Chapter 61-67

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PART 61:

With all my might I pushed myself back from the panel. The car stopped right in front of the

red traffic light! I breathed heavy. Thanks to god the seat belt hold me back. And thank god

there were no other cars behind us.

“Nila? Are you okay?”, I said in a hurry, worried that something happened to her. “You w w

what?”, was everything she could bring out. Starring right in front of us to the light.

Gripping the wheel really tight.

“What did you say Bruno?”

She was completely shocked about the whole situation. I took one of her hands to calm

her a little. And spoke then with the words I could bring out in my situation: “Baby, I wanna

marry you!” “Bu bu but Bruno…I don’t know what to say!” “Maybe, yes?! This would be

helpful for me!”

She made a long pause. Too long. Somehow her face expression scared me. I just wanted

to know what she was thinking… Feeling slightly like a fool, I lent back in the seat and

closed my eyes. Trying to calm myself… But the alcohol in my blood took more and more

over and everything began to spin.

“Bruno…”, she began finally. “I think I can’t say yes, right now, right here!” No! She can’t

say NO! Maybe she was simply mixing up things?

This was definitely not what I wanted to hear. I felt like my whole world crashed down. I

didn’t want to open my eyes, til I felt her eyes lay on me. My eyes began to water but I

promised myself not cry in front of her. It was to hard to realize what she said at this


“Bruno…please look at me!” She grabbed my hand tight and intertwined our fingers. Right

at this moment we heard car honks behind us. The traffic light already switched back to


She let go of my hand and continued driving. “Please Bruno, say something!”, she

interrupted my thoughts about what just happened.

“What shall I say Nila? What do you expect me to?” I closed again my eyes. Still trying to

hold back the tears.

Why did she react like this. I love her so much and I know she does the same. Everything

felt so right at this moment. Being together with her forever was all I ever wanted. I’ve

never felt so much love for a woman than I did for her!

“I don’t know…”, was all she said, almost whispering.

The silence killed me. I wanted to know what was going in her. What did I do wrong? Did I

do anything wrong?

“Bruno…can… can we talk about it, when we’re back home? It’s only a few more minutes.”

“Yeah…sure…whatever.” I didn’t know anymore how to react. I felt so dizzy and everything

was spinning, that I only wanted to get in my bed, close my eyes and act like nothing


“Please don’t be like this Bruno!” I grabbed tightly the side of my seat, trying not to cry like

a little baby. Not in front of her.

The rest of the drive was completely quite.


She stood at my side of the car, looking with sad eyes at me. Slowly she opened the door.

“Bruno, baby…common please don’t do this to me.” I felt like a heavy stone. Impossible to

get out of this car on my own. All the emotions in me began to heat up, ready to break out

every second.

She kneed down next to me, me still in the passenger seat. I hold my hands intertwined in

each other but she laid hers over mine.

“Bruno do really want to stay here for the whole night? Please come with me!”

I let softly my head fall back in the seat. I needed to breath! Closing my eyes. My hands

became suddenly sweaty and I my forehead got cold. I felt a cold shiver down my neck

and my back.

“Bruno please…” I heard her whisper. I really tried to take myself together but I couldn’t

help it. A single tear rolled down my cheek.

She grabbed my hands and pulled me carefully and slowly out of the car.

I stood right in front of her, not daring to look her in her eyes. In the eyes I love so much.

But I felt that she was looking in mine. Straight in the eyes.


Carefully she rubbed with her thumb over my cheek to dry my the tears. Suddenly she

pulled me in a hug. Not what I expected. I buried my face in her hair and just wanted to let

it all out. But I couldn’t. She hugged me so tight. I didn’t know that this little woman has so

much power in her.

When she let go of me, she grabbed my hand and lead me to the house door. Again

throwing my arm over her shoulder. Helping me to walk straight. I breathed hardly and

uneven. Another shiver ran down my back.

Almost at the door overcame me a disgusting feeling. I let go of her hand and ran back in

direction of the car. I needed to throw up. Everything I had in me wanted really to come

out, but in a complete different way than before.

I heard Nila screaming my name, but I signaled her to stay there. I didn’t want her to see

me like this. I run in the next corner and let everything out.

A few minutes later I felt slightly better. I took myself together and walked back in direction

of the house. Nila sat on the stairs of the entry to the house. She waited for me. I felt

better, but still not good enough to talk with her about what happened. I wasn’t ready. I

couldn’t look her in the eyes.

She had already opened the door and stood there. Honestly, I just wanted to go to her and

hug her as tight as I could, just to feel somehow safe?! I know it sounds dumb. But this

was what I felt at this moment. I mean that she said, she didn’t want to marry me, changed

nothing about the fact that I love her to death! Nothing! And I knew I always would love her

like this.

I wasn’t sure how I should react. She stood there not knowing what to do either. She

looked somehow sorry and sad at the same time. But the closer I came to the door, the

more I just wanted to get in my bed. I felt better after throwing up, but still dizzy. I didn’t

stop. I simply walked in the house up to our apartment. Passing her. I couldn’t look up to

her. But when the door shut I knew she followed me.

I walked directly upstairs in our bedroom further to the bathroom. I knew Nila felt as bad as

me at this moment. And I felt selfish for not talking to her. But somehow deep in my heart a

voice said, that it wouldn’t has a use to talk to her. I already said everything I wanted her to


I splashed myself cold water in my face. Still not feeling better. I needed to get rid of the

sour taste in my mouth… I brushed my teeth.

She knocked on the door. “Bruno?…Baby?! Are you alright?” Alright? I was everything else

than alright. I looked in the mirror. To see was a mound of a mess. I breathed heavy and

hold my arms over my head, closing my eyes again for a few seconds. I needed to take

myself together and go out to face her. “Bruno?”

Slowly I turned around and walked over to the door to open it. I needed to face her.

When I opened the door she stood right in the frame looking me in the eyes. There was no

way to avoid her. There was no way not to look in her eyes. She looked heartbroken. And

this broke me even more than I already was.

It seemed like hours that we stood like this in the door. She laid her hand on my chest and

I was afraid that she could even feel how much my heart hurt.

I didn’t knew what she expected from me. Acting like I never asked her?

When I took her hand from my chest it felt cold. The only thing I wanted to do is taking her

over to the bed, cuddle up to her and warm her up. But I simply couldn’t.

“Nila, I really don’t feel good at the moment!…I just wanna lay down…” She gave me an


half, pretty sad smile. I let go of her hand and walked over to my half of the bed.

I sat down and just starred for a few seconds in front of me…somehow into the nowhere. I

heard no move from Nila, I looked around and saw her still standing at the frame, looking

at me. I gave her the same half smile she gave me. Oh my god! She’s killing me…why is

she doing this to me?

Then she looked down on the floor, it almost looked like she had tears in her eyes. This

was not what I wanted. I felt guilty for let her feel like this. I wanted to dry her tears. But

how could I do that when I felt completely the same and just wanted to cry?

I heard her walk in the bathroom and how she brushed her tears. In the meantime I pulled

off my shirt and tried to get somehow out of my pants. It was hard but I made it!

So I sat there in only my boxers, still at the same point. I heard no noice from Nila, but I

didn’t dare to move.

“Bruno…I can’t anymore! I need to talk with you!”, I heard her saying behind me. The

moving of the bed told me she was crawling over to me.

Suddenly I felt her cold hands on my shoulders, slowly moving down to wrap her arms

around me. Kissing my neck didn’t made a thing better.

“Please Bruno…talk to me!” I couldn’t help but holding on her hands. “Why no, Nila?”

She loosened the grip with one hand and came up right in front of me. I was still sitting on

the edge of the bed, so she kneed down on the floor, that we were both on eye level. Back

to grabbing both of my hands.

“Baby…I don’t really know what to say…”, she sighed. “But you wanted to talk…”, I

answered, more confused about the whole situation. “Yeah…you’re right! I think I really am

the one who should say something…and…you don’t need to say anything…just please…

listen!” I nodded to her and waited for her to begin, but she made a small pause.

“Baby…babes”, she began with a small cute laugh and I have to admit, it made me smile,

too. “I just want you to know, I love you! And there’s no other man on earth who I want to

marry. And you know that! I would always say yes, without even thinking. You could wake

me up in the middle of the night, and I would say yes! Cause I’m more than sure, that you

and I belong together, forever. But tonight…I can’t say yes. And it’s not because I don’t

want to marry you, it’s because I think it’s the wrong way. Maybe it’s selfish to say that, and

I feel bad about it, in some ways. But Bruno…even when you really want to do it, you’re

still drunk! And how shall I know that it’s not just an affect of the talk we had before?” “No

Nila, no!! I love you! I want to be with you forever!”, I tried to convince her. “I know Bruno, I

know.” She laid her forehead against mine. “I know you do Bruno…But I don’t know, if it’s

really something you want to do now?! I mean…as long as you’re not sober…I think…I…

wanna be asked by a Bruno who’s exactly knowing what he’s doing. I know you haven’t

drunk your mind away…but can you understand somehow what I mean?”

Even when I didn’t want to admit, but I knew what she meant…and she was right!

