Chapter 6-8

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Chapter 6
I couldn't believe it I read the letter over and over again and grabbed my phone out of my bag dialing his number "Alena?!" Kai... "Oh my god sis how are you doing? Did you get my letter?" Yeah I did oh my god Kai you have no idea how much I miss you.. "Well I sent the damn think like a week and a half ago so i'll be there in three days" SERIOUSLY? "Yup" I can't wait to see you how is mom? "She's good she cries a lot but I think she misses you Alena" Kai she said I was dead to her.. "I know but she didn't mean it you know that" Yeah I guess.. "I miss you sis" I miss you too.. "So who is this mystery guy I haven't even met?" Oh.. Well his name is Peter he's from Hawaii too we have been together for seven months now.. "Does he treat you right?" Yeah Kai he's great.. "He better be" I chuckled I have to go to work i'll call you when I have time "Ok see you in a couple of days" Yeah bye "Bye" 

"Bruno what the fuck man I told you to not drink this much" I nodded I had lost my voice completely and for a singer this wasn't good "Atleast make yourself usefull and write something" I grabbed my notepad,

I know you're somewhere out there somewhere far away.. I want you back, I want you back.. My neighbors think i'm crazy but they don't understand, you're all I have.. You're all I have at nights when the stars light up my room I sit by myself talking to the moon tryna get to you in hopes you're on the other side talking to me too or am I a fool that sits alone talking to the moon?

I heald out the notepad and he grabbed it from me reading the words carefully "This is good real good you have a beat" I shook my head, Phil sat down at the piano and started playing a melodie that fit the words perfectly the last days went by pretty fast and my voice recovered I packed my stuff looking at Alena's picture, I smiled I couldn't wait to hold her again "Bruno get in the damn car I wanna go home!" We drove to the airport "Goodbye London" I sighed, Finally I was going back home I tryed calling Alena before I got in the plain but she wouldn't pick up I guess she was working.. We arrived in L.A around midnight I got a cab, I was kinda upset she didn't come to the airport but she was probaly tired I opened the door and heard a guy's voice, Alena? "In here" 

Kai got here a few days ago it felt good to have someone to talk to but I knew I couldn't talk to Bruno about the whole Jessica thing I wanted to hug him and kiss him but I had to know if it was true and till then I didn't want to even touch him "Hi, I'm Kai Alena's big brother" His eyes widened "Wow nice to meet you Alena didn't say you were coming as a matter of fact she didn't even say anything" He gave me a look I knew he was mad. "You guys want some alone time?" "Would you mind?" "No go ahead i'll go watch some tv.." He went to the livingroom, Bruno sat down "Alena whats wrong?" Nothing.. "Oh really I get back after leaving for a fucking month and you act like nothing happened not even a hug like seriously?" Why don't you go to Jessica maybe she'll give you one.. "What?!" Bruno I fucking know alright stop playing around I know you slept with that whore for money! "Alena.." No Bruno shut up alright the only fucking reason I'm still here is cause I wanted to know if it was true hear it come out of your fucking mouth say it just fucking say it you slept with her hu?! "Yes" I slapped him hard "Alena i'm sorry we just needed the money I hated seeing you like this you were always tired and mad I thought it would help "Oh so sleeping with someone is your way of getting money and I have to work my ass off? I'm leaving you Bruno."No Alena please don't" He got on his knees and kissed my hand he was crying and begging me not to go "Please don't leave me" I pulled my hand away, Goodbye Bruno. "Alena please.." Bruno get off your fucking knees your words don't mean anything to me you had me fooled from the start and I quickly gave my heart cause I loved you... "Anela please..i'm so sorry" Bruno stop it I just need some time! I got my bag he tryed stopping me but I would just carry on packing I didn't care my heart was turned into stone I had no emotions what so ever just before I left I turned around looking him up and down.. I guess we really were a mistake. Kai let's go. 

The feelings were all getting to me what was I thinking? I turned to alcohol once again it just helped numb the feelings I grabbed the bottle of vodka taking a sip everytime she would cross my mind the days went by I don't know how long I was sitting there just drinking and crying the guys tried getting me to go to bed but I didn't listen I was shutting myself down emotionally from the world and from everybody that cared for me, I just didn't bother living my life if she wasn't in it. "Bruno come on man it's been days.." What time is it? "Seven" I nodded, I'm going to go take a shower.. "Alright" I went to the bathroom and slowly undressed I let the water run down my body while closing my eyes I saw her face in front of me all the time I would see her in my dreams I would think of her non-stop everything reminded me of her it was like I was addicted and she was my drug. Like nothing mattered except her I didn't eat or sleep or talk or sing I did nothing I just sat there thinking of her. "Bruno you alright?" Yeah.. I got out of the shower putting on some boxers and goign to bed I was exhausted but I just couldn't sleep how was I going to get over this? 

