Chapter 6

18/04/2011 21:34

A voice. All I heard was a beautiful voice.


Shh, it's ok, don't speak”

I open my eyes and I see him. Peter. Staring into my eyes like he just seen death. He starts to hum while I stare into those of his. With a rush of emotion I start to get a headache. I start to shake my head. No. I don't want him here. So I start to scream.

No!, no, no...”

wake up, wake up Alicia wake up”

This time I guess I wake up for real this time because when I open my eyes I see Eric. It was all in my head. He was all in my head. Voices in my head. I'm half way there to insanity. I take a deep breath and tell myself it's going to be ok. I just got to get through this day.

is it really you?” I say

yes, baby it's really me”

Just to make sure I slap him, with all the might that I have. Wincing as he starts to laugh.

i think that hurt you more than it hurt me” he said laughing

i had to made sure it was you”

who else would it be here with you?”

where am I?”

I try to sit up but there was a horrible pain shot out through out my body.

you stay put right where you are miss lady”

where am I?”

your in the hospital.”


I try to remember what happened but I draw a blank. I look around and see that Alisia was sleep and Maria had her head in her hands. From the sounds of it, it sounded like she was crying and praying all at the same time.

Maria i'm ok”

She pops up and I gasp. Her eyes were blood shot red, her hands were cut up and she had a bandage on her arm.

Maria what happened to you amiga?”


She puts her head down back into her hands and starts crying and praying again. Then Alisia wakes up, looks at maria and shakes her head.

she's been like that ever since we came to the hospital, every time I ask her what wrong, she starts to cry harder and pray.” She said

Sucking up the pain I sit up. Eric grabs my hand so I can use him as support, eases me up and puts pillows behind my back. He kisses my forehead, sits on a chair next to me and keeps a hold of my hand. I look over at him and he starts to smile. When I look back over I see Maria staring at me. You could tell she was crying buy the dry tears on her cheeks and her blood shot eyes.

Maria, it's ok. I'm alive and kicking.... do I look that bad”

No, no, no, no, your beautiful Alicia...” she said

That seem to make it worse because next thing you know she was balling her eyes out again. Awkwardly Alisia rubs Maria's back

Va a estar bien, Maria”


Si Maria, usted se preocupa a mucho”

Eric just looks at me.

she told maria everything will be ok and maria said no, then Alisia said yes maria you worry to much.”

you understood what she said?” he said

I know a little bit but I didn't know Alisia could speak at all”

i use to date a Dominican so I know a little”

Maria, i'm ok....Maria look at me i'm ok”

i can't see you like this, I.....i have to leave”

She looks at me and sheds a single tear. She grabs her jacket and stops by the door.

I'm sorry.....i'll come visit later”

and like a light she was out. I looked at Alisia and she just rolled her eyes.

was she always so emotional?”

after he father passed....”


she put her head down and started to read her book. I look over at Eric and smile at him. He is such a good guy. Maybe if I payed a little more attention to him, maybe I would like him a little more. Something caught my nose and my head snapped towards the door. It was a nurse who I guess was for me. She walks over does my vitals and makes me sign a paper.


are you wearing cinnamon?” I ask her

no but i'm chewing gum, you want some?”


I take a piece, the nurse leaves, I look around and see that Eric & Alisia is sleep so I take the piece and chew. Man did I chew. God it was rush for my senses. Then I started to imagining him. Back to where he was all over my body. Kissing me. Caressing me. Hands all through out my body. Making me quiver. The way he felt on me and inside of me all came back in a rush. That cinnamon smell that covered his body from head to toe flared in my nose like he was there in the room touching me again. A moan slips from my lips and my eyes pop open.

Eric was watching me all wide eyed. He had been watching me as I was having my fantasy with a piece If gum that smelled like the guy who hurt me emotionally. Man I'm losing it. I reach over and pull his head towards me and stare into his hazel eyes. They were nothing like his. They were hazel with flecks of green and gold, don't get me wrong they we're beautiful but I just couldn't...i just couldn't get over...i pulled his lips to mine.

Feeling like a bitch because I was using his kiss to stop thinking of him. He fell back into his chair and closed his eyes with a smile on his face. But as I closed my eyes all I could see was his eyes. Those Big. Brown. Beauties. Damn. I need help.