“Yeah…I guess..”, I answered more whispering.

“Bruno…I just wanna make sure, that it is the same thing you want to do tomorrow, or next

week, or even in a few months. I mean it isn’t just saying yes…it’s also the time? Do you

know if you got enough time for that all? I mean it’s a big thing! You just came back, and

who knows what happens next week?!”

My eyes started to burn…

“Baby…and…to be honest…weren’t the things what happened earlier a reason for it, why

you asked me?” … I couldn’t answer her this question. I didn’t know what to think. Maybe


she was right, maybe not?! The only thing I knew was that the tears rolled down my

cheeks. And hit her cheeks like cannonballs. This was all too much…

“Aww baby!! Please don’t cry! This is not what I wanted…” She laid one of her arms

around my neck and I could feel her hand playing with the end of my hair. I loved the way

she tried to comfort me. How she drove from the bottom to the top through my hair, and

pulled softly on it.

She sighed and said: “What shall I do with you baby?…”, more in the air than to me. “I’m

sorry…they are just rolling down, I can’t control it!” “It’s ok…I guess you need to let it out!

…I love you Bruno!”

She lifted up my chin and looked at me. I still tried to avoid her eyes and I never really

thought that I would be in this position. “Look at me Bruno…”, she said, still with her hand

on my jawbone. “I love you Bruno, did you hear that?” I simply nodded and she kissed a

few tears from my cheek, just the way as I would do it for her.

Slowly she stood up and stood again in front of me, pushing me back on the bed. Woah

that girl! Always something new!

She pushed me back and laid herself on top of me, facing me. Her smile was back and

beautiful as usual. “I just want it in a…maybe bit nicer way?” Her smile is so infecting that I

guess mine was also back. “You’ll get a nicer way. I promise!” I got a nod from her and she

put her hands on my cheek, coming closer to my lips but suddenly she pulled away. “Wait!

You brushed your teeth, right?!” Laughing I answered: “Yeah I did! And now come here!”

Her lips felt so soft and were exactly the right thing I needed at this moment. This kills

every hangover!

A few minutes later she rolled off next to me, laying on her side with her arm on my chest.

Her fingers made little circle all over my skin and made me tingle.

“You know what?…If you see it in the right light, then you already got your yes!” I looked

seemingly confused at her, not really knowing what she meant.

“I mean, how often did I tell you that I’ll say yes when your sober? …countless!!!”, she

giggled. And she was right. The only thing that really counted what that we both knew that

we wanted it!

“How are you feeling baby?” “Much better now!! I swear, you’re the best medicine on


PART 62:

The next morning I woke up with Bruno almost all over me. I couldn’t help but smile about

that. It was really cute to watch him like this though. One of his arms on my tummy, one of

his legs intertwined with mine and his head laid half on my shoulder, almost buried in my

neck. A position I would usually sleep like on him! A little bit clingy but I couldn’t complain

at that point. I simply enjoyed the moment, to have him close like this next to me.

Until the moment I tried to move. Lightly I laughed to myself about my hopeless situation.

Captured by Bruno. Suddenly he started to move. “Don’t move!…You’re so comfortable!”,

he mumbled onto my shoulder. I laughed again lightly about his statement. “Don’t laugh…

this feels like an earthquake…and…my…head…!” This made me laugh even harder. “Aww

has my little baby an hangover?” He sighed and answered: ”No my head feels just so

heeeavyyy…” “Yeah your whole body is heeeaaavyyyy!”, I answered in the same

sufferingly sound Bruno said it. “Whatever…”, he answered mumbling again…pretending



I could only smile about him. I let my hand move over his arm and up to his neck, playing

with the end of his hair. He quietly hummed, enjoying my movements.

“Please Bruno! Please get off of me! I gotta pee…you’ll get a kiss if you let me go!” I felt a

smirk form on my shoulder. “I get it anyways!” “Haha, no you wont!”, I answered rolling my

eyes, still with a huge smile on my face. “Pleeeaaaseee Bruno!” I tried to lift his arm from

my tummy to roll to the side but he pushed it even more down and didn’t let me go.

“Please please please Bruno!!! I gotta peeee! And if you wont let me I’ll pee in this bed!

And YOU will clean it up!” Suddenly his head bumped up and he stared at me in


“Go! Go! Get out of the bed!”, he said wide eyed, pushing me out. Laughing I stood up,

was on my way to the bathroom and said: “That’s what I thought!”, when he grabbed my

wrist and pulled me back.

“My kiss?!”, he said smiling, rolling over to the edge of my side. I shook laughing my head

about his reaction. I bend down and put my hands on his cheeks. Slowly I moved closer to

his lips, almost touching them but sill being apart. Carefully I pushed his head back in the

pillow. Our lips met to a slow but deep kiss.

When we pulled apart, Bruno opened his eyes and smiled. Then I turned around without

saying a word and went on. “Why are you doing this to me?, I heard him saying in an

almost whiny voice behind me. I turned around to him and pulled one off his jackets on

and answered in a teasing voice: “Because I can baby, because I can!”

I blow him a kiss and turned back around leaving the room for real.


“Baaaaaabyyyyyy! Come back!” “What? I wasn’t even five minutes gone!”, I answered

peeking around the corner of the door, walking back inside. Bruno laid already back on his

side of the bed, waiting for me to come back in.

“Do that again!” “What?”, I asked confused. “This spinning around thingy!” “What, this?”, I

asked again spinning around in a seductive way, getting out of the jacket. I throw it roughly

in the corner and walked with a little hips-shake back over to Bruno. “Uh this is so sexy!”,

he said as he buried his face in my neck while I laid back down. Again he laid with the half

his body on me, kissing my neck up and down. This felt so good, I have to admit, more

than good. But he was getting heavy again, he laid so uncomfortable on me.

“Baby…Heavy!”, I said driving with my hand through his hair. “But you’re so

comfortable…”, he answered between his kisses, starting to go up to my ear, nibbling on

my earlobe. “I’m just so comfortable because all of my flab.” He suddenly let go of my ear

and looked me straight in the eyes with a serious face, turning into a smirk. Then he

pinched my tummy and said: “Yesss..And I love this flab!” For this he received a nice slap

on his arm.

“Auuu” Giggling he rolled off next to me on his side. Facing me he stroked hair out of my

face and said: “You’re beautiful!”

I closed my eyes smiling, not saying anything. The only thing I felt, was his hand on my

cheek, playing with my hair.

“So what are the plans for today?”, I asked still with my eyes closed. “What’s the time?” I


turned around to look at the alarm clock. “Already almost noon! But I don’t wanna get up…

I feel not fit today.”, I said and moved closer to Bruno, cuddling myself as close as I could

against him. “What?? So late?”, he asked more like a statement. I let my head fall against

his chest in disappointment. Knowing that he already had plans for the day, but not

together with me! “At what time do you think you get your cute ass back home?”, I asked

slightly pissed against his chest. Again he put his hand on my cheek and lifted my head up

and stared in my eyes. “I’m so sorry! But I promise, I’m back in the early evening! That’s

the latest.” “Man but that’s not fair! I took two weeks for you off! Why when you’re not

here?” “Baby for real! I just need to fix some things in the studio! And then I’m all yours the

next two weeks! I promise!” “Don’t promise when you can’t hold it!” “I know it’s hard with

me, when every time I want to spend time with you, something else comes in between. But

I can promise you, that the next two weeks, you and me will spend every single day

together!” “You really sure, that you can promise that?!” “I’m pretty much sure! Maybe we

can go a few days to somewhere else, taking some time off?! Where no one calls us or

can make us work.” I was still not completely convinced, but I couldn’t do anything against

it, so I had to go with it.

Bruno gave me a big kiss and got then out of the bed to get ready for the studio. But since

I got my period that day, I felt like shit and all I wanted was to stay in bed.

Bruno left and I was alone…still laying in the bed. Not thinking about making a move. But

my stomach hurt so bad this day. I decided to get up and prepared myself an hot water

bag. I slipped into my home clothes and made myself comfortable again in the bed. I tried

to read a book, but nothing really helped distracting me. So I decided to call my girls, the

few girly friends I had and they came over to waste their time together with me. They

brought a pizza with them. But I was still to lazy to get out of the bed and so we stayed

there all watching a movie. Because we all had the weakness for hot Latino guys we

decided on Dirty Dancing 2.

So we sat there. Four girls drooling over these hot Latino men. Eating pizza and doing this

typical girls talk, in Bruno and my bed. Even though Bruno should have been the one next

to me and my tummy really hurt bad this time, it was nice to spend some time, after so

long, with my girls.


“You did what??”, Phil asked in disbelieve . “You can’t be serious! And what did she say? I

mean she’s wonderful and all and I would be really happy for you guys when you get so

far! But yesterday?” “Yeah man! I know it was the wrong timing!…And she!” “No?!”