It's been weeks since I last talked to Bruno I rented my own appartment it was hard not having him around when I got back from work he would always find a way to make me laugh but now I would just be exhausted and alone I sat down on the couch watching tv I heard my phone ring I picked up not bothering to check the caller ID "Alena?" Bruno.. "You finally picked up" What do you want Bruno? "Anela please don't be like that.." Don't be like what Bruno what do you want me to do forget it? "Atleast don't act like you don't even give a damn" I don't want to talk about this right now "Anela you said you needed time I gave you time but why are you trying to cut me out of your life?" Bruno I don't know you really hurt me.. "I know Alena but you didn't even give me a chance to make it up to you" How, how the hell are you going to make it up to me Bruno? I gave you my heart I left my home I did everything for you and then you just stab me in the back like that.. "Alena just please understand I wanted you to be happy I did it for you so you would get a chance to relax and not worry about bills and stuff and I know it was wrong I shouldn't have done it but I did, That's something I will always have to live with but I refuse to live without you Alena just please come back.."

"I can't Bruno.." Alena please I need you "Bru..I just can't see you right now" Do you love me? "Ofcourse I do.." Alright just please never stop.. "I wont Bru" I'll see you around sometime "Alright Bru, bye.." Bye..I love you ,She hung up.. Days went by I was slowly feeling better I was getting use to not having her around but I still felt like I was incomplete.. I got up from the couch and looked at my phone seeing a text from her I took a deep breath before clicking the 'read' button. 'I need you right now' I grabbed my coat and drove to her appartment as fast as possible.. I knocked hearing footsteps coming towards the door she opened, she started crying immediately I hugged her trying to make her stop but failing miserably, Alena what happened? "It's my mom.." She sat down on the couch and grawled next to me I put my arms around her, tell me.. "Kai called me.." She started crying even more "He said she was in the hospital" Oh god.. What happened to her? "She got into an accident.." Is it serious? "She..died" She cried even harder if that was even possible.. You know i'm here for you Alena "It's all going wrong Bruno I don't have any money I miss my family and not having you around is destroying me.." I'm here Alena i'm right here.."Bruno I want you back" You never lost me Alena.. I kissed her softly letting her cry I don't think there are any woards that could make her feel better all I could do was be there for her and I would be for the rest of my life.

5 years later.

Thank you all so much i'll see you soon Madrid I love you all! I heard the croud scream as I went backstage "That was awesome man..." I know, I'm feeling real blessed.. I took off my shirt since it was soaked I smirked remembering all the fans that would beg me to let them see a picture of me shirtless but come on I wasn't that kind of an artist.. And I did take off my pants for the Lazy Song I figured that would be enough to keep them happy for a while.. I took a shower and got dressed getting back into that damn bus as much I loved the fans and performing I did not like that bus. "You going to bed or what?" I don't know you guys wanna do something? "We firgured we'd go out since it was the last show for a while" Yeah I don't know you guys just go I don't wanna get into a fight with Alena.. "Daaamn she got you rapped around her finger bro" SHE DOES NOT. They all chuckled "Alright we're out see you later" No wait i'm coming i'll just call her real quick.. "Alright" I sat down on the bed Alena 'Goodnight babe :)' I waited for a reply "Night" I sighed there was something wrong once again she would always act so cold I don't even know why.. I called her I knew I would have it coming if I didn't.. "Hello?" Hey babe.. "Hi baby" How are you? "I'm good..missin you" Auw baby i'll be back.. She started crying, I frowned I didn't know she missed me that bad, Baby don't cry.. "I just feel so alone Bru and this house is fucking scary." It's not scary.. "Babe it's fucking big I get lost sometimes and I live here." I chuckled, why don't you ask a friend to stay with you? "I just don't want to bother anybody" I sighed, Babe i'll be back in a couple of days.. "Four to be exact" You stalker.. "Shut up! I always count the days till you get back.." I always count the down the days till I have you back in my arms.." 

