Chapter 6

23/04/2011 16:32

"You know, You can go home now." Bruno said, worried at Alegria.


"No, this is a game and I should play fair so I'll do this. I'm just gonna sleep there anyway. Okay, I'm gonna sleep in the chair, the bed is yours." Alegria said.


"No, you're sleeping on the bed. The chair's fine with me." Bruno answered.


"You need to rest, you know? You still have tours tomorrow and you have to sleep well."


"Look, you're a girl. I should be a gentleman and offer you my bed. It would hurt my pride if you won't accept my offer."


"Okay. You win." Alegria sighed. 'Talk about a man's pride..'


Bruno smiled because he has, once again, convinced Alegria. The elevator door opened. They walked towards Bruno's room and went inside.


"You sure you're gonna sleep in the chair?" Alegria said as she sat down on the bed.


Bruno sat beside Alegria. "What? Are you gonna share the bed with me?" Bruno said, teasing Alegria.

Alegria's face turned red. "Of course not! Okay, to make this fair, let's play rock paper scissors to decide who will get to sleep in the bed. The winner gets the bed."


"Hmm.. Sounds good. Okay, I'll do it." Bruno answered.


"Okay then, get ready.." Alegria said, preparing her right hand. Bruno held out his right hand and they started the game.


"Rock! Paper! Scissors!" Alegria and Bruno said. Alegria threw rock while Bruno threw paper. Alegria noticed that immediately and changed her hand gesture into scissors.


"Heyyy, you cheated!" Bruno complained.


"No I didn't!" Alegria said, denying.


"Cheater! Come here you!" Bruno said as he tickled Alegria. Alegria laughed hard and Bruno still didn't stop tickling her. Alegria was lying on the bed, still laughing because of Bruno's tickling.


"You lousy cheater! You wanted the bed that bad? You sly little fox!" Bruno said while trying to hold both of Alegria's wrists by using his left hand while he is tickling Alegria with his right hand.


"Please! Hahahahahaha! Sto-hohohoho-op!!" Alegria said, laughing so hard that she started to cry.


As Bruno continued tickling Alegria, he stared at her face. 'Damn..' He stopped tickling her. He can't take his eyes off her. Bruno was mesmerized by Alegria's beauty.


"Oh.. Hahaha.. Oh God.." Alegria said, relieved that Bruno stopped. "Please, don't do that again." Alegria said as she smiled at him. Bruno didn't say a word. He just kept on staring at her.


"What? Okay, I know I look ugly with my hair like this. Wait, I'm just gonna fix my hair." Alegria said as she tried to stand up.


Bruno pulled Alegria hard that she have laid back on the bed. Alegria's eyes widened.


"What are you doing? Okay, I'm sorry. I won't cheat anymore. Happy now?" Alegria told Bruno as she tried to stand up again.


Bruno pulled Alegria back to the bed again and kept silent. He looked at Alegria's charming eyes then at her luscious red lips. Bruno lips were moving closer and closer to Alegria's that their lips were only a few centimeters apart. They closed their eyes. Suddenly, they heard a weird noise outside the door. Bruno and Alegria opened their eyes and moved away from each other.


'Damn.. What is it now?' Bruno said to himself, knowing that the boys are outside, spying on them. He scratched his head, disappointed.


"Wait here." He told Alegria.




"Hey hey, move.. I can't hear 'em!" Phredley said, trying to find a space to put his ear on the door.


"Keep it down, I can't hear them clearly!" Jamareo said.


"Wait, wait, keep quiet.. Did you hear that? I hear someone laughing!" Phil said.


"Do you know who it is?" Eric asked.


"I think it's Alegria!" Phredley answered.


"Ohh... Now I know why you were all like criminals earlier, hiding from them." Kenji said.


"Okay, I know you get it now, just keep quiet!" Phil said.


"Hey, move a bit so I can hear 'em too!" Kenji said.


Suddenly, the door opened. They were all surprised.


"Oh... Hey... Bruno.. We were just.. Uh.. Checking. If Alegria's here." Jamareo said.


"You know, she might not do the dare. So.. We came here to check." Phil said, smiling at Bruno. "Ain't that right, guys?" Bruno looked at the boys and the all nodded.


"Okay, she's here. You guys can go to your rooms now." Bruno said, hiding his frustration.


"Uhmm.. Did you kiss her already?" Phil asked Bruno, whispering.


"I said, you can go. NOW." Bruno said, trying to make the boys leave.


"Oohhh.. Okay okay. Understood. Sorry for the disturbance. You guys can continue what you're doing." Phil said, smiling at Bruno.


Bruno rolled his eyes and closed the door. He looked at Alegria. "Sorry.. Phil and the others.. They just.. Nevermind." Bruno told Alegria.


Alegria smiled. "It's okay.. You know, you really should be the one sleeping on this bed." Alegria said, patting the bed.


"Here we go again.. You know, we should just.. share with the bed. It's big enough for the two of us, so there won't be no problem."


"Okay.. If you really insist.." Alegria sighed. Her heart began beating fast. 'Oh my God..'


"I'm gonna take bath so you sleep first." Bruno said while getting his clothes from his luggage. Alegria smelled her clothes. And it didn't smell good. Bruno saw Alegria's reaction and smiled.


"You wanna have some shower? I'll let you borrow my clothes. You can use them as sleeping clothes." Bruno offered.


"Really? I can.. use them?" Alegria hesitated.


