Chapter 60-63

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Chapter 60

I looked over to Diamond who was fast asleep. I reached down and grabbed her hand. I kissed it gently and let it back down to my lap intertwining our fingers in the process. She had been having trouble sleeping for the past couple of nights and I was glad that she was finally catching up on it with this flight. We had just under an hour till’ we would be home again. Each and everyday for the last two months, this baby hasn’t slipped my mind for too long. It was hard to wrap my mind around being a dad all of a sudden but, I was starting to really want this. The day that I held my son or daughter in my arms will be the day that I became a changed man. I laid my head back into the headrest. I inhaled and exhaled slowly, squeezing Diamond’s hand slightly. Things we’re moving so fast and I just wanted to be by her side as much as possible. I would only be here for a half an month before I headed back out to Europe for another part of my tour. Luckily I would only be gone for 10 days max. I sat there occuping myself with my thoughts for the next 45 minutes. I usually would wake Diamond up and make her talk with me, but I let her sleep this time. 15 minutes before we we’re set to touch down, I woke her up.

“Diamond..” I heard Bruno whisper into my ear. I smiled as I opened my eyes. I looked over to his beautiful smiling face, “Sleep better?” I nodded and sat up a bit, “A lot better.” “The baby.. do.. anything?” he asked shyly. I giggled, “No.. not yet Bru..” “Babe.. I really can’t wait..” I smiled a bit, “Me either.. I can’t wait..” We sat there picking on each other for the next 10 minutes. How the boy would be able to get away with anything he wanted because he would look just like him or how the girl wouldn’t take shit from anyone because she would be like me. It was one of the best conversations we had, had on flights. I could tell that he was getting more confident about this whole dad thing as the days past. The first week I could tell that he was kind of panicking in a way. But, now he was calm and he spoke his feelings more. I really loved it. I was just waiting till’ we found out what we we’re having, that’s when the fun would start.

As we got out into the airport we we’re bomb-rushed by the paparazzi. Bruno damn near squeezed my hand off. I hated how nervous he was in these situations, I could feel it. He held his head low his fedora covering up his eyes as they asked about our relationship and his Vegas incident. I just wished that they would drop it, they just wouldn’t leave him alone about it. It was enough that he had to think about it everyday knowing that he made a mistake like that is enough weigh on his shoulders. As much as I wanted to have at each and everyone of them I didn’t say anything There was really no point of adding more stress to our lives right now. We picked up our luggage quickly when we had a chance and made our way out into the heat as Dre shielded us from the mob. We quickly jumped into the truck and waited for everyone to get their things in. I looked over to Bruno who exhaled sharply as he looked out the window. I reached over and touched his thigh, “You okay?” I said softly. He reached up and adjusted his hat, “Not really..” I rubbed his thigh just trying to calm him down, “It’s alright Bru.. you know they don’t know shit..” “I know but, it just pisses me off.” he said balling his fists up. I reached up to his hands and unballed them, “Stop.. please..” He took a deep breath, “Ok.” I looked forward as we started to speed off.

I dragged my things into the room and sat on the bed taking my hat off. I ran my fingers threw my hair trying to take the mats out. I held my hat my hands going around the rim of it with my fingers as I sat there just thinking. I really don’t hold anything with me from the past because that’s exactly what it is the past. I guess that I would eventually get stronger about the whole subject, but for now it bothered me a bit. “Bruno.. come here please..” I heard Diamond call out. I quickly got up tossing my hat onto the bed. I walked out into the living room to find her sitting in the chair with a pained look on her face. I sat on the edge of the chair looking down to her, “You okay?” “No.. I’m getting sick..” I quickly jumped up, “Do you need to go to the bathroom or?..” She shook her head, “No.. I just don’t feel right..” I shook my head and looked down to her stomach, “Baby.. I don’t know what to do right now..” She held her hands out and I grabbed them she pushed like she wanted to get up and I pulled her the rest of the way.   She put her arms around me, “Just hold me please…” she whispered. I smirked a bit as I put my arms around her back. I rubbed it gently and put my face into her neck, “I love you..” I whispered. “I love you more..” she whispered back. I could tell that she was really scared right now and so was I. This was just the beginning.

