Chapter 6

17/06/2011 23:11

“What does it look like” I asked her. he gave her some look and then nodded his head and smiled. The little bitch walked away in a huff, adios whore!!

“haha, well she’ll get over it” I laughed turning to Bruno.

“Don’t be mean babe” he said, what the hell?

“uh..okay..” I huffed walking to class, he followed behind me, why was he protecting her? Whatever, I’ll let it go, besides, it’s Friday. I have the whole weekend with him, I smiled at that. I turned around and kissed him quickly, he raised his eyebrows at me.

School was quickly over and we were walking home,we were quietly walking, holding hands, just idle chit chat. What our plans were over the weekend, how our day was, how sexy I was. Hahah, leave it to Bruno. Then he suddenly yanked my arm behind a shed and kissed me passionately. He broke free and smiled, I pulled him back, our kissing was getting pretty hot, his hands around my waist crept up my sides until my stomach was exposed,I wanted to stop him, but I honestly couldn’t find the will. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him even closer to me, if that was even possible.  I pulled away out of breath, Bruno winked at me and continued walking like nothing had even happened.



            “Let’s go to a party tonight! will you go with me?” Bruno asked jumping onto my bed.

“No, I’m ti-”he cut me off.


“i sai-”

“PLEASE!” I stared at him with disbelief, he just sat there, on my bed with the dorkiest smile on his face.

“fine.” i mumbled.

He jumped up “YES, alright, I’ll come by around 8 to pick yo ass up” He said funny.

I glared at him. ”Never again, Bruno”

He laughed and walked over to me, messed up my hair and ran out, I don’t understand him sometimes.


            It was 7:30 so I decided to get ready, it was kind of chilly out so I put on a pair of capri’s, a yellow shirt and a light jacket, grabbed my flip flops and walked outside. “Oh shhot-Brenna!?!” I yelled.


“Hey, I’m gonna go out with Bruno and some friends for a while, I won’t be out late” I yelled inside.

“Alright hun, have a good time” She yelled back. I smiled and closed the door, turned around and screamed.Bruno was RIGHT there, why hadn’t he said anything.

“whoops...” he breathed smiling. I rolled my eyes and started to walk with him.


“So what’s this party all about?” I asked.

He smiled “A fun party, duh” He said sticking his tongue out at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Awh, come on, I’m just playing with you” He said stopping me and kissing me.

“How can you go from complete jackass to a super sweet guy?” I said smiling and touching his face.

“It’s just the talent, that really all it is” he said. I laughed.


It was pretty much dark now and we headed to the beach, I could see the huge fire that was on the beach burning and lots of people. I had made a few friends, but spent most of my time with Bruno, so I was a little nervous with the whole fitting in thing. then again that’s the great thing about Hawaii, the majority of people are so kind and welcoming, so I honestly wasn’t really that worried...


            We got down to the beach and all of Bruno’s friends were coming up and saying hey and everything, there was music, laughing and just fun all around. I smiled, I hadn’t been to a party in sooo long, although this was definitely different from the parties I attended...


“Hey, I’ll be right back, you want something to drink?” He asked.

“yeah sure” I said, he kissed the top of my head and ran off with his friends, I sat down, awkwardly, damn I really needed to find my friends.


“ahh, it’s like you heard my prayers!!” I yelled as CeeCee walked over to me.

She laughed and shook her head.

“Girl, you should be out here dancing and having fun, what are you doing here all alone?” she asked

“ahh i know, waiting for Bruno, he should be back soon...” I trailed off, bending my neck all around to see if I could spot him.

“uh...soon?” CeeCee said pointing and sure enough there was Bruno taking ice out of the cooler and sticking it down his friends shirts, wrestling them, he had sand all in his hair.

“hahah, oh my God...that kid..” CeeCee said, “How can you put up with being around him ALL THE TIME without absolutely ripping all of your hair out?” she laughed.

I laughed and pushed her “I honestly don’t know, haha he’s just a good guy.”


Bruno looked over at me and saw me looking, “Hey babe!” he yelled waving, his friend then threw ice at him, and they picked up where they left off.

“They're such kids!” I laughed.


I talked with CeeCee for a little while, until Bruno came back over....wet, and sandy.

“I think you need a hug” Bruno said.

“NO! I’m perfectly fine without one thank you”

“come here...”He said, smiling a devilish smile and taking a step towards me.

“Bruno don’t you dare!” I yelled, running away but the damn kid was fast, he caught me and hugged me getting his sandy wetness ALL over me. He finally let go of me laughing hysterically.

“Not funny” I tried to say without smiling, but it didn’t work.

“here’s your drink” he said handing me a cup.

I took a sip and spit it out, he jumped back.

“What?!” he asked wide eyes

“What the hell is this?!” I yelled back at him.

“” he said confused.

“oh...i..i don't want it.”I said quietly pouring it out on the ground. Alcohol brought me back to memories that I had suppressed for a while now.


I walked off away from the party and sat down by the water, Bruno followed me, after he realized i guess. He sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulder.

“Liv, I’m sorry..I wasn’t thinking” he said softly

“I know, it’s not your fault..just..brings back bad memories..” I said

He hugged me, then jumped up. “Come on Livvy, this is a party,

 you gotta..LIV...hah, see what I did there?” he winked and pulled me up.

“wow, aren’t you clever, I’ve never heard THAT one before!” I said laughing.

We walked back over to the party and I let loose a little....eventually a little too loose and ended up drinking beer...a lot.


I remember dancing..singing, partying, being with Bruno, kissing him, touching...then I remember screaming, fire, smoke and pain...