Chapter 6-9

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Chapter 6

Before I could take another breath he was kissing me. So many thoughts ran through my head in a matter of a few seconds. What is he doing? I can‟t do this, but I want to. I‟ve known him for two days, this is wrong in so many ways…As much as I wanted to keep going I just couldnt. He sent chills all down my spine and I just had to fight it. “Bruno, please. Stop.” 

“What‟s wrong?” He said as he stood up 

“I just, this isn‟t me. We‟ve only known eachother for two days and this is going way too fast. Your a nice guy, but, I just need space. Im sorry..” I quickly got up and strapped my purse around my body. I ran down the stairs and put my sandals on and walked home. 

I sat back down at my desk and rubbed my face Damn, I was close. I thought. I wasn‟t really a relashionship type of guy. Karmin was cute though. I will admit that at first all I really wanted was to be intimate with her. But I never thought after the way she was talking that I would upset her. For a few years now I‟ve had my way with girls. All I would have to do is sing a song and flash a nice smile and they were all over me. She was different though. I actually wanted to get to know her… 

“Hey sweety, I made your favorite.” My mom said as she was drying a pot in the kitchen. “I think I‟m just gonna go to bed mom, long day.” She gave me an „okay drama queen‟ kind of look and I just rolled my eyes. I didn‟t mean to be rude but I was all fucked up in the head. I went up to my room and threw myself on my bed. I buried my face in my pillow and thought to myself. Just as I was about to get comfortable I decied to go to the beach. That was the one place I could go to relieve myself of any hurt and pain that I may have been going through. No one ever went at this time. Perfect… I quickly changed into a neon pink pair of shorts and a bikini top underneath a white tank top. I searched for my black water socks, scooped up my surf board and headed out. 

I felt really bad about making that move on Karmin. I wanted to make it right. She seemed like a sweet girl. I decided I was going to go to the beach and finish the song that I started. I feel like shit for writing a few lines to get in her pants, but the song had potential and the situation she was going through fit the song perfectly. Usually, I‟m never at the beach. It‟s been years since I spent time there by myself, and no one ever goes at this time. Perfect… 

I looked up at the sky. It was beautiful. The sun was setting and the orange light reflected off of the water. I walked over and layed my board down as I inched my way into the ocean. I layed on top of my board as I paddled my way into a wave that was approaching. 

She rode the wave perfectly, shit, if it wasn‟t going to be acting this girl could go pro. I never thought it could be so sexy to watch a girl surf. Her stance was strong and she was so focused. Her wet, sandy brown hair blew with the wind and the sun reflected off of her bronzed skin beautifully. I never found myself thinking about a girl this way, it was always ass and boobs that I was caught up in. Not with her… 

As I finished riding the wave I collapsed into the water and swam back to shore. I Let out a huge breath and just as I looked up there he was. “What the fuck boy, leave me alone.” I whispered. But at the same time, I felt warmth when I saw him. I played things off like I was perfectly fine. He didn‟t notice me getting close to him. He was so caught up in a melody he was playing on his guitar. A familiar one.. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked bluntly 


“Free country, I can‟t come to the beach?” He said sarcastically, I ignored him. 

“Look Karmin.” He said as he put his guitar off to the side. “I‟m gonna be straight up with you…” 

I went on telling her how I usually play games with girls and never took them seriously. Truthfully I told her that initially my motive was the same with her until I realized she wasn‟t the same. She was about to get up and I could tell she was even more upset than before. “Wait, please. I have something for you.” She hesitated, but sat back down. 

„His love is all she knows…‟ 

His voice made me melt and once again I felt something. I‟m not sure what it was about this boy. The fact that he tried to played me was upsetting, but the thought of him actually taking the time to write a song about me led me to forgive him entirely. 

“That was beautiful.” I said “Bruno…” He looked up at me “Can we just start over, completely. Like we‟ve never seen eachother before.” 

He got up and grabbed his guitar and began to walk away. After he got so far he turned right back around and did a goofy walk towards me. 

“Oh, hi. Your very pretty. My name is Bruno.” He said trying to be funny. He put his arm out to shake my hand and I couldnt help but laugh. 

“Nice to meet you, Bruno. My name is Karmin…” 


Chapter 7



 We both laughed and shook hands. 