“…for now!…It was simply not the right time yesterday…and it was so dumb to ask her like

this..” “Uh yeah this was definitely dumb! And what else did she say? Was that all? I mean

why did you do that?” “She was shocked and didn’t say anything first, so shocked that we

almost had an accident…she said she couldn’t say yes yesterday because she knew I was

drunk and didn’t know for sure, if it was just the alcohol that spoke out of me or my true

feelings…and I had a total crash down.” “Oh my…you really cried?! Don’t tell me you

started this all cause of..” “Yeah kinda…it was dumb. I know..but I can’t take it back. All I

know is, that I truly wanna marry her and…I wanna ask her the way she deserves it…in a

nicer, sweeter way. All the stuff belongs to it…and not being drunk.” The last part I said

more to myself than to Phil. Resting my head in my hands. I kind of waited for Phil to give

me a good advice. Silence….

“Then go! Aks her again! Plan something big! Make it special…” “Yeah I want to…but I


know that we got now only these two weeks and then everything starts again. … the new

album, tour…when will I have enough time for that? We get everyday more dates for

shows after the vacation, we’re already one month gone, again. And we just came back…”

“Then do it when we come back?! I mean…you really have no reason to hurry with the

new album. I don’t think it will be a big problem to take again one or two weeks off.

Especially because we just came from tour, a short break and then again tour…tell the

guys about your plans and it will be alright!” “Do you think that would work?” “Trust me!”

“So what was the plan? Why did you come over?”, Phil changed the subject. “I just wanted

to make sure, that tomorrow no one of you guys is here…” “Uhhh”, Phil answered in a girly

voice. “Some big plans with your lady, huh?! Got to make it up to her cause of yesterday

huh?! But please don’t turn the make up session into a make out session. I wanna sit on

this couch without any imaginations of you both naked and sweaty and her all over you

and ..and you screaming her name like a girl.” “Ok ok…I got it! You’re just jealous…”, I

answered laughing about Phils statement. Then realizing what he said. “What makes you

thinking that she’s all over me…and..” “Because I’d rather see her sexy ass then yours

Brunzi. And common everyone knows that she’d make you scream like this!” “What?! For

sure not! I make her begging for more!”, I kinda lied, not knowing how this would be

between us. Or if there ever would be something.

“It’s ok Brunz, no need to be ashamed…much fun for you two sweet little

lovebirds.” He came up behind me and hugged me in the mos girlish way! I tried to punch

him, but he was already in the door. “Bye, bye Bruno.”, waving the same way he acted

before. “What would I only be without him?”

Ari was already on his vacations so there was no need to inform him about tomorrow.

When Phil was out I prepared everything for the next day to be perfect. Everything looked

like it should. It was nothing big but…i thought she will like it.

Afterwords I headed back home to my baby! I tried to hurry! I already let her wait long

enough. When I opened the door I walked over to the living room, expecting her to be

there. But nothing. I throw my leather jacket on the couch and walked in the kitchen. But

still, nothing.

“Baby?”, I shouted. Suddenly I heard girly laughing upstairs.


PART 63:

“Nila?” Slowly I opened the door to the bedroom and peeked in it. Everything got silent!

“Uhhm hello?”, I said more questioning what there happened.

“Uhhh hey baby! You’re already back?!” I walked over to the girls. “Hello Bruuuunooo!”,

they all said in a choir. It was funny how they all stared at me, waiting for something that’s

going to be said.

“Uhhm yes…I said I don’t need too long! But seems like you girls couldn’t wait to conquer

the castle!” I laughed about my own words and looked over to the TV…”Uhh and it seems

like you couldn’t to get the Latinos out of the house to drool over this, huh?!”, I asked with

a raised eyebrow. “Uhh and I see pizza!! Okay girls…move over! The lord has has arrived.

The party can begin.”

There was it! The big smile that Nila flashed. I miss seeing it, every time when I’m gone.

Even if it’s only for a few hours.

The girls moved one by one and I tried to sit next to Nila on the edge of the bed. This was

all what was left of the bed. I put my arm around her and she laid her head on my

shoulder. But I couldn’t stay like this. It was more than uncomfortable.

I stood up, lifted Nila up, sat back down and Nila between my legs. “So…That’s better

now!” I put my arms around Nila and kissed the top of her head.

“Awwww you guys are too cute together!” I said nothing. I only smiled about this


“Sooo then let’s see if there are also some nice chicas for me!” Suddenly I felt an elbow in

my stomach. “Auu! What? When you stare at Latinos like this? Why can’t I?”, I asked

laughing, knowing exactly why I got this one. “Cause you shouldn’t be so jealous mister!

You know that I only love Puertopinos…and only this special one!” She looked sideways

up to me and I couldn’t help but attack her lips in this moment. “I can’t wait to tell you what

I thought about today!”, I whispered against her lips.

“Ewww guys! Please wait at least until we’re out of here before you rape each other!”,

Paula said. “Jealous, jealous, jealous…!”, I answered in a singing voice and then we all

continued watching the film.

After the film ended the girls said bye. The all hugged Nila. She stayed in the bed and I

brought the girls to the door.

When they were gone I walked back upstairs. I came back in the bedroom and saw Nila

laying on her stomach. This all looked so inviting. I couldn’t help but jumping in the bed

sitting on her legs and drumming playfully on her ass. “Heeeeey baby!!”

“Auuu…” I heard her moaning in the pillow. Curious I got off of her and laid next to her.

“Hey what’s wrong?” “My tummy hurts so bad!”, she said in her pillow. “Oh no. Why? Are

you getting sick? Did you eat something wrong?” She lifted her head, looked at me and

said with rolling eyes: “Bruno, my tummy hurts!”, and her head fell back down on the

pillow. “Ohhh…your tummy hurts!” I always get it pretty fast when she says something, I

thought with an ironic touch to myself.

“Can I do something for you?”, I asked her playing with her hair. She pulled from under her

a hot water bag out and said: “Can I have another one of this?” I took the bottle, pecked

her lips and got her another one.

Back in the room I laid back down next to her and just looked at her for a moment.

Intertwining our fingers.

“You know what? When I drove today with the bus…” “You drove with the bus?” She

giggled at my question and continued: “Yeah long story…Well I sat there in the bus and

there was a mother with her little cute chocolate baby son and they wanted to get out of

the bus. But somehow the lil fella couldn’t hold the balance and hold himself on my knee.

You should have seen this…this was soo cute. The touch of those little hands and fingers

and those big brown eyes. How he looked up to me and flashed a little smile…and did I

mention those beautiful, little, brown eyes???”, she stroked softly my cheek. “They were

just like yours!”, she smiled dreaming off.

“You just said you don’t want to marry me, but now you think about babies?”, I asked

confused but somehow the thought of it was pretty nice.

“You jerk! I said I want to marry you! You know why I said no! If I could I would marry you

right here, right now! I just wanted to prepare you for the things you have to take when you

want to marry me!”

“I am prepared!”, I smiled and kissed her softly.

“So what was it what you wanted to tell me?” “Yeah right! What I thought about!” “Shoot!” “I

said earlier maybe we could go a few days to somewhere else….what would you think…”

Somehow I was nervous about asking her this. I don’t know why. But I didn’t know how

she thought about the whole thing.

“Common, spit it!” “What would you say about going a few days to Hawaii?” “Hawaii?” I

didn’t know if this reaction was a good one or a bad one.

“Yeah what do you think? It’s far enough away from here and…my family can’t wait to get

to know you…I mean my mum knows you, but you know what I mean!” “Well…uhmmm..”

“Is a bit too much, huh?!” “Uhmm ehh no! It’s not…it’s just… I haven’t thought about

something like this!…But I think the idea isn’t…that bad!” “Do you think? I swear you don’t

need to worry or anything! My family will love you! What do I say? They already do!” I felt

like a little excited boy! I gave Nila a big kiss on her cheek. “Oh man! You don’t know how

happy I am! Back to the time where we first met! Where the best thing in my life

happened.” I looked in her eyes and the began to sparkle…


“Oh man we’re really going to Hawaii??? This is crazy! And wonderful…scary, but

wonderful. I love you so so much Bruno!!” I hugged Bruno and squeezed him real tight.

“So this is kind of our first real vacation together, huh?!…And your whole family!…I think

I’m going to die! Oh my god!” I let my head fall back on the pillow, realizing what this all

meant. “Oh common you will love my family! And don’t worry about my sisters! Everything

will be alright! I’m right by your side!” “But my sisters will be kind of jealous! You know that,

right?!” “Why? Because I stole their sister away?” “Because they haven’t seen you yet!

Jerky!” “What? They just need to switch on their TV!” That was the moment where I

flashed him a ‘you-are-kidding-right?!’ look. “Yeah right. To see you kissing other girls, who

aren’t their sister?”

“Yeah…ok ok…I guess I’ll see them then soon, too?” “Oh man…OH MAN”, I screamed a

little. “You know that I won’t be able to sleep tonight, right?!”, I laughed, pulling the blanket

over my head. Then I pushed it quickly back again, starring at the ceiling. I felt Brunos

stare on me and when I looked over he had this huge smirk on his face.

