Chapter 6

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"You didn't say you had a girl living with you. Is she your girlfriend?" The woman asked Bruno as she laid beside him, slowly rubbing his chest.

"We just met today. How am I supposed to tell you everything right away? And no, she is not my girl. She just happens to live with me, that's all." Bruno said, staring at the ceiling. He can't get Isabella's reaction out of his mind. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"Ohh.. I see.." The woman answered. She then started kissing his neck, then his lips, and they started doing it again. But Bruno went harder this time. He was so angry at himself, but he doesn't know why. Bruno then stopped. He stood up and wore his boxers.

"What.. Where are you going?" The woman asked, confused. She thought she was doing it good, and everything was already going feeling good. She wanted more from Bruno.

He took his lighter and a box of cigarette inside the pocket of his jacket. Bruno looked at the woman as he showed the cigarette and lighter to her.

"Can't you do that later?" The woman said as she pulled Bruno's arm and started licking his fingers.

Bruno took his arm from the woman and moved away.

"Oh alright. Go ahead. But do it fast." The woman said as she sighed.

Bruno went outside his room and checked Isabella's room. 'She's not here..' Bruno then went to the kitchen, but she wasn't there. He then knocked at the bathroom door, but no one answered. He opened the door, but he saw no one. "Where the fuck did she go?!" He said, worried. He knows that Isabella won't just leave without telling him, and he knows that she isn't good with directions. She doesn't know the way home. And it was already raining hard. Bruno immediately ran to his room and took his clothes and wore them.

"What are you doing? You going somewhere?" The woman asked.

"Wait here. I'll just go find her." Bruno said as he took his hat and ran to his car.

"Find who?! Hey, wait!" The woman said as she went outside of Bruno's room, but before she could even open the front door, Bruno was gone.


Isabella stood up, but she suddenly felt pain on her knees. "Oww.." She then walked towards a bench near her and sat down.  She saw her knees bleeding, but the wounds weren't that bad.  She looked around, trying to see if there were people looking. "Alright." Isabella said as she put her hand on top of her her knees and healed them. She smiled when she saw that she gained no scars from the wound.

Isabella looked around. She didn't have any idea where she was. There were only few people, and the houses are far from each other. 'Am I still in the neighborhood?' Isabella asked herself. She sighed as she looked at the lake, like she was waiting there, waiting for someone to come. 'Bruno? I don't know... Will he even try to find me?' Isabella said to herself. It was starting to get dark, and she was still there, sitting on the bench. She doesn't wanna be away from where she is, 'cause she's too afraid that she might get even more lost than she will ever be.

She suddenly heard a whimpering sound from behind, and she saw a very small white dog, limping as it walked towards her.

"Hi there, little fella." Isabella smiled as she stood up and walked towards the dog. "Come here..." She said as she picked the dog up and walked to the bench. She sat down and the dog whimpered as she touched the dog's injured foot. "Aww.. Poor thing.. What happened to your foot? Hmm?" Isabella said as she gently rubbed the dog and put it on her lap. She again looked around, and saw no one looking, then she put her hand on top of the dog's injured foot and healed it. The dog then started whimpering and licking her fingers. Isabella giggled. "You're welcome. I hope you feel okay now." Isabella said.

The dog had no collar, and it seemed like it hasn't taken a bath for days. Isabella then looked around, seeing if there was someone who is looking for the dog, but no one seemed to care about it. No owner, it seems.

"So.. You're alone too?" Isabella asked the dog as she rubbed it gently. She sighed. "I'm all alone too, you know. And I'm lost. Ahhh... I wish you could talk so I could ask you the way to Bruno's house." Isabella said as she looked at the dog. She saw herself on the dog. They both were found alone, helpless, and weak. She sighed at that thought. Isabella looked at the dog again, trying to figure out its gender. "Ohh, you got boobies. You must be a girl." Isabella smiled as she rubbed the dog's head. Suddenly, it started to drizzle, and then rained heavily afterwards.