“So..” Bruno said ”What?” I asked ringing the excess water out of my hair ”You‟re one hell of a surfer.” He said as he raised his eyebrow. Damn that was sexy. ”Yeah, my dad tought me when I was little and I‟ve done it ever since.” ”I‟ve never been good at sports.” He said as he held up his guitar. I laughed and smiled at him. Throughout the night we talked about our childhoods and how Hawaii was special to both of us. 

“So when are you moving to Los Angeles?” I asked him seriously ”As soon as I can get the money. I‟ve been saving up like hell trying to make my way down there, but, it‟s hard out here you know? I don‟t have it in my heart to ask my mom for the money, her and my Dad are going through it right now so I don‟t want to add to her stresses.” He said scratching his head. ”No I understand, I‟m going on a scholarship, luckily. Or else I‟d be in the same position as you. Just keep your head up though, I promise it will happen.” 

When she said that to me I instantly felt closer to her. I felt like she believed in me and for the first time in a long time, I really believed in myself too. “Well it‟s getting late.” I told her “Can I walk you home?” “Sure.” She said. She grabbed her board and I grabbed my guitar and we we‟re on our way. 


Today was Saturday, and just like every Saturday, I was going out with my girls. I really needed this after going through it with Chad, and Bruno making me so emotional. We were headed out to an 18 and over club. I hated them, but I had a few years left until the real thing so I always made myself have fun. I hopped out of the shower and wrapped my hair with a towel as I made my way over to my closet. “What to wear?” I said to myself. I flipped through my closet. “No…no…no…this is ugly..Naomi wore that last, egh.” Finally I decided on a simple black dress. I threw a few curls in my hair and swept some blush on my cheeks. I finished with a dark brown eye shadow and some pink gloss. Just as I was slipping into my dress I heard Naomi‟s impatient ass honking for me to come outside. I slipped on my heels, grabbed my clutch and I was out the door. 

“Damn girl, look at you lookin like Beyonce.” She said pulling out of the driveway. ”I try, I try.” I said sarcastically while locking my seat belt. “Where is Ellie and Abigail?” I asked ”Already in, they got us a table.” 


After standing in line for about 15 minutes we were finally in. We walked over to the table that the other girls got us and we greeted them. We talked and laughed for a little bit and finally I was ready to have some fun. “Okay I don‟t know about you guys but I‟m ready to dance!” I said as I threw my hands in the air. We got up and made our way to the dance floor. About two and a half songs passed and all of a sudden the DJ made an announcement. 

“Alright ya‟ll. Now that I see everyone is on their feet havin a good time we have a special guest in the house tonight! He‟s gonna play ya‟ll a few songs. From this very town of Honolulu, I welcome ya‟ll Brunooooooo!” 

My heart sank. Why did It seem like everywhere I was, he ended up. This was the first time that I saw him and he wasn‟t wearing cargo shorts and an „88 Tees‟ tank with flip flops. He had on black converse with dark blue jeans and an older looking band t-shirt. His afro looked way more tamed than usual. For some reason that gave me butterflies in my stomach. It was nothing special to anyone else but I thought he looked so sexy. I leaned over to Ellie. “Did you guys know he was performing? “I whispered. She nodded her head „no‟ and I continued to watch. 

“Hey how‟s everyone doing. A few of you may know me from Roosevelt but for those of you who don‟t my name is Bruno. This is my brother Eric on the drums and a friend of mine from Florida, Phillip Lawrence. He‟s just visiting, so make him feel welcomed for me. We‟re gonna play ya‟ll a song that was just written a few weeks ago, so you guys are the first to hear it. Hopefully we can get ya‟ll movin and shakin. It‟s called „Top of the World. He looked over at Phil signaling that he was ready and counted them off. “1-2-1-2-3!” 

„I feel higher than the ceiling, cause I‟m floating on this feeling..‟ 

I looked out to the crowd pleased that everyone liked the song. Well, I assumed so because everyone was dancing. It was only a small crowd of about 35 but still. I have to start somewhere. To my surprise I look to my left and see Karmin. She looked so beautiful. After playing my song and a few other covers, we wrapped things up and made our way to the dance floor. Karmin had me feeling so good on the inside. Her presence felt angelic. I had to have her.. 

Once Bruno was done I hoped that he was going to stay. I know this was supposed to be a girls night but he made me feel things I‟ve never felt before. Not even with Chad after 3 years. 

