Chapter 6-9

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‘Hewo kitty’, ‘Stop making fun of my pants! I’m throwing them away when I get home tonight.’ Monday morning blues are in full effect, but at least Bruno is texting me! “Dana, I haven’t had this little sleep since Kenny was born. I’m gonna die!” “Yeah, well you look like shit too.” I know she is dying for me to tell her about my weekend, but I just don’t want to turn it into something that it may or may not be. I did however call her Sunday morning and tell her that I kissed him. Okay and I sent her a pic of him playing ‘Pretty Pretty Princess’ with Kenny. I want to tell her everything; she’s my best friend, that’s what best friends do right?! But since he is who he is, I don’t want to tell her everything. At 2 my phone goes off, ‘Baby, when are you taking lunch? I’m looking at a building 3 blocks away right now.’’30 mins B’, I hear my phone go off again a few minutes later, but I can’t really look cause I’m holding someone’s finger on.

“Laace, your man is here.” Dana squawks into my ear piece. AH, I can’t leave this room! I grab the phone off the wall and push her extension, “please hide him somewhere and tell him I’ll be out in 10 mins top, thank you love you!” and I hang up without a response. 15 minutes later I’m walking into the break room. “Babe! Are you okay? Your face is all pale, oh my god and you smell like puke!” The look on his face is priceless. “Yeah, thanks for noticing,” I say grabbing my extra scrubs out of the locker. “Be right back Bru,” I say as I slip into the bathroom. After scrubbing every surface of my body that I possibly can in a bathroom sink and spraying on body spray, I walk back out. Bruno is texting, he text more than a teenage girl. “Come on Bruno, I only have 45 minutes left!” I tell him as I’m walking past. This girl waits for no one! There is a shitty little dinner a block away and we go grab a seat, “You know you still smell like puke right? Flowery puke, but it’s still puke.” “Thank You captain obvious!” I say, and immediately regret saying it. “I’m sorry Bruno, my day just goes downhill really fast when someone pukes on me.” “Don’t apologize,” he says, grabbing my hand and kissing the tips on my fingers. “Everyone is entitled to have a bad day.” “How’s your day going? Are you guys having any luck?” I ask, I would really like it if they found a place here so he didn’t have to go back to LA and work. “Yeah, the place we just looked at, I think it’s going to be perfect! Phil is talking to Ari about it right now!” “Wow, that’s great!” “OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT?” I turn and look and there is a…..hmmm, a man/woman, wearing a long black dress, and a motor cycle helmet walking across the street. And I don’t think this…person?…just got off a motorcycle if you get what I’m saying. Bruno is laughing hysterically and people are starting to look at us. “Bruno, shhhh,” Nope he’s now on the floor, awesome. Every few seconds he pops his head up looks out the window and then returns to the fetal position. I start laughing cause he’s laughing, I mean yeah, that was funny, but wow, ummm yeah we both have tears coming down our faces. “Excuse me, you’re gonna have leave if you can’t keep it down,” Says our waitress. Bruno drags himself up in the booth, and starts panting like he’s in labor. “Ok, that was the greatest thing I have ever seen!” Looking down at his watch, he says, “Babe we gotta get you back!” After paying for our sodas we walk out, Bruno is fake pouting because I paid. As soon as we step out the door, Bruno goes stiff and says, “You have to walk back by yourself, I’m going the other direction. I’ll text an explanation.” He kisses my hand and takes off. Okay, umm what the fuck? As I start walking I hear people yelling, turning around I see 2 guys with cameras, in Bruno’s face. Awe, I understand now, I feel so bad for him. ‘I saw the paparazzi, didn’t want them to get you, call me when you get a break xoxo B’   


Over the next couple days it’s the same thing, Bruno comes to the hospital around my lunch time, and Dana sneaks him in the back. We started just going to the hospital cafeteria and eating even though the food sucks, but the paparazzi have figured him out. Thursday rolls around and Bruno comes like always, but he’s not in the best mood this time. Walking down the hall holding his hand I ask him, “I’ll show you when we sit down,” he says with a sour face. When we sit down, he starts looking around, “Bru, nobody is gonna get you in here. Will you please tell me what is going on?” Getting out his phone he starts to scroll through it and then he shows me a gossip website, “Bruno Mars seems to have a new girlfriend these days, He’s been seen walking into the Hospital every day at the same time, sitting with her while she eats lunch, holding her hand and kissing her. No word on who this mystery girl is.” Pictures are included. I’m in shock, I look from him to the phone, around the room and back to him. Someone took pictures of us, in this very room, at this very table and sent it to a website? I’m disgusted. “I’m really really sorry, Lace.” He says looking at me with the most beautiful eyes. “Bruno, this is not your fault. Please don’t blame it on yourself. I know that this comes with your job, and apparently it also comes with dating you. I don’t like it, but I like you, so I will deal with it.” Leaning in to kiss him I say, “I have tomorrow and Monday off and the kids are at their dads for the next 4 days.” He pulls back and smiles, raises his eyebrows at me and says, “Is that so?” ,“mmhmm”, “Oh baby, it’s on this weekend!”  