"Oh no..." Isabella said as she looked up at the rain. She then looked around, and near the bench, she saw a tree that could give them shade while it was raining. Isabella grabbed the dog and ran towards the tree as it rained heard. She sighed. "The sun shined so bright earlier... I wonder why it suddenly rained..." Isabella said to herself as she looked at the lake. Isabella's make-up was now messed up because of the rain, but she didn't mind. The rain worried her more.

The tree wasn't really giving them much help. They still got wet because of the rain. She then felt the dog shaking and it kept on whimpering. "Oh, you feel cold little fella? Here.." Isabella put the dog inside her shirt, and let the dog's head pop outside the neck part of her shirt. She smiled. "You feel warmer now?" Isabella smiled at the dog. Now, it was her who was shaking and feeling cold. The rain didn't stop, it was actually raining harder and harder. She looked around, hoping she could ask some help from someone, but she saw no one. She then started getting worried. Isabella sat down on the ground, and her foot started aching. She realized she ran from the house barefooted. Isabella then sighed. 'Why did I ever run away from the house?' Isabella said to herself.

The dog then started shaking again, and she got really, really worried about it. She hugged the dog tight, hoping it would help to give the dog warmth, but after a few minutes, it was still shaking. She then started crying, worried about the dog. Isabella then looked up at the sky and saw the moon shining so bright despite of all the raining. 'God.. My dear God, please let the rain stop... Or at least send us some help... Please?' Isabella said. The dog was still shaking, and she cried and cried. "I'm sorry I can't make you feel any warmer..." Isabella said as she hugged the dog tighter.

"Claire!" Isabella heard that familiar voice call her. She looked around, and saw lights from afar. She then saw man's silhouette running towards her. She can't see him clearly, since the lights were too bright and it was blinding her eyes. "B-Bruno?" Isabella said, shaking and cold. The silhouette came closer and clearer, and yes, it was Bruno. Isabella smiled.

"Why the hell are you here?! And why are you barefooted?! Come, let's go to the car, quick!" Bruno said as he pulled Isabella up, but he was surprised to see the dog inside Isabella's shirt. "What the heck is that?!" Bruno asked.

"D-dog.. The dog.. It's shaking... We should take him home..." Isabella said as she looked at Bruno.

"No, just leave it here. Come on, it's raining really hard!" Bruno said as he walked towards his car.

"NO!" Isabella shouted.

Bruno turned around and looked at Isabella. "What do you mean no?! Leave the dog already! Come on, it's raining hard!" Bruno said as he walked towards Isabella.

"I won't leave the dog behind! I won't j-just leave it here, dying! It's alone, and helpless.. And w-weak.. So no, I won't just leave it here... B-Bruno... Please... Let me take the dog home..." Isabella said, shaking as she begged Bruno.

"Claire, it's just a dog! Don't worry about it! It can take care of itself!" Bruno said as he tried to take the dog from Isabella.

Isabella moved away. She glared at Bruno. "You said it already, this is just a dog! It can't take care itself! It needs love and care from people too!" Isabella angrily said.

Bruno was surprised. He never saw her got angry. "But.. It's just a dog... What are you so mad about?"

"Y-you don't know... how it f-feels being alone and helpless, Bruno. You d-don't know anything about it..." Isabella said, shaking too much. She then started crying. Her tears weren't obvious though, the rain and tear drops didn't look different from each other.

Isabella's words shot Bruno through the heart. He didn't know why, but he suddenly wanna hug and kiss her right now. He wished he knew what made Isabella feel like this, so he could comfort her. Bruno stared at Isabella's sparkling eyes. They were filled with sadness and misery that Bruno couldn't explain.

"Now if you don't w-want to b-bring this dog with us, I w-won't c-come with you too..." Isabella said as she ran away from Bruno.

"Wait.. Wait! Claire!" Bruno said as he ran towards her and grabbed her arm. "The dog's coming with us..." Bruno said as he looked at Isabella.

Isabella smiled at Bruno, then at the dog. "Y-you hear that? He s-s-said that you're c-coming w-with us! Y-you'll have a new h-home!" Isabella said as she rubbed the dog gently.