I sat there playing with my ring as we waited for the doctor to come back and get us. I just felt awkward even sitting in this room. I looked over to Diamond as she just scanned the room as well. Dre sat across the room from us listening to his music looking threw a magazine. I looked down to my shoes tilting them over to the side as I waited almost endlessly. “Diamond Richardson?” I quickly looked up as if it was my own name. “Yes..” she said getting up. I got up after he looking around nervously. “Right this way..” the lady said opening a nearby door. I followed behind Diamond and nodded off to Dre as I went into the room. A lady doctor who looked to be in her 50’s I had recognized when Diamond had came to the doctor years ago greeted us. “Hey how are the both of you?” she said leading us into a room. “Good.” we said in unison. “So I know you are both excited about this huh?” she said as she patted the bed for Diamond to lay upon. I took a seat at the chair smiling, “I’m really excited.” I said quickly. “Oh.. well that’s good..” she said giving me a look. I guess I had spoke too fast, I was a bit nervous. I decided that I would just be quiet from here on out. I shifted my attention to Diamond who was watching the doctor as she put her gloves on. “So have we been having any problems? Really bad morning sickness or cramping?” she said moving over to Diamond.

I frowned a bit, “Well.. really bad cramping.. and my morning sickness has been normal I guess.” I moved my hands as she lifted up my shirt she pressed around on certain areas on my stomach. When she got to one point I jumped a bit. “I’m sorry.. does that hurt really bad?” I nodded quickly and looked over to Bruno, he looked like he was watching a horror movie. “Well that’s not good..” she said as she turned around to write something down. I started feeling sick, I didn’t like those words. “Have you been eating regular meals and doing everything the guidelines have been telling you?” she asked as she turned back around to me. “Yes ma’am.. everything.. I’ve basically changed my whole diet..” “Okay.. well I don’t want to worry you too much because everything is fine, but I want you to make sure you’re keeping up with your medicine and sleep.” I nodded, “Yes ma’am.” “Well you two can be on your way.. I don’t wanna keep ya’ too long.” she said with a smile. I sat up and started to step down off of the bed and Bruno was there by my side helping me down. As we walked out of the room he went to my ear, “You’re gonna sleep all day.. and no more french fries.” I laughed and elbowed him playfully, “I’m fine Bruno..” “No baby I’m serious.. I don’t want anything to happen to you.. or the baby..” he said saying the last part softly. I looked over to him, “Thanks Bru..” He was really trying to help and that just mean’t so much to me.

“Have a good day lovebirds..” Dre said waving his hand out the window lazily. I waved back with a smile as I followed Bruno into the house. Bruno went right in taking off his hat setting it on the bar. “So you ready to start on this back room?” he said turning to me. I smiled from ear to ear, “If that’s what you wanna do..” “I mean we might as well start..” I looked him up and down with a sly look on my face, “What you up too?” “What?” he said frowning. “Nothing..” I said laughing a bit. Before he started to walk away I grabbed his shirt. He turned back to me looking down to my hand like I was just some random person grabbing him. I pulled him into me wrapping my arms around him. I kissed him softly, “Thanks for being here Bru..” He pressed his lips together and took a quick breath, “You haven’t kissed me.. like that.. in awhile..”

I smiled and kissed him again but for longer this time as we unlocked he kept his eyes closed a bit longer. “Please don’t get me all started when nothing is going to happen…” he said frowning a bit. “But.. what if something did happen.. I mean I do owe you.. for being really sweet to me and all..” He bit his lip, “You do..” I smiled as I reached down for his belt, I guess there was nothing wrong with helping him out with his sexual frustrations. I knew it would be hard for him not to have the real thing, so I would just work with what I had. “Baby.. don’t you sit here and make me hard.. don’t you do it..” I finally got his belt undone and I started for his zipper without saying a word. I reached down into his jeans and rubbed up against him, he lied he was already hard….


Chapter 61

This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

I closed my eyes as she leaned in kissing me softly again. I felt her grip around me and it made me even harder. “Baby.. you do not know.. how long I’ve been waiting for something..” I whispered as she started to kiss on my neck. “Mhmm..” she said in between them. I was past horny right now and I just wanted to get off so bad. As she stopped kissing me I opened my eyes slowly. “Come on.. let’s get you comfortable..” I whispered as I started for the living room. I went over towards the couch pulling my jeans and boxers down to my knees as I sat down. I had already knew what she had in mind and I wouldn’t do the other thing with her anyway, I was unsure how that worked. She sat down smiling and I moved my shirt from over myself. She grabbed me and started stroking as she leaned in and kissed me. I tried my best not to moan into her mouth as she did it. I was trying to calm myself down but, she was moving way too fast for me to even get a chance too. I closed my eyes and moved away from her lips clenching on my shirt trying to calm down, I really wanted this to last. As I opened my eyes again she was already going down and I lifted my shirt up even more. I threw my head back as she took me in her mouth inch by inch. I moved my hand to her back rubbing it as she went along.

