Chapter 6+7

07/08/2011 22:55

 6. Weird visitors. 



Bruno’s Mind : 9.34 AM @ His house.


‘Wake up.’ Is what heard the beautiful but rude voice of my girlfriend say.

‘w..what?’ I looked at my sleeping location ‘I fall asleep on the couch..again?’ Chanel sighed ‘You know, I’m starting to think you don’t want me anymore…I mean if you don’t want to sleep in the same bed just say so!’ I looked at her ‘Heck no! No! It’s just, I came home at two in the morning. I guess I was too tired’ I stood up,  gave her a kiss and then walked away ‘where were you.’ I turned around ‘seriously babe?’ I said. ‘I just want to know…’ I sighed ‘I was at Alissa and Joelle’s place.’  She looked at me wide eyed ‘AGAIN!?’ ‘Damn Chan..stop being the jealous type for a second, I swear I hate that.’ She looked down ‘..look..nothing happened, why the hell don’t you trust me..’  she didn’t respond ‘ok…then don’t trust me’  I walked out irritated and slammed the door behind me. This women , damn. This women can’t relate to any of my feelings. She thinks my dreams are stupid and she has no believe in me. But why do I love her so much? I stepped onto the balcony and leaned on the railing. I looked down.  People walked by, cars drove by and I stood there listening to every single noise and looking at every single detail. The last time I actually had a good time was with Alissa. When we talked about ourselves in the car and when she told me about her ex with no dick but only balls.  A slight smile grew on my face as I thought back to that moment.  I know I used to be this goof ball making fun of everything in life. But since I’m dating Chanel …It seems like she washed it of me.

I can’t be myself with her and she can’t be herself with me. When I’m with Phil and his girl I always admire the love they have for each other. But when Phil looks at me and Chanel he just wants to puke and run out of the room. I don’t know how I fell in love with this girl. I think I’m not even going to call it love anymore…I have to get myself out of this relationship. I’m not happy with hurting her..but I have to think of myself for just this one time.  I want to be happy. With the shit I have gone through here in California I want this weight taken off of my shoulders. I sigh and finish the cigarette I was smoking. I threw it of the balcony and walk inside. To my surprise I see my good friend Jamareo sitting on the couch. ‘Hey’ I looked down. ‘Sup…bro what’s wrong?’  Jamareo looked at me with a questioned face. ‘I..think I’m gonna break up with Chanel man.’ He sniffed ‘Well, finally.’ I looked at him confused ‘What?’  He chuckled and got up ‘man, that girl has been tearing you apart since the day you met her at that bar. You haven’t been your fun self and since then your music sucks ass. You should know that she has been cheating on you whenever you were in the studio.’ I stiffed up. ‘what?’ I asked. ‘She chea…’ I interrupted him ‘HOW COME YOU DICK HEADS NEVER TOLD ME!?’  

‘Bruno we just wanted to..’ I didn’t let him finish now either. ‘Just shut up and get out please.’ Jamareo sighed and walked out of my living room. ‘call me when you lighten up bro.’ he said and he slammed the door carefully behind him. Chanel walked in ‘babe I never meant to..’ I balled my fists. ‘filthy slut.’ I said while I clenched my jaw. I didn’t look at her.. I had my eyes closed and I looked at the floor.  ‘w..what?’ my mind was boiling ‘you cheated on me ever since we began to date. ‘’d you find out?’ I opened my eyes and looked at her. ‘so it’s true?’ her eyes got watery ‘I’m so sorry Bruno..I just..’ I walked up to her and we were just a few inches away. I was mad. She was scared. ‘Grab your stuff…and get the fuck out of my house.’ I said calmly. She backed off and ran too ‘our room’ and started crying. I could hear her sob and pack her stuff. I sat down on the couch patiently waiting for her to walk out of my life. After a half hour she walked out.  She didn’t look at me, put her key down and walked out. Who can I actually trust? My friends knew this. And my girlfriend cheated on me since forever. I wonder with who. I wonder how she even got the guts to be jealous and accuse me of things she did.  I have no sympathy for her. I feel sorry for myself. I loved her so much. A part of me just broke there when I showed her the door. I know she thought I was going to hit her. But that’s not how I roll. I was so frustrated that I cleaned the whole house. New sheets on the bed. Removed all the pictures. I even threw all the left over shit away that she left in here.  I still remember when I was broke when I first came here. I had to sell everything I had. That was like the darkest period of my life. But then I met Chanel..she brought the sun back to my life.