Bruno smiled and took his jacket off and put it on Isabella. They immediately walked to Bruno's car and went inside.

Isabella felt really cold and weak, and her eyelids were getting really heavy, she can barely open her eyes. The dog then started licking Isabella's face as it whimpered.

"Isabella, you okay?" Bruno asked as he drove the car fast.

"Yeah.. I'm okay.. I'm f-fine.. I just feel cold..." Isabella said as she curled herself up, but she was careful not to crush the dog inside her shirt. The dog kept whimpering and licking her face. Isabella then smiled, and looked at the dog. "I'm fine, little fella. D-don't worry..."

Bruno drove the car as fast as he can, and just after a few minutes, they reached the house. Bruno then went out of the car and opened the car door for Isabella as they went out. They walked inside the house, and saw the woman sitting on the couch. The woman stared at them, curious and angry.

Isabella looked at the woman, then at Bruno. She then went to the kitchen and sat down on the dining table.

"I'm sorry I had to leave you earlier, I just had to find--" Bruno tried to explain but the woman didn't let him finish.

"No, no, no, it's okay. I see you have more important things to attend to. Well, I'll be going now. Seems like I've just wasted my time waiting for you here." The woman said as she grabbed her bag and went out of Bruno's house.

"Wait, it's raining!" Bruno said as he grabbed the woman's wrist but the woman shook off Bruno's hand and took her folding umbrella from her bag and raised an eyebrow at Bruno and without saying a word, she walked away.

"Oh fine, you can go if you want. I don't need you." Bruno grumpily said as he went inside his house and looked at Isabella. She was hugging the dog and smiling as it licked her face. Bruno smiled at the sight of Isabella.

Bruno then went inside his room, changed his clothes and went outside right away. He went to the bathroom and prepared the hot bath for Isabella and took a towel for her and put it on the towel rack. He went outside as soon as he got finished. "Claire, the bath's ready." Bruno said as he walked towards Isabella and dragged her to the bathroom.

"Thanks.." Isabella said as she smiled at Bruno. She then closed the door, but opened it again. "Can you... Uhh... You know..." Isabella said, making weird hand gestures with her right hand while she held the dog inside her with her left hand.

Bruno now understood what Isabella meant. "Alright, alright. I'll guard the bathroom for you." Bruno said as he smiled. Isabella smiled back and closed the door. 'Now I wish I was that chihuahua if she'd always bring me to bath.' Bruno said to himself.

Bruno sat down and stared blankly as he thought hard. 'Why did she go without telling me?' Bruno asked himself. He didn't know exactly why, but Bruno blamed himself for that. He was worried sick about her, he didn't know what to do. Bruno doesn't know where to find her first, since she knows nothing about the directions or the places in the neighborhood or the city and there isn't a particular place that she always went to. She was always inside the house, or with Bruno, or at the dance studio with Chanel. Luckily, the street light was just near the tree where she stayed and it shined upon Isabella, making her clearly seen from afar.

Bruno suddenly heard the dog barking inside the bathroom. It didn't stop barking, and he didn't hear Isabella talk, so he got worried. He then stood up and knocked. "Claire? Claire, you okay?" Bruno asked, but no one answered. He immediately opened the bathroom door and saw her clothes on the floor. Bruno then looked at Isabella. She was lying on the bathtub, unconscious. She was still holding the dog, and it kept on licking Isabella's face and barked.

"Claire!" Bruno carried Isabella to her room and laid her on her bed. He took the dog from the tub after wards. The dog dried himself and followed Bruno to Isabella's room. Bruno took some towel and wiped Isabella's body. She was naked, but he can't think of anything dirty at that moment. He was worried at Isabella. Her face was still perfect, but you can see the pain that Isabella feels inside by just looking at her. The dog kept whimpering, as if it knew what was happening at the moment. "You worried too, huh?" Bruno sighed as he stood up and took some of Isabella's clothes and started putting them on her. It was awkward for Bruno, but he just can't let Isabella lay down on her bed, naked. Then he looked at her lips. He leaned forward, and gently kissed them. It was still sweet and soft, but her lips were warmer than before. He pulled away and smiled.