I could hear him breathing deeply as I took him in and out of my mouth. I knew he loved this, and I was going to try to give him the best I could. I closed my eyes and started to get into it and his heavy breathing started turning into moans. “Slow down baby..” he moaned softly. But, I didn’t listen to his words, I kept going at it making his moans get louder. “Shit..” he whispered at the end of one of them. I felt him reach down and move some of my hair out of my face before I felt his eyes on me staring hard. I looked up at him and he could barely keep his face straight. I took my time sucking a little harder on certain parts of him. “Oh god..” he moaned as he threw his head back again. I moved my hand up and started stroking him as I kept using my mouth. He moved one of his hands up to the back of my head grabbing at my hair a bit, but I didn’t mind it. He was just so into right now that it turned me on like no other but, I wasn’t out to get pleased it was all for him right now. “Damnit baby you gonna make me cum..” he moaned out.

I closed my eyes and felt myself inching closer to exploding but, it had only been ten minutes. I wanted this to last so bad because I didn’t know when it was ever going to happen again. “Baby.. you gotta slow down please..” I whispered. She slowed down her stroke and slowly took the tip of me in and out of her mouth sending chills down my spine. “Baby please..” I moaned unable to finish off my sentence. This was a hundred times better than just getting one off in the bathroom. I moved both of my hands to her hair holding it up as I watched her. She was just moving so good with it that it made me want to scream. She kept adding a little bit more speed after each passing minute and I knew that when she sped up this time that I wouldn’t be able to hold it in. She looked up at me as she took me out of her mouth and licked me all the way up and down again. I widened my eyes I had never seen her do all of this before, but I fucking loved it. She started back with her same tempo from before and I pushed myself up on the couch as I got ready to explode. “Can I let go?” I whispered as I watched her. She moaned onto me making me have to moan back in return. I felt the urge to wanna grab myself but, I rested my hand on my thigh instead. “Fuck..” I moaned out as I felt myself right at the peak. I closed my eyes and leaned in a bit as I felt myself exploding into her mouth. “Ahh babyy..” I moaned as she kept sucking.

I listened to him moan out in different tones as I kept going just trying to take my mind off of what he was doing. I knew that I had just pleased him and that’s all that mattered.  ”Fuck girl.. I love you..” he said clenching my shirt. I slowly leaned up feeling a bit unsatisfied but proud nonetheless. He opened his mouth and then shook his head, “I got no words…” I laughed as I got up smacking his thigh, “Pull your pants up..” I went straight into the bathroom and started brushing my teeth as quickly as possible, I felt really dirty. “If I can just get that… everyday.. for the rest of my life.. I’d be good..” I heard him say. I laughed as I rinsed my mouth out, “You wish..” “Yep..” “Okay.. well I guess you don’t need the real thing then..” I joked. “Don’t play with me..” he said sternly. I came out of the bathroom, “No one is playing with you boy.. whatever.” I said smiling. I went back and sat on the couch and he smiled at me, “Can I kiss you now..” “You sure you want too?” I said moving back a bit. He shrugged and leaned in anyway. He kissed me softly grabbing my head with one hand as he did. “Best head ever..” he said as he leaned out. I punched him in the chest softly, “Stop.” He laughed as he rubbed himself where I hit him. I would even have to say that he was one lucky dude.

I wiped some sweat from my face as I reached up in the closet pulling the last box down. It was damn near as hot in this back room as it was outside. I even had a fan in here and still wasn’t doing anything. I kicked the box a bit as I set it on the floor, it barely moved. I opened it to find a bunch of old magazines and records that I had, had from Hawaii so long ago. I just couldn’t throw these things away. I knelt down and started going threw the records smiling as I came across memories from high school and college. I came across a Jimmy Hendrix record that I wished I had a record player for. I could sit all night and play my guitar to some of his songs. “What you doing Bru..” I heard Diamond say from behind me. I held up the record as I looked to her, “Look what I found..” She laughed, “Oh god now you gonna need a record player huh?” I stood up, “I’m gonna go find one.. as soon as I can..” “Well can that wait, we got company..” she said smiling. “Company?” I said as I wiped my hands on my jeans that we’re already dirty anyway. She turned and walked out the door and I followed behind her. I smiled from ear to ear as Kameron and Carla stood there, a baby in each of their arms. “Aww man..” I said softly. I went close and looked down to the boy and the girl who each as sleeping away. “Look at you Daddy Kam..” I joked as I looked up to him. He laughed, “Don’t give me them jokes right now.” “Na.. but she’s beautiful..” I said looking back down to her. “You wanna hold her?” he said putting his arms out a bit. I looked up to him almost surprised that he had asked.

