Chapter 6

03/06/2011 16:33

„Calm down??“ I yell at Laura. „How can I calm down knowing Bruno had an accident?“

She starts to laugh what makes me more angry. "Hell, Laura, why do you laugh?“

„Sabrina, I’m sorry. It’s just... Bruno isn’t injured and he had NO accident. That was just the best way to get you here as fast as possible. He made me do this. It was his idea. I’m sorry if you get worried. Please don’t be mad. A huge surprise is waiting for you...“ Laura says, but before she finishes I scream really annoyed: „What the fuck?! Are you serious? How can you scare me like that? How can he...? Nah, just wait when I get him... Where is he?“

„He’s at a secret place. And I will take you there now. But please calm down. Girl, you gonna have an awesome evening and night you’ll never forget. I promise you! Ok?!“

I take a deep breath and try to calm down. ‚At least Bruno isn’t injured’ I think. I sigh. „Okay.“

„Great! So then wear this.“ Laura says and gives me a paper bag.

I look inside and it’s a beautiful short sequined strapless black dress, fitting black high heels and... a black blindfold. „Are you kidding me? Don’t tell me I’m supposed to wear this blindfold!“ I say pleading.

„Well, but you are!“ I look at Laura skeptically. „Hey you lived here for years. You will know before we arrive where we are going. But you should NOT know, so put it on. Let’s go. You can change clothes in the car.“ Laura orders and pulls me in a black BMW with darkened windows.

I put on the dress and the blindfold and lay back into the seat. ‚Where are we going to?’ I think to myself, but don’t get an idea.


„No. Not there! Put it here in the middle. She should be able to overview everything from her seat.“ Bruno tells to a staff member nervous. „Guys, we only have about ten minutes left to get everything ready. Laura just texted me. They’re on their way... So hurry, please.“

„Man, calm down. It’s not the first time you do this.“ Jamareo smirks. „She will love it. Just relax.“

„Hahaha. Thanks for the advice. But the first time I really messed it up, it was unspectacular. So this time it should be perfect... awesome... breath-taking. I wanna see her speechless and sheding some tears of joy. She should never forget it.“ Bruno says and looks up the stage with a big satisfied smile. „Yeah. That looks good. Or is it too romantic?“ Noone answers him. They are tired of rearranging the whole stuff the last hours like a thousand times, because Bruno just wasn’t satisfied with it again and again. But now it’s finished.

The stage is decorated with many big and small black candles with vanilla flavour which stand within uncountable bouquets of red and white roses. The whole venue is covered in dimmed lightning and a vanilla fragrance. 'This is just like the atmosphere of our first time.’ Bruno thinks to himself and remembers that night, just like Sabrina did in the fitting room earlier. He smiles at the thought of it, but collects his drifted thoughts back to the present by shaking his head. 'That comes afterwards. I should concentrate on now. But it’s so long ago I felt her touch, her body, her... no, Bruno, concentrate, don’t loose your mind, focus on that thing now. If you mess this up, there will not be an afterwards... so think! Did you forget something?’ He touches the pocket of his tux and feels the small box, he wants to be sure not to lost it. He sighs reliefed and turns around facing Jam and the staff members. 

„Ok. Guys, I hope I didn’t forget anything! Can we just go through the whole procedure one more time?“

„Oh no, NOT AGAIN!!! We already did it like a thousand times man.“ Jam sighs. 


Laura and me arrive at the 'secret place’ and she slowly leads me out of the car and over a stony but flat ground. I really can’t see anything and with the high heels I don’t feel very secure. But Laura holds my arm tight and I’m so excited that I put myself together and we get soon to a door and go through it. I can smell and feel a warm and vanilla flavoured breath of wind going over my face, arms and legs. I inhale it and get into an eased, joyful mood. A huge smile appears on my face and I can’t wait to finally get this blindfold off.

„Hey Darling.“ I hear Bruno’s voice and feel him taking my hand. „You’re okay? I’m sorry for worrying you with the accident story, I just...“ 

„It’s ok. I’m glad that it wasn’t true. But please can I put this thing off?“ I ask and point on the blindfold.

„Wait. Just one more minute. Come.“ Bruno answers and leds me through something that feels like a heavy, thick curtain. „Sit down here and if I tell you, you can put the blindfold off, alright.“

He put my hand on the back of a chair and helps me sit down. „Alright.“ I say still with my big smile and the more intense vanilla flavour in my nose and the warm breeze on my skin. I make myself comfortable on the chair, but for leaning back I’m too excited so I put my hands on the sides of the chair and cross my legs.

After some time, what felt like hours, I can hear a piano quietly playing and Bruno’s voice through a microphone. „Babe?“

„Yes?“ I say back while this deep sexy voice goes through my whole body and makes me shiver.

„If you’re ready you can put it off now.“

He didn’t even finish his sentence when I already took the blindfold off and slowly open my blinking eyes. I immediately astonished and looked around with my mouth open, whispering „wow“. The whole stage where I was sitting was covered with candles and roses, also the main corridors. At one’s end Bruno stands with a black tux and white shirt on but without a hat, like I love it the most. Everything is dived in candlelight. It’s just stunning. I feel so happy and smile at Bruno. He smiles back with so much love and happiness in his eyes. I can’t think that it can get any better, when Bruno put the mic in front of his mouth and begins to sing and slowly walks towards me...


Everybody sees it's you

I'm the one that lost the view 

Everybody says we're through 

I hope you haven't said it too 


So where 

Do we go from here 

With all this fear in our eyes

And where 

Can love take us now

We've been so far down

We can still touch the sky


If we’ll crawl

Til we can walk again 

And we'll run 

Until we're strong enough to jump

Then we'll fly

Until there is no end

So let’s crawl, crawl, crawl

Back to love, Yeah

Back to love, Yeah


Why did I change the pace

Hearts were never meant to race

I always felt the need for space

But now I can't reach your face


So where 

Are you standing now

Are you in the crowd of my faults

Love, can you see my hand?

