Chapter 6

19/06/2011 12:11

"Br......Bruno?" I almost don't recognize him. He's got on baggy clothes and his hair is still short but it's decided to take back it's curly afro form. He's pale and looks malnourished. But those eyes. Those amazing brown eyes seal the deal. I jump on him and hug him........never ever wanting to let go. We both start crying and kissing each other. "I thought you were dead and I thought that I would never see you again!" He looked at me and smiled. I didn't realized how much I really missed that amazing smile and those dimples. "I always thought of you and how I wanted to give you the perfect wedding and how I wanted us to share the same last name. I never stopped thinking about you. You're the reason I'm here." Gawd that amazing voice kills me. "Cmon let's get inside you need to eat." I help him inside and cook him up some spaghetti. He gobbles it down. I call the guys and tell them that he's back. They say that there going to be taking a flight and they should be here tonight. I sit down at the table with Bruno and look out at the beach. "I can see our spot." he said. "You......You remember? I went to that spot everyday I never forgot it." He stands up and we walk out to our spot and just stand there. I look over my beach and then I remember my island. I grab Bruno's hand. "Cmon I wanna show you something!" We start racing across the beach until we get to the woods. "Follow me." We walk through the beaten down path and walk onto the island. I keep walking until I get to the other side of the island where I have a little cabin. "Wow..." "No one except Marybeth and me and you know about this spot. Me and Marybeth will come out here and play paintball sometimes and sometimes we spend the night here every night is like magic the night comes alive and you see all the creatures it's like everything's in harmony." "Wow amazing!" I show him the inside of my cabin and all my paintball gear I have. As he's looking around everything hits me. I just drop to the floor and start crying my eyes out. "Baby what's wrong?" I just shake my head. He picks me up and even though he's not completely better I love the feeling of his strong arms cradling me. He walks into the bedroom and lays me on the bed. He lays beside me and starts humming and I immediately recognize the tune. Count on me. He continues humming and stroking my hair and rubbing my back. "Emily?" I roll over and look at him. He has tears in his eyes. "What Bruno?" "I'm so sorry but I have to go this was a dream Marybeth is waking you up you fell asleep on the beach. I need you to keep looking. You'll know where to look you have to trust in yourself but times running out you have to hurry. Emily Hernandez I love you.........Forever and always." "What Bruno but why! This is real it is! Please don't go!" I realize that he slowly fading away. "I love you Emily!" "Dang it Bruno come back why did you do this to me!" "Emily wake up!" My eyes snap open and I look around. I'm in our spot on the beach. " no no!" I get up and start crying and running towards the cabin I run and run until I can barely breathe but I still keep running until I'm in my cabin. I walk in and look around. It couldn't of been a dream! It was so real. I walk into the bedroom and right where me and Bruno were laying lied a small angel. I walk over and pick it up. Everything starts to swirl. I see a dark room and a rusty bed and then bars. Then it's like it zooms out. I see an old building. Then I see hills. Then a small town called Taynesbury. Then a welcome to georgia sign. Holy shit! "Emily where are you!" "In here Marybeth!" "What’s gotten into you?" "Bruno told me where he was! I have to go save him!" "Emily how do you know it was just a dream!" "No it wasn't! He was here! We were laying down on the bed talking! He gave me this!" I hold out my hands revealing the small angel that I was holding. "Emily are you sure........" "Yes I'm positive! Now I have to go rescue Bruno!"


"Where is she!" "I'm not telling you!" The man in black slapped Bruno. Hard. But to him it was worth it. He was going to protect Emily no matter what. "You’re a stubborn crap." "That's not the first time I've heard that." He mumbled. He man punched him right in the stomach. It seems like everything in his body was numb. He'd been punched, slapped, choked, and kicked so many times he'd lost count. But he'd never stopped thinking about Emily. He missed her so much never in his life did he think that he'd ever want anyone in his arms as much as her. He missed her laugh, he missed her beautiful curves and features, he missed how she made his heart skip some beats when she came near him. But he missed Phil and everyone else too. He looked up and saw a man in black coming towards him with a gun in hand. "Please no....." Instead of shooting him the man takes the butt of the gun and slams it down on his head. He starts to see stars and then blackness. He wakes up and hovering over him is a almost white figure. "No........I can't be dead. I'm to young to die!" The white figure laughs. "Come my child you are not dead. You are being granted strength to help you pull through this ordeal strong." Bruno sits back in awe. "What if I could have another wish? I think I'm strong enough........I have motivation to stay strong and fight back." God thinks about this for a moment. "Well my child if you wish to surrender strength for a wish I suppose that can be done. Now what is your wish?" Without hesitation he tells god what he would like to wish for. "I want to visit Emily in dream I just want to talk to her." "Ah yes! You are very lucky to have someone who cares for you as much as her and you are also lucky to have someone with such pure beauty as she has been granted with." "Thank you and yes I'm very lucky." There is a moment of silence before god speaks again. "Emily has been very strong......but I now worry about her. Without you by her side she has grown weak." God points to a well and they walk over. Bruno looks down and sees Emily wearing his clothes. He can't help but smirk. She looks so cute in his clothes. But then he sees her crying and then it hits him. She looks so pale and so fragile that if someone poked her she would shatter into a million pieces. "God I would like to give the strength that you were going to give to me to her........She needs it more that me." God nods. "Very well then you will have only a short time with her and then you must go to face the monsters. I will give her the gift of strength once you leave." "Thank you so much god." God sighs. This is all he can do to help but as he foresees the future he knows these two people are reaching out against the odds to be in love and happy. But they have a long, bumpy, shady path ahead of them before they can truly be happy. God knows that there will be times of despair and pain that they still must face but he opens the dream world to Bruno and watches as