At 5:30 the phone at my desk rang, luckily I was sitting there putting a chart into the computer. “Hello?”, “Lacey, I just got a text from Kelsey, Kenny’s having one of her nights.” SHIT, I still have an hour and half before I can go…”Alright, I’ll call home and talk to her, Thanks Day.”

Divorce is not easy on a child. 6 year olds don’t understand, when your Dad re marries to a woman who is jealous of you that makes it even worse. This would be the kids first weekend back since they got married last month. Kensley has been the princess in her Dad’s life since she was born, anything and everything she ever wanted he gave to her. He didn’t shed a tear over our divorce, but the first time she played ‘twinkle twinkle’, he cried like teenage girl breaking up with her first boyfriend.

Kelsey answered the phone and for a minute all I hear is Kelsey screaming in the background. “Kels, honey are you okay?” “Yes, but Kenny is having a rough night. She started crying as soon as we got on the bus.” “Can you hold the fort down till 7? Offer her some ice cream.” “Okay, I can do that.” “Thanks sweetie, I’ll be home as soon as I can, if your mom can get off early, she will be there as soon as possible.” ”Alright, I didn’t want to worry you, I just wanted to let you know what to expect when you got home.” “Thanks babe, I’ll be there in a bit.” And with that we hung up.

Dana managed to get ahold of her replacement and left an hour early. At 6 we got slammed. Why do people wait till their doctors’ offices are closed to decide that they are sick enough to be seen? The next hour flies by and I’m relieved by my Ex-husband’s new Sister- in – law. “Hi, Mel! How was your week?” “It was great, but my sister is freaking out cause they have the kids this weekend,” she tells me. Melanie hates her sister almost as much as I do. Nothing brings you closer to someone than hating the same person! I run her through the rooms and then wish her a good weekend. 4 day weekend, no children and my sweet, sexy boyfriend all to myself!

As I’m walking out of work I text Bruno, “Hey, I’m off!” Not paying attention I walk straight into someone, “Oh! I’m so sorry,” When I look up, I realize he’s holding a camera. Ducking my head I turn and keep walking. “Bru, there is a dude out here holding a camera.” In seconds my phone rings, “Where are you?” Bruno asks. “I just walked out of work, heading home. Why?” “Just keep walking, I’m leaving the studio now, I’ll meet up with you.” In a few blocks I run into him, he looks over my shoulder to make sure nobody is following me. Finally he kisses my cheek and says, “I’m done for the day baby, let’s go relax.” And then I remember what’s waiting at home for me. “Bru, I have to warn you. It’s not gonna be pretty when we get to my house.” He doesn’t say anything just looks at me, waiting for me to continue. “Kelsey called a little bit ago and said that Kenny was having a rough night.” “It will be ok,” is all he says as he squeezed my hand.

We talked about our day as we walked the mile and half to my home. It’s nice having someone to share my day-to-day with again. As we approach the privacy fence that hides the stairs to my 2nd story apartment, I hear a plate crash and then, “I HATE YOU!” Coming from none other than the 6 year old I call my Princess. “Shit,” is all I can say as I let go of Bruno’s hand and dash up the stairs. Unlocking the door and letting myself into my home, there’s Dana, my best friend in the world, hands guarding her face as a plastic cup filled with water soars through the air towards her head! “Kensley Rayne! Take your butt to your room!” Bruno hasn’t come in yet, so I’m assuming that he has either ran away or decided to sit outside and let things cool off first. “Dana, I’m so sorry you had to deal with this.” I tell her as I grab a towel and start mopping up the floor. “Don’t worry about it Love, everyone is entitled to have a bad day, she’s 6 and scared. I would be throwing more than my dinner if I was her!” This is exactly why she is my best friend, the most understanding person I have ever met!