“What?” He simply shook his head laughing and I didn’t understand why. “What? What’s


going on in this head of yours??” “It’s cute how overexcited you get!” He laughed again

touching with his index finger the tip of my nose. “It’s just so overwhelming! I mean…I’m

scared, excited…I don’t know what kind of feeling this is. But it’s like we’re going back to

the old times. And I just wanna scream of joy!” He leaned over me ready to go down on my

lips and said then: “Then, I can’t wait to hear how loud you’ll scream tomorrow!” And he

kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and right before the kiss could get deeper I

stopped and pulled away. “Wait, what? Tomorrow?” He giggled against my lips cause of

my reaction and kissed me again. I pushed him a little away. “What is tomorrow?” The

moment he took my hands from his chest and kissed them softly made me melt. “Just

wait…and see!” “You are SO mean!” “No I’m not…It’s nothing too special.” “Sure you are!

Common tell me!!” “The only thing I’m gonna say is: You and me! The next two weeks

together! And nothing will come in between us!” “You know that this is now another reason

why I won’t sleep tonight?”

With that he left me hanging. I don’t know how but I made it. I could sleep that night. And

this was one of the best nights I had in a long time.


“So where are we going???” “You’ll see when we’re there!” “Yeah I know this is what

you’re telling me the whole time…but I need to know! How shall I know what to wear?”

“Just stay like this! It’s perfect! Jeans, a shirt and chucks…are you serious??” “Trust me!”

“But..” “No buts!” He grabbed my jacket and throw it to me. I caught it and pulled it on…

even when I was still not satisfied. I turned around and looked again in the mirror in the

hallway. Bruno stood beside me. “You look great! Now come!” And he grabbed me around

my waste and pushed me in direction door. “But..” “What did we say? NO buts!”

When we were out of the door he grabbed my hand and brought me to my side of the car.

What a gentleman!


“The studio?! What do we want here?” Bruno laughed at me. But I couldn’t help it. In those

moments I’m always so impatient, when I don’t know what’s going to happen with me.

“Just wait…” “…and see! Yeah I know!” “If you know, why are you asking then?” He leaned

over to me and kissed my cheek. “Stay exactly where you are!” He got out of the car and

walked over to my side, opened the door and helped me, as the same gentleman like

before, out of the car.

He took again my hand and we walked together over to the entry. He opened the door, we

got in and he closed it behind us.

“Is no one here?” He stood right in front of me, grabbed the both of my hands and pulled

me close to him. Kissing me deeply, but short. “Nope! Just you and me!…So I hope you’re

ready!”, he said smirking. He pulled me behind him down the hall way to the room where

they all are usually in.

We stood in front of the closed door. He stood with his back to the door, taking my hand.

“So you’re really ready??!” “Yeahhh don’t let me wait any longer Bru!!!”, I said like and

impatient kid. This little ass knows how to get me all hyped .

“So ok…Now that you’re ready…maybe I can open” “ GO! OPEN THE DOOR!!” I couldn’t

hold it back any longer. Again he laughed at me and I slapped his arm for that. “Honey, I


guess you need to slow down or else we can’t go in there!”, he teased me. “Honey?! Since

when did you got this back?” “Just like the old days honey…sweetie…cutie…!” “You are

such a flirt! Ok…I got it babes!”, I teased him back. “Now can you please open the door?”

“I could!” “Oh my god! There’s for you better something real big in it, or I kick your ass!”

“Ok…” He looked down to the floor and pretended crying…such a jerk. “Then I get ready

for the kick, if it’s that what you want!” “Do you know what I want? I want that you open the

door behind you right now!”

Suddenly he put his arms over my shoulder, kissing me again. Intensive and longer than

before. I felt my legs began to shake. If he wouldn’t have pulled away, I’d lay already

helpless in his arms.

“I love you Nila!”, with that he took again my hand and opened the door. He walked in front

of me, tuned then around and pulled me in front of him, closing the door. When he

switched the light on, he stood right behind me. His hands were again wrapped around my


“So what do you think?” He rested his head on my right shoulder and looked with me in the

same direction. “Drums?” “Mhhm..” “Oh my god…you’re crazy!” “You said at Phils party

you’d love to play drums! Here we go! I’ll teach you!!” I turned around and literally jumped

on him. I gave him a huge kiss. “Oh my god! You are so so so crazy! I love love love love

you Bruno!”

I jumped off of him and stood there in amazement. I know it doesn’t sound so interesting to

learn how to kill the drums. But for me it is!

“You know that I always wanted to learn that, since I was a little kid?!” Bruno let go of me.

He throw his leather jacket on the couch.

“Come over!” He sat already at the drums and patted his lap. Mentioning me to sit down.

“You know that I’ll love you for this till the end of my life?!” “Well I knew…you’ll be kind of

happy…but I never expected a reaction like this.” “Are you kidding? This is the best date

we ever had!!!”, I told him laughing. “I always wanted to play! My entire life! But my parents

never allowed me to take lessons or what ever! …Thank you Bruno! Really!!” Softly he

kissed my neck and I felt his huge smile.

“Okay…then take this!” He gave me from behind the two sticks. When I took hold of them,

I felt his hands on mine and his arms guiding mine.

We stayed like this for something like two hours. It was a mix of serious teaching, playing

around, kissing and flirting. We had so much fun together….especially when Bruno started

dancing around. It was a great time!

It got later and later and we both got hungry. We decided to order some Chinese food.

Bruno ran to the entry and paid for the food while I laid down on the little couch in the room

and waited for him to come back.

I burst out into laughter when I saw the way he danced back into the room. This day

couldn’t get any better.


PART 64:

We both started eating but I couldn’t stop smiling like a fool when I saw him at the other

end of the couch. Slowly I scooted over to him. I put the food on the small couch table next

to us and moved closer to him, till I reached his ear and whispered: “Did I tell you, that I

got the sexiest teacher in the world?”

He put his food on the table, too. I saw how a huge smirk formed on his lips. He grabbed

me and sat me right on his lap, facing him.

“No you didn’t…But now I know…and did I tell you…” He bit his lower lip and started to

place soft small kisses on my neck. “…That I got the sexiest student in the world?!” He

placed a kiss on my lips. “Are you doing this with all your students?” “No…only if they look

like my hot girlfriend…smell as good as my hot girlfriend..” He took a deep breath. “…and

taste as good as my hot girlfriend!” He got me. He came again closer and our lips met with


Only because we needed to take breath we pulled off of each other. Brunos forehead

rested on mine.

“Nila?”, he whispered after a few seconds. “Hmmm” I looked down on our hands. He hold

mine real tight and I felt that they got kind of a bit sweaty. He stayed silent and I could

sense he had something on his mind. “What’s wrong boo?”, I asked. “Nothing…”, he

brought out. I knew it wasn’t just nothing. I got off of his lap and cuddled up next to him

and took again his hands. “Come, tell me…” I kind of starred at him, waiting for for him to

come out with what he got on his mind.

Slowly he looked over to me with a tiny smile. He seemed nervous. But why that?

“Why are you acting so strange?” …Still nothing… “Bruno? Are you going to talk to me?”

“Well…I got something on my mind…” “Yeah I see that, but what?” “Actually…well…Nila…

I know you want that in a right way, and you shall get it that way…” “What are you talking

about??” “I wanna ask you in the perfect way if you want to marry me, and I’ll do that!…”

What was he talking about, was the only thing I could think about.

“But baby…honestly…I don’t wanna, no I can’t wait anymore! I love you more than

anything else and I wanna be with you for the rest of my life! And you said you’d marry me

any time! Why shall we wait? I wanna marry you…like now?!” “B but what do you mean?”

“Please let me marry you!” “Oh my god…Bruno!”, I whispered in disbelieve. “But Bruno…

we can’t do that! Our families will kill us! Not at a moment’s notice! What do you think?

How shall that work?” “Let’s run away?! Let’s go home grab some stuff and then we’re

heading out! I know Vegas sounds so standard! But why not? If that means that you

belong to me?” “But we really can’t do that! What about our families? I want to have them

here! What would they say?” “Nila listen: I’ll ask you again, for a real time, in a nice way!

You’ll get your dream wedding! If you want to, we don’t even need to tell anyone! Just a

thing between you and me! All I want is that you are mine at the moment! So what do you

think?” “Nobody telling about it? Acting like nothing happened? Like everything is still in

future?” “Yeah why not? If that means that everything is like you want it to be!” “Oh man

Bruno…we can’t do this!”, I said with my hands over my mouth, eyes wide open. “Why

not???” “Cause you’re crazy Bruno!” “Please, just say yes!”

He was right. I said I would marry him right at the moment. But I never expected

something like this! What should I answer… Was he running out of mind?

“Baby! I love you so much! Our little secret! No one will know! Everything will be perfect!

But, I seriously can’t wait that long anymore! This seems to be too long for me! I want you

to call my wife, not only my girlfriend! Cause you’re so much more for me! You made me to

the man who I am now! And I wanna be the best man I can be for you! From now on!” “…

this is so crazy…” He laid both of his hands on my face and looked me deep in the eyes.

“Do you wanna marry me?” “I do! I truly wanna!! I know you’re the one!” “Then please say

yes! Don’t let the fear of striking keep you from playing the game!”

I looked at him a little bit funny, because of what he said. But he was right.