Bruno stop you're going to make me cry again.. "I'm sorry babe you want me to talk to you till you sleep?" Babe I just got up.. "Oh right forgot" I played with the bracelet he gave me for my birthday, You know I talked to your mom the other day.. "Oh shit" Bru we really have to go and visit her.. "I know babe, I know i'm just really busy" I know I have to get through your fucking assistent before I can talk to you... He laughed "Sorry about that but Jill's nice don't be mean.." Yeah well, to be honoust I never liked her she was always giggling for no reason and touching Bruno.. But I wasn't going to bring it up knowing it was going to lead to another argument. "Babe i'm going to sleep I just got back from a show" Oh alright baby sweet dreams "Love you" Love you too.. I put the phone on the table looking back at the tv, ugh I was really startng to get bored without him he had been gone for a pretty long time but even when he was here he would be at the studio or asleep or he would be tryning to 'get some' I turned off the tv and grabbed a magazine just as I was about to start reading I heard a knock on the door.. Who is it? "It's me!" Who is me? "SOFIA GIRL" Oh, I opened the door and gave her a hug, Hey girl "What are you doing?" Reading.. "You're 25 years old why the hell are you acting like my grandmother?" I just like being at home.. "You are suck a bore.." Shut up! I threw a pillow at her hitting her right in the face "You did not just do that"You did not just call me boring.. "Girl can you blame me all you do is sit at home sleep, eat wait for Bruno to get back by the way you guys can keep it down.." Excuse me? "Youremember when I stayed here for a while cause I had a fight with Brandon you guys had sex all the fucking time.." I couldn't even expres how embaressed I was, Well can you blame me? "Nah, Bruno's fine as fuck so I don't blame you.." I shot her a look and laughed "So are we going out or what?" You kow what alcohol does to me Sofia... "Look I wont let you do anything stupid alright?" And what about the paparazzi? "Fuck them you aren't fucking anybody are you you're just going out." Fine i'm going to get dressed "It's not that late.." We can go grab some dinner and stuff.. "Alright.. I went upstairs looking at all my clothes I chuckled seeing the things Bruno bought for me "THAT ASSHOLE" I went downstairs 
hearing Sofia saying some stuff in Spanish, Girl the fuck?!
I woke up, the first thing I saw were big blond curls, HOLY SHIT. I jumped up making the girl wake up "The fuck..Bruno I have a hangover don't yell please.." What the fuck did we do
Chapter 7
"We didn't do anything.." So why the fuck are you in my bed?! "Calm down and first of all this is my bed you passed out.." I looked around, shit this isn't my room.. Ok can you tell em where I am? "Four Seasons Madrid" Shit.. The guys are going to freak out.. Ok sorry but who are you? "Woah you clearly can't handle alcohol too well.." Just answer the question.. "Rita, Rita Ora" Aren't you a singer? "Yes I am" Great.. "What is that supposed to mean?" Well me leaving your hotelroom in the morning isn't good and you being famous is even wors.. "Just sneek out you can handle paparazzi by now..." Alright I put on my sweater and fedora, I'm out i'll see you around Rita "Bye.." I looked down walking towards the exit I knew paparazzi saw me so I started walking faster, damn these guys were insane.. I called Phil I had no idea where the guys and him were.. "Bruno where the hell are you man?" Four seasons.. "Do not tell me you're there with Rita." I was.. "BRUNO MAN COME ON" I DIDNT DO SHIT.. "Really? You and her in a hotelroom?" Phil you know I love Alena I wouldn't do that to her.. "Again.." I was a little upset that he brought up Jessica.. Serisously you gonna act like an ass now? "I'm sorry man that was crossing the line we'll come pick you up" Alright.. I went into a local diner and got some coffee I was really starting to get annoyed by the paparazzi I have no idea what's so intresting about me drinking coffee.. "Bruno are you cheating on Alena?" I almost choked these people had no respect for anybody.. I got up paying and heading out to the door, Hi guys... "Bruno are you and Rita dating?" No that's crazy.. "Why did you leave her hotelroom?" Sleepover.. "With or without clothes?" I shot him a look and saw the bus coming I got in as fast as I could trying to ignore what just happened. "Damn those paparazzi" Yeah.. I checked my phone seeing a lot of missed calls from Alena I called her back expecting the worst.. "Hello" Hi babe "Who is she?" I sighed, just a friend... "Oh alright so why did you leave the club with her? WHY DID YOU EVEN GO TO A CLUB WHEN YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE GOING TO SLEEP" Cause I was afraid you would act like this. "No Bruno I would have been fine with it you deserve to have fun but why would you lie to me?" I don't know I just didn't want to get into an argument with you again... "Oh so lying prevents us from having an argument?" Babe i'm sorry ok.. "Whatever.. I have to go, bye" Bye, I love you "Yeah.." Babe I love you. "Ok" I hate you. "I love you too" I chuckled, bye.. 