A few minutes later Bruno walks in, “Is it safe for me to come in?” Dana and I both start laughing. Typical man. “Hey where is Kels,” I ask realizing that she is nowhere in sight. “Hiding with Brayden in his room doing homework.” Bruno comes further in the room sitting his back on the floor by the couch. Just then, my 16 year old babysitter, spotting Bruno, whom she is obsessed with and has never met yet. “ Oh.My.God. Bruno Fucking Mars!” Bruno is a pro, opening his arms and embracing her in the biggest hug I have ever witnessed. Her body is wrapped around him. Dana looks terrified. Looking from Dana to me he says, “Why didn’t someone tell me she was a fan, I would have brought her something special.” “Well, I kinda forgot, you know cause I don’t think of you as ‘Bruno Mars Super Star’” I tell him. “Well, I could forget about that something special if you would sing me a song,” Kelsey says with a sheepish grin. As they head to the piano I sneak off to Kenny’s room.

Knocking on the door and then walking in, I see my heart broken daughter lying on her bed, crying her eyes out. “Kensley, you need to go out there and tell Miss Dana and Kelsey that you are sorry. Then we can talk about what’s bothering you. Bruno is out there singing a song, you can listen for a minute if you want.” She looks at me with her precious little sad eyes and just nods her head. Slowly she walks out into the living room, spotting Bruno at the piano she runs over ducks under his arm and climbs into his lap. Bruno doesn’t miss a beat, he leans down kisses the top of her head and continues singing ‘Just The Way You Are’. Dana walks over to me and whispers, “Darling, you have won the man lottery with that hunk of a man.” All I can do is smile and nod. When he’s done singing, he gets up, puts Kenny on his hip and gives Kelsey a half hug and walks away into Kenny’s room. “That was soo cool!” Kelsey will never sleep tonight. “Now, you know, that is the only time you are allowed to act like that. From now on, he’s a normal person just like you okay?” Kelsey nods and hugs me, Dana is looking tired. “Day Thank You for coming and stepping in for me tonight.” “No problem, have a great weekend, and I expect you to tell me EVERYTHING!” Giving me a wink, her and Kelsey step out the door.

After I lock the door, I head to Brayden’s room, he’s passed out on his bed. I decide I’ll deal with Kensley before I mess with him. Peeking in the room, Bruno is sitting on the bed, Kensley still in his lap. He’s telling her a story about Hawaii when he was a kid. When I knock on the door they both look up. Bruno smiles, places another kiss on Kensley’s head and moves her to the bed. Meeting me in the hall way I step out of the door so my daughter can’t see our exchange. Putting both hands on either side of my head he leans in for a kiss. “Thank You for talking to her while I saw them out,” I say breaking the kiss. “I’m going to go check my emails, while you talk to her,” he says kissing me again and then walks away. After a few steps he looks over his shoulder and says, “I have a surprise for you!”




“Kensley, let’s talk about what’s upsetting you,” I say as I help her into pajamas. Heading into the bathroom, she climbs into the skin and says, “Braid my hair momma.” As I’m braiding she tells me all the horrible things Martha says to her. “Kensley, none of those things are true. If you are spoiled, the only person to blame is your father.”  I tell her as I’m spinning her around. “Martha is jealous of you baby, she’s jealous that your Dad looks at you with more love than he will ever give her. I know it’s hard to understand baby, but right now this is not your problem. Mommy will take care of this. I promise.” While she is brushing her teeth I change into sweats. When I come back to her room, she is tucked into bed. “Sing me a song momma.” My daughter has the sweetest voice, a voice so sweet she could convince you of anything.

Checking my emails, I find nothing important. After updating my twitter, googling my name and finding nothing new, I hear a song come from the hallway. On my tiptoes so I don’t get caught, I creep down to Kensley’s room. When I peek inside Lacey has her back to the door and she is singing a song I have never heard before. Her voice may not be record worthy but what it is, is motherly, comforting and beautiful. Just as quiet as I got there I turn around, sneak into Brayden’s room, turn him around and tuck him in. All of the sudden I hear Lacey stop singing! Not wanting to get caught, I race back to the living room, sit down and put the computer back in my lap.