“…Okay!” “Okay?” “Okay! Let’s do it! There’s no reason why not! I want you!” “You really

sure?” I found no other response than attacking his lips. I pushed him so far back, till I laid

on top of him. Kissing him like there was no tomorrow!

Then suddenly I sat up again. “Oh shit! We’re really doing this?” “Yesss! You don’t know

how happy you make me baby!” He kissed me again, but I stopped him before it got again


“This is so crazy!”, I repeated myself. “You know what’s even more crazy???” I couldn’t

calm myself! “What baby?” “That I marry you before I even really met the rest of your

family!” “But you do know them and they know you and they love you! And you’re not

marrying my family. You marry me!” “Yeah I know…but still…”

Laying on the couch he suddenly sat back straight up in front of me. He put both of his

hands on my face and pulled me close to his face. His eyes wandered from my eyes down

to my lips and back up to my eyes. With that sexy face he bit his lip and and whispered:

“Lucky me to have this all for me alone!”

Then he slowly licked over my bottom lip. It made me tingle. He hasn’t done that in a long

time. I felt so much butterflies in my tummy that I felt like I’ll explode in any seconds.

I felt his warm breath on my lips till his touched mine.

You should mean the longer you’re together with a person that all the romantic moments

aren’t that good anymore. But I can’t say that! I got the feeling that even our kisses are

getting better.

Bruno lingered a little bit longer on my lips than he usually did and sucked my bottom lip a

bit. This man can give me chills. It’s unbelievable!

“You know how hot it is when you hold me like this?” Those warm hands on my cheeks

and this sexy face. I bit my lip and pulled him a little bit roughly on the collar of his shirt

close to me.


“Here baby take this!” “What? But…no Bruno! You can’t do this!” He took off his ring from

his index finger and reached out for my hand! “No Bruno …Why? That’s yours!” “Cause at

the moment I got not a right one for you! And till I got one you’ll take this! What’s mine is

yours!” This was so cute…so it was official!

We were engaged!


“Bruuuuuunoooo…” “What is it now?” He looked around the corner out of the bathroom.

He seemed to be pretty amused about the chaos I made. Everywhere clothes and still

nothing in my bag.

“I don’t know what to wear……..” “What about…clothes?…uh…or better nothing!” I only

raised one eyebrow and he knew what was fact, cause he walked smirking back into the


“When do we leave?” “Uhmm…tomorrow evening and then after Vegas baby, straight to

Hawaii!” Bruno came dancing out of the bathroom. “Honeeeymoon baby!”, he whispered in

my neck and kissed it shortly. “Oh my god, you kid! And I really shall marry you?”

Somehow a towel landed on my head. “Eyyy! You will!” “Yeah I guess I will!”, I answered

pulling the towel from my head.


The next morning I woke up in an empty bed, without Bruno.

“Bruu…”, I was about to scream, the moment I realized, that today was the day, I left with

Bruno L.A. to marry him.

Oh my god! Are we really going to do that? Wasn’t it just a dream?

This is crazy shit! … Maybe …. he forgot about it over night?!, I thought to myself. Not

really sure, if it was the right way we would do that.

“Good morning baby! You already awake?!” He planted a kiss on my forehead and placed

a cup of coffee next to my nightstand.

“Hey…”, I smiled. He seemed to be in such a good mood.

“Why did I have to wake up alone?” I sat myself a little up and lend on my elbows.

“Just taking care of a few last things…So you’re prepared for tonight?”

His smile was huge and gorgeous!

Shit! We were really serious about it!, was my next thought.

I tried to get my thoughts of it and nodded. I grabbed his cup of coffee he placed on the

nightstand and sipped on it.

Bruno crawled off of the bed and came to the side of me and kissed me shortly on my lips.

“I love you Nila!” And with that he grabbed the cup out of my hands and said: “And this, is

mine, sweetheart!” “And what about the what’s mine is yours?” “Yeah…from tomorrow on,


ok?!”, he answered quickly when he walked back down. “I love you, too Bruno!”, I shouted

annoyed by not getting my morning coffee.

“Come downstairs and get you some coffee baby!”

This guy creeps me out! Why is he reading my mind?

“And Nila, we are going to do the right thing!” Did he really just say that?, I thought. He

really dispelled all my doubts with knowing me so good.

Laying there for a few more minutes, I thought about, how our adventure would begin.


“Do you think you have everything now?” “No…I don’t think so …something’s still missing!”

“Sure why did I even ask?! You really can’t take all your clothes with you! And we need to

go now! Dre is already waiting for us outside!” “I know I know..ok let’s go!”

I grabbed my stuff and passed Bruno opening the door and kissed his cheek, knowing I

could be really annoying sometimes.

“What? Are you coming now or not?….Why do I always have to wait for you?”, I asked

jokingly. Bruno just stood there in the door frame and rolled with his eyes, laughing about

my reaction.

“Hi Dre!” He stood already in front of the car, ready to take our stuff in the trunk. I hugged

him as far as my arms could reach around him and kissed his cheek.

“You know, I’m really sorry. We’re pretty late, but you know it’s always the same! You have

always to wait for our lady Bruno!” “Yeah, whatever she’s saying! She’s lying!”, Bruno

shouted from the door, coming down with the rest of our stuff.

I started laughing and went in the back of the car, while Bruno and Dre greeted each other

with that manly hug. After a few minutes they both went in the front of the car and we

drove of to the airport.

“So you both head over already today to Hawaii!?” Carefully I lend forward to hear what

Bruno would answer. He better don’t say the wrong thing.

“Well…yeah we have to take a little stopover to take care about some things and then

straight to Hawaii.” I saw how Bruno reached his right hand behind his seat to reach mine.

I grabbed it and squeezed it, telling him I was ok with the way he told Dre. “So I guess we’ll

see you next week there, then!”


“So ok! Be careful guys!” Dre helped us bringing our stuff till the terminal and left then.

“Do you think you’ll survive without Dre?”, I asked Bruno more serious than he thought.

“Sure! Don’t be scared! Your muscle man is here to protect you!”, he answered joking,

doing this body builder pose with one of his free arms.

“It’s not me I’m worried about. I got the feeling that I’m the one who should protect you!”

“Don’t be! Everything will just be fine! And now get ready for the things which will come!”

He laid one arm around my shoulder and kissed the top of my head.

After checking in and passing every control, we had to got through, we walked together

down the way in the plane and looked for our seats. We were lucky and got seats, where


no one would recognize us so easily.

Even though it would have been only a short flight, of a little bit more than an hour, I felt

the big urge to sleep. On the other hand I was so excited that I weren’t able to sleep.

I grabbed Brunos hand real tight. “Oh my god Bruno…we’re really going to do this!”, I told

him in a high tune, burying my head in his chest.

Bruno laid his chin on my head and laughed silently.

“Bruno? Why do you never say anything about it?…I mean, how do you feel about it?”

“Honestly?”, he asked while his head fell back in the seat. “I feel in the moment like the

luckiest man in the universe!…Sure I am somehow scared, too, just like you. But you

never know what the future brings. Which problems and other things. But I know that I love

you and that I wanna grow old with you, and that I’m willing to take the risk, because I

know that together with you, I’ll get through everything. That we’ll get through everything! I

know that this is the right thing to do!…”

I looked from the side up to Bruno and moved in, to kiss his cheek. “This was one of the

most beautiful things you ever said to me!” And I was still holding his hand tight with both

of my hands.

“But you seem so calm Bru…and I feel like…I’m kind of a mess!”, I admitted. “Believe me

baby!I am everything else than calm!…But you better sleep now. We got still a long night

in front of us.”

“I’ll try to!” I laid the side of my head on Brunos shoulder and my arm on his tummy. We

both cuddled up under a blanket.

PART 65:

“I can’t sleep!”, I said lifting up my head from his shoulder, only a few seconds after I laid it

down. Bruno giggled to himself: “You haven’t even tried it, have you?!”

I lend back in my seat, closing shortly the eyes, to see Bruno fumbling around with his

iPod when I opened them again. He lend also back in his seat and reached out his hand to

me, to give me one of his headphones.

First I looked at him confused but grabbed it then, put it in my ear and laid my head back

on his shoulder. Bruno put in the other side of the headphones, laid his head on mine and

went through his orders of music.

“Now close you eyes, baby!” He took my hand again and stroked with his thumb over the

back of my hand.

Curious about what he will play, I tried to relax and closed my eyes like he told me to.

First I didn’t believe my ears.

“Aww Bruno! This is so beautiful…you never told me, you recorded that!”

What I heard was the first song Bruno wrote for me when he was in Hawaii and sang it via

Skype to me. I had almost tears in my eyes. This song was so beautiful, more beautiful

than I remembered it.

“I wanted to keep it for a special moment!”


“I want much more of it, that I can finally breath. … What do I have to do, that I can keep

hold of you for a moment?”, where the words, still ringing in my ear, when it switched to the

next song.

What I was hearing was Frank Ocean’s bedtime story.

My smile got even huger: “I love you, Bruno!”, I whispered to him and kissed his hand.

That he remembered that I loved this song, meant a lot to me.