I need one more chance

We can still have it all 


So we’ll crawl

Till we can walk again 

And we'll run

Until we're strong enough to jump

Then we'll fly

Until there is no end

So let’s crawl, crawl, crawl

Back to love, Yeah

Back to love, Yeaaah


Everybody sees it's you

Well I never wanna lose that view


So we'll crawl

Till we can walk again 

And we'll run 

Until we're strong enough to jump

Then we'll fly

Until there is no end

So let's crawl, let's crawl, let’s crawl

Back to love 

Back to love yeah

Back to love


When he finishs the song, my eyes are already so wet that I can’t hold it back anymore and let the tears roll down, tears of joy.

He stands in front of the stage now looking up at me with a big smile. Then he walks up the stage stairs and towards me. I stand up and hug him tight.

„Oh Bruno, that was... so... amazing. Hell, I look like crap now. Why you have to make me cry like this?“ I beat softly his chest.

He wipes my tears away and just says: „I love you, Sabrina. I always did and I forever will.“

I look in his eyes and see pure love, honesty and I feel so secure and loved like never before.

„I don’t know what to say...“ I say back.

„So I made you speechless?! That was my intense.“ He smirks and makes his ‚Yes’-pose. I giggle.

„Ok. Back to seriousness.“ He says, makes a serious face and takes both of my hands, intertwine it with his. „Sabrina, last year was like hell for me. And I know for you, too. And I caused it... It was my fault... Although you sometimes behaved not very well, I was the one who did the big, big mistake. I didn’t think... I destroyed everything... us... our little family... I never expected it to come the way it did... But there’s no way to change the past... I only can say that I’m really, really, really sorry... Even saying sorry isn’t enough... That’s why I arranged all this... for you.“ He looked around the venue. „This is the venue where we fell in love with. The place where our love started. I still can remember the day you suddenly stood in front of me with your cute little blue jeans skirt and white top with stars-and-stripes on it. It was cold that day and I just wanted to go straight into the venue, when you called my name, the first time. You know, since the first time I looked at you a warm feeling got into my heart and til now this feeling remains and warms me... and keeps me alive when I’m getting cold.“ A single tear rolls down his cheek and that makes me tear up even more. But they are tears of joy... of love... so it’s good! I smile at him and caress his cheek and hair. He continues talking: „Like I said the last year only the thoughts of you kept me alive. Not seeing you, touching you, laughing with you... it almost killed me... I just hoped that one day you will forgive me and give me a second chance... I promise you I will change to better... care for you and Sam... like I supposed to do. So... can you forgive me?“ He stares at me with a pleading and regretful look.

I just can’t help but hugging him and kissing him softly. I put my hands on his cheeks and answers: „Oh Bruno... my man... my... love... I already did forgive you... How can’t I? You’re the love of my life!... We both made faults... behaved wrong... were selfish... But I feel like our love grew only stronger now... I believe in you... in us... All I ever wanted is to be with you... have this lovely idyllic family... and was discontented when life proved me wrong... it’s not easy like that, like I thought it would be... you have to work on it... especially when it happens too early, too fast and unplanned like it happened to us... Now I know... Now I’m ready to deal with it... being a mom... a wife of a star... So yes I definitely be willing to forgive you... and give us a second chance.“

When I finish my speech Bruno smiles, hugs and kisses me. But then he steps back and takes my hands again. „Well now that you forgave me. I just have to do one more thing to make our new start fixed as well as I never did this the right, classic way.“ He says and waves to someone in the back of the venue. Again a soft piano music raises and Bruno takes a small box out of his pocket. „Be aware. Now it’s getting cheesy.“ He says with a wink and a smile and goes down on one of his knees. He takes my hand kiss it and says: „This is the second time I ask you but now I’ll do it the right way and I swear it will be the last time cause now it’s gonna last til the rest of our lives no matter what. So I’ll ask you Sabrina Maria Miller aka Hernandez do you wanna be my wife... again?“

I hold his cheeks and pull him up and kiss him. I flung my arms around him. „Yes, yes, yes I will!“

We both smile at each other and I can hear some people clapping, but I don’t care about them. My eyes only lie on Bruno. And his are on me. I feel like I am in heaven. We kiss again.

Then he opens the box and there is not only a gorgeous diamond ring in it but also the black leather bracelet with the golden letters saying "Already Taken“. That one he gave me the night of our first time and I threw away the day he told me about his infidelity while running out of the house.

„Oh my god, you found it?“ I say surprised and happy.

„Yeah, in the garden. I was about throwing it away but... I couldn’t...“

„Oh wow... It was my favorite one... I’m so glad that I can wear it now again. I’ll never ever put it off again!“ Bruno put it around my wrist. „And the ring... it’s wonderful... Laura helped you with this, hm?“ I smirk.

„Yeah, maybe a lil bit.“ He confesses and put it on my ring finger. „That ring testifies our new start. It’s a symbol for our future relationship... pure and clear... without secrets or unspoken issues, only with faith, care and love.“

„That sounds good... I love you.“

„I love you, too. And now let’s get out of here. There’s much more gonna happen that night, I promise.“ He says, smiles and winks at me and drags me down the stage, out of the venue and into the waiting car.

„Driver, you know where you have to go to, right?“ Bruno asks the driver.

„Yes, Sir.“

„Good. So let’s go.“ 

„Bruno, where are you gonna take me now? I don’t know if I can take anymore. All is already so unreal and overwhelming...“

„Surprise, my darling...“ He says and leans back into his seat smiling.