Kissing the top of Kensley’s head, I slowly get up and walk out of her room, shutting the door. When I get to Bray’s room I realize that he is covered up. I kiss his head and turn off his lamp, shutting the door behind me. Bruno is on the couch playing on his computer when I walk out. “Come smoke with me, Bru.” Shutting his computer and getting up he smiles as he takes me in his arms. “Why are you so sweet?” I ask him. He’s looking at me like he’s confused, “What do you mean?” “I mean taking Kenny like that, and comforting her while I said goodbye. You didn’t have to do that.” “No, I didn’t but I wanted to, I don’t know what is going on with her, but it was breaking my heart to see her cry. That little girl has me wrapped around her pudgy little fingers.”

While we smoke I tell him about my marriage, divorce and the new ‘stepmother’ my children have acquired. “I’m just going to tell you a short version of this, cause I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, okay?” “You know you don’t have to tell me anything,” he says looking me in the eyes. “Well I want you to know. We met in high school. Got married at 18, he joined the Army, I had Bray at 19, He deployed, and when he came home he was not the same person I married. I was no longer allowed to have friends, nothing I ever did was good enough. I put up with it for a long time, but after 9 years, I was just done.” “I’m sorry baby,” was all he said. There is something about Bruno, he knows just how much to say. “Greg’s new wife, is like the Cruella Deville of step mothers, she is 21 and thinks children are to be seen and not heard, constantly yelling at the kids and telling them they are spoiled brats. That their mother is “A horrible mother for letting them get away with everything.” I don’t understand but I guess it’s not my place to know why he married her.” Bruno grabs my chin and turns my face towards him, with a serious look on his face he says, “You are not a horrible mother. If I thought it was okay to hit women I would beat her ass. You are the most gentile hearted woman I have ever met, yet at the same time, you are stern and hold your ground. Don’t let some jealous women steal your light. Do you understand me?” I’m speechless, with tears rolling down my face, nobody has ever said something like this to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve this amazing man, but whatever it was, I’m going to keep doing it!

“Can we change the subject?” I say after a few minutes. “Yes, let’s talk about this surprise I have for you,” he says getting excited. “Bruno, I have to tell you something, I hate surprises, I can’t handle it, I’m like a child.” Well that just gets him more excited. Putting our cigarettes out in the little bucket of sand he grabs my hand and takes me back inside. Opening his backpack he tells me to close my eyes. “Don’t you dare peek either!” I have my eyes closed, and I start to giggle cause I can’t contain myself. “On the count of three ready? One..two…three!” Opening my eyes, Bruno is holding ‘Roseanne’ Season 1 on DVD! “Ta-da!” “Oh My God! Are you kidding?” I’m seriously so excited I can’t stop smiling. We were just talking about this the other night and I told him that my mother said I was too young to watch it when it was on TV, now I try to catch re-runs but it comes on so late I hardly ever get to see it! Bruno starts walking over to the TV, but I stop him. “Bruno, grab your shorts and let’s watch it in bed.” “Wait, you mean I get to see this top secret bed that you sleep in,” he says walking over to his bag, grabbing his shorts.

Every night we have been hanging out in the living room watching TV and making out. I don’t know why for sure, but I haven’t let him go into my room yet. When we get to my door, I turn to him and say, “And this is where no magic has ever happened.” Laughing Bruno replies, “We will have to change that this weekend. By Monday, this room will be like Houdini’s practice area.” “Bruno, that was the corniest thing I have ever heard.” When I turn on the light Bruno starts laughing hysterically. “What the fuck! How do you get in this bed?” My bed is just a regular 4 post bed, but the mattresses are so thick that the top of the bed comes to my arm pits. I’m also 4 inches shorter than he is. “Well we can go back to the couch then, if you wanna make fun of my bed,” I tell him, arms crossed over my chest. “Baby, seriously how do you get in it? I want in that bed!” He says grabbing my hips and pulling me close to him. Putting my hands on his chest, I give him a quick kiss and send him to the bathroom to change. While he’s gone I put in the first DVD.

Coming back into the bedroom, Lace is climbing into bed, using the footboard to climb, pants rolled up to her knees, stretching around her butt. I know I can’t try to have sex with her tonight, since the kids are here, but It’s gonna be hard not to. Following her lead I climb into bed, and settle in next to her. Looking over the edge, I start laughing,”Baby falling out of this bed, would be like a fall to the death!” “ Har Har Har,” She says, and then pushes me over till I’m almost falling off! “I surrender!” I say laughing. She presses play and then snuggles against me. This is where I should be. How is it we’ve been together for a week and I feel at home with her in my arms?