I grabbed my bag and headed over to work I turned up to radio when Just The Way You Are started playing I remembered the night Bruno sang it to me I couldn't stop crying it was from that moment I knew I could never love someone els more then I loved him I turned off the car and went inside I got a job a couple of years ago as a photographer I used to take pictures of the ocean all the time when I was little I stopped when I started going to high school, when Bruno went on tour and stuff I started taking pictures of random things Sofia knew some people at a magazine and now I mostly did models I went inside, Hey John.. "Hi Alena" Who am I doing today? "Oh some pictures for some magazine" Alright, thanks.. "Wait Alena!" I turned around looking him in the eyes "Can I ask you something?" Sure what's up? "Eh..Would you like to go out with me sometime.." Oh..John you're a nice guy but I have a boyfriend..sorry "Oh it's cool he's a lucky guy tho.." Thank you John i'll see you later, I took off my jacket and checked out the shoot it wasn't anything special I took the pictures and picked out the best "Hey you!" I sawone of the models walk over to me with this big smile on her face, Yes? "Aren't you Bruno Mars his girlfriend I swear I seen you before in some magazines" I nodded, yeah.. "Damn you go girl he's one good looking man!" I chuckled, Well don't tell him that or he'll be talking about it for years.. "Nah he's really cute I bet i'm not the first to tell him" Well he has a lot of fans he gets enough attention from them not that he doesn't love it.. "Yeah I bet..I'm Rachel by the way" Hi "So is it hard? Dating a celebrity like he's surrounded by beautiful women all the time not that you're not beautiful it's just if that was my boyfriend I wouldn't let him out of my sight.." Nah we're cool I don't worry about that he's on tour with the guys anyway I trust him and if he would do that the guys would stop him anyway.. "Oh I see well I got to go I'll see you around Alena" Alright,bye.. I put on my jacket and headed over to the car "Alena!" Oh god what now.. I turned around seeing John "Hey you" Hi.. "You want to get some coffee?" John.. "Just coffee as friends alright?" Ok... We went to a small place it wasn't too crouded, thank god I had enough people around me when I was with Bruno.. "So tell me about this boyfriend of yours" Well his name Is Peter we've been together for over five and a half years now "Woah five years?" Yup "That's nice I wish I could keep a girl for that long" You will you just havent found her yet. "Yes I have I just can't have her" I started feeling really uncomfortable.. Oh..John I have to go. I got up and grabbed my bag, I'll see you around "Wait Alena!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me close kissing me right on the mouth I pushed him away and slapped him right int he face "Sorry I just couldn't help it" Damn it John! I just told you I had a boyfriend, ugh.
I tossed and turned, I just couldn't fall asleep.. I had this bad feeling I couldn't describe it "Bruno...go to sleep.." I'm sorry man I can't sleep.. "Well could you atleast not move around so much sounds like you're having sex.." Dude that's all you think about. "I'm a man blame me." I chuckled, You got a point.. I got up and went to the bathroom I splashed some water on my face and called Alena I don't think she was asleep.. "Hello?" She sounded upset.. Hey babe what's wrong? "Nothing.." Alena I can hear it in your voice what happened? She started crying, Alena what's wrong your worrying me... "Babe please don't be mad.." I closed my eyes, don't say it Alena.. "John kissed me" WHAT? "Babe I wanted to leave but he grabbed me and kissed me but I didn't kiss back I swear!" Who's John? I tryed staying calm but it was almost impossible.. "Some guy from work" So what he just kissed you at work?! "No...we went out to get some coffee" The fuck Alena?! You already forgot about me? What the hell were you thinking going to get coffe with another guy what if paparazzi saw you? You know what kinda shit you'll get me into?! "I'm sorry I just didn't think he'd do that.." No Alena you just didn't think. I have to go,bye. I hung up I felt bad I was really mean but she would find out why soon enough all I could do right now is pray that no pictures were taken.. I went back to bed not falling asleep I couldn't stop thinking about it I got up around five and made some breakfast I just wanted to get home we arrived in L.A around seven I said goodbye to the guys and opened the door all the lights were off what was weird since Alena would always wake up way too early.. Alena? "BABYYY!!!" She came running down the stairs and jumped into my arms she started attacking my face with kisses "Omg I missed you so much!" I put my arms around her not caring about everything that happened I just missed her.. I missed you too babe.. "Baby guess what!" What? "SOFIA'S ENGAGED!!" To who? "What do you mean to who to Brandon!" Brandon proposed? "Yeah why?" I don't know he just doesn't seem like....marriage material. "Wel at least he did.." She said under her breath, What was that? "Nothing I didn't say anything" Right..I put my bag down and sat down, finally home... "So how was the tour?" She sat next to me, I couldn't stop staring at her face she was getting more beautiful by the day..It was great babe all the fans damn I got so much love for them.. "Yeah they're cool" I kissed her, I missed your lips babe.. "I missed you"