“Hey baby Jaydenn..” I said softly as I cradled him in my arms. I rocked him back and forth softly as I looked over Bruno who was taking Renee in his arms. I watched closely as he looked down to her like she was a award. “Aww.. you two..” he said out the side of his mouth as he reached up and pulled her little shirt down. He turned around and started pacing a bit humming a song that I didn’t recognize. I couldn’t put into words how amazing it was seeing him do that. “Bruno..” “Shhh..” he said looking over to me. I started smiling softly. He kept humming as he looked down to her and I just looked from Jayden up to Kam and Carla. They both just gave me proud looks, I nodded as I looked back down to Jayden, “You got a good Uncle Bruno..” I whispered.

It was almost July now and everything was perfect. Bruno got good news from his label saying his album had exceeded their expectations for this time and that his next set of shows had been sold out. He was starting to get calls left and right asking him to be a feature on songs or people asking to buy music that he had written. I had noticed that he had been writing a lot lately. I was just hanging in there, trying to keep my diet under control. I really missed writing too but every time I went to pick up a pen I just didn’t feel the urge anymore. Next month I would be coming upon my 4th month of my pregnancy which means a lot of good things. I kept in touch with my doctor as much as possible but, my cramps weren’t getting any better. Not to add that my morning sickness was starting to turn into afternoon sickness. “Diamond are you okay..” Bruno said from outside of the bathroom. “Just give me a second..” I said sternly. “Alright.. I mean damn you’ve been in there for like an hour.. you sure you don’t want me to call someone?” I put my hands on my head, “No please Bru.. just don’t worry..” I started heaving again and I just honestly felt like I was gonna pass out. “Diamond I can’t just sit here like this..” “Bruno.. please stop.. this is normal okay…” “Okay.. alright..” I looked over to the door and watched as his shadow went away. I reached up and flushed the toilet again, this was getting a lot worst then I thought it would…..


Chapter 62

I frowned a bit as I sat down in the chair grabbing my guitar again. I listened to her basically threw up everything we had just ate for breakfast. I tried my best to take my mind off of the sounds by playing my guitar, but my attention was set on the bathroom door. She got really loud for a second and it made me jump stopping my strum on the guitar. “Fuck baby.. are you okay?” I yelled. “Bruno oh my god.. I’m fine..” “You know you really don’t sound like it.. you’re scaring the shit out of me..” I said honestly. Each time she would have these sessions they would get worst and worst. She didn’t respond and I heard the toilet flush again. I looked back down to my guitar and started strumming again. A couple of minutes later I watched her walk from the bathroom to the bedroom. I quickly got up leaning my guitar against the chair. I walked into the room to find her laying in the bed curled up into a ball. I sat on the bed softly, “It is that bad?” I whispered. “Bruno.. it’s fucking horrible..” I got up and laid down behind her wrapping my arms around her waist. I moved my hands to her stomach that was getting bigger by the day. I smoothly ran my hands across it several times, “Come on baby.. don’t make mommy too sick..” I put my face into her back, kissing it softly.

I smiled from ear to ear he kissing me, he was being so sweet right now. I moved my hands to his and just kept them there trying to relax. He started softly singing right behind my ear and I just closed my eyes. His voice could just do wonders.

Each day I was gaining more and more weigh till’ I had to go out and buy paternity clothes with Michelle. Not to add that I had been stuffing my face with bananas. For some reason I guess my baby craved them even though I hated them so much. I’m just glad that Bruno hadn’t been here to see me do it. He had been in Europe for the last week doing some shows and he promised that he would be on the next flight back here as soon as his last show was over. I told him not to rush because I honestly was starting to look like shit, and I didn’t want him to see me like that. Whenever I would complain he was tell me that I looked sexy for a pregnant lady. I honestly didn’t know if that was good or bad. We had got the back room all cleaned up and I would be going to shop for the baby the tomorrow before he got back. I couldn’t wait to hear his questions when he picked up things he had never seen before. His confusion was so cute. My cramping had been easing up but, I was going to the bathroom almost every 30 minutes. I had to make sure there was a bathroom around at all times. I honestly had never even pictured myself pregnant, but I knew that after this baby I would need to start back working out.