I’m struggling to stay awake. I’m so relaxed. Looking up at Bruno he looks close to falling asleep. He looks down at me and kisses my nose. “Baby, I’m falling asleep already,” I say snuggling in closer. “It’s alright sleepy, I got you.” And with that I’m out. 




The alarm is going off, I’m too tired to even open my eyes. All of the sudden I feel Lacey leaning over me, I put my hand on the back of her leg, and find that she has lost her pants at some point. Running my hand up her thigh, I stop at her butt cheek and give it a smack. “Bruno stop! Kids are gonna be up soon, and I need to shower,” she says to me in a sleepy voice. I grab her other leg and move it over me so she’s straddling me. “Baby, what time is it?” I haven’t even opened my eyes yet, my hands are roaming all over her body, I’m more than ready to roll her over and have my way. “5:30 babe, go back to sleep,” she says leaning down and giving me a kiss. I grab her hips, and push myself up grinding against her, “mmmmm a couple more hours and we are gonna be doing this.” Giving me one more kiss she pulls herself off of me and pads into the bathroom. I decide I better get up and get my tooth brush, my mouth feels like its growing a sweater on my teeth.

After grabbing my tooth brush from my bag I head back to the bathroom, Lacey is still in her underwear, although now she’s lost her shirt and is clad in a sports bra. Her butt cheeks are perfect, how she hid all that ass from me I have no idea, but all I can do is stand in the door way and stare at those perfect cheeks. “Will you stop staring?” she says finally looking up from the sink bowl and into the mirror. Forcing my eyes to move up, I notice 4 nautical stars trailing up her spine. She also has a shooting star on her foot and a couple on the inside of her forearm.

Bru is practically raping me with his eyes right now. Guess I’ll give him something else to stare at. When he comes to stand beside me at the sink, I kiss his cheek and head to the shower, turning my back to him, I step inside my glass shower turn the water on and back out of the shower. Back at the sink I turn my radio on give a little spin and walk back to the shower. Swaying my hips back and forth I pull my sports bra off, and toss it backwards, then I slowly peel off my underwear and step into the shower. It’s getting steamy in the shower, so all he can really see is the shape of my body, but I’m giving him a show. When I open my eyes after getting my hair wet, he is standing against the glass wall. Slowly I walk over, raise my arms and put my hands where his are and then press myself up against the glass. After I kiss the glass I back away. “You are such a tease babe.” Is all he says, turning around he walks out of the bathroom and shuts the door. I have myself so worked up thinking about later, I’m practically throbbing with anticipation.

After getting out of the shower I open the door and find Bruno back in bed. I feel bad, really I do, I would have loved for him to join me, but we both know that the kids will be up shortly and we would have gotten caught. We have all weekend for sex, and I intend to use the whole weekend for just that! I sneak into my closet and get dressed.

I can’t believe I just restrained myself from getting in the shower with her. My dick is so hard right now, I want to cry. I just keep telling myself ‘not long Brunz, not long’ it’s not working. When I open my eyes again, Lacey is walking out of the closet, dressed in plaid Bermuda shorts, and a white lose tank top, with a black and white leopard print bra peeking out. I hope she doesn’t like that bra too much, cause I’ll be ripping it off here shortly. “Daayyymm baby, where are you going today?” “What are you talking about? Your used to seeing me in sweats or scrubs, this is normal weekend clothes. Do you like it?” She says spinning around. “I love it, but will you please throw a jacket or something over that top, I don’t want to share those ta-tas with the world.” “I plan on it Bru. Are you hungry, I have time to make breakfast.” Just as she asks my stomach starts growling.

Walking out into the hallway I hear Kensley moving in her room, I peak my head in her door and let her know that I’m going to start breakfast. When I look into Bray’s room, it’s empty, He’s in the living room on the couch watching the TV on mute. “Morning bubba,” I say patting the top of his head. “Mooom, I’m starving!” “I’m working on it, dude. Go get dressed.” Bruno has quietly followed me out when Brayden sees him, he jumps up and yells,”Brunooo! What are you doing here?” Bruno shoots me a look. “He just came for breakfast babe.” “Umm well where are his pants at mom?” Shit we’re caught. “Don’t worry about it, I’m a big girl, it’s none of your business little man, now go get dressed,” is all I can think to say!


After Breakfast I gather up the things I need to drop off for the kids at their Dad’s. Then we head out, Bruno heads to the studio and I tell him I will meet up with him in about an hour. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing day out. When we get to school, I kiss the kids and tell them to have a great weekend and then I’m off searching for a cab.