He kissed me again I wanted to just get on him right now but he was tired I could tell but he wouldn't say it he was way too proud for that.. Babe let's go to bed "Alright" We went downstairs and stripped down do our underwear I pulled him close I had missed lying in bed with him next to me, he fell asleep almost immediately I loved watching him sleep he looked so peaceful and cute I kissed his lips softly not wanting to wake him I closed my eyes falling alseep myself eventhough it was only eleven in the morning we were both tired.. I woke up not feeling him next to me what was strange since he always slept way more then me, Bruno? I went downstairs seeing him sit on the couch talking to someone "I know,... Alright,.... I don't know man,....ok bye" He hung up and put his head in his hands.. Bruno? He looked at me "Oh did I wake you?" I shook my head, no who were you talking to? "My manager" About? "They got pictures Alena" I closed my eyes and sighed, shit. I didn't even want to know what his fans would think about me right now.. "I have to go" Go where? "Clean up your fucking mess that's where" I grabbed his wrist, Bruno don't talk to me like that alright? Maybe your Mr.Bruno Mars to the rest of the fucking world but to me you're just Peter alright so when you find a proper way to talk to me we'll talk! I walked away furious at him he had no right to talk to me like that after all the shit he pulled.. I went to the backyard and sat down next to the pool, I heard the frontdoor slam shut I couldn't believe him.. I picked up my phone seeing some texts from Phil and Sofia I just called them not wanting to read antything I dialed Phil's number letting him know Bruno was probably on his way to the studio "Hello?" Hi Phil "Hey Alena, you seen the pics?" Yeah I saw them.. "Alena what were you thinking?" PHIL HE KISSED ME I SWEAR I DONT EVEN KNOW THE GUY THAT WELL "HE KISSED YOU?" Yeah and Bruno's still mad at me, he's changed Phil.. "Alena it's just the album and touring and stuff he's just tired" I know, But he's just mad a lot and taking it out on me.. "Alena you know it's times like these your love is tested" Phil you know I love him more then life it self but he better change his attitued cause i'm not staying 25 I don't want to waste my time "Alena what are you saying?" I don't know Phil I have no idea what I want to do or what I have to do i'm just so fucking confused..
I drove to Atlantic Records to meet up with my manager I knew paparazzi was going to be there and I knew I would have to keep my cool... I got out the car I thanked god Dre was here "Bruno! Is she cheating?" "Bruno's she gained weight is she pregnant is it yours?!" I found everything they said beyond stupid..I went inside seeing my manager talking to a couple of guys "Oh Bruno how are you?" I could do much better "Ah yes I heard.." Yeah well what do you want me to do? "Bruno we were all talking and we just think it's best if you make official that you and Alena aren't dating anymore.." WHAT?! "Bruno you are a new coming artist if you're single it will be much better then when you're taken this is a choice you have to make your career or Alena?" You guys are insane this is about my voice and talent not about my fucking looks or whether or not I have a girlfriend "Bruno this is the business and with Alena's pictures leaked out it will only get worse" I don't care i'm not doing this, deal with it. "Bruno take a week or two off and think about it" I'll take the weeks off but I aint thinking about it cause there is nothing to think about I aint doing it. I went back to the car I was just thinking about everything I had this feeling like the whole damn world was against us why was everything going wrong? I couldn't take it, I need to go home.. I got to the house and opened the door closing it behind me I saw her sitting by the pool she whiped her face still not seeing me I took off my jacket and went outside "Oh, Hi" Hey.. I leaned against the doorframe watching her every move "So what did they say?" Not much.. "No need to lie Bru" I sighed, They said it would be better if we broke up appareantly it would be better for my career.. "What? But that's not fair..." She started crying, Babe? She got up and hugged me "Please don't leave me" Alena I'm not crazy ofcourse i'm not leaving you.. "Promise me" I promise.. She kissed me, "Why do I have a feeling that the whle world is against us?.." I don't know babe but the world has nothing to do with us just me and you just us two.. "You're right" We went back inside, Babe? "Yes" I want to go to Hawaii.. "What?!" I want to see my mom and sisters and stuff.. she smiled from ear to ear "Really?" Yeah I miss them.. "That's awesome babe when are we going?" As soon as possible..
