Chapter 6+7

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Chapter 6


“Always remember that.” he said starring into my eyes deeply. I smiled.

“I’m gonna go see if the Neosporin is here.” I said softly. I got up and saw the door was still open. I looked in the hallway and the guys were cleaning up blood.

“Oh my god what happened?!” I heard Loba say from behind me. I turned around. “You’re bleeding!”

“Yeah, c’mon in.” I said taking the ointment. “Wait here.” I said and walked in the bathroom. “Loba’s here, do you mind if she comes in here?”

“Do I look that bad?”

“No baby, your good.”

“Okay, I guess it’s alright.” I walked to the door frame. 

“Don’t stare at him.” I whispered in a harsh voice. Her face got even more concerned. We walked in the bathroom.

“Oh!” she said sucking in a breath. 

“What?” Bruno asked anxious.

“Nothing, I just got a stomach cramp. Must be close to my time of the month.” She said looking everywhere but at him.

“Way to go.” I said barely opening my mouth.

“Bru-, wait!” I said as he got up quickly to look in the mirror. He stood there starring at himself. Loba walked out of the bathroom. 

“I thought you said it wasn’t that bad?!” He said hurt.

“I’m sorry I didn’t wanna make you insecure or embarrassed or anything.”

“I would have preferred that to you lying to me.” He said mad. 

“I’m sorry, I just-”

“You let her come see me like this?!” He said hurt. He doesn’t even look that bad and he’s acting like an idiot. I feel so upset and unwanted. I unscrew the lid of the Neosporin squeeze a crap load on a washcloth and drop it in his hand. I look at him once in the mirror, he stares at me with his one good eye. I walk out of the bathroom and go back to the couch.

“Um nicki?” Loba said.


“Your face…”

“Fuck I forgot. I was trying to take care of that bastard.” Bruno walked out. I got up slid past him, barely touching him, and into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and had a huge gash on my face. The blood obviously stopped flowing and was dried all over my cheek and chin. I grabbed a new washcloth and wiped my chin with cold water. I tried to wash over the cut, but it burned and made it bleed, a lot!

“LOBA!!!” I yelled trying to stop the blood. She came rushing in. “HELP!” I yelled. 

“Okay okay, oh my god!” She said pacing. “Hospital, yeah c’mon um, um keep that on your face. Press to keep it from bleeding.” 

“I need my phone.” 

“What, wait?”

“My PHONE!” I yelled as blood dripped in my mouth. I started choking. 

“Oh my god the blood!” She yelled. The guys rushed to the door.

“Whats going on?” Someone asked. 

“Oh my god what happened?” Bruno asked.

“Nothing.” I said pushing him away. “Loba, phone now!” 

“I’m looking!” I ran into the bathroom to spit out a mouthful of blood. 

“Fuck it! Forg-”

“GOT IT!” She said and held it above her head. 

“Excuse me.” I said trying to get out of the bedroom. I grabbed a bottle of water and followed Loba to the door.

“Wait I’m coming.” Bruno said walking behind me.

“No, I wouldn’t wanna embarrass you, having to go out like that.” I said pissed off. "Just let me go with my friend, I’ll be fine.”


“I want someone there that cares about me and doesn’t make me unwanted. So just stay here.” I gave him a sad look, he grabbed his hair, threw his hat and walked away. I closed the door and we left.


*Bruno’s P.O.V*


I threw my hat and just walked away. I knew she would make me regret snapping at her. 

“Bro your eye…” Kenji said.

“I know.” I said sitting on the couch. I tried to touch the skin but winced at the pain. 

“I just need my guitar and I’ll be alright until she gets back.” Eric handed it to me.


*Nicholle’s P.O.V*


“I’m trying not to get blood all over.”

“Hun it’s okay.” She said and looked over. In that instant we are hit.


Glass on my side of the car is everywhere, stuck in my face, my clothes everywhere. My door is smashed in and my arm is stuck in between it.

“Loba?” I asked crying. “I can’t feel my arm.” I said looking down, all I saw was blood.

“Oh my god. Sweetie it’s okay, shh, it’s okay.” We looked over and the driver in the car is hunched over the steering wheel. She pulled out her phone and called 9-1-1. The phone call was short. Within ten minutes ambulances were here with two cop cars. 

“Help me.” I cried.

“It’s okay were gonna rip the door off, close your eyes and turn your head.” A fireman said. Three guys grabbed the door.

“WAIT!” I yelled.

“What?” one asked me.

“My arms is smashed in between the folds.”

"If we pull the door slowly can u get your arm out?"

"No I can't even feel it."

"It's most likely broken. Okay we’re gonna have to unfold the door then rip it off. John go in the drivers side and whenever u can get her arm out." John walked around and leaned over me. The guys on the outside pulled the doors up and John was able to wiggle my arm out. I looked down at my lifeless limb. I closed my eyes and turned my head to the left. I heard the door rip off and glass fall. Two men helped me out. I had deep glass cuts in both my legs so it was a little hard to walk. I was helped into the back of an ambulance and on a stretcher. Loba only had some cuts so she rode in the same truck as me.


Chapter 7


When we got to the hospital I was rushed into a room. Two nurses took all the glass out of me, while a doctor worked on my arm. He cleaned my arm and put it in a lime green cast at my request on color. He stitched the now three gashes on my right cheek, and gauzed up my leg on my thigh, knee, and calf. About two hours later he gave me pain killers and inflammation pills. Loba and I got a ride back to the hotel by one of the officers from the crime scene. Loba helped me in.

