Chapter 6 - Greatest Lie

04/06/2011 11:09

I kiss him back and suddenly I feel his weight pushing down against my body and I’m laying on the bed with all his weight on top of me. I couldn’t really feel it very much... considering I was paying more attention to kissing him. His lips were so warm against mine and he kept pushing them harder against mine. He tasted so sweet. His hands were traveling up my t-shirt and he unstrapped my bra to get a better feel up there, if you know what I mean. I tried doing that really sexy position where the guy is over the girl and one of her knees is kinda pointed up... yeah it didn’t work so I stopped.

I felt the struggle of him taking my shirt off and next my bra. His kisses were hot against my chest as I bit my lip from the pleasure. He came back up and kissed my lips... he was still only in his boxers so it wasn’t hard to take off his clothing. And shit! There it was straight up and pointing at me. I kissed him while I smiled and before I knew it my pants were on the floor along side with my shirt. His hands were all over me and all I could hear were the sounds of my moans.

“Harder Bruno...” I could barely even get that out with all that was going on. I had never been so happy with someone in my entire life. I felt like I could do anything. Suddenly as he slowed down and began to kiss me I said something wrong. “My real name is...” He kissed me harder. “Raina Hussar...” Bruno began to push in faster. “My mom and I have been...” I moaned loudly and went on “lying to you!” That’s when it all stopped. Bruno stopped and pulled out.

“You’ve been lying?” I sit up and hold onto his arm as I watch him picking up his boxers and putting them back on his tan legs.

“Bruno… wait...” I try to say.

He looks at me. “When were you gonna tell me your real name?!” He yells.
         “I was going to soon! I SWEAR! It’s just...”
         “WHAT?! It’s just WHAT!?” He yells to me. I pick up my underwear and put it on as I watch Bruno open his door.
         “Do you mind?! I’m getting dressed!” I say to him.
He smirks at me. “Get. Out. Until you wanna tell what the hell you’re talking about... don’t come near me! I just had sex with you! Why? Because I thought I knew you... I thought I could trust you! In return you lie. So get out!” I put on my t-shirt and leave the room.
         “Bruno… I can’t tell you... please just...” and the door is slammed on my nose. Shit! That hurt. And I’m not just talking about my nose. I walk back to my apartment and once I close the door I break into tears. I’m on the floor, my nose is running, my face is red and there are tears rushing down my cheek. How could I have let it gone this far? I let him kiss me, he had sex with me... he knows everything about Tatianna Oberski but nothing about Raina Hussar. I should have told him, but I never expected it to get this far so fast.
         The next morning I wake up... still on the floor and I’m so sore. Maybe it was from the sex? Maybe it was from what position I had slept in. Probably both. I check the clock and it’s already 12, I haven’t eaten... I haven’t called my mom, haven’t texted John and worst of all I haven’t seen Bruno. When I hear someone knocking at my door. I quickly get off the floor and run to the door. I open it up and all I see is some breakfast in a bag on the floor in front of me. It’s from Bruno, I know... he didn’t even give it to me personally.
         Why would he? I didn’t just give him a small lie. I lied to him about ME! My whole self and life. I go back inside and stay cooped up in my room for the rest of the day. Monday my mom came home and I lied and told her that I went to school. Not really, I stayed home also not wanting to look at anyone. I call up John and tell him to come over on Tuesday after school and he of course said he’d love to. So the next day I woke up, and finally took a shower. It made me feel better. I didn’t even try to look good. I put a pair of jeans and a hoodie on. That’s literally. I didn’t even put a shirt on underneath. I slipped on a pair of slippers and I left for school.
         I avoided Bruno at the lobby. I actually secretly made my way to school by using the long way that John had shown me awhile ago. I get to school late. Which means I get to science class late. Mr. Mars wasn’t to happy.
         “So glad you could join us in class today Miss. Oberski or should I say...” I look at him and stare daggers into his eyes.
         “You don’t need to lie Mr. Mars. It’s rude to lie.” I respond.
         “Maybe you should start taking your own advice then!” He comes back at me.
         “No I think I’ll go on with my lies! Not that you would care you’re just my teacher! Remember?” I remind him.
He points at my seat next to John and says sternly. “Sit. Down. Before I give you detention for a month!”
         “Do it! That way I can see you and your stupid face less!” I yell at him. His eyes are wide and his face is red.
         “Tatianna Oberski! To Mr. Jameson’s office. NOW!”
         “Gladly!” I turn on my heels and stomp out as loudly as I can, or as loud as slippers can make noises. I know all eyes are on me now as I walk out and I feel my phone vibrate. John just asked what the hell was going on between him and me. I text back ‘nothing’. I make my way to the office, where Mr. Jameson must have been emailed from Bruno about my ‘rude behavior’.
         “C’mon in Miss Oberski.” He says to me opening his office door for me. I step in and sit down in one of the brown chairs across from his desk. He obviously sits behind his desk and looks at me curiously. “I have barely gotten to know you. Not even know would be a good word for us. All I know is you moved here from Connecticut...” Connecticut? I’m from New Jersey? Whatever the whole leaving home for a new life thing must have changed everything. “and that you enjoy playing soccer. Am I right?” I nod my head. I finally realize I have a head splitting head ache and had to put my head on my hand to try and let it go away without any aspirin.
         “So any reason you decided to back talk a teacher?”
         “No sir.”
         “That’s what I thought.” He looks down at one of his pens and twirls it in his fingers. “Detention... for the rest of the week starting tomorrow. From after school until six. Got it?”
         “Yes, sir.” I reply.
         “Good... now I have a meeting to get to. Get back to class Miss Oberski. Don’t let it happen again.”
         “I won’t.” I leave his office just as the bell goes off and at my locker I already see John there. Waiting for me.