“Karmin, you okay girl?” Naomi said to me. She must have caught me looking around like a lost puppy hoping Bruno was still there. “Yeah.. I‟m oka-” Out of nowhere I was interrupted. “Mind if I steal her for a second?” Bruno said to Naomi. I turned around and looked at him and back at Naomi. “Do your thing girl.” With that I took Bruno‟s hand he led me over to an empty spot on the dance floor. He put his hands on my hips and I lightly rested my hands on his shoulders. I didn‟t want to get too close to fast. “How is your night going?” He asked me “Better now that I got to see a cutie pie with a voice that‟s to die for perform a few songs up there.” He looked around and then back at me. “Me?” he asked pointing to himself. I hit him on his shoulder. “Duh!” He laughed. 

It was so hard for me not to lean in and kiss her on those irresistible lips. But, I wanted to do things right. As the night went on we got a little more comfortable with each other and every so often she would move in closer to me. Eventually, we were chest to chest. She turned around and started to grind on me. I liked it, i‟m not gonna lie. Her curves turned me on and she knew exactly how to work her body. She leaned over a little bit and started to grind a little faster. Damn, she was really surprising me. After the song was over she turned back around. And returned her arms around me neck. I licked my lips. She smiled at me and gently grabbed my cheek with her hand. 

He bit his lip and raised his eyebrow. That goddamn eyebrow was so sexy. I knew it was right this time. I slowly leaned in and pressed my lips against his. It felt like no one else was in the club. The music, the lights, the loud people, nothing was there. Just me, Bruno, and our lips against each others. “What was that for?” He asked. “I don‟t know.” I laughed and looked away. “Hey..” He said “Yes?” “Don‟t take this the wrong way, please. But, do you want to get out of here?” I smiled at him. I knew it was different this time. I could tell that things between us were heating up and I didn‟t mind him wanting to be alone with me. In fact, I wanted to be alone with him just as much. “My pleasure…” 


Chapter 8



 “I’m just gonna go tell Naomi really quick. Ill be back.” I said as I smiled at him. 

“Aye Phil, come here for a second.” “What’s up bro?” I’m gonna take Karmin, that girl I was telling you about, to my house for a little bit. You cool to ride with E?” “Yeah I’m good man, I’ll just see you tommorow.” “Yup” We shook and I went back towards where me and Karmin were dancing. 

“Omi! Come here!” I said as I waved her to come towards me. “Hey Beyonce, what’s wrong?” “Don’t laugh at me but, can I have one of those condoms you keep in your purse?” Her eyes got wide and she grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me to the corner. “Are you? Wait, Karmin. Are you in there?” She knocked on my head “Stoooooop!” I said laughing at her. “I’m serious Naomi. I’m not saying anything is going to happen. But me and Bruno want to be alone and kind of get to know each other more, I just want to be safe. But I don’t plan on doing anything.” “Here.” She said handing me like four condoms. “What the fuck!” I look down the condoms and back up at her. “What! One is extra lubricated, one is flavored, strawberry I think, and the other two have some kind of extra stimulation, I don’t know.” “Naomi! I asked you for ONE condom in case things get heated. That’s it. We’re probably just going to talk!” I quickly snatched the condoms out of her hand and stuffed them into my clutch. “I gotta go, crazy! Text me and let me know you made it home safe.” “Okay Beyonce!” “And stop calling me Beyonce!” I said as I walked over towards Bruno. 

“You ready to go?” I said putting my arm around her. She smiled. That pretty smile “Yes.” We approached my car and I opened her door and walked around to my side. “Look Karmin, If you don’t want to be alone we can go back in. I don’t want to make you feel uncomf-” She leaned over and put her finger on my lips. “’s okay Bru.” She called me Bru. That had to have meant she was feelin’ me. 

For some reason my hormones were racing. He was so irresistible and I felt like the inner-freak in me was finally coming out. Seeing him on stage basically make love to his guitar and grinding all up on him on the dance floor made me want to do things with him that I honestly…didn’t know how to do. “Can I ask you somethin?” I asked “Yeah?” “Are you a virgin?” “ that a bad thing.” Hell no, the more experience the better my pleasure will be I thought to myself. What the hell is wrong with me. “No.” I just smiled. I would be so embarrassed if he knew what I was thinking. “Are you?” “, remember?” “No, we started over remember, I know nothing.” He said laughing as he turned the corner. “Why do you ask?” Shit, why did I ask. What do I say? “Umm..just trying to start a conversation.” I lied. “Suuuuure, you must be thinking about sex if you ask me out of nowhere if I’m a virgin.” He was right. I totally was. 

