Chapter 60-62

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Chapter 60

So of course Evie was able to get the internship she interviewed for that day. She started on June 1st. Just as she was getting the hang of things, though, she knew that Bruno would be coming back to change everything, like he always did. She loved him in her life, she needed him in her life, but there was just something about getting into a routine and then him suddenly popping in changing everything all over again. Evie drug herself into the downtown Los Angeles office in the middle of June throwing her things on the table next to another intern-Bridgette.

”Woah, Evie. Like really?” Bridgette asked.

”Well yeah…I finished a lot of it because I’m going to be gone for most of next week.” she answered. ”You know I’m not an overachiever, I just got it done so I didn’t have to worry about it.” Evie said sitting down.

”Oh yeaaahhh. You’re going on some snazzy little trip right? To like the Bahamas or something?” Bridgette asked.

”Hardly. We’re going to be in San Diego and Vegas. That’s it” she told her new friend.

”That’s…well Vegas is fun. And isn’t the fair next week?” she asked.

”Yeah. That’s why we’re going. And my daughter’s birthday is next week too. It’s going to be the talk of all the 5 year olds in the city.” Evie laughed.

”Wow..I knew you had a kid but I didn’t know she was that old.” Bridgette answered.

”She’s like this giant weed that just keeps growing…” Evie said pulling her phone out showing a picture of her with Bruno wearing his sunglasses. ”And that’s the boyfriend.”

”He’s cute. I feel like I know him from somewhere but I don’t know.” Bridgette answered. ”It’s not tv.”

”It’s not tv. Anyway. He’s not home now and he’ll be back this next week.” she answered putting the phone up. They don’t need to know all this. She thought to herself shuffling papers around going back to work.


Evie ran around the apartment picking things up quickly knowing that people would be arriving at her apartment any minute. ”Luccccyyyyyy….come help me, please.” Evie yelled holding things in her arm watching them slowly fall. ”And put the cups over there…”

”Mommmmm…why didn’t we go to Chucky Cheese?” she asked.

”Because this is easier and I’m sure we’ll go when Bruno gets home tomorrow.” she answered.

”But I wanted it to be now…” she told her mother.

”Suck it up, it’s your birthday today.” Evie told her daughter as they heard a knock on the door.

”Oh..lookie here, lookie here…” Evie said hugging Jaime as she walked in with her kids.

”And a year ago we didn’t even know each other.” Bruno’s sister laughed setting down the small box they brought for Lucy.

Evie left the door cracked open as people started piling into the house with the kids running around in circles with balloons all over the house and video games being played.

Evie sat down next to Iris and Bianca who she hadn’t seen in ages even though they lived in the same building.

”Are we going to be saying good bye to you two soon?” Iris asked.

”Umm…why?” Evie asked.

”You two are obviously doing well…shoot. You’re gonna marry him by the end of the year.” Bianca answered.

”Oh god. I don’t want to do anything until I pass the bar. Getting married is the last thing on my mind.” Evie answered slightly embarrassed to think that she had planned it all out in her head already.

”Don’t even lie girl. I know you already planned it all.” Iris answered.

”Don’t tell his sister.” she told them quietly.

”Ha. Okay…because his sister is that one, right?” Bianca pointed to another group of parents sitting together. ”And her son is the one that broke her arm?”

”Yeah. It was ridiculous. He was trying to give her some letter Bruno wrote me and hit her because he wouldn’t take it.” Evie explained.

”Well they’re destined to be together.” Iris answered watching them sit next to each other eating popcorn.

”Have you married my daughter off, Iris?” Evie asked.

”Yeah. Probably. hahahaha.” they all laughed finishing the party.


After everyone left and things were cleaned up Evie laid down on the couch watching her daughter play with dolls and toys everyone had bought her. ”Mommy…let’s dress up!” she said running back into her bedroom dragging a pile of dress up clothes that her sister had bought for her.

”Okay..but not for too long. We have to get up early because we’re going to Bruno’s.” she told her daughter putting on a hat and feather boa.

”Smile, mom!” Lucy exclaimed taking Evie’s phone from the table.

”Come over here we can take it together!” Evie said snapping the picture with her daughter.