"Can you go first and just tell them to stay calm?" 

"Of course." She walked in and I heard her talking to them.

"Where is she?" Bruno asked protectively.

"Just stay calm and don't freak out."

"Fine, just let me see her!" He said loud. She came out to get me, I walked in slowly. 

"Oh my god!" Bruno said rushing over to me. "What happened?" He asked touching my arm.

"Careful." I said. "Can I sit?" I asked looking at my leg. 

"Of course of course." He acted as my crutch and helped me over. 

"Well I have to get back to the scene, I'll call you later. Don't forget your medicine, once every 5 hours." I nodded and she left.

"We were in a car accident." I said careful not to open my mouth too much because of my stitched up cheek. "The driver that hit us died at the impact, the car door folded and smashed my arm in it. I have no feeling in it except a little pain above my elbow. I got two more gashes in my cheek and three in my leg." He hugged me lightly.

"I'm so sorry!" He said holding me. 

"It's not your fault."

"Yeah, you shouldn't have left mad I could have drove, or sat in the back with you and protected you." 

"Shhh, it's okay." He shed a tear.

"I just feel like this is my fault." I shook my head. 

"Can you do me a favor though?"


"See if there's anything to eat in the kitchen?"

"No." He said getting up and walking away.


"Then what would I do with this?" He asked holding up bags of Chinese food. "I called Whitney while you guys were out and she told me what u ate."

"Loba told you her real name?"


"Well aren't you special, she barely goes by that name." He chuckled and handed me sweet and sour chicken. "Thank you."

"You are very welcome." He gave me a kiss on my forehead and ate next to me. 

"Hey babe taste this." I said and put a little piece in his mouth.

He chewed, "EWW no!" he said and spit it out in a napkin. I had already eaten a few pieces not noticing the flavor over my hunger. 

"THAT is definitely not okay to eat." I sat back and my stomach rumbled loudly.

"Sorry." I said embarrassed.  

"Take some of my BBQ boneless rib and rice."

"No thanks I probably shouldn't be doing a lot of chewing anyways. I'm gonna go make some soup." I got up.

"No no no, sit I'll get it."

"Your food will get cold."

"It's better that way." He picked up my feet and slowly swung my feet on the couch. He walked in the kitchen and tuned on the stove. I sat back and almost fell asleep. The music they were playing was soothing. 

“Honey…” I heard Bruno say softly. I opened my eyes.

“Yeah?” I asked quietly.

“I have your soup.”

“Oh alright.” I sat up, best I could and he put a wooden tray over my legs on the couch. He made me chicken noodle soup with oyster crackers. I didn’t really get to eat anything before my stomach started hurting. 

“Hey Bruno?” He got up quickly when he saw the look on my face. He sat the tray down on the table and helped me up. I walked as best I could quickly into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. It was quickly over but I still didn’t feel good. I flushed, washed my hands and went back out. 

“You okay?” Bruno asked me.

“I don’t know.” I said standing for a minute. I took a couple deep breaths trying not to throw up. I look at my soup and just lose it. I go back into the bathroom and bend over the toilet as it all comes out. It hurts so much to open my mouth this much! I'm trying to hold my hair with one hand, but hold myself up at the same time. Someone grabs my hair.

“Bruuno, go.” I croak.

“No honey I’m here for you.” He said and held on to my hair. I flushed the toilet and reached up for toilet paper, he handed me some. I wiped my mouth. He helped me up.

“Thank you.” I said embarrassed. He slowly rubbed my middle back as I brushed my teeth. 


He gave me a hug, my right arm was already bent in-between us so I kept my left arm between us too, he wrapped both of his arms around me, comforting me.

"C'mon let's go lay down." He said and walked us to the bed. I sat on the edge and he helped me get comfortable. "I'm gonna call your doctor."

"The number is in my prescription bag." He walked out to the living room. When he got out there the guys stopped playing. I heard the door open and close a few seconds later. I laid there waiting for him to come back.

"He's sending over a nurse." Bruno said getting in the bed next to me. 

"Where'd your friends go?"

"I sent them back to their rooms."


"Because now it's my time to take care of you." He said and pulled me close to him, holding me.

"I hate to break this up, but..." I looked up at him.

"Alright, hurry let's go." He jumped over me off the bed and helped me out of bed and into the bathroom. 

"You don't have to keep-" I was interrupted my myself. Once again he held my hair. "Thank you." I said when I was finished. 


"No, I wanna stay here."


"Someone's here!" Phil yelled, I thought they all went home. 

"Let them in, it's probably the nurse!" Bruno yelled back. A few seconds later a lady walked in. It was one of the nurses from earlier.

"Just as I thought." She said looking at me. "Food poisoning." She said after taking my temperature and asking me a few questions. "Wait, is there any way you could be pregnant?" Bruno and I looked at each other. 

"Um, I don't think so?"

"How can you not know?"

"Well our last time was yesterday, unprotected-"


"We’re married."

"Oh, well as of now I'm diagnosing you with food poisoning because you usually won't show any signs of pregnancy this early. It's rare for it to happen. Take this now and one tomorrow and you should be fine."

"Do I still take my pain killers and everything for my arm?"


"Alright, thank you." I said trying not to throw up again.

"I'll let myself out." She said with a smile and left. Me and Bruno sat there, I spit up once more before he spoke.