Slowly I felt how my eyes became heavier and began to drift of into sleep. The last tune I

heard, was something beautiful, I thought I’ve never heard before.


“Wake up baby! We are almost there!”

Sleepy I rubbed my eyes, for a moment not knowing where I was.

“Fell asleep, huh?!” “Nooo I didn’t.”, I answered with a sleepy baby voice. “Come…Put

your seat belt on! We’re landing!”

Bruno looked over to me and I looked at him and we both flashed at the same time those

creepy smiles. He squeezed my hand and moved in to kiss me deeply on my lips.

When we pulled away Bruno licked his lips and had those sparkling eyes.

“I love you, Nila!”, he whispered. I rubbed with my thumb a little bit of my lip gloss from his

lips and responded whispering: “I love you, too, Bruno!”


“Mr. Hernandez?”, asked a man in direction of Bruno, when we came out of the airport in


“Yes. That’s me! Hello!”

Bruno reached his hand out and shook the mans hand. The man took our luggage and all

our other stuff and put it in the trunk.

Meanwhile, Bruno opened the door of the car for me and helped me to get in the SUV with

tinted windows, that waited in front of the airport for us. It was a black Audi. A dream of a


“It seems like I say in the last time pretty often “oh my god” but Bruno! Oh my god!” I sat in

the car, not believing my eyes.

“So you like it?” “A lot! Did you arrange that all?” “…I was just trying to make this weekend

perfect.” “I only need you that it is perfect, but this is amazing! … But don’t you think it is a

bit too obtrusive?” “We’re in Vegas baby! Here is absolutely nothing too obtrusive! Trust


After a few minutes of stunning about the things I’ve seen I turned back around to Bruno:

“When did you organize that all?” “…Don’t let your cute head work too hard today! Just

enjoy it!”

This man is really amazing! How did I deserve that all?, I thought to myself.

“You know the way?”, Bruno asked the man, who got into the driver seat. “Yes, Sir!”

And with that we pulled of to a place I didn’t know, yet. I decided to simply wait for the

moment where Bruno will tell me everything.

I lend back against Bruno and soaked up every moment with Bruno. I knew this all would

end up faster than I thought it would. So I enjoyed it! I felt how Bruno fumbled around with

his ring on my finger.


We drove around for a little bit longer than 20 minutes till we were seemingly at our


“You gotta be fucking kidding me Bruno!” He had this goofy smirk on his face, kissed me

and opened then door of the car. At the door he waited for me, held out his hand and

helped me to get out of the car.

“Who are you? And what have you done with my fiance?” I laughed at Bruno. “He’s right in

front of you, darling and he’s taking you inside of this building there!” He turned me

around, hold me from behind on my waste and pointed to the building in front of us.

“Bruno you booked a room in there?? Are you serious?? Oh my god …You’re way crazier

than I thought! Oh my god! OH MY GOD! You can’t be serious! Oh my..I mean it’s not just

any hotel! It’s that hotel…it’s the TRUMP! It is..” Bruno interrupted me with a kiss.

And knowing what he all did for me, made this kiss even more intensive. I think he forgot

for a moment that we’ve been in the middle of the street, because he french kissed me,

like he usually only would do it behind closed doors at home. But it was night and so

already dark outside, that this made it all even more romantic.

We were interrupted by the coughing of our driver.

I felt a little bit embarrassed and let my arms go around Brunos neck. He bit in a sexy way

his bottom lip. When his hand slid carefully through my hair, he smiled in a lovely way at

me and turned around to our driver.

“Your luggage is already inside the hotel. Can I do anything else for you, sir?” “No thank

you! I think that was all for tonight!” “Please call me, when you need me!” “We will! Have a

nice evening!”

Then he turned back around to me, took my hand and we walked into the hotel.

“…amazing!”, I finished my sentence from earlier. “Huh? What?”, Bruno asked me. “It’s

amazing! That was what I wanted to say earlier when you suddenly interrupted me!”

“Everything for you, baby!” He lifted our intertwined hands up and kissed mine softly.

“And he’s like, all the time here? You just need to call him? The whole weekend?” I

wondered about our driver. “Excatly! He brings us to everywhere we want to!”, Bruno

responded grinning.


“Brunooo… I really absolutely don’t know what to say!” “Then don’t say anything! Just

enjoy this all!, Bruno answered me when he closed the door to our room.

I literally jumped in his arms and hugged him as tight as I could. Bruno grabbed me also

real tight and sat with me then on the bed.

“But Bru, you know that I don’t need anything of that, right?! I love you because you’re so

humble. You don’t need to smash your money like this. I don’t marry you cause of this. I

really don’t need this at all!”

“Nila, I know that you don’t need it! But I want this weekend to be perfect, and I want that

you feel special. So please let me do this for you!”

I nodded smiling to both ears and rolled myself on the bed.

“Ohhh myy goood!!”, I screamed almost. “These is heaven! Can we please take that with


us back home? Pretty please??”

Bruno simply laughed about my statement and walked in the bathroom.

“Nila, come here!” I quickly sat up from the bed, hearing excitement in his voice. “What,

what, what??”, I shouted running to him.

“Look at this!!!” “Gosh!!!”, I said starring. This was beautiful. Quickly I pulled my shoes off

and sat into the bathtub.

“Oh man! I’ve been never ever, in my entire life in something so amazing, beautiful and

relaxing. Come here baby. Sit with me.” I patted the place opposite of me, looking like a

little child that entered candy-land.

“Don’t laugh at me! Come in!” And so he did. He pulled off his shoes and sat in front of me

in the bathtub.

“Oh my…! Nila, I think…we shouldn’t wait too long to use this thingy here!” “Oh believe

me, we wont, baby! We wont!”

After our test sitting in this gorgeous tub, I went out of it and saw this huge mirror in a gold

frame. It was a piece every girl dreams about. Alone the bathroom was so beautiful, that

you never wanted to leave it.

“Ohhhhweeee Brunoooo!!! Have you seen this view??? Can we please never leave this

room? This is so beautiful.” A view straight on the Las Vegas Strip.

I stood there at this huge window, starring out of it, trying to catch every little detail, what

seemed to be impossible. This was the moment when I felt one of Brunos arms being

wrapped over my shoulders. He left his hand hanging in front of chest leaning me back

against him.

“This is so beautiful Bruno!”, I whispered against his arm.

“Auuu. Did you just bite my arm??” “Hehe…yes…you know I can’t resist arms…and yours

is so damn sexy!” “Uh I see how it is.” He spun me around and faced me.

“Be careful or I need to bite you darn sexy neck, too or even those manly shoulders of

yours…I’m not sure about it, yet, but I may eat you up!”

“You would do that? So you’re something like a vampire?”

“Do you even realize that you just destroyed the whole tension we had in this room with

those stupid vampires?! Has your mama never told you, that vampires doesn’t exist and

this is just a stupid joke?”, I asked him laughing, when I wrapped my arms around his


“I’m sorry!”, he let his head hang down, but looked up to me with those puppy dog eyes

and his pouty lips.

When he said that I lifted his head with my index finger under his chin. I moved in closer to

him and near his lips. The moment I reached them I licked slowly above his pouty lip and

bit then carefully, not too much, in it.

“Goooshh…Nila..”, he whispered in a whiny tone.

“What, does it hurt boo?” The words he brought out were quite ununderstandable, but I

answered: “Kiss me, then it wont hurt!”

This time I made the first step and let my tongue slip into his mouth and repeated the

same thing we did on the street, without any interruption.

When we pulled apart we looked in each others eyes with a sparkle. Brunos hair looked all

messy. And I couldn’t help but playing around with it. It was simply pure sexiness. If this


man ever cuts his hair shorter than he usually does, he will be a dead man!

“What about the bathtub now?”, he proposed. “I’d love to!”

The thought of this warm water all over me, relaxed me already while we stood in front of

the window.

“Would you already let the water in?” “Yeah sure!”, I said and wanted to walk away. But

then I turned around and gave him another quick kiss. He took me in his arms and hold me

for a few minutes really tight. I laid my head on his shoulder and snuggled against his


“Thank you Bruno! Thank you for everything you have ever done for me and for everything

you will do for me, in our future! I love you so much, that it sometimes hurts. But I don’t

want to miss this feeling for anything in the world, ‘cause I know, that you’ll be the best

husband I could ever find.” Slowly I pulled away to look in his face. ”..aww baby…you’re

not supposed to have tears in your eyes!”

“Your not supposed to say already your vows you know?!” He wiped his eyes, before any

tears could fall down.

“Yeah I know, but I just wanted to tell you how I feel at the moment. Why are you crying,

boo?!” “I’ll tell you tomorrow ok, when the right time is there for those things.”, he smiled at

me, while his thumb run over my cheek. “Now lets come, there’s something pretty nice

waiting for us.”


PART 66:
The rest of our evening together was as beautiful as the first part of the day. While I let the water run in the bathtub, Bruno managed it to call the room service and ordered us some cooled sparkling whine.

He even lit some candles and dimmed the light. I can tell he is really good at all this romantic stuff, making a girl feel like on cloud nine.