”Now send it to Bruno!” Lucy said taking the phone scrolling to his name. ”There…”

”Oh…he didn’t need to see that…” Evie told her daughter laughing. ”Let’s clean up…come on…we  have a very busy day tomorrow!” she told her daughter.

”Okay…okay…” Lucy said dragging her things back to her bedroom.

”Thank you for cleaning up, Lu-lu.” Evie told her daughter walking back toward their bedrooms watching Lucy put on her pajamas.

”Mommy…I want to wear this tomorrow..” she said pointing to a bright red Bruno Mars shirt.

”Let’s save that one for later. Pick another one…” Evie replied.

”Ugh. Mommmmyyyy. That’s dumb.” she answered.

”Whatever, Lucy…just get ready for bed, huh?” Evie sighed tucking her daughter into the bed kissing her on the head.

”Good night, momma.” Lucy said as the lights were turned off.


The next day Evie piled some of Lucy’s new toys into the back of her car next to Lucy’s booster seat near the bags that she had packed for them. It was going to be a crazy week, but she knew it was something that was inevitable- spending a ridiculously long amount of time with his family. But at least she could escape back home if it got to be too much. She drove through the small zigzagged streets to his house seeing several cars. He had called her the night before to tell her exactly who was going to be there and what he was going to do, Lucy had no idea that they were going to have a huge celebration for her at his house. Evie wasn’t exactly sure what to expect either- she hadn’t ever celebrated a birthday with them yet. She opened the door slowly holding Lucy back from running to find Bruno. ”Just wait…” she told her knowing that the lights were off and that they were going to surprise Lucy.

”Where is everyone?” Lucy asked. ”The cars are here…mommm…did the zombies get them? Mom…” Lucy started to walk to the back of the house with the lights off. Evie shook her head seeing Bruno’s shadow off to the side. She walked toward him touching his arm telling him to turn on the light.

”Happy birthday Lucy!” everyone screamed as she walked down the hallway toward his room. She jumped running to Evie scared at all the noise. Evie caught Bruno in the back pushing everyone out of the way to get to him hugging him.

”Well I missed you too.” he smiled kissing her on the head. ”And your mom.” he said reaching to take her hand hugging both of them at the same time. ”Come on…we have lots of good things for you, Lu-boo…” Bruno said pointing to the couch piled with presents.

”All of it?” she asked.

”But mommm…I already had my birthday party…” she told everyone. ”I can’t fit it all….”

” can have as many birthday parties as you want.” Evie said sitting next to her daughter watching her rip the wrapping paper off. Bruno sat on the other side of the boxes surprised by how happy it made him to see both of them happy at the same time. After a few presents Bruno got up to sit next to Evie who was piling things together so they didn’t get messed up. He leaned in toward her whispering in her ear.

”I love you.” and then he got up walking toward the back of the house bringing a guitar out with him. ”Lucy! I have a song for you!” he told her.

”For me? Did you write it for just me? Like you wrote that one song for mom?” she asked.

” one knows about that one yet, silly. I didn’t write this one, Luc…but I think you’ll like it.” he answered starting to play the guitar looking at Evie who held onto her daughter on the now clean couch. He started to strum the guitar singing. ”The day…that I left Lucy….a tear fell from her eyes. Now I don’t have nobody and I….was such a fool the day…the day the day the day…that I left Lucy…the day the day the dayyyy…the day that I left Lucy. She cried and said good bye good bye. Now I don’t have nobody and I am all alone. The day, the day that I left Lucy, the day, the dayyy….now I don’t have any more songs to sing…cause you’re everything, everything to me. Well I didn’t realize that I felt this way…until that daaay….that I left Lucy. The day….missing Lucy….oh. And you say….that she’s okaaayyy…I hope she is…” he continued the song making Evie almost start to cry. Tahiti hugged her tightly smiling with Evie as his sisters surrounded Evie and Lucy.

”We really do love the two of you.” Tiara smiled at Evie.

”Mommmm…that’s my song!” Lucy exclaimed. ”How did Bruno know that it was my song?”

”I told him, silly.” Evie answered watching Lucy run over to him after he put down the guitar.”Mom…we can keep him….even if he’s short.” 