We pulled up to my house and I turned off my car. I was getting sweaty because I wanted to rip that dress off of her body and give to her what she’s been missing. But I had to wait. Even though I knew she was thinking about sex, I can’t mess this up. “You ready to go in?” I asked. “Yeah.” She hopped out of my car and I did the same after. “Why is your family never home?” “They all go to watch my uncle’s shows on Saturday nights, and then crash at his house since he lives about 30 minutes away. I usually go but had this little gig tonight.” She let herself in and up to my room. I walked behind her and studied every inch of her body. Damn.. 

I got up to his room and sat on the edge of his bed. The same spot that I was the first time. But it felt different. It felt right like the rest of the night. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom. Be right back.” He said. I quickly got my phone out and texted Naomi. 


-Shit Omi, I want him so bad. What do I do? :( 

-Let him show you, just go with it girl. ;) 

I slid my phone back into my purse and kicked off my shoes. He was taking forever. I got up noticing a picture on his wall. I walked over to it. Cute. It was him in a white Elvis looking outfit. He must have been about three or four. “Enjoying yourself?” He said making his way towards me. “What’s this about?” I said pointing to the picture.” He started laughing and looking down. “I used to be an Elvis impersonator when I was a kid. I had so much fun. It’s embarrassing though.” “Why, you were cute!” I said pinching his cheeks. He walked away shaking his head and laughing. “Come sit.” He said patting a spot on the bed next to him. I hopped up and let my feet dangle next to his. “So for real, why did you ask me if I was a virgin earlier.” Fuck. He won’t give up. I took a deep breath and started talking. “Bruno, I don’t know what kind of magic you have going on here but, you really make me want you.” “Want me?” He asked “Like, I’m curious. I’m 18 now and was with a guy for 3 years and we didn’t ever do anything. I want to know what it…what sex feels like. But, I want my first time to be special. Candle lights, romantic, you know, the whole 9 yards.” 

Oh I know…I thought to myself. How could she be with someone for that long and not do anything with him. How could he not want to make her feel good. Cause I sure as hell want to. “Sooo, you want me?” I said joking around. She laughed. Good. I’m glad she’s laughing “In all honesty Bruno, I really like you, and I wouldn’t mind my first time being with you. She smiled at me, that pretty smile again. Damn. “Can I grab a glass of water?” She asked me “Of course, kitchen is downstairs on your right.” She walked downstairs and I watched her again. I bit my lip. She was unbelievable. I have to do it. She wants it. I just don’t want to fuck this up. I can’t do it….Fuck it…..I’m doin it. 

When I was done getting my water and made my way back upstairs I noticed something was different. It was a little darker and the walls had reflections of flickering lights. “Bruno?” I said looking around. I walked into the room to find candles lit on both sides of his bed. The clothes that we’re lying on his floor were picked up and the scattered papers that were on his desk we’re in a fairly organized stack. How did he do this all so fast? I felt him grab my waist from behind and I turned around. “We don’t have to do this. I’m not forcing you into anything, but by the way you we’re talking it seemed like you we’re ready.” I looked around again. “But this time I swear it’s different, there are feelings involved.” He said. I looked back up at him. “And you even went the whole 9 yards..” I smiled at him. “You said you want your first time to be special, and I hope I can be the one to do that for you…” 


Chapter 9



 Once he said that I was gone..There was no way that I could say no to him. Not that I wanted to. It felt so right to be in his arms at this moment. 

I took her in my arms and pulled her close to me. She looked up into my eyes and gave me the most passionate kiss I’ve ever experienced. She may be a virgin but damn… this girl can work her tongue. I slowly ran my fingers across her shoulder and pulled down one of the straps to her dress and bra at the same time. I wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her even closer. I began to kiss her neck and made my way down to her shoulder. I felt her tense up. “Mmmm..” She said as she closed her eyes. She must have liked that. 