“Baby what the hell is this?” I said holding up some weird looking plug thing. She laughed and grabbed it from me, “Don’t worry about it.” “This isn’t everything is it? It’s only one bag..” She shook my head, “No Bru.. it’s just some stuff that I should have you know..” “Oh.” I said with a smile. She leaned in and kissed me, “Stop being so cute..” “I can’t help it..” I said as I looked down to her lips as we unlocked. I was pretty proud of myself for being so strong. It had been a hard road already but, we we’re managing. I think I would be overall excited when I found out if we we’re having a boy or a girl. Diamond told me that we would be going to see the specialist this weekend. Every night since I’ve been home, I’ve been holding her close to me just hoping to feel the baby move. My love for the baby was honestly just starting to get bigger and bigger everyday. I was excited to start buying baby clothes and baby food. I really liked babies, but I would love this one because it would be my own.

“So how’s it coming with your little baby?” Phil asked me as I sat down into the couch. I instantly started to smile, “Beautiful man.. just beautiful.. I’m in love.” “Awww.. look at you.. but, I’m gonna be real I never pictured you in this situation..” I shrugged, “Things change.. and things happen..” “You’re right about that my guy..” he said as he started to turn off the equipment. I picked up my notebook and started writing away again before he asked a question taking me from my thoughts. “So.. has she gotten really sick on you yet? Leiyah does it all the time man..” I quickly looked up, she honestly was sick all the time and it was scary. “I mean.. just a little bit of throwing up..” I lied. “Well.. you gotta take care of her.. they get these weird ass cravings.. like pickles..” I laughed and raised an eyebrow, “At least she craves just bananas..” “Damn really?” he said sitting into the couch across from me. “Yeah.. and she has always hated them.. like she wouldn’t even pick them up at the grocery store for me.. But, other than that.. everything is beautiful.. I’m happy she’s happy.. we’re making it.” I looked back down to my notebook and started writing again. I really didn’t want to carry this conversation on too much because she had honestly not been too good for the last week. “So.. have ya’ll did the nasty?” I quickly looked up again and laughed, “What?” “You heard me..” “No.” I said sternly. He started laughing his ass off. “The shit is not funny Phil.” I said frowning. “Chill..” he said putting his hands out. “I am chill..” I said looking back down to my notebook.

It got quiet and I just kept writing on, I had been writing a new song lately but, it was weird because I had no inspiration for it, it was just something that came to mind. “Phil.. I’m gonna find out tomorrow..” I said looking up. “What?” he said still looking looking at his laptop. “I’m gonna find out.. if I’m having a boy or a girl tomorrow..” “Aww.. shit.. you know when I found out I was having a son.. shit changed..” “I want that same feeling Phil.. I want it so bad..” “I’m proud of you man..” he said nodding. “Me too..” I said looking back down. Me fucking too.

The next morning I woke up to Diamond doing her usual throwing up in the bathroom. “God damnit baby..” I said putting the pillow over my ears. “I’m sorry..” she said as she flushed the toilet. “Are you gonna be able to make it today?” I said sitting up. “Of course..” “Okay..” I said taking a deep breath. I cleaned up a bit as I waited for her to get out the shower and then I had one. I threw on a flannel, some jeans, and my fedora before I walked out into the kitchen. Diamond was sitting at the bar eating. As I got closer and looked down to her plate I started to frown. I looked up to her face, “What the hell are you eating?” “Bannnas…?” she said her mouthful. “But.. what are you eating it with… Oh my god is that jelly..?” I said looking back up to her. She nodded looking at me like I was crazy when she was the one eating this shit. “That’s so sick..” I said shaking my head and looking away. “Bruno.. it’s good to me okay..” she said softly. I went into the fridge grabbing a bottle of water, “That’s prob why you’re throwing up everywhere.. I can’t even look at it..” I said turning the other direction as I opened my water. “Stop it..” she laughed. I just stood there drinking my water, finding myself thinking about the baby once again. “What are you going to do when you have to clean up throw up huh?” I quickly turned to her, “I’m not gonna do it.” “Uh yes you are..” she said getting down from the stool. I moved out of her way, “Not gonna do it..” I said shrugging. “You’re such a big ol’ baby..” she joked. “I’ll take that if it means not cleaning up throw up.. I’ll happily take it.”