Chapter 61

”Evvveeee….” Bruno whined a few days later while laying in the bed waking up to his alarm.

”Turn it off. I’m still sleeping.” she mumbled back to him.

”Get up,  lazy!” he said throwing his pillow at her.

”It’s my vacation and I’ll sleep if I want to.” she answered him covering her head with the blanket.

”Brunnnooooo…” they heard Lucy whine.

”What, Lucy?” he turned around to look at her.

”I can’t make myself breakfast and I don’t know where the remote for the tv is…” she told him. ”Where’s mom?” Evie didn’t move from her spot in the bed almost asleep again. Bruno walked over to Lucy bending down to talk to her.

”She’s under there…go get her…” he whispered pointing to the lump under the bed.

”But why?” she asked him.

”Because it’s funny, Lucy….go jump on your mom or I’ll do it…” he told her.

”Will you do it with me?” Lucy asked.

”On three…” he stood up. ”Three…” he picked her up throwing her on the bed on top of Evie making her laugh as she flew across the bed landing on the bottom near her mother’s feet.  Bruno fell on top of Evie uncovering her shocked face.

”Oh my god you two are crazy.” she exclaimed smiling at him as he started to kiss her neck. Lucy got up from the bed pulling Evie’s hand.

Come onnnn….” she whined.

”Okay…Lucy…let’s go get breakfast. We have to leave in a few hours anyway…” Bruno told her grabbing her hand to take her to the kitchen.

”The busssss…I’m soooo excittedddd…” Lucy told him sitting at the table as Bruno pulled out premade French toast sticks for her to eat.

After Bruno and Lucy ate breakfast together he laid down on the couch next to her as she watched iCarly. ”Lucy…why do you watch this?”

”I don’t like it. My mom likes it. She makes me watch it. I like Wizards better.”

”Do you like Selena, Lu-lu?” he asked her.

”I want to be just like her. She’s lucky.” Lucy answered.

”What do you mean?” he asked her.

”She has pretty hair and she has a mommy and a daddy.” she told him.

”Lucy….you have beautiful hair and you know I’m here…” he told her hugging her tightly kissing her on the head. ”I love you, Lucy.”

Evie stood near the kitchen watching Bruno talk to Lucy like Albert spoke to her when she was little.Oh my god. How is he like this?She thought to herself clearing her throat.

”Good morning, Geneva…” Bruno turned around smiling at her.

”These were really good.” she answered holding up the fork biting into the breakfast that was left over.

”There’s a lot more where that came from.” he winked at her grabbing the plates on the coffee table to help Evie wash the dishes. Before he could make it to the sink she grabbed his hand squeezing it tightly. ”What was that for?”

”Can’t I hold my boyfriend’s hand?” she asked him.

”Well..yeah..but..” he looked at her.

”You’re amazing, Bruno. You have no idea how amazing you are. Like…” she stopped herself getting caught up in how pretty his eyes were at that very moment.

”You don’t even know how amazing you are, either.” he answered her compliment by placing his lips gently on hers smiling against her face.

”We have to get ready…Dre’s gonna be here in like 30 minutes and I still have to pack and put on make-up…” she told him pulling away from his arms. He watched her walking away trying to figure out exactly what had just happened. I was just sitting here with Lucy…and she’s all like gushy…geez…


Bruno held onto Lucy’s hand walking through the large crowd of people with Lucy on one side and Evie on the other. Evie was in the middle of heavy conversation about politics with one of Bruno’s band members not sure exactly what they were doing, just walking through the San Diego fairgrounds. She felt him pull her to the side past the fried food. ”What are you doing?” she asked him.

”I’m gonna win something…” he said handing 5 tickets to the toothless man running the game. ”Watch this…wait…Luc…which one do you want?” he asked her.

”I want the big pink dog…” she said pointing to the middle of the giant stuffed animals.

”Alright Lu-lu…let’s get you that thing…” he picked up the baseball throwing it quickly to the stand of cartons missing them completely. Lucy and Evie laughed the same outrageous laugh at him. He shot them both a dirty look.