His lips against my neck brought me to a whole other world. It sent chills throughout my whole body. I wrapped my arms around his body and helped myself inside of his shirt. I rubbed my hands all up and down his back. He lifted his arms a bit and I helped him pull his shirt over his head. He did the same with my dress and tossed it across the room. While kissing him I unbuttoned his jeans and he let them fall to his ankles. He stepped out of the pile that his pants made and we moved closer to the bed. 

I gently laid her on the bed and climbed in between her legs and on top of her. “Bru..” “Yes baby” I said kissing her one more time. “My birthday is July nineteenth.” She said softly. “Are you really about to tell me what you want for your birthday in the middle of this?” I said looking down at her. She laughed a little. “No, but I can’t have sex with you without us knowing each others birthdays, that’s wierd..” I smiled “October eighth…” 

He leaned down and kissed me. He gave the best kisses. I was excited to kiss him all the time after tonight. I could feel the emotion each time our lips met. He leaned up and pulled me forward to unhook my bra. Oh god. I covered my breasts with both of my arms hoping he wouldn’t say anything as I laid back down. “What’s wrong?” He asked. I shook my head. “Karmin, your beautiful, don’t hold back from me…please.” He gently moved my arms out of the way and began to kiss my neck again. He inched his way down to my collar-bone and then to my breasts. He swirled his tongue around one and then the other. “Oh my..” I couldn’t even finish…he moved towards the middle and gave me small pecks down the center of my stomach. I grabbed his hair out of pleasure and gently tugged on a small section. 

I looked up to find her biting her lip with her head tilted back and eyes closed. Sexy. I hooked my index fingers on both sides of her panties and pulled them down off of her legs. I could tell she was nervous. I leaned back over her and lowered my chest onto hers. “Relax, you don’t have to do anything.” I whispered in her ear. She nodded her head. 

I looked down at him as he pulled down his blue and yellow checkered boxers. It’s time. I thought to myself. I can’t believe I was losing my virginity at this very moment. Breathe Karmin. He held himself over me with his arms. There goes that eyebrow. “You ready?…” Hell. Yes. I thought. “Mmhm.” Was all I managed to get out. He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed a condom out the drawer. While still on his knees he tore a corner of the wrapper of using his teeth and spit it out off to the side. That turned me on. I wasn’t sure if I should watch him put it on or not. I felt like that would be awkward. I closed my eyes and took one last breath. 

I guided myself inside of her slowly. I wanted to watch every facial expression she made. Tonight was all about her. She bit her lip and furrowed her eyebrows. I continued to thrust in and out of her slowly going deeper each time. “Bruno..” I looked at her. “Why does it hurt..” 

She moaned. “Shhh..” I knew it would get better. “Relax babygirl..” I ran my fingers through her hair and began to thrust a little faster as she moaned. 

I looked up at him wondering if I was doing okay. I felt so many different things all at once. Finally, the pain turned into pleasure. It felt so damn good. I pulled him down closer to my face and whispered in his ear. “Make me feel on top of the world..” He looked completely turned on by my comment. I was surprised I built the courage to even say that. With that said, he grabbed one of my legs and put it over his shoulder allowing him to go deeper inside of me. “Fuck..” He said softly. He bit his lip and tilted his head back. By now I felt a little more comfortable so I started to motion my hips with his thrusts and he went faster. Little beads of sweat began to form on his forehead and my body was getting hot. 

I pulled her other leg over my shoulder and leaned forward a little. She was loving this. She wrapped her arms around my back and dug her fingernails into it. I listened closely to her moans as they got louder and longer. She crossed her ankles around my neck and pulled me closer to her. Freak. Our eyes met and I knew she was about to climax. I continued to thrust in and out and felt her legs tighten. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened and she let out a long and passionate moan. I knew she was there. 

He continued to thrust inside of me. I noticed his muscles tighten up and his grip on my thighs got tighter. He leaned up and focused on his movements and soon after let out a huge breath and fell on top of me. I’m guessing he came. I ran my fingers through his hair as he laid on top of my chest. That was amazing I thought as I smiled to myself. 

“Bruno?” She said. “Yeah..” I answered. “Is it safe to assume that we’re…together now?” I looked up at her and smiled. “If you’ll have me.” She nodded her head. “On one condition..don’t break my heart..ever.” “Never…”