We arrived at the doctor’s office once again and I found myself sitting in that same seat I was before. This time, I was way more nervous though and I had a reason to be. I looked over to Diamond as she sat back her head against the wall just trying to relax. Seconds turned into minutes, one minute turned into 10 and just when I couldn’t take it anymore they called her name. I got up quickly helping her to her feet as we followed the friendly nurse into the back. She lead us into a room and closed the door behind us. I helped Diamond up onto the bed and sat in a spinning chair beside her. The room was a lot bigger than the last one and had lots of more equipment around. “Bruno..” I spun my chair around and then gave her a look, “Yes beautiful?” “Are you ready for this?” “Absolutely.” I said with a smile. “Good..” she said looking back ahead of her. After a couple minutes of silence her doctor walked in. “Hey, it’s gonna be a good day today..” she said with a huge smile that I couldn’t help but smile with. “Yes ma’am..” “Alright let me get this all fired up..” she said clicking switches and opening drawers. I just kept my eyes locked on Diamond’s stomach just wondering. “Look at how big you’ve got..” she said as she lifted her shirt up. “I know..” Diamond said with a giggle.

She took some type of weird gel and squeezed it onto to her stomach. It made me a bit uncomfortable but, I just played with my ring to release the anxiety. She took a the camera with the cord and softly pressed it against her stomach. “Now we’re all gonna look at this screen here..” she said pointing to a screen to the side of her. I studied the black and white images closely, my heart beating a million times a minute. “Look who I’ve found!” she said with a smile. I instantly started smiling and looking back and forth from her stomach to the monitor. I could see what looked like a baby in there. “Are you a baby girl.. or a baby boy..” she said in a soft voice as she moved the camera around. Oh god, what do I got I thought to myself…

Chapter 63

I held my breath as I searched the screen. I could see little hands starting to form and I started to smile. “Well you got you guys a little baby boy!” she said smiling. I looked over to Bruno and he had the biggest smile ever on his face. I put my hand over my mouth, “Oh my god..” I looked back to the doctor and she started taking pictures. After she was all done and got everything cleaned up she left the room. “I’ll give you guys some time.” As soon as the door closed Bruno hopped up and kissed passionately. “Oh my god baby.. I love you so much..” he said cheerfully. I laughed, “I love you too Bru..” He shook his head looking away and then looked back to me, “A boy.. man I got a boy..” “Oh my god..” I said again his words echoing in my head. “I can’t wait now.. I really can’t baby..” he said touching my stomach gently. He started moving his hand around, “Yeah little man.. we gonna run this shit..” he joked. I laughed and rolled my eyes, “Yeah whatever..” “Oh god baby.. I don’t think you understand how excited I am right now..” I nodded, “I can tell by your face..” He kissed me again, “You mean everything to me..” I titled my head a bit to the side, “Bruno..” “I mean it.. I really do..” I don’t think he understood how he mean’t to me. I looked back to my stomach and put my hand on top of his, I had myself a little Bruno. My doctor came back going over more guidelines and giving me my new medications that I was to take.

Since I was feeling a bit better, I got to go out on my own to buy some things for the baby. I didn’t want Bruno to go because the paparazzi we’re already on him enough. I really wanted him to go but, I didn’t think I would be bothered if he wasn’t around. That was a complete lie. As soon as I walked out of the store, my bags in hand a guy with a camera was in my face, asking questions. “Is that Bruno’s baby? Or are you messing around still?” I kept walking ignoring his comments heading towards my car as quick as possible. “How do you feel about Bruno using drugs? How can you still be with him?” I snapped, “Look get a fucking life okay.. fuck off!” I yelled looking right into the camera. I hurried into my car opening the driver side door and tossing my things into the passenger seat. My heart was beating like mad and my hands started to shake as I tried to put the key in the ignition. It took my forever just to start the car up. I got home as quick as possible, putting my head into the steering wheel as I sat in the driveway. I felt my stomach started to churn like I was gonna puke at any second. “Oh my god..” I said to myself lifting my head up. I took my keys out grabbing my bags out of the opposite seat. I made my way to the front door slowly trying not to pass out on the way there. I heard the TV as I started to unlock the door. I rushed in setting the bags, my purse, and keys onto the bar. “Baby you alright?” Bruno said turning around to me from the couch.