"Cold.. I feel cold.." Isabella said as she curled up a bit.

"You feel cold??" Bruno panicked when he heard Isabella talk. He then took her blanket and wrapped it on her. "Here.."

"Cold.." Isabella said as she started shaking.

"What..." Bruno said as he put his hands on his head. He ran to his bedroom and took his blanket. Bruno wrapped it on her and smiled. "That should do it."

But Isabella still kept shaking. Bruno held Isabella's hands, but it burned him instead. "What the..." He touched Isabella's forehead, and it was burning hot. "Oh no..." Bruno then took a thermometer, face towel and a bowl full of water. Bruno spilled some water on the floor as he ran to Isabella's room. He put the bowl of water on top of the table and soaked the face towel. He then took the thermometer and turned it on. He put it under Isabella's arm. Bruno was then surprised at how high Isabella's fever was. "What the fuck... 104.2 °F..." Bruno panicked. He immediately sat down and gently wiped Isabella's face with the towel, as if she was some fragile vase that he was afraid to break. He then wiped her neck, arms and other parts of her body.

"Cold.. I-it's cold.. Really cold..." Isabella said as she kept shaking.

Bruno now didn't know what to do. He can't think of anything more to make Isabella feel better and warmer. Then he remembered what his mother did to him when he was young. Whenever he had a fever and felt cold, his mother would always lay beside him and hug him tight. He smiled. He laid beside Isabella and slowly slid inside the covers. He curled his lip. He knows Isabella wasn't going to like this if she was awake right now, but he needed to do this. Wait, he also wanted to do this. 'She's sleeping. What can she do?' Bruno smiled as he stuck his tongue out and hugged Isabella tight. Her skin was burning hot, but he didn't mind.

"There.. Do you feel warmer now?" Bruno asked.

Isabella then turned to Bruno and hugged him back, still shaking. "Cold.."

"What? You still feel cold?" Bruno said, disappointed. But he was kinda happy that Isabella was hugging him back. He grinned. 'I guess it's a good thing that you still feel cold.' Bruno said to himself as he smiled and hugged her tighter.

Bruno closed his eyes, but he wasn't able to sleep. Isabella kept shaking, and she cried a few times, so he stayed awake, sang her songs so she'd fall asleep again or hug her whenever she started shaking again. He would fall asleep for a few minutes, but he'd wake up right away if he feels Isabella shaking. Bruno looked at the clock and it was already 5:58am. The sun was starting to shine. Isabella's fever went down, but she was still hot. Bruno gently stood up, hoping not to wake Isabella up and took the thermometer. He gently slid it under her arm and looked at Isabella's temperature. "100.4 °F.." Bruno smiled. Her fever went down.

He tip toed to the kitchen and tried to cook something for Isabella. The dog followed Bruno to the kitchen and watched him. "Hmm.. Let's see.." Bruno opened the fridge and tried to look for something that he knows how to cook. Bruno continued searching, but something suddenly popped in his mind. "I can't cook." Bruno said to himself. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well..." He said. Bruno decided to just cook some soup for Isabella. It wouldn't be too hard to cook, and it was good for Isabella's condition. "This will make her feel better." Bruno proudly said as he cooked the soup. He put it in a bowl afterwards, took a spoon, and went to Isabella's room. The dog followed him again, excited about the food. She was still sleeping, so he just put the bowl on top of the table. He then went to his room, took his guitar and went back to Isabella's room. He started strumming the guitar and he suddenly remembered yesterday. Isabella was singing and dancing in the bathroom, naked. He smiled. He started singing a something from his mind.

"My favorite part of the day,
Is when she'd dance in the mirror, dance in the mirror..
There's nothing more I can say,
Just watch her dance in the mirror, dance..
Oh she's so cute.. cute.. cute..
Dancing in the nude.. nude.. nude.. Oh-ohh...
My favorite part of the day..
Is when she'd dance in the mirror..
Dance in the mirror.."

Bruno smiled. 'Maybe I should make a full song about that..' Bruno said as he looked at Isabella. 'She's still sleeping.' He said to himself. He started singing another song, and it was I'll Remember You.