When I get to Greg’s house, I ask the cab driver to wait for me, cause I’ll need a ride back. Just as I’m getting out my phone rings, Bruno, I hit ignore and walk up the steps and knock on the door. When Martha answers all I want to do is put my hands around her throat and squeeze.

I think she meant to hit ignore, but I can hear bits and pieces of their conversation, I’m assuming that this is ‘Martha the evil step mother’. Pressing the phone to my ear I can’t believe what I’m hearing. That this sweet little woman can be such a fire ball. Note to self, don’t piss her off! “If I ever hear you say anything like that to my children again, I will knock you on your ass so hard, you won’t need that boob job you’ve been begging Greg for.” “Well you know once I have this baby, he won’t have time for your children anymore.” “Baby? Sweetie you realize he had a vasectomy 6 years ago, after Kensley was born right?” And then the door slams! WOW I hang up and call back again after a minute.

“Hey, sorry about that, had to handle something.” “Baby, I don’t think you realize but you didn’t hang up on me. You answered the phone.” “Oh, oops.” “It’s alright, are you coming over?” “Yes, I’m on my way.” We hang up and I think about what I just said to Martha, I know she hasn’t told Greg about the baby yet, her face was shocked! Man, I’m gonna get an ass chewing over that one. I have to clear my head, I don’t want her to affect my weekend.

 When I get to the studio, I pay for the cab and get out. Walking to the door, I realize it’s locked, after knocking and waiting for a few minutes I call Bruno. “Baby, come open the door.” “Oh be right there.” He says hanging up the phone. They got this building less than a week ago and I can’t believe the transformation that has already taken! We walk to the back where all the sound boards will be, and sitting on the couch is Phil and Ari. “Guys this is Lacey. Lace, I think you saw Phil when I was in the ER and this is Ari. They are my partners.” “Whoa, B is dating a white girl?” Ari says. I just look at Bruno. “Don’t listen to Ari, he’s just giving you a hard time,” Phil says, “But really he doesn’t date too many white girls.” Bruno just smiles and says,”Ya, But this white girl is special.” Kissing my cheek, he tells the guys that we are leaving and that we will see them tomorrow night.

“Bru, I have to do something really fast and then we can head home.” “That’s fine with me,” I say putting my arm around her waist. We walk a few blocks and then she heads into a little store. She walks over to the little cooler case and picks out 2 turkey sandwiches, a banana and a bottle of water. After paying she walks back to me and says, ”come on I have someone I want you to meet.” Walking out of the store we have company. The paparazzi have found us, Lacey pays them no attention. After a few blocks she turns into an alley. Squatting down by a dirty old man, he’s missing a leg, Lacey places the bag next to him and says, “Good morning Marvin.”

“Good morning my sweet angel,” he says. I look up to Bruno and pat the ground next to me, “Marvin, this is my boyfriend Bruno.” “Nice to meet you,” Bruno says squatting down next to me. Marvin doesn’t respond, he only smiles. “Well Marvin, I have to get going but I’ll see you at 5 right?” “Yes ma’am, I will be there.” Standing up and brushing my knees off I grab Bruno’s hand and head back the way we came. Paparazzi are snapping pictures like crazy, so I pull my shades down, and ignore them. They let us by with no problem, but I know they are following us. I reach into my bag and pull out hand sanitizer put some in my hand and then pass it to B. “Who was that guy and what do you mean see you at 5?” “He’s a homeless vet, I feed him on the weekends. He will be at my house at 5, for dinner and a shower.” Bruno is looking at me like I’m crazy, so I stop right where I’m standing, turn and look at him and say, ”Bruno, there is nothing wrong with that man, he got injured fighting for our country, he gets free healthcare, but can’t find a place to live. His family refuses to take care of him because his PTSD scares them. This country is so fucked up! My Grandfather has done this for him for 10 years, and I’m just taking his place.”  

“Baby, that is the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed. I’m just concerned for your safety.” “He would never hurt me Bru, plus he has only one leg, I’m sure I can escape him.” She says winking at me. Before I know it we are back at the privacy fence. She walks up the stairs in front of me, I keep seeing that sweet ass in just underwear this morning, and then her teasing me from the shower. I’m taking this into my own hands, as she opens the door and places her purse on the little table I shut and lock the door behind me. When she turns to me, I grab her hips and kiss her, letting all the frustration from this morning out in my kiss.