”Shhh..Lucy…geez.” Evie said watching him throw the second ball knocking down half of them.

”You can do it, Bruno!” Lucy cheered watching him lick his lips out of determination.

”Dude…she already knows how big your balls are…” Kameron told him standing next to Evie and Lucy.

”Shit dude, like really?” Bruno asked turning to them seeing Evie and Kameron uncontrollably laughing. He picked up the last baseball hurling it at the cartons knocking them down. He turned around dancing toward Lucy picking her up.”Grab it, Lucy!” he said holding her up to grab the dog.

”Lucy…that’s bigger than you…” Evie said as they started to walk away taking it from her daughter’s hands.

”No, mom. That one’s mine. He has to get you your own.” she said dragging it on the ground behind her.

”Wait…I’m gonna win your mom this one…” Bruno said pointing to a giant heart with a face on it.

”Quit being silly, Bruno…” Evie told him.

”I’m winning it…” he told her taking a hold of a basketball that the person at the game handed him. ”I’ll get five. You know I’m Michael Jordan…”

”More like Lebron during the fourth quarter.” Phil told him.

”Aww, dude. Come on. I got plenty of game…” he said releasing the ball watching it fall into the hoop. ”Just watch…”

”Mommy…believe in him. He’ll get it…” Lucy told her mother.

”Okay, Lucy..go give him a good luck kiss…” Evie said. Lucy grabbed Bruno’s hand as he continued to go back and forth with Phil about his game.

”Bruno…I gotta kiss you good luck.” she told him. He bent down waiting for her to kiss him. ”There.” she said triumphantly walking away from him back to her mother sitting on the ground by her giant dog.

”Okay..I got this…” he said licking his lips closing his eyes and throwing the ball toward the hoop making it two more times.”Shit…so much pressure…” he faked looking at his friends. ”It’s all about you, Evie…” he sang to her making her blush. He smiled a ridiculously cheesy smile at her turning to shoot the final ball. Bruno let the ball go watching it hit the net going down the canvas tube. ”Come here, Eve…you gotta get it!” he said wrapping his arms around her holding her up the same way he did with Lucy.

”Put me dowwwnnnn…” she yelled as he held her with one hand grabbing the heart with another. ”I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna do it…” he told her loudly holding her feet right above the ground so they were at eye level. He kissed her quickly and flirtatiously setting her down gently. ”You’re crazy.” she told him.

”Crazy in love!” he yelled at her laughing.

”Oh goodness…when can I get away from you?” she asked grabbing his hand as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

”Soon, baby….give me like 15 minutes.” he answered pointing to the stage.

”Look at all those people, mommm…” Lucy said. ”I don’t think I’ll be able to see…”

”Yeah you will, Lucy…there’s your spot…right there…” he pointed to a small empty section in the front.

”Oh…I can see you from there!” she exclaimed.

”Wait…we need these…” he stopped at a man making balloon hats and animals. ”I want three little hats…” Bruno said. ”What color Luc?” he asked her.

”I want a pink one!” she said standing next to Bruno holding onto his leg with one arm and her mom’s hand with another.

”Thank you.” Bruno said putting one on Lucy’s head followed by another on Evie’s head and then placing the final one on top of his fedora.

”That’s silly, Bruno…” Lucy said standing on the ledge pulling the hat off of Bruno’s head placing the balloon hat on his curly hair. ”There…now it’s pretty.” she told him. Bruno picked her up from the ledge handing his hat to Ryan to hold for him. ”Okay, Lucy…but only for the first song.” he told her.

”Okay. That’s good. You look pretty without it too…” Lucy told him walking to her mother who was walking towards him to kiss him good bye as he prepared for his concert.

”You just have no idea how turned on I am right now.” she whispered in his ear.

”I’m gonna do it 7 times for you, baby.” he whispered back.

”Oh god.” she pretended to moan.

”Shhh…Evie..they can hear you.” he laughed at her. She pulled away from him smiling at him.

”Love you. Good luck.” she kissed him on the cheek grabbing Lucy to walk to their small space for the show.

”Lucccyyyy….it’s your first concert. How excited are you?” Evie asked bending down to fix her hat.

”Mommy….you have to marry him.” Lucy told her hugging the dog he had won her.