I couldn’t answer his question, I rushed into the bathroom and started throwing up everything I had, had that morning and afternoon. I saw Bruno at the door out the corner of my eye, “Shit..” “Bruno.. I’m really sick right now..” I said coughing out the words. “What do you want me to do..” he said his voice shaky. “I don’t know.. ” I said feeling tears coming. I was so emotional right now, I couldn’t put into words what was happening right now. I threw up again before I could finally catch my breath, “The fucking paparazzi guy man..” “Oh no the fuck they didn’t..” he said sternly. I grabbed my head, “I yelled right into the camera oh my god..” “That’s why I should have just went.. fuck.” he said yelling the last part. I reached up and flushed the toilet, “Feeling a little bit better now..” “I’m not leaving your side alright.. ever..” he said as he watched me. I wiped my mouth and looked up to him and it was just pure fear in his eyes, “Okay Bru..”

The next week was completely horrible. I found myself in the bed most of the day struggling to sleep. It seemed that my little boy didn’t like anything but bananas and I couldn’t just eat those all day. I stood there in the bathroom holding myself up by the sink, I had just finished my session after eating lunch. I was starting to look faded but, I kept drinking as much water as possible. I walked back out into the living room taking my seat by Bruno again. He put his arm around me kissing my cheek, “Better now..” I took a deep breath, “Better..” I started back watching the TV and we went into some random conversation about cars. “I mean I like my car not—” I stopped mid sentence and looked down to my stomach. “What?” he said looking at me up and down. “Oh my god..” I said covering my mouth. I felt it again and I quickly looked up to him smiling like a fool, “Bruno oh my fucking god, he moved.” He quickly put his hands on my stomach and our eyes locked. He waited patiently until I felt him move again, his face was priceless when he felt it. He just looked back and forth like he had no words. “I know Bruno.. I know oh my god..” I said sitting up. He quickly went down to the floor and got right in front of my stomach. “Shhh..” he said lifting my shirt up.

He softly put his hands onto my stomach, “Hey man.. can you hear you’re daddy talking to you..” he said softly. I put my hand over my mouth, he was beyond cute right now. “I know you can hear me.. move for me one more time..” he said looking up to me with a smile. Time went in slow motion and we both just waited. I felt him jump again and I quickly look up to Bruno. “Oh my god he heard me..” he said with the biggest smile on his face. He put his face down to my stomach and kissed it gently, “I love you man.. you keep it up..” My heart was beating so fast right now, I could just feel the love right now, I felt like a family. After a day just being happy about this and calling and telling everyone we made our way to bed. I opened my eyes slowly looking over to the alarm clock. It was almost 1 A.M. and of course I had to pee like a race horse. I peeled Bruno’s arm from around me and he flipped onto his other side as I got up from the bed. I made my way into the bathroom and relived myself and just sat there for a moment. I started to cramp like crazy and I put my hand on my face, “Oh my god not right now baby..” I whispered to myself.

I started to toss and turn as I laid there, I knew I was woke but, I just didn’t want to get up. I realized that Diamond wasn’t in the bed anymore and that she hadn’t been for awhile now. “Diamond..” I groaned. I didn’t get a response. “Shit..” I whispered as I got up from the bed. “Diamond..” I called out again. I started to git a bit nervous as I drag myself to the bathroom door. I pushed it open to find her sitting on the floor in front of the toilet her head resting on the seat. “Baby oh my god.. what are you doing..” I said quietly. She seemed to be sleep and I went down to my knees beside her, I put my arms around her pulling her into my chest, “Diamond wake up..” “Ow.. Bruno don’t do that..” “What are you doing..” I said my voice shaky. “It hurts so bad..” she groaned. “Come on get up..” I said pulling her up to her feet. I struggled but managed to help her into the bedroom, laying her down on the bed. She put her hands on her face and started to cry. I looked her up and down, “What’s happening..” She just started to cry even harder.

I started panic putting my hands on my head, “Baby.. I can’t take it anymore.. come on we’re going to the hospital..” “Bruno no please..” I started going threw my drawers quickly pulling out some jeans, “No we’re going.. I’m not gonna sit here..” I was scared out of my mind right now and I didn’t know what to do. I figured that I could get her some help by taking her to the hospital. I helped her get up and get some clothes on and get things together getting into the car. My heart was damn near beating out my chest the entire time, I was just hoping that she was okay…..