I wake up the next day. The nurse comes in to discharge me, gives me some pain medication to take at home. Taking out my IV's and taking a shower, I dress in clothes that we're Alisia's because things we're a little tighter than usual. Eric and Alisia walk me out of the hospital and into her ruby red muscle car. Then we drive off.

can we please stop at Gi-Gi's?, i'm dying yo get a milkshake & a burger.”

fine with me, you ok with that Alisia?”

i'm famished”

We get there, find a booth and sit down. With in minutes the Waitress came over to take our orders. I get my giant vanilla milk shake that I love so much with home-style burger, Alisia orders the burger with a orange soda and Eric orders the super burger with the red soda. Maria always ordered those red sodas. I wonder if she was alright, so as soon as I get home I was going to check on her.

About 15 minutes later she came back with out food and I started on the burger, saving the best for last. I'm about to suck down my wonderful ice cold heaven when I smell the cinnamon again. I ignore it but it just gets stronger. I hold my breath and suck down on my milkshake but even though i'm holding my breath I fell as thought it wasn't going away.

What the hell is this?”

Oh my goodness. No. I turn around and there he was. In the flesh. I look at him and he looks at me. This time I know it's him. I shake my head just to sure but there he was. He pulled me by my hand and put my face into his and kissed me. I kissed him back. next thing you knew I felt as thought I was falling. Literally. I open my eyes and seen Peter on top of Eric punching his face in.

HOW DARE YOU!” Peter said

GET OFF OF HIM” someone said

People were screaming and shouting but I just stood there in a daze. The manager grabbed peter off of Eric and threw him on a booth.

GET OUT OF HERE YOU ASSHOLE!” the manager said

While Eric tried to lunge at peter, Peter fixed his jacket , pulled out his comb, fixed his hair and grabbed my hand.

if I ever see you with her again, I swear to it, that's your life Eric.”

Fuck you Hernandez” Eric said as he tried to lunge for Bruno again


Like I said Eric, your life.”

He pulled me out the diner, we got onto his bike and he drove off. When I looked back, there was Eric. Standing at the diner door looking at me with anger.

We ended up at my house and he turned off the engine. I got off the bike but he didn't move off of it. He was gripping the handle bars so hard you could see his knuckles out of his gloves. He looked at me and I expected to see anger but it was pure tenderness with in his eyes. He got off the bike and took my hands. We walked into the house and sat my kitchen table. I made sure I locked my door. Twice. He took both of my hands into his and kissed them.


why were you with him?”

where the hell were you for 2 days peter?”

I told you I was leaving for a couple of days”

where were you though”

we had a gig up in New York”

& you couldn't take me with you?”

you know how that goes”

no I don't”

Look i'm sorry but I don't ever want to see him around you”

don't fuckin tell me what to do Peter, we're not together”

what?, yes we are”

people who are together don't abandon their significant other”

i didn't abandon you”

yes. The fuck. You did. You have me feeling like shit once again so I decided that I was done with your bull shit Peter. I can't deal with your up and leaving me all the time. I don't wanna feel like i'm just wasting time, If i'm going to be with someone, they have to make me feel as though we're together. You had me out here crying and losing my mind and feeling so lost and hurt.”

I promise you, that your not wasting your precious life babe”

you made me think I was being used”

He looked at the table then squeezed my hands harder. With his eyes closed he spoke.

in all honesty, why were you with Eric”

because I wanted to get over you”

He looked up at me. Pulling the truth right out of my lips

but even though I was with him, he wasn't you. No where near” I said

so you was using him?” he said with a smile


He let go of my hand and I closed my eyes. I had a feeling he was going to leave me again. He sighed and then I felt myself get lifted. I open my eyes and seen his. He had this sexy look of Arousal in his eyes that turned me on instantly. He carried me up the stairs to my bedroom, laid me on the bed. He took off his jacket and threw it on the floor and started to smile. He began to sing some song that I never heard of while he seductively took off his clothes in front of me. As he started on his shirt I stood on the bed with my knees and did the same...




We both fell ,hours later,to the floor with exhaustion. He smiled at me and even in the dark I could see that twinkle in his eyes through the moon light. That's when I knew he was the one and I began to cry of relief. That's why I was so crazy about him, because even though I only knew him but for so long, I was in love with him and by the way he was about Eric and how he was looking at me, I knew he was too.

He picked me up and we went to the shower and washed off the love we just made. He washed me as I washed him. He kissed me with such a passion it felt as though the water was getting hotter. We dried off and he picked me up and laid me on the bed, then laid next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me again. I’ve never been so happy and completely satisfied at the same time, I felt as though nothing could ruin this moment but just my luck, I hear a crash. Then a Familier scream of a NO.

I look over to my god forsaken window and see the last person I would have ever thought to see.


I turn on the light and wide eyed, it was Maria with a gun, a piece of paper and tape in her hand.