Isabella woke up hearing Bruno's beautiful, soft, and soothing voice. She turned to face Bruno and smiled.

Bruno then stopped singing, and put his guitar down. "Good morning." Bruno smiled.

"The song was nice..." Isabella said as she sat down. Her voice was a bit hoarse.

"I know, it's one of my favorites." Bruno said as he put his guitar down.

"Wait.. The dog, where is it?" Isabella asked.

"It's just right here." Bruno said as he took the dog and put it on the bed.

Isabella grabbed the dog and hugged it tight. "Good morning doggy! How was your sleep? Did you sleep well, huh?" Isabella said as she rubbed the dog.

The dog barked and huffed at Isabella, and then licked her hand.

Isabella chuckled. "Seems like you had a good night sleep." She said as she smiled at the dog.

"So.. What do you plan to call it?" Bruno asked.

"Hmm..." Isabella looked up at the ceiling, thinking of a name. "Ahh! I know! Whitey!"

"Naww, that name's too ugly. And it's really common like Brownie, doggy, and maaaany more names that end with the E sound." Bruno said.

"Right... Let's think of something else. Hmm..." Isabella said as she continued thinking. She then smiled. "Mona Lisa."

"That's cute.. It suits the dog. But is the dog a girl?" Bruno said as he took the dog and inspected it. "Yep, she's a female." He said as he handed the dog back to Isabella. "You know, Mona Lisa is too long. How about just Lisa?" Bruno asked.

"Hmm.. That's nice. Well then, Lisa it is." Isabella grinned at Bruno, then at the dog.

Bruno then took the bowl. "I made some soup for you." Bruno grinned as he looked at Isabella.

Isabella looked at the bowl of soup. The soup was kinda... green. Yes, the appearance wasn't that good. "Are you sure this is a soup?" Isabella asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course it is." Bruno chuckled.

"Taste it."


"You taste it first. If you don't get poisoned, then it's safe." Isabella grinned at Bruno.

"Ohh, so you don't believe that the soup is delicious?" Bruno asked, a bit hurt.

"Well... It's green... I've never seen a green soup before." Isabella bit her lip.

Bruno then looked at the soup and realized it really wasn't looking good to eat. But he wanted Isabella to taste what he cooked. He sighed. "Alright, I'll taste it first." Bruno said as he took the spoon and ate one spoonful of the soup. And it didn't taste right. But he didn't want to make it obvious, so he smiled and acted that he liked it. "Mmm.. Delicious! Here, eat some." Bruno said as he took one spoonful of soup and fed Isabella.

As soon as the soup touched Isabella's tongue, she threw up. She was right. The soup wasn't edible.

Luckily, Bruno catched what Isabella vomited on the bowl and the puke wasn't spread all over Isabella's bed.

"Gimme that." Isabella took the bowl and stood up. She went to the kitchen and threw the soup in the sink.

"Heyyy!" Bruno said as he stopped Isabella from throwing the soup. "I made that for you, aren't you at least going to eat three spoonfuls of it?" Bruno asked. It was the first time that he cooked, and he wanted Isabella to eat it.

"How am I supposed to eat this... green... icky stuff? Plus it's mixed with my puke! Even you don't like the taste of it. So don't expect me to eat all this." Isabella said as she continued throwing the soup in the sink.

'She's right...' Bruno sighed. But he was still hurt that Isabella didn't even appreciate what he did for her. He worked so hard to make that soup.

"I'll show you how to make a real soup." Isabella said as she took some ingredients and cooking untensils. Isabella's body was aching bad, but she didn't mind. She continued cooking. Bruno focused as he watched Isabella cook. After a few minutes, the soup was ready. Isabella put the soup on three bowls and Bruno took two spoons and gave it to Isabella. Isabella put the two bowls on the table.

"Here you go.. Careful, it's still hot." Isabella smiled as she put the third bowl beside the dog who was excited and hungry for food. The dog then started eating.

"Taste it first." Isabella said as she sat down on the dining table.