”We’ll work on that…okay?” she answered hugging her daughter as Eric started playing the drums to the intro of The Other Side.


Chapter 62

If there was a picture next to the definition of sex this next chapter would be right next to it.

”Evie…Lucy is with your mom and my mom and sisters don’t get here until tomorrow afternoon..what are we going to do?” Bruno asked her sitting on the couch with her laying on his chest flipping through the tv channels.

”I don’t know…but I do know that I need to get you naked at some point tonight.” she told him standing up laying her arms on either side of his head leaning in to kiss him. She smiled against his lips laying down on top of him. ”Wait…go sit on the chair…” she told him standing up pointing to a big white chair off to the side of the couch. ”And close your eyes.” she told him.

”Eve…what are you doing?” he asked moving to the chair watching her move to his music.

”Close your god damn eyes, Bruno Mars!” she yelled at him.

”Okay..okay..” he sighed hearing her start a fast paced r&b song he had told her he liked.

”Keep ‘em closed…” she pleaded running to the bedroom throwing her shirt and jeans in a pile running quietly back to him wearing a lacey black bra and pink boy shorts that said his name on the back. She touched his shoulder straddling his legs running her fingers through his hair. ”Okay…but don’t touch..” she whispered in his ear as she started dancing all over him running her fingers along his back touching his chest as she danced in front of him. She flipped her hair making him bite his lip in anticipation. ”Do you like it?” she tried to be sexy starting to smile at her attempt to seduce him.

”Mhmmm…it’s really good…” he told her holding out his hand.

” can’t touch…” she told him moving her hands along her waist turning around dropping her body seductively in front of him.

”But…Eve..oh my god…” he moaned in frustration. She turned around slapped his hand that was trying to grab her.

”I said no…” she snapped leaning down to kiss him pinning his hands down with her arms. She pushed his mouth open demanding that he start kissing her deeply and passionately still holding his arms down. ”But it’s really good…” she told him unbuttoning his shirt kissing his chest as she threw it off to the side moving down to his pants. She ran her hands along the inside of his leg feeling the large bulge in his plants. She looked up at his determined face as he bit his lip trying to move his arms.

”Eve…you’re driving me fucking crazy…” he told her as she started to unbutton his pants touching everywhere that drove him crazy. ”Oh shit…” he felt her warm hands all over him making him throw his head back moaning. ”Evvveeee….”

”Should I keep going?” she looked up at him laughing.

”I’m gonna leave you if you don’t keep doing that….” he said trying to move his arms again. Shit she’s really strong…he thought to himself through the sexual frustration of not being able to touch her through her movement. He felt her take all of him inside her moving her tongue all over him. ”Oh god Eve…are you gonna swallow it?” he asked her in a hurried tone. She nodded her head continuing to run her hands along him alternating between touching and licking him.”Oh my…shit…holy fuck…Genevvvaaaaaa….” he called out as she felt everything in her mouth. Oh fuck me that’s gross. She said to herself as she felt it go down her throat she let go of his arms. ”It’s my turn now, Geneva….” he told her seductively taking her hand moving her hair off to the side as he kissed her neck. He continued to hold her hands as he moved down to kiss her neck moving down to her chest. ”Don’t even think of trying to move your arms, Geneva Wilson…” he told her through his kisses. She loosened her body feeling herself get tingly as he let go of her arms to unhook her bra. She grabbed onto him tightly holding his back grasping onto his hips while he started to move his arms to her breasts holding them tightly. He walked her to the couch they were just sitting on laying on top of her as he continued to touch her breasts alternating between kisses and his touch.

”OhmyBruno….oh god..I’m so fucking hot right now….” she told him. She could feel his smile against her body as she let out her satisfied moan. ”You really are a cocky asshole, Bruno Mars…” she responded to his kisses as he moved down between the hottest part of her body. He looked up at her trying not to laugh.

”You’re the one wearing this cocky asshole’s underwear…property of Bruno Mars….come on Eve…” he said holding himself up with his elbows on either side of her.

”You got me….now keep going…” she demanded.