“These candles smell awesome!…But not as good as you smell!” From behind I ditched my nose in Brunos back and took a deep breath. With my arms wrapped around him from behind I swayed a little bit from side to side to the music he let softly play.

“Can you fill me a little bit of you up in a bottle. And every time when you’re gone and I miss you, I can smell you, at least?”

Right then Bruno let the cork plop. But suddenly everything poured out and he had really nothing better to do then turning around and holding the bottle all over my clothes!

“What the fuck Brunooo!!!” “Ooops!” “Don’t smirk like this you little idiot!”

He got this talent to make me laugh even when he did something stupid.

“Oops! I’m really sorry! I don’t know how this could happen. But it seems like you should get out of this real soon or you get sick or anything.” “Yeah sure Bru…I get sick cause of a bit sparkling whine!”

He put the bottle to the side…
“Yeahh..I think you would get really sick, I mean really bad! …So you should get really quick out of this!” He tapped with fingers against my shirt and ran his fingers down to the side of my pants.

“Otherwise I gotta say…I should think about this filling me up in a bottle. … Do you think you can afford that? I mean…you got to pay, you know?!”

He scooted closer and closer, looking from time to time to the bathtub. This man is so easy to read.

“Two can play that game, you know Bru?!” I approached Bruno the same way he did. I looked him straight in the eyes and started to unbutton his shirt.

His smile got bigger and he started kissing my neck. Between his kisses he whispered against my neck: “I can’t wait to make you mine, baby!”

“And I can’t wait to get in there!”, I smiled and kissed him. Reaching the ends of his buttons I helped him out of the shirt and pulled also mine off.

We got both at the same time out of our pants. When I was only in my underwear I turned with my back around to Bruno and pulled my hair to the side.

I felt how he planted small kisses on my shoulder blade and said then: “My pleasure!”

He unhooked my bra and I slipped out of my panties.
Before I could turn back around, Bruno lifted me up bride style.

“Don’t do something stupid Bru!!! Don’t let me fall!!” “Don’t worry! I got you! I need to train that!”, he laughed.

“BRUU!!! LET ME DOWN!!” “Sorry sorry!! I really got you! …just somehow wet here…!” “Really??”, I asked sarcastic. “Please be careful, baby!”

In the end he made it somehow that we sat safely in the bathtub. He pulled me close to him on his lap. And there we sat enjoying the hot water together, drinking our sparkling whine. 

The time ran by too fast and it got later and later. When we made our way out of the tub I wrapped myself in a towel, feeling Brunos hands on my hips.

“Honestly, I don’t really remember the last time we really danced together.”, Bruno whispered in my ear when he started to sway us from side to side.
“We really should do that more often!”, he continued and took one of my hands. 
He flipped me around with a twirl. I put my hand on his chest and let him lead me to the music. 

This evening was even more than romantic. He did really everything to make me happy. 

Swaying from side to side we ended up in our bed. It really felt good. I’ve never slept in such an amazing bed like this. It felt like you sleep in a cloud. 

Somehow I managed it to put on one of Brunos shirts and my panties and fell asleep in  Brunos arms and to the sound of the night in Las Vegas. The way I wanted to fall asleep for the rest of my life.


Why does it feel so cold in my back? He wasn’t there, again!
I didn’t dare to open my eyes. But then the smell of fresh coffee convinced me to open my eyes. The bright light hit me. 

“Damn! Baby you weren’t supposed to wake up already! I’m not ready yet!”, I heard Bruno saying from the other side of the room.
“Sorry!”, I answered with my sleepy voice turning my face in my pillow, trying to wake myself up somehow. 

“Did I wake you? Was I too loud?”, Bruno asked me worried. 
“No it was the coffees fault! How are you doing that? Since when do you get out of bed before me?” “Since it’s our wedding day and I wanted to surprise you with some nice breakfast in the bed.”

I titled my head to the side and watched him putting some things from a cart on a tray. He stood there only in his boxers, in all his glory.I really have there a fine piece of man.

When he made his way over to me, I closed quickly my eyes. 
“I know you were watching misses!”, he laughed at me, crawling carefully back in the bed, next to me. 
“Yeah…whatever…”, I answered when I turned around to sit right next to him. 

He lend over to me and kissed me a sweet good morning kiss. 
“Can you wake me up like this every morning?” “Well…I can’t promise every morning, but I try my best, the most days!” 
He kissed me again, making this morning even sweeter. 

So we both started the day completely relaxed with breakfast in our bed and stayed there for the longest part of the day.  We talked about everything and the world. Also about the things that happened in the passed to him, in Vegas and how it still affects his life.

“Yeah baby, but it’s all over now! I learned my lesson! The past is the past. I can’t take it back. If I could, I swear, I would…but it doesn’t work. It’s my own damn fault that it comes from time to time back and hits me straight in my face. But I gotta live with it. 
…But honestly, I don’t wanna talk about it anymore! I don’t think it’s today the right day for it.” 

We were still in our bed. My head laid on his chest and I stared at the ceiling. He put his arm over mine and intertwined our fingers, while the other hand played with a few strands of my hair.  

“You’re right, we got much better things to do today. Even though I wouldn’t mind to stay here like this all day.”
“Me either…but no one said we couldn’t continue with that afterwords.” 

I sat up looking Bruno straight in the face. 
“Then let’s do it now!” “What? Don’t you think it’s better to wait till it’s dark, that we don’t get seen so easily!” “Until I’m ready is it already dark! So common, before I change my mind.” “You would change your mind?” 

I sat down on my knees, put my arms on his shoulders and answered him with a long kiss.

“No, I wouldn’t! But I don’t wanna wait anymore!” 

With that I jumped out of the bed. I don’t know what got into me at this moment, but I couldn’t wait anymore. He got me totally under his spell. Everything he said to me, the evening in the studio, was so right. I never wanted to be without him again. I don’t wanted to be apart from him. I wanted him as mine and I wanted to be his. 

“But before you get the total ban to stay away from the bathroom..”, I crawled back on the bed, grabbed his arms and pulled him to me, “…I want to take a shower with you!”



“Nila come out! I want to see you finally! I’m sure you are beautiful enough!” “Bruno! But today isn’t just any date we have!” “I knooooow….I just can’t wait anymore to see you!!!”

His voice sounded almost whiny. He was so cute. He really couldn’t wait anymore. 
I went on with the finish and began to become nervous. We were really going to do that in the next hours. We would say “yes” for a lifetime. This is something you wait your whole life for. And now the day was there.
My hands became sweaty. I took a deep breath… Another one, trying to calm down a little.

“Are you ready to go?”, I asked Bruno through the door. 
“Yeeeesssss!!! I’m so ready!!”
“I’ll come out now ok?!”, I told him still nervous.  
“Baby, I really can’t wait anymore!!! Please don’t tease me so much!!”

Slowly I began to open the door. First I peeked my head out, to see a Bruno who was at least as much nervous as me. I saw how his smile grow huge and he grabbed the handle of the bathroom door. He looked so excited to see me. 

When the door was completely open and he saw me from head to toe, he stood there speechless with his mouth wide open.

“What?! Shall I better wear an other dress?” “Ohhh my…damn….shit…Nila, you look soo sooo…I’m speechless! You’re so beautiful! More beautiful than ever and I thought this was quite impossible. Ohh man, damn!…”

I wore a dark blue, lightly black shimmering, strapless petticoat dress with a black band around my waste, ending on my back in a bow. The dress reached half over my knees. Plus fitting black heels, not too high to reach over Bruno.   
My hair was all open in it’s half curly nature. Only a few strands were pinned up with a small barrette. 

Even though it wasn’t the first time, that Bruno told me I’m beautiful or something, I blushed especially that day. 

“You don’t look to bad either…honestly…you look damn hot in that tux!” 

He wore a black tux with, also a dark blue, a bit darker than mine, button-down shirt and a black tie. 
He looked so amazing in these clothes. If we had the time I would have jumped on him right at the point. 

Bruno came closer to me and grabbed one hand, spinning me in a circle.
“I swear you’re stealing all the other girls on this planet the show tonight, baby!..”
He came closer again. I felt his warm breath on my skin when he said: “Can I just kiss you now?” 

Our lips met already, before I could answer, to a passionate yet so sensitive and romantic kiss. My hands made their way up to his, so perfect hair and drove from the bottom up to the top. 

“Damn…Nila, you taste good!”, he said licking his lips with a goofy smile on his face. I said laughing: “Sorry about that!”, and whipped once again with my thumb a little bit lip gloss from the corner of his mouth. 
“Na, it’s all good. I can shine then at least a little bit like this beautiful, sexy lady next to me!”

He kissed my cheek and took then my hand. Ready for one of the most important moments of our lifes.


PART 67:

“Are you ready?” I took another deep breath… “Nooohh…” I squeezed his hand tight and I’m sure he felt how nervous I was. “….But I guess I will always wonder if I’m ready for that! So please just let us go now!!”, I smiled and tried to convince him that I was ok.

“Is he already there with the car?” “Yeah I called him earlier when you were in the bathroom! By the way …I can’t say enough how beautiful you look!! And ….I love you!” “I love you, too!”, I reflected his smile and pecked his lips. “And thanks for making me feel good all the way, Bru!”