Bruno followed and he tasted the soup. "Mmm.. Better than what I cooked!" Bruno said as he ate more.

Isabella chuckled as she ate her share of the soup. She suddenly felt like peeing, so she stood up.

"Where you going?" Bruno asked.

"Bathroom." Isabella said as she walked fast and went inside.

Isabella sat down on the toilet, and peed. She saw the locket hanging on the knob of the faucet. She then remembered everything that happened yesterday. The flashback stopped at the bathroom, while she was taking a bath. "What happened after that?" She said to herself. As soon as she finished peeing, she stood up, took the locket, wore it and went out of the bathroom. "Bruno, what happened last night?"

"What do you mean?" Bruno asked, confused.

"You prepared the bath for me last night, right? What happened after I went inside the bathroom?"

"Well, you passed out while you were on the tub, and the dog kept barking so I went inside to see what's wrong, then I saw you lying there unconscious, so I took you out of the tub. Then you had a fever, so I stayed up all night taking care of you." Bruno said.

'If he went inside the bathroom, then..' Isabella then turned red as she gasped.

"What?" Bruno asked.

"You.. You saw me... without clothes...?" Isabella stuttered.

Bruno grinned, then he nodded. Isabella felt her cheeks burn.

"But of course I dressed you up last night." Bruno said. 'If I didn't, you would end up being raped by me.' Bruno said as he smiled.

She then checked her clothes. She was now wearing a sweatshirt and a jogging pants, different from the t-shirt and jeans that she wore yesterday. This explains why she was sweating early in the morning. Isabella felt her knees get weak. "Oh my God... Oh my God..." Isabella said as she sat down on the couch.

Bruno continued eating as he smiled. After a few minutes, he finished eating and walked towards the bathroom. But before he went inside, he looked at Isabella and smiled. "By the way, you have small boobs."

Isabella gasped as she covered her chest, her eyes wide open. She felt like she was naked at the moment.

Bruno then went inside the bathroom, laughing.

Isabella felt very weak at the moment. She sighed. "Now, I'm totally impure and unclean." Isabella started crying. She always wanted to save her body for the man that she was going to love for her entire life. She wanted to offer her body to one special man. But now, it's all gone. And Bruno was even making fun of it. Well, the world has changed. You can have sex whenever you want, do all the bad things you want and you will just get tolerated. She sighed as she wiped her tears. The dog then ran towards her, and Isabella picked her up. The dog started licking her hands. She felt kinda cold, and she sneezed. Isabella hugged the dog. "Do you have colds too, huh?" She said as she poked the dog's ears.

Bruno then went out of the bathroom with only his towel wrapped on his waist. He was dripping wet. Isabella looked up at Bruno, but then she immediately looked away, blushing. "W-why did you go out like that?!" Isabella said.

"Chill girl, I forgot to bring my clothes. That's why." Bruno smiled as he went to his room.

"Ohh.." Isabella said. She sighed. 'I think too much...' Isabella then stood up and washed the dishes.

She decided to take a bath, so she stood up and went to her room to get her clothes and her towel. The dog followed her. After that, she went to the bathroom. The dog still followed her inside, and she smiled. "You wanna take a bath too?" Isabella said as she put her clothes and towel on the towel rack and brushed her teeth. She looked at the mirror and sighed. 'I should even thank him for taking care of me last night...' Isabella said to herself. Then she touched her neck, and she was still hot. She washed the dog and took a shower right after. She then wore her clothes and went out with the dog. She saw Bruno sitting on the couch, watching TV, only wearing his plain white t-shirt and a red pajama.

"Aren't you going to the studio today?" Isabella said as she opened the door to her bedroom.

"I already called Phil. I told him I can't go today 'cause you're sick and you need someone to take care of you. I also called Chanel and told her you're sick and you can't come to the dance studio today. So yeah.. I'll be staying here all day long." Bruno said, smiling.

"But I can take care of myself, you can go to work." Isabella said as she took her comb and started combing her hair.

"Isabella, stop acting like you'll be okay and you can handle everything. Look, Mr. Bruno the Great is already offering you his services. I don't always do this you know, so you're very lucky. I haven't slept a bit last night, so I need to rest today." Bruno said.

