Chapter 6-8

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Chapter 6+7 PLEASE DONT GO!! Why me???


I was full of mixed emotions anger, sadness, excitement, happiness, hurt…But I stopped myself..I should be happy for Bruno because he’s going to live out his dream..I just have to support him.

“Hey sis you good…you need to talk?”

“Nahh I’m good I’ll support him in whatever he does”

“Man you sure are strong..even though you’re sick”

“Hahaha funny…But I am feeling better”

“Good..Maybe you should spend some time with dad. Ever since you started dating Bruno you haven’t been hanging out with him in a while”

“I guess I can I’m sure he’ll like it”

“Yeah he will..Now I have a date with a 2 liter of Coke and my Xbox 360 I gotta prestige on Black Ops before 3 or I’ll loose a bet..So I gotta go now Bye!”

“You boys and your black ops..Have fun”


After he left I pulled on some sweatpants and my hoodie and went downstairs to go see my dad

“Hey daddy”

“Hey Sadie how you feelin?”

“Better..a lot better”

“So what’s up? Bruno’s busy” He said sarcastically

“Dad…Can’t a girl spend some time with her dad?”

“Yeah I guess..I’ve really missed you Princess” He was the only one who could get away with calling me that

“Awe Daddy..I’m just growing up I guess…But I will spend more time with you from now on”

“Ok little girl come on I’ll take you out for some ice cream”

“Really I didn’t even have breakfast…Do you want me to get Travie?”

“Nahh I just wanna have some daddy daughter time”


I guess I’m really doing this..I’m going to California. The hard thing is, is just telling Sadie..Maybe she could go to UCLA so we could be together..Maybe but I don’t wanna pull her away from her family..I’ll just go talk to her. I called her twice and texted her a couple answer I guess I’ll go over to her house..again.

When I got to her house her brother runs downstairs with a weird expression on his face.

“Hey dude make it quick I’m about to prestige what do you want?”

“Is Sadie here?”
“Nope she went out with my dad”

“Ok well when you see her tell her I really need to talk to her”

“I know you’re going to California and I told Sadie”


“You heard me”

“Why would you do that?”

“I don’t want you to hurt my sister”

“Look I don’t want to hurt your sister..How did she react?”

“She said that she would support you in every way”

“That’s good but still I need to talk to her just her that please”

“Yeah sure”

“Ok I’m leaving now”




“For what?”

“For..just making Sadie happy..she really likes you”

“Yeah your welcome lil bro”

“See ya later”

“Yeah man”

After that I didn’t think telling Sadie would be that hard…


Me and my dad went to a nearby Baskin Robins. We used to go there all the time before my mom died

“One or two scoops Sadie?”

“Ohh someone’s changed..You used to always get two scoops”

“Well I guess there’s always time for change”

“Yeah I guess” He got two scoops of chocolate and I got one scoop of vanilla.

“Daddy tell me something”


“Why are you so protective of me dating Bruno?”

“You want the truth”


“Ok when I was 18 and your mom was 17 the same age as you and Bruno..I was dating your mom…and we were inseparable and one night I wouldn’t take no for an answer and I got your mom pregnant”

“Wait are  you telling me that I have an older brother or sister out there or..”

“Yeah..It’s you. I don’t want the same thing to happen to you because me and your mom gave up the rest of our social lives to take care of you…not that it’s a bad thing that you’re here…I’m really glad you are but I just want you to enjoy being a teenager and not have to worry about anything like that”

“Dad you won’t have to worry about that Bruno knows his limits”

“Ya so did I..Anyway..Let’s go home”


When we got up from out table and we were almost out the door my dad grabs his sides and yells out in pain

“SOMEONE CALL  911!!! OH MY GOD DEAD WAKE UP!!! DON’T LEAVE ME….Don’t leave me daddy”



“Sadie, Sadie slow down..tell me what happened?”

“My dad’s appendix exploded and the doctors aren’t telling me anything”

“Where are you?”

“At the hospital…Can you pick up Travis for me..He doesn’t know yet”

“Yeah I’ll be there in about 10 minutes”

“Ok thanks so mch”

“Your welcome babe”


I hate coming to hospitals they remind me of the day my mom died..I remember it like it was yesterday…Running to the nurse asking for the room my mom was in. I remember how scared out of our minds we were. She was in the hospital because she got in a terrible car accident that totaled the car. She lost a lot of blood and wasn’t able to recover in time…and she died before she got to the hospital. My dad was crushed..that was the first time I ever saw him cry like that…me and Travis didn’t know what to do..It was like our support nwas taken from us..My mom was the one who kept this family together…Now that position was passed on to my dad..Now I maybe loosing him. A nurse came running to me and said I could go see my dad.

“Dad how you feelin?” A doctor jumped in and said

“He’s really weak from what we tried to do..He may not have much time” I didn’t realize it but I started to cry

“Sadie don’t cry I’ll be fine..I’ll be with your mom again”

“I love you daddy..I don’t wanna loose you”

“And you won’t I’ll always be with you..I love you too princess..Tell Travie I love him and that he can do anything if he puts his mind to..Oh yeah and Bruno..Stay with him you have my approval..Just don’t let him do anything to you that you don’t want to.”

“I will daddy..” With his last breaths he said

“Heaven waits for me” I started crying like a baby and one of the nurses guided me to the waiting room and contacted some relatives.


I went as fast as I could to get to Sadie’s hose to pick up Travis

“Travis open up WE NEED TO GO NOW!!!!



“I was taught never to talk to strangers”

“TRAVIE YOUR DAD IS IN THE HOSPITAL YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!” That’s when he ran down the stairs

“Wait what did you say?”