She motivated me and that’s how I got a job in actually selling my music.  But she never actually motivated me. She just didn’t want me around so she could fuck her second man. I should’ve known.

I was so stupid. How could I ever let this get so far. I feel like a nut. I knotted my hands in my hair and let myself fall onto my bed. My bed. Not our bed. I don’t ever want to see that bitch again. My phone was ringing. I didn’t feel like getting up so I didn’t pick it up. After a little while I fell asleep. 


1 and a half hours later.


Someone knocked on the door aggressively. My eyes flew open  and  I stood up immediately. I took a quick look in the mirror. My hair was a mess, I guess I didn’t care. I walked to the door and opened it. ‘WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU HANGING OUT, I LEFT YOU 9 VOICEMAILS!?’  I yawned ‘Since when did you become my wife?’ Eric looked at me. ‘you look like a mess bro.’  I rubbed in my eyes.  ‘Thanks or something.’ Eric, he’s just the supportive brother every 22 year old wants to have. ‘Look..I don’t care why you’re here. But if it’s something important, let’s make it quick so I can go back to bed.  Eric rolled his eyes and walked in. I slammed the door behind him and yawned again. Eric looked around. ‘where’s Chanel?’  I sniffed. ‘gone..forever and always.’ I said with no emotion. Eric looked at me ‘Seriously!?’ I glared at him. ‘Yes…wanna celebrate?’ Eric laughed ‘well actually I do! When did you realize she cheated on you?’ I looked at him with impiety. ‘You knew too?’ I said. ‘My own brother knew..and he didn’t tell me anything about it.’ He sighed ‘Man , we just wanted you to find out yourself.’ I put a fake smile on ‘really? How nice of you guys.’  Eric glared at me ‘Look if you’re gonna act like a dick…’  ‘Yes I am going, goodbye E.’ I said. He sighed again glared at me and then walked out the door. ‘Call me when you lighten up’ I heard him yell while he walked away. Why does everybody say that? The only one I wanted to talk to right now was Alissa. I don’t know why but I felt like it. I grabbed my phone of the dresser and decided to listen at the voicemails : 1. Hey E calling, call me back bro  2. Hey it’s E call me back. 3. Pick up your phone man, call me. 4. Bruno , pick up the fucking phone. 5. Bruno , seriously did Chanel beat you to death? PICK UP.  6. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU EVEN HAVE A PHONE!?  7. Starting to worry about you. Call me back as soon as possible. 8. Okay, I’m not going to worry, maybe your battery died or something. *nervous laughs* call me back.

9. OKAY THAT TEARS IT I’M COMING OVER THERE! – Inbox cleared. I cracked up.  I guess we’ll never know what he actually wanted to say.


Alissa’s Mind 12.30 PM @ Home.


Joelle walked in my room. ‘Okay Alissa, this is ridiculous. Get up now!’ I didn’t respond. I heard her getting mad and that’s when she opened my curtains. ‘OHH SUNLIGHT!’ I yelled. ‘Get up women. You look like you have been drinking and getting drunk for over 9 days in a row.’ She laughed ‘oh I’m good’ I glared at her ‘get the fuck out.’ I said. ‘well you know, if you wanna change you can just ask me nicely to get the FUCK out.’ I sighed ‘Joelle, just please lea..’ my phone rang. I was desperately hoping that it would be Bruno. I flew over the bed and picked up the phone just as fast as you can say ‘ointment’ ‘Hello?’  Joelle looked at me. ‘I’ll leave you two alone..’  she laughed and walked out slamming the door. ‘Hey it’s me Cade.’ I frowned. This  was not who I was expecting it would be. ‘Oh, hi Cade.’  I smiled a little. Stupid though. As if he could see my smile. ‘Hey I heard you suddenly left Hawaii! Where did you go I’ve been looking for you.’ His voice was calming but worried at the same time. ‘I..I can’t tell you where I am…but believe me I’m doing great.’ Cade. He was my old lil’ pall back in high school. It hurts me that I had to leave everyone behind not telling them where I was. They could betray me. And then my dad would find me. I lied to Bruno. The ‘people’ who abused me weren’t just people. It was my father.  My heart started beating like a maniac as I thought back at it. ‘Look Cade..I’ll call you back..I promise!’ I put my phone away. ‘I miss you mama..’ I looked at an old family picture with Joelle, my mom and me on it.  I touched it softly. It was like hell living with my father since my mom died. He always got drunk and never took care of me or Joelle. We had a rough past. But Joelle is the type of person who really closes herself when it comes to emotions and our past. She really doesn’t like talking about it. And neither do I, but for some reason after the accident every single emotion smacked me in the face. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and did my make-up.  I was wearing black shorts with a white top and a lot of accessories. I curled my hair but it still got down to my chest. I have grey/green eyes. Weird. My parent’s both have brown eyes. But Joelle has the same Eye color as me so I guess that makes more sense somehow.  I walked into the living room without looking at Joelle or anything else. I opened the fridge. ‘You clean up nice.’ I heard a male voice say. I turned around. I got shocked, I panicked I froze as he touched my hair. ‘I missed you sweetie.’ i swallowed . ‘… ‘  