I took off my clothes and got in the tub thinking about everything I knew him being famous would be hard on us but it was his dream and I wasn't going to be in his way I just wanted to go to Hawaii and relax I thought about my job there was no way I was going to get two weeks off I guess I had to quit but I didn't want to work there anyway since John was there I still couldn't believe he did that I closed my eyes and tryed to relax "Babe?" Yes? "Are you in the tub?" Mhmm.. "Can I join?" I sighed, I really wanted to relax but I didn't want to say no to him espescially not now.. Ofcourse.. He came in and smirked "Look at you all sexy" I chuckled, right..Instead of taking off his clothes and getting in he just sat down in front of me and heald my hand while looking at the ground "Don't ever leave me" I frowned, Bruno I wont "Promise me" I promise.. He kissed me and got up "I'm going to go to the studio" Oh..Why don'y you take a bath with me? He put the fedora on his head while looking at his reflection in the mirror "Nah i'm goign to go work on some sgons i'll be back in a couple of houres" I was kinda shocked...Alright..I played with the bubbles not wanting to look at him I was upset I don't know why but I was.. "Babe are you mad?" No.. "Babyyy.." I'm not mad Bru just go "Alright..I love you" I love you too.. He opened the door winking at me one more time before he closed it behind him, I closed my eyes thinking about everything it's been a couple of houres since Bruno got back... Normally he would just jump on top of me but this time he just didn't he acted like he wasn't intrested at all.. I got up rapping myself up with the towel I heard my phone ringing I didn't care who was calling so I just picked up not bothering to check the caller ID "Hey girl" Oh hey Sofia.. "What you doing?" Just getting dressed.. "Oeeh you and Bruno got funky?" I wish... "What do you mean?" He didn't even try like I asked him to take a bath with me but he prefered to go to the studio like what the fuck. "The fuck? Girl just get dressed and surprise him when he gets back he'll be begging at the end of the night." I don't know..I don't have stuff like that.. "You don't have anything sexy?" Well Bruno got me some stuff but I don't know.. "Oh come on just do it stop being a bitch!" I chuckled...alright "Ok girl i'm going to let you get at it" Alright bye "Bye"
Chapter 8
I grabbed my guitar stumming the cords trying to come up with the right melodie for this song.. "Sing the words again" I already did like twenty times "Just do it"
Easy come easy go that's just how you live oh take take take it all but you never give.. Should have known you was trouble from the first kiss had your eyes wide open, why were they open?
"It doesn't need a real melody just your voice and some piano it has to be simple you know?" I nodded, yeah I get it.. "Bruno i'm going home man we have been here for houres.." Yeah you're right let's go, I got up putting my jacket damn it was already three in the morning..I drove home opening the door I saw some candles and stuff, Alena? No answer.. I looked around there were candles everywhere and she made dinner, I sighed...damn it.. I went upstairs she was laying on the bed looking so beautiful she had dressed up and everything words could not describe how guilty I felt.. I sat down and covered her up with the blanket "Bruno?" I'm so sorry babe.. "It's ok" No really why didn't you tell me you were going to do all of this? "I wanted to surprise you" I'm really sorry... I kissed her neck "It's ok babe" You still hungry? She chuckled "Yes" Let's go, We got up and went downstairs I sat down watching her make our plates "Here you go baby" She put my plate in front of me we started eating, This is really good babe.. "Auww thank you " You look beautiful you know.. She looked down and smiled a little "Thank you" Why do you do that? "Do what?" Look down when I tell you you look beautiful... "I don't know I just don't think i'm beautiful, I dropped my fork and looked at her in pure shock, What did you just say? She started laughing "Oh come on stop it Bru.." Babe don't EVER say you are not beautiful cause you are perfect in every single way everything about you is beautiful inside and out got that? She smiled from ear to ear "I love you so much" Fuck dinner. I got up and grabbed her by her hand, let's go! "Wait go where??" I'm about to rock your world babe.. "Oh my god" He pushed me against the wall "You know I wrote a song about you and me" Oh really? "Yeah.." He kissed my neck gently, Let me hear it.. " I lay you down take off your clothes.." He kissed me "And kiss your lips you feel so good you're saying more" He laid me down on the bed kissing my neck, He had no idea how badly I wanted him right now.. "Girl I wanna be inside you got that fire" I felt his hand stroking my inner thies "That favorite place is that between your legs and your hips girl you got me licking my lips want to get up on it.."just could't handle it anymore, Bruno please... "What babe?" Just do it..