“Your dad is in the hospital and we need to get there now”

“Oh my God I’m coming” He was wearing his basketball shorts and a shirt that said tough guys wear pink..I wanted to laugh at it but it wasn’t a good time for humor. We were silent the whole way there. When we got there we both ran as fast as we could to get in there. When I was in the waiting room I saw Sadie crying..this can’t be good…Travie ran up to her and hugged her and he started crying.


“Sadie what happened how is he???” No answer

“Sadie how is he?”

“…He’s..He’s gone”

“What…how???” I was really crying now


“I-I don’t know..” We were both crying really really hard now

“The nurse called Aunt Camille and we’re gonna stay with her now”

“I didn’t even get to say goodbye…Man I’m done!” I stormed out when Bruno came rushing after me..

“Hey Travie…Travie..TRAVIS!”


“You CAN NOT just leave your sister in there like that she need yo—”

“Yeah well I need my dad”

“Look this is gonna be a hard time for the both of you guys you need each other more than ever…”

“I..I..I MISS MY DAD!” That’s when I just fell in his arms and started crying “I WANT HIM BACK! I want him back”

“I know man…I know…


Chapter 8 ...Because I love you
  • *Sadie

    The past two weeks have been a drag..The funeral was really hard on me. From seeing my dad laying there lifeless in that casket looking so helpless…God I love him so much..To my surprise Travis didn’t cry at the funeral. He just sat my side like he was there to protect me. Bruno was there too with Eric. They had a pretty good relationship with my dad. My dad was nicer to Bruno when we were just friends but since we started dating he was more protective of my even though us dating each other made him like Bruno even more..This was all too much..I mean my dies when I want him most, my boyfriend might be moving to California and I have to adjust to living with my Aunt Camile and Travie..My Travie..He’s gonna have to grow up without my dad teaching him how to treat a lady..I mean they had the “talk” already and he told him to treat a girl like a queen but he really didn’t go into details. Wow. He’s not gonna be able to see me off to college, walk me down the isle, hold his grand kids and spoil them rotten..This is just a lot to take in at one time..


    I just can’t go to California now..What about Sadie? She’ll think I’m a total jerk for leaving her now..I have to stay at least till the end of the school year…When we graduate we could live together..But right now I think I need to be with her more than ever right now. I wonder if I could stay with her a couple days..There’s only one way to find out…

    “Hey Mrs. Martin”

    “Hi Bruno..Sadie went out with Melany and Travis is at soccer practice”

    “Oh I know..I came here to ask you a question”

    “Really? Ask away”

    Crap I was so nervous

    “Umm Sadie and I were talking earlier today and I was wondering if uh, I could umm..”

    “Lemme guess, You wanna move in the guest room for a couple days until Sadie and Travie get back on their feet”

    “Yeah! How’d you know??”

    “You’re the typical protective responsible boyfriend that every girl wants”

    “Soo…Can I?”

    “Yeah you can..Just keep your snake in it’s cage for a while. I don’t wanna raise two teenagers and a baby”

    Truthfully that made me laugh “You wont have to worry about that”

    “Great. I can’t wait to tell Sadie!”


    Me and Mel went out shopping at Pink when I got a text from Bruno

    ‘Hey baby I got some good news!’


    ‘Your aunt said yes! I can move in!’

    ‘Yay! I can’t wait!’

    ‘Yeah the only bad thing is is that she told me to keep my snake in its cage D:’


    “Dude what are you laughing at?”

    “My awesome boyfriend’s humor”

    “Dude. If only Dylan could be as funny as Bruno. And he has to go to Wyoming for a week with his stupid science class”

    “Haha why?”

    “They have to go to some exhibit”

    “Oh that sucks..Crap I need to reply to Bruno”

    ‘Awww D:’

    ‘Yeah wanna hang out later’

    ‘Yea sure where at?’

    ‘Shhh! It’s a secret!’

    ‘Lol ok ( ; ‘

    ‘I’ll pick you up at 8’


    “Mel wanna get outta here. I have a date to get ready for”

    “oo Where are you going?”

    “I dunno. He told me it’s a secret”

    “Aww he’s romantic too! Girl you hit the jackpot right there.”

    “haha I know”

                                                    *On the date*

    So Bruno picked me up at eight sharp and didn’t have to talk to my uncle, Wren. Living with them wont be as bad as I thought it would be! While in the car it was pure silence. So I started the conversation and said

    “So..Are you moving to California?”

    ”..No not yet”

    “Why not?”

    “I don’t wanna leave you”

    “Aww Bruno don’t give up your dream for me”

    “I’m not. I’m still gonna leave but after we graduate.Maybe you could come with?”

    “Yeah maybe..So where are we going anywhere”

    “Bruno, anywhere I go with you is special to me”

    “Yeah really?” I saw him turn his head and smile with his dimples and it made me giggle “What?”

    “Nothing..I just made you blush instead of you doing it to me..that’s all” That made him blush even more

    “Babe your face is turning bright red”

    “Oh it is, is it!”

    “Yeah it is!” Then he looked at himself in the rear view mirror and saw that his face was bright red and he busted out laughing

    “Good job Sadie no one usually makes me this red”

    “Ha! I dooo!!” Then I kissed him on the check

    Soon enough we pulled up to this really beautiful bright place

    “Bruno where are we?”

    “The boardwalk”

    “The boardwalk? Really? Who fixed it up?”

    “Let’s just say I know a guy”

    “Aww Bruno! Why’d you do all of this? Like fixing up the boardwalk, moving in, helping my brother out?”

    “…Because I love you”