over to Amber


“i know you still love me” He said grabbing her hand


“go home! I never want to see you ever again!” Amber slapped him


Edward went amber watch him then a tear rolled down her eye


“its ok hes gone now” Bruno hugged her


 “i know” Amber tries to smile


“do you wanna go back to the hotel and watch a movie?” Bruno looks at her


“yes please”


They all go back to the hotel like nothing happend