When we walked down the stairs of the hotel entree the car was already there, waiting for us.

“Ladies first!”, Bruno opened the door and hold out his hand for help. Then he hopped also in and we drove off.

“…and thiiiis…iiisss for you!” Bruno pulled out from behind his back bridal flowers.

“Ohhhhwww Bruno they look beautiful! But you don’t…” “But I wanted to! I can’t let my bride go without any flowers!”, he interrupted me.

“Thank you so much, baby! They are really beautiful!” “I even chose them on my own!”, he said proudly with a smirk.

This man is awesome! How’s he doing this with all the secrets, without knowing me about anything?

“Even my favorite once! You are the best!!” I gave him a big kiss and smiled like a fool smelling on this flowers.

It was a little bouquet of twigs of these plumeria Hawaii flowers. I love them so much … every time when I see them I feel so far away. Sounds stupid, but they give me a feeling of holidays and got since I knew Bruno an even more special meaning.

“And where are we going now?…No wait! Let me guess: It’s a surprise?” “Actually, NO, it’s not a surprise! I wanted to look with you together for the right place. I don’t know where we’re going now. …I thought we should be at least a bit spontaneous in Vegassss…” “Sweet…ok then let’s see! Have you thought about what you want? Because I have absolutely no idea!” “Honestly, I hoped you will come up with somehting. ‘Cause I got neither a plan…”

We both thought about it for a bit, crossing the streets of Las Vegas, searching for the right place for our special night…

“You know what, baby?” I took his hand again. “Just let us go into the next thing we see! Damn, we’re in Vegas! Let’s be a little bit cliché! Let’s get in there and let Elvis make us to husband and wife! …”, I laughed about my own words. And so did Bruno.

In the last time I’m pretty often surprised by myself.

“Are you sure? I mean it’s not really, that special.” “Why does it need to be special? You made this weekend already to best I’ve ever had! I don’t need anything else than you!…And I mean…in a way is it special…my little baby Elvis!”

I pinched his cheek playfully but then he caught and kissed it.

“Ok! Let’s do it!…”

He bend forward to our driver and said: “Frank, could you please stop at the next crossroad and let us out there?! And would you wait there please in the near til we come back?!”



“This is hilarious! The Elvis man does really look that crazy! I though they are only like that on TV!”, I laughed when I walked with Bruno in this little wedding chapel.

There were only two couples in there before we were at the row.

The first couple came out, totally shining and laughing. They were all happy. And I knew we would shine even more after all. But the closer it came the more the nerviness played with my feelings.

Nervously I walked the hall, we waited in, up and down. Bruno just sat there, watching me.

“Bruno?! Do you think we’re really doing the right thing?”, I asked him with my face to the wall I stood in front. My back was facing Bruno.

What’s wrong with me? I was so sure about it? I want to marry him…

I heard Bruno sighing silently behind me.

“Baby, come over to me!” He grabbed one of my hand and made me sitting on his lap.

“Baby, listen to me. I know you are nervous. So am I!” I looked at him funny because he looked so calm and completely relaxed.

But then he continued: “But…We.Are.Doing.The.Right.Thing! Trust me! Please!”

I felt like I’m going crazy any second. And I didn’t know why I felt like this.

“Nila, it’s not like you need to go in there alone. I’m right beside you! This is our day, we go there together in, and come together out as wife and husband!…Sweetie everything is good!”

Suddenly I jumped off of Brunos lap and walked again the hall we waited in, up and down.

“I know that everything is good…I’m just so…” My voice cracked. What is wrong with me?

I swallowed hard and continued then: “I’m just so fucking scared Bruno!”

Tears began to roll down my face.

“What if anyone of those paps saw us? What if tomorrow everybody knows about this? What if our parents, our family find it out??”

“Heeey sweetie! Don’t cry!” Bruno came over to me and hugged me tight. “Sweetie, common! You have absolutely no reason to cry. Up to now, we had not a bit problems this weekend with paparazzi. Not even someone who wanted to get a picture. And that’s almost impossible, if you know what I mean.”

Bruno raised one eyebrow and made this ‘I’m-to-cool-for-this-world’ move and laughed and made me laughing, too.

“But I’m serious Nila! They wont know about this. They wont find out! Please don’t let your nerves knock you out of this. Everything is…”

“Mr. Hernandez?! You two are next. Please come to the door when you’re ready!”

“Yes, ok! Thanks mam!”

“Ok Nila. Are you sure you really want to marry me?” I nodded yes, cause I couldn’t guarantee that no tears would fallen down if I would have said something.

“And so am I!… Ok honey, so please stop crying. Everything is ok! I’m by your side! Remember, this is our day and no one and nothing can destroy that! We’re going there in together now! And this will be the day, we’ll never forget and will even tell our grandchildren about. This may be the craziest thing we’ve ever done but at the same time the most beautiful thing.”

The whole time while he said all those beautiful things he held both of my hands tight and squeezed them softly.

“So now baby, don’t let your pretty eyes get all red. This wouldn’t look to nice on our pictures.” He tried to twiddle a tissue out of the pocket of his pants and dried really carefully the last few tears under my eyes, without destroying my make up.

“No more tears today?” “No more tears!”, I whispered back and smiled again.

He gave me another tight hug and asked then: “You ready?” I nodded again and he grabbed my hand, before planting a kiss on my forehead.

There were we! Right in front of the door, about to getting married.

The only thing I felt now, was Brunos tight grip on my hand. God…he was nervous!

And I can tell my poor flowers suffered under my grip.


The one staff lady opened the door and there he was: our Elvis. How we found out later, his name was Rob. This little chapel and everything around looked exactly like in movies.

Since we had no one here with us, we needed to book a best man, who was already in the room at the end of the aisle.

Bruno and I looked at the same time at each other and laughed when Rob started to play with his guitar “Wise man say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you. Shall I stay, would it be a sin. If I can’t help falling in love with you….”

When we walked down the aisle we both had those huge grins on our faces that my face muscles after a few minutes started to hurt. But I couldn’t help it. Even though it was crazy, was it just perfect for us.

Then he walked behind his little desk, greeted us and began already with his little speech. And I mean it was really small. I mean, we were in Vegas!!! Everything has to be quick.

He began: “Marriage is the promise to be there for each other. To respect and cherish each other. To take care of the spouse. But the marriage is also a pact for good and bad times. And now I ask you …. ehmm ahh Peter Gene Hernandez, do you want to take this beautiful young lady here, with the name Nila Maly, to your wife!?” “Yes, I do!”, Bruno shot, giving Rob almost no time to finish his sentence.

“And you young lady? Do you wanna take this fella here to your husband?” “I do!”, I answered and I swear my smile grow even huger by every second.

“Then you two can change your rings now!”, Rob said to us with a big smile.

“Ohh we forgot about the…”, I tried to answer but got interrupted by Bruno who held a little box, surrounded with red velvet in his hands.

When he opened the little box I didn’t trust my own eyes.

“Ohh my….Bruno!!” I put my hands over my mouth. Totally shocked.

“You even have rings?!” “I hope you like them…”, Bruno said smiling.

This was a thing I absolutely didn’t expected.

“They look more than beautiful!…”

I couldn’t help it but I had tears in my eyes. I took a deep breath that they didn’t escape my eyes. I promised him not to cry anymore, that day.

“Give me your hand pretty!”, Bruno said to me as he pulled out the ring for me. I gave him my right hand and he slipped with his soft hands the ring on my finger.

Then he reached the little box over to me and I took out his ring and slipped the ring on his finger.

Brunos ring was gold and had a thin silver stripe and a thin black strip on it. While my ring was smaller than Brunos and was silver, with a thin gold stripe and a thin black stripe. They were simple but yet classy. And they fit perfectly!

“So now, since you’ve changed your rings, you, young man can kiss your bride now…!”

Bruno took both of my hands and looked then over to Rob: “I know this is not typical for this kind of wedding, but may I say something before?”

“Sure son, go on!”

“Nila, you said yesterday that you love me so much that it hurts sometimes. And when you say that, I ask myself how I even deserve you. I got to leave you so often alone. And it hurts every time a little bit more cause I love you so much. I left you already once alone, when you needed me the most. I can’t believe that you still stick with me together. That you take all this on you and you stay with me. That I come home and know for sure, that you’ll be there for me…And I’m scared sometimes that I can’t show you enough how much I love you, that I can’t give you all the love back you have saved for me.”

In between all those words my eyes filled already up with tears, again! …And they escaped! But this time … tears of joy!

“Sorry, I can’t help it!”, I whispered smiling when Bruno looked down my cheeks.

But he just smiled and squeezed my hands a little tighter.

“But I know…”, he continued, “I got it inside me and I wanna promise you that I try to be the best husband I can be for you and the best one you deserve! That I give you everything you need and everything I have. Nila, I don’t know what else to say than that I love you so much that I can’t even describe it! I…”

“Bruno…”, I interrupted him silently. “Just keep it there … and kiss me!”, I smiled at him like I never smiled before. Completely overwhelmed by all this love from this one man, who was my one and only and husband now!