I loved making her feel this way.. I heard a knock on the door...this can not be happening right now. "Oh my god are you for real.." I burried my head into her shoulder..ignore it.. "Babe come on just go answer it" I am seriously going to kill the person who interupted me.. I threw on some jeans and a sweater I have no idea when she took off my clothes.. I opened the door seeing Kenji sit there crying, Kenji? "Hi man i'm so sorry I know it's late I just have nowhere to go.." No come in what's wrong? "She left.." What?! "Nicole...she left me we got into a fight and she packed her things and left.." Oh my god...I'm so sorry, I shook my head I couldn't believe she left him.. "I can't do it Bruno..Raise Slik all by myself she needs a mother.." Kenji you can do this alright? "I don't know I really don't know" Where's Silk? "She's in the car" Alright you can stay here, He nodded "Thanks Bruno you're a really good friend.." No problem i'm here if you need me.. "Bruno who is it?" Oh it's Kenji.. She frowned seeing Kenji "Kenji what's wrong?" He started crying and her eyes just widened "Hey it's ok you know you can tell me." She hugged him "Bruno go get Silk she can't be alone" Alright, I went to the car,She was asleep so I tryed picking her up in a way so she wouldn't wake up, I took her to the guestroom and put her down on the bed I heard Kenji and Alena talk , You guys i'm going to sleep.. "Alright babe i'll be there in a minute" Alright, Kenji you alright? "I'll survive.." I went upstairs and lied down I heard someone open the door and get in bed "Wow I can't believe she left him.." I know right they seemed really happy.. "Yeah well.." I heald her tight, I'm sorry about tonight.. "It's alright we have plenty of time.."
I closed my eyes falling asleep immediately I was dissapointed but Kenji was my friend and sex could wait...I woke up seeing Bruno get dressed, Babe? "Shit did I wake you?" No it's alright where are you going? "I'm going to go to Kenji's place and help him out with everything" I sat up just smiling he was so sweet, Come here.. I opened my arms for him to come "You better not rape me" Yeah you wish, He chuckled and hugged me "I love you" I love you more "Impossible.." We let go and he gave me one last kiss before he left, I changed and got ready for work it was going to be my last day since Bruno wanted to go to Hawaii and there was no way I was getting two weeks off.. I grabbed an apple before walking over to the car I noticed paparazzi in the street just waiting for me to come...I called Bruno I had no idea how to handle this I had a short temper so I knew I had to keep my cool.. "Hello?" Babe they are in the street waiting for me.. "Who the paparazzi?" Yes.. "Shit i'll call Dre he will pick you up" Alright, bye "I love you" Love you too, bye. I sat down on the bench in front of the house and waited I saw a black SUV pull up and I got in as fast as possible "Hey Alena" Hey Dre what's up? "I'm good what about you" I could do better I'm really not in the mood for paparazzi... "Yeah well you're Bruno Mars' girlfriend you're going to have to get use to it" Yeah I guess.. "We're here" Thanks Dre "You're welcome" I'll see you around "Yes ma'am" I got out and walked towards the entrance I was just going to keep on walking I did not want to see John right now.. "Hey Alena" I don't know what it was but the sound of his voice just pissed me off, HOW DARE YOU JOHN YOU ALMOST RUINED MY RELATIONSHIP YOU SON OF A- "Alena paparazzi...door" He pointed towards the door..shit there were paparazzi everywhere taking pictures, Oh my god.. I ran to one of the changing rooms and just started crying, I wasn't use to people chasing me around taking pictures of everything..I looked at myself in the mirror, Get it together Alena.. I wiped away my tears and went back to work, I took the pictures and got out of there as fast as I could I forgot, SHIT. I didn't drive here and I didn't tell Dre to pick me up..I started walking home and to my surprise nobody followed me. I arrived after one long walk...I opened the door and closed it behind me, Bruno? "In here.." Shit he didn't sound too happy.. I saw him sitting in front of the tv and those bastards took a video of everything..oh my god "Seriously Alena can't you for once, act normal and not freak out about everything"
