Chapter 6

31/05/2011 21:20

I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 11 am. ‘Urgh… Did I sleep THAT long?!’ I didn’t feel so well. ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ I had to get out of bed. I headed downstairs to the kitchen. There was a note on the table.


‘Hey sleepy head!’

We’re shopping!

We thought it would be better if we just let you sleep.

You looked like crap *sorry*.

See you when we’re back!

Xox  Chrissie & Isabella!’


“Great, I feel like crap and I’m alone.” I said to myself. I made myself a sandwich and got dressed. “Come on, Tina! We’re going for a walk.” I said. ‘Some fresh air would be good for me.’  Tina looked excited. I walked towards the park. As Tina played with 2 dogs, I sat on a bench thinking about everything that happened. ‘Why did he have to show up? The evening was great. I always make these things happen.’ After 20 minutes we went back home. ‘I’m starving!’ “Do you want a treat when we get back?” She barked. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I smiled. When I got back I made myself a salad. I grabbed some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Before I sat down on the couch I gave Tina a treat. “Here ya go sweetie.” As I ate my salad I was watching MTV. After I ate the salad I cleaned up the mess I made. ‘I should be a little less messy… Ah, whatever..’ I continued watching TV. ‘Urgh… this is boring.’ Tina came to keep me company. “Hey Tina. Aww… Come here you sweet dog.” I said with a smile. I looked at the clock. ‘It’s just 2 o’clock… Time is going slow…’  After a couple of minutes I was almost asleep. “Knock, knock, knock!” “Huh, wha? Oh the door… Come on Tina, you gotta get of my lap now.” I walked towards the door. ‘Probably Chrissie and Isabella, their bags are too heavy to get the keys.’ I sighed. I opened the door. “Bruno?! What are you doing here?” “Well, you were gone so fast that I came to check up on you.” “Well, I’m fine.” I put my fake smile on. “Wanna come in?”  “Uhm… Okay.” He walked in and looked around. “Wow! I never knew it was so big!” “It isn’t that big…” “Yeah right!” Tina walked to Bruno. She was really excited. “Hey cutie! What’s his or her name?” “Her name is Tina.” “Hey Tina, I see you’re doing fine.” She barked and Bruno smiled. “Wanna see the whole house?” “I don’t know, do you have something important to do?” “I need to work but that starts in 6 hours, so I have the time.” “Okay then.” “Follow me.” We went to the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and the bedrooms. “Wow, nice house.” “Thanks, but there’s still one room.” “Still one room?! This place really is huge!” “Like your place isn’t this huge.” I said as we walked to the last room. “Well, yeah…” “And we are living here with 3 people.” “Kay… This is the last room.” I opened the door. “Oh my God! It’s beautiful!” “This is our music room.” “I didn’t know you make music.” “You don’t know a lot about me.” “Then tell me everything about you in a song.” “No.” “Why not?” “Because I don’t know a lot about you either.” “Then Google me…” ‘Smartass!’  “No.” “Why not?” “Because I wanna hear it from you..” I stuck my tongue out, just to annoy him. “C’mon! Why are women always being so annoying?” “Because we're women...”