7. Fun Fun Fun Fun




I backed off when he came closer. ‘’d you know where I was?’  I asked scared.  ‘Cade..he called you for me and that’s how I tracked you down..gotta love technology these days. Oh and I killed him afterwards..’ I cried ‘why!?’  My crying turned into hysterical crying. ‘WHY!?’ I yelled at him.  He smirked as evil as a person could.

‘cause I needed too.’ He came closer and closer. ‘Where is Joelle…WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?’

He sighed ‘she’s fine. But unconscious.’ I started crying again. ‘don’t be sad sweetheart’ he laughed. I smelled his alcohol breath, it made me want to throw up.  ‘what do you want from me’ I asked disgusted. ‘The usual.’ He smirked. ‘No.’ I said. I knew my answer was going to be my death but I refused. I won’t do this. ‘What did you say!?’ he asked screaming in my face. ‘NO!’ I yelled. He grabbed me by my hair and threw me on the couch.  I forgot the pain because there were just too many things going on in my head. I screamed, I kicked, I cried. But nothing helped. He overpowered me like a bear. ‘GET AWAY FROM HER!’ I was so shocked to hear that voice. My heart skipped a few beats when he turned around and let go of me. ‘KEEP YOUR HANDS OF HER!’ Joelle stood there with his gun in her hands.  ‘I hope you don’t mind. But I kind of borrowed your gun’  He laughed ‘stupid aren’t going to shoot your father.’ He said smirking. ‘watch me.’ She said.  She loaded the gun and pointed it at him. She looked fearless. He backed off and I took my chance to get away. This was all so unrealistic. It all seemed like a bad horror movie. ‘Joelle…stop this is not what you’re made of.’ I closed my eyes as I said that.  She was shaking as she pointed the gun at the ground. ‘You’re right..I’m not..’ She looked down. I rushed over her and gave her a comforting hug. She dropped the gun and started crying slowly. I heard him chuckle ‘You two are so stupid.’ He started laughing. ‘so..when are we leaving?’ he asked us like nothing happened. ‘I’m going nowhere with you’ Joelle was standing up again facing him. ‘Get out.’ Is what she said. Fearless. She was so fearless. I admire her so much. She’s like the stronger part of me.  He got mad. He grabbed her. Joelle yelled. ‘LET GO OF ME YOU FAG!’ she started kicking and screaming. Everything went black before my eyes. I panicked and grabbed the gun.  It sounded so loud. I opened my eyes and saw Patrick Jack Jordan aka my dad wounded. On the ground. In obvious pain. Joelle had her eyes wide open.  She stared at me. ‘Alissa…drop the gun.’  I stuttered ‘I..Did I…He…You..I shot him.’ I dropped the gun. He was screaming. And the blood on the floor made me sick. ‘He’s death.’



‘Alissa, Alissa wake up.  PLEASE WAKE UP!’  I heard someone cry. I woke up.  ‘J..Joelle?’ my head hurt. I had a sore throat and everything burned. ‘It’s okay they took him.’ I looked at her confused. ‘W..what?’ she was shocked. ‘Alissa.. Don’t you remember?  He dragged you to the couch and…he raped you.  Since then you past out..’ I looked around, the room was filled with police officers.  I looked at myself. Thank god I had my clothes on. Joelle was still holding my hand. ‘It’s going to be okay…I promise you. He’s going to be locked away for a while.’ I tried to sit. ‘H..he raped me?’ I asked her disgusted. ‘Y..yes’  she looked down. ‘It’s okay, he’s gonna pay for this.’ I blinked a few times ‘I didn’t shoot him?’ I asked her. ‘Shoot him? Hell no, what makes you think that?’ I closed my eyes while I sat down. ‘I dreamed that I killed him.’  She stared at me ‘Hey, Liz..look at me.’ I looked at her. ‘I’m here for you…always. I know sometimes I can be the sister you wouldn’t want to have but..I love you lil’ hoe.’ She said smiling. I chuckled. ‘I love you too bitch.’ We exchanged some smiles