You think it's easy on me?! Not just punching them in the face whenever they cross the line? But I don't Alena I ignore it cause I know they are full of shit why can't you just do the same? AND WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO CLEAN UP YOUR FUCKING MESS? She didn't say anything she just stood there looking at the ground "I-I'm sorry.." Sorry isn't good enough this time Alena."What are you saying?" Nothing just get it together or I don't think we can be together. "So now you're going to start threatening me?!" Alena just don't say anything cause you're only making it worse. I started walking to the kitchen "Why are you so cold to me?" I turned around shocked of what she just said, Cold to you? You think this is me being cold Alena you have no idea how 'cold' I can be, She shook her head "Who are you? I feel like you're a stranger what happened to the man I met?! You would always stick with me and be on my side and look at you know I feel like I don't even know you!" She started crying and ran upstairs, Alena! Will you act like a grown up and get down here I sat down and put my head in my hands, Was she for real? Did I change? I don't know anymore.. But she was right I had no right to talk to her in that way.. I went upstairs and knocked, Alena please open the door... "Just leave me alone Bruno.." Alena please open the door i'm sorry.. I heard footsteps and she opened the door but went back to the bed I sat next to her playing with her hair, I'm sorry.. "I miss you Bruno.." What do you mean i'm right here? "No I miss the old you the Bruno who would laugh about this not fight about it and I hate that we fight all the time... "I know it's just we have to stick together alright? I know i'm mad a lot but i'm just tired but you know I love you right? "I love you too.." I kissed her forhead and pulled her close to me "Please don't ever talk to me like that again I hate when you do that.." I'm sorry I wont.. I wiped away her tears, damn I felt so bad for making her cry she didn't deserve to cry she was such a good person.. She sat up and kissed me "I want you" Now? "Yes now I waited long enough and nothing is going to get in between"
I kissed him, I don't know why but I just wanted him bad.. He grabbed me by my waist and pinned me down on the bed he took off my shirt leaving a trail of kisses down my stumock I took off his shirt damn I missed him.. He kissed my neck and took off my pants "I'm going to show you how much I love you" He took off all my clothes and entered me, damn I missed this.."I covered my mouth trying to cover up my moans I felt him grab my arm and hold it above my hand "I love your moans.." He went faster, Oh my god... He kissed me hard and I couldn't help but moan into his mouth.. Oh my god Bruno.. "Say my name babe" I kept repeating his name I knew he loved that, He started going harder and deeper, shit.. It started hurting but at this point I didn't care.... I opened my eyes feeling his arms around me, I smiled remembering last night it was simply amazing...but I didn't feel amazing every muscle in my body hurted.. I turned around facing him he was beyond adorable, I stroked his cheek and just watched him sleep.. He opened he opened his eyes and smiled "Goodmorning babe" Goodmorning.. I pecked him on the lips and got up searching for my clothes, have you seen my clothes? "I don't even remeber when I took them off babe.." I chuckled, I finally found my clothes and put them on, Bruno? I looked at him but he was sleeping he was realy tired.. I went downstairs and made breakfast, I sat down in front of the tv and started eating I put my plate in the sink and checked up on Bruno damn he was still asleep.. I called Sophia "Hello?" Hey girl where you at? "Oh i'm with Brandon we're picking out a cake for the wedding" I'm so happy for you guys.. "Auw girl he'll ask you!" She read my mind.. I don't know he's kinda busy I think marriage is the last thing on his mind..
 woke up hearing Alena talk downstairs I put on my boxers and went to the kitchen I made myself a plate and started eating I couldn't help but hear what she was saying "I don't hink he's ready for marriage we're just not ready...... Yeah I don't know we'll see" I almost choked I had no idea she was thinking about marriage ofcourse I wanted to marry her she was the one and only but it wasn't the right time.. I put my plate in the sink and followed her voice she was in the backyard I sat down next to her makign her jump a litlle "Oh Sofia he's awake i'll call you later..alright bye" She hung up and kissed me, "Goodmorning babe" Hey babe "When did you wake up?" A half hour ago... "Oh are't you going to the studio?" Nah i'm going to stay home "Really?" Yes, why you want me to leave? She punshed me playfully "Ofcourse I do" You want to watch a movie and go out or something? "No, I just want to stay home with you.." I nodded, that's cool.. I layed down next to her and kissed her cheek, I'm going to go call my mom.. "Alright" I went to the livier I know she would be really happy .. "Hello?" Hey mom.. "Peter! Oh baby how are you?" I'm good mom how are you doing? "I'm fine sweety and how is my future daughter in law?" I chuckled, she's fine..Mom I want to tell you something "What is it?" I'm comign to Hawaii and i'm taking Alena with me "Oh my god that's great when are you coming?!" In two days.. "I can't wait to see you Bruno.." I can't wait to see you guys either "Alright i'm going to leave you to it" Ok bye mom i'll see you soon "Ok bye"