”Damn girl…keep it in your pants for a second…” he said moving his head up to kiss her running his hands down to where he was kissing her catching her off guard.

”Oh shit….” she screamed as he touched her in the perfect spot making her legs tense. She wrapped her legs around him as he continued to kiss her now in full control of his actions. ”Oh my god…Brunnnoooo….” she cried feeling his tongue moving all over her body. He suddenly stopped kind of pissing her off. ”Jesus Christ Bruno…what are you doing.?” he looked up at her lifting her hands up as he stood up. He kept his lips on her holding her tightly as he walked her to the bedroom. ”Bruno…it hurts….” she told him.

”Just give me a minute…” he told her laying her on the bed. She pulled him down on her quickly making him fall on her.

”Ouch…” she said feeling his leg fall on hers. ”There’s gonna be a bruise there.”

”You’re not gonna have a voice after I’m done with you either….” he said moving back down to where he was before making her legs jump as he landed in the same spot he was in before. ”Holy shit…how do you know where that is?” she asked him through his kisses. ”Oh god….Bruno….I’m gonna…oh fucking shitttt….oh my gooodddd….I’m gonna….” she stopped breathing for a few seconds as she felt everything in her body explode. She grabbed onto his shoulders knowing exactly what he was going to do next. He needs new moves. She thought to herself as she felt his body inside her.

”Eve…you’re so tight…it’s so hot….”  he said leaning down to kiss her over and over again thrusting inside her as she screamed his name. ”Say my name again, Eve..say it really slow so I can remember it…” he asked her.

”Ohhhhhhh my god…Bruno. Bruno. Bruno. Bruno fucking Mars…you’re so hot…you’re so good…keep going….” she half said sarcastically starting to get bored of his movements. He felt her losing interest so he grabbed her waist making her squirm.

”You on top….now…” he said flipping her over making her jump at his decisiveness. He was never so demanding and it drove her crazy. He grabbed her waist moving with her slowly as she guided their intimate moment. He let go of her waist moving his hands up to her chest running his fingers along her nipples making her close her eyes moaning his name again. He moved his hands along her body moving down to that same spot that made her scream earlier.

”Holy shit! Bruno…..oh god….” she yelled as he turned her on ever more.

”Babyyy…oh you’re so fucking hot….” he said to her as she threw her body on top of him kissing him through his moans. ”God damn….” he sighed as she ran her fingers through his hair moving down to kiss his ear.

”You turn me on when you’re on stage, Bruno. I get so wet.” she whispered.

”Evvveeeee…..” he called out as she fell on top of him.

”Oh god.” she sighed laying on top of him. ”I need to keep you here.”

”Soon, Evie.” he laughed. ”Give me until Thanksgiving…then I’m all yours.” he told her.

”But then I have school…well..soon…well..I’ll be done…soon…but then…I have to pass the bar…” she told him.

”You’re above the stars, Eve. How are you ever going to pass a bar?” he asked her making her laugh.

”Shut up!” she laughed hitting his chest standing up grabbing the blanket on the floor.

”Wait…wait…where are you going? This ain’t a hit and run, girl.” he smiled at her.

”I just have to pee, J. Cole. Geez.” she told him smiling at him as she closed the door. Bruno stood up getting dressed looking at her purse laying on the dresser. He picked it up seeing a pair of his sunglasses in the bag seeing her phone blinking. He picked it up seeing the message from Lucy.

Tell Bruno good night, momma.

”What are you looking at?” she asked. ”Did you find out I have another boyfriend?” she asked him wearing one of the shirts she had stolen from him without any pants on.

”No. It was just Lucy. She says good night.” he answered her as she wrapped her arms around him laying her head on him. ”Dance with me?” he asked her.

”Oh shit…I never turned off the music….” she told him running into the living room hearing a romantic song playing. ”You changed it!” she told him. ”You’ve got game, Bruno Mars…” she said as he took her hands leading her to the middle of the living room. He touched her cheek running his finger along the bump on her nose to the scar on her face from another one of the scars Sean had left on her years ago. He kissed her as she closed her eyes thinking of the two of them. ”I love you.” she said feeling his lips pull away from hers.

”I love you too, Geneva.” he answered continuing to dance with her.