Isabella sighed as she looked down, then at Bruno. "Thank you, Bruno."

Bruno smiled. "Wait, I didn't quite hear you... What did you say?" Bruno grinned.

"I said, thank you." Isabella said as she put her comb on the table. She walked towards Bruno and sat beside him. "You found me when I got lost, and you even took care of me last night. So thank you... very much." Isabella said as she looked into Bruno's eyes.

"No prob." Bruno said, smiling. 'Anything for you.' He said to himself as he switched channels, not looking at Isabella. He then recalled the things that happened yesterday and remembered the part that he saw Isabella, barefooted. "By the way, why didn't you wear your shoes yesterday? And why did you go out without telling me?" Bruno asked, curious.

"Well... Uhh... I just wanted to take a walk... That's all.." Isabella said.

'Liar..' The spirit rabbit told Isabella.

'But rabbit...' Isabella said. She needed to lie, if she doesn't want Bruno to know about her feelings.

"Without shoes? You wanted to take a walk without wearing your shoes?" Bruno laughed. Isabella didn't answer him, she just looked away.

"I know it's a foolish thing to do, you can laugh all you want." Isabella said as she took her foot and massaged it. It was still aching from all the running that she did.

Bruno looked at Isabella's foot, then at Isabella. "Does your foot hurt?" Bruno asked.

"Well actually the other one is aching too, but just a bit." Isabella said as she switched to her other foot and massaged it.

Bruno then took Isabella's foot and massaged it for her.

Isabella then took her foot away from Bruno. "What are you doing?"

"I'm massaging your foot." Bruno said as he took Isabella's other foot.

"Bruno, you really don't need to do that..." Isabella said as she tried to take Bruno's hands off her foot.

"I swear to God, if you take your foot away from me again I will--" Bruno looked at Isabella's face. The sunlight shined on her, and made her eyes sparkle. It made him speechless.

"What? What will you do if I do this?" Isabella said as she took her foot away from Bruno, smiling.

"Ohh.. So you really want to get tickled huh? Well you asked for it!" Bruno said as he grabbed Isabella.

"No, no! Please!" Isabella tried to get away, but Bruno was too strong.

Bruno then started tickling Isabella. "This is what you get for not taking me seriously!" Bruno grinned as he tickled Isabella.

"Stop... Sto-ho-ho-ho-hop!!!!" Isabella said as she laughed hard. She then fell to the floor as she tried to stop Bruno from tickling her.

Bruno landed on top of Isabella, then he stopped tickling her as he looked into those beautiful brown eyes of hers.

"Ohh.. My tummy hurts!" Isabella said, still laughing. She then breathed deep, and smiled. "My laugh... It really sounds horrible!" Isabella said as she grinned and tried to stand up. But Bruno pulled her back to the floor. "What..." Isabella said as she looked at Bruno. He looked serious, and Isabella thought that he might be angry or upset. Isabella was confused. "Did I do anything wrong? Are you mad because of my ugly face? Or does my laugh sound really, really bad that it made you all serious like that?" Isabella said, trying to make Bruno smile.

"I already told you, you laugh very sexily." Bruno smiled as he stroked Isabella's hair behind her ears.

Isabella blushed and looked away. She then saw the dog, sitting as she was watching them on the floor. "Oh Lisa.. Come here doggy..." Isabella said as she tried to stand up, but Bruno pulled her back again. Isabella was speechless. She didn't know why Bruno was doing this. She didn't understand.

Bruno gently caressed Isabella's cheeks and looked into her eyes. "You're beautiful."

Isabella then smiled at Bruno, but her heart thumped so fast, so she held her chest.

Bruno took Isabella's hand from her chest. He kissed it and put it on his cheeks and closed his eyes as he felt her warmth. He then opened his eyes and smiled at Isabella. He leaned closer, closer, closer.... He closed his eyes. He felt Isabella's soft, warm, sweet lips. He felt a tingling sensation on his spine as his lips touched hers. It was heaven.