"Of course you can. Here, take these." Bruno handed Alegria his white t-shirt and a pair of shorts and Alegria took them. "You can go shower first. You can use the towel, tooth brush, tooth paste and comb there. There are three towels there and I have my own tooth brush, tooth paste and comb so you can use them." Bruno smiled.


"Uhh.. Okay.." Alegria shyly answered. Alegria entered the bath room, took her clothes off and turned the shower on. She started getting nervous. So she fastly cleaned herself, dried herself up and wore Bruno's clothes. She looked at the mirror. 'They look big on me..' She thought. She then brushed her teeth. Two times. Then combed her hair, took her clothes and went out of the bathroom. "I'm done." She didn't look at Bruno. She was shy.


"Oh, Okay." Bruno said as he walked to the bathroom. 'She looked good with my clothes on..' He smiled as he said to himself. Suddenly, he became nervous. But he didn't want to show it to Alegria. 'I have to stay calm. I don't want to make her feel disrespected.' He thought to himself. 'Control yourself.' After he finished taking a bath, he brushed his teeth, combed his hair, wore his clothes and went out of the bathroom. He saw Alegria standing by the window, looking at the moon. Her eyes sparkled as the moonlight shined on her. She was the exact meaning of Beautiful.


"Oh, you're done already. Look, it's full moon today." Alegria said, smiling at Bruno.


Bruno was just so mesmerized that he didn't say a word and just stared at her as he walked towards her. He wanted to hug her and kiss her at that instant. But he can't. 'Control.' He thought. Bruno stood beside her.


"It never shined this bright before." Alegria said, looking at the moon, her eyes sparkling.


Bruno raised his hand slowly.. And touched Alegria's face, gently, and smiled.


"What? Do I have something on my face?" Alegria said, touching Bruno's hand.


Bruno shaked his head in disagreement.


"Then what?"


"You're beautiful." Bruno answered, looking at her mesmerizing eyes.


Alegria blushed. "You know, you really should stop doing that."


"Doing what? What is it, really?" Bruno asked, curious.


'Making my heart beating faster and faster everytime you talk.' Alegria thought. "You know what, let's go to sleep." Alegria said as she walked to the bed and laid down.


"Aight." Bruno followed and laid down on the bed. They didn't face each other. It seemed like the big bed was becoming smaller and smaller every minute that they're there. Alegria started getting uncomfortable and nervous. She turned to face Bruno. 'He's sleeping.. Cute.' She thought. She slowly put her hand on Bruno's face.


Suddenly, Bruno opened his eyes and touched Alegria's hand. "Gotcha." Alegria was surprised. Bruno smiled as he pulled Alegria and tickled her. "You were staring at me, aren't ya? You sly little fox."


"No.. I'm not! Hahahaha! Stop it already!" Alegria told Bruno. She can't stop laughing.


"Admit it, you were looking at me, right? Hahaha! I'll stop if you do." Bruno said, still tickling her.


"Okay okay, I was staring at you. Now, please stop! Hahaha!" As soon as Alegria said that, she realized it was wrong to admit it. 'Oh Shit. You just got yourself busted, Alegria. Great.'


Bruno stopped. "Really?" He said, as he started getting close to Alegria.


"Y-yes.." Alegria looked away from him.


"Alegria. Look at me." Bruno said.


Alegria looked at Bruno, but he didn't stare at his eyes. "Wh-what?"


"Look into my eyes." Bruno said.

Alegria looked in Bruno's brown eyes.


Then stared at Bruno's lips. Suddenly, Bruno kissed her gently. Alegria kissed her back, passionately. After a few minutes of kissing, Bruno was already on top of Alegria. He was starting to remove his shirt.


"Wait.." Alegria said.


"What?" Bruno answered, afraid that Alegria might not have liked his kiss.


"My back.. It's itching.." Alegria said, smiling.


Bruno chuckled. "Oh.. Sit down, Imma scratch it for you." Bruno assisted Alegria as she sat down. Bruno scratched Alegria's back. Alegria suddenly chuckled.


"What?" Bruno said, smiling.


"Nothing.. I just remember my kindergarten students." Alegria answered.


"Why suddenly remember them?" Bruno curiously answered.


"They also scratch my back everytime I say my back is itching. I even made a schedule on who will scratch my back next. They always fight on who's next." Alegria said, smiling.


Bruno chuckled. "Ohhh.. So do I look like a kindergarten student to you?"


"Hmm.. Yes." Alegria turned around and pinched Bruno's cheek. "You're just like Sean, my naughtiest student."


Bruno smiled and hugged Alegria. Alegria didn't say a word and hugged Bruno back. Bruno looked at Alegria's face. 'She's.. Beautiful.' Bruno kissed Alegria gently and Alegria kissed him back. Bruno removed Alegria's shirt while kissing her, touching her body. They slowly laid down on the bed and removed each others clothes. They can already feel each other's warmth. Alegria touched Bruno's chest and Bruno pressed his body against Alegria and started kissing her from her neck, down to his favorite spot. Bruno went inside her and dominated Alegria's body. Alegria pulled Bruno closer to her body, making him feel her warmth.


"Faster..." Said Alegria. Bruno did as to what Alegria had ordered. Alegria pulled Bruno closer to her body as Bruno was kissing her neck. Bruno licked Alegria's lips and kissed them.


"More... Ahh.... " Alegria gently bit Bruno's ear and kissed Bruno's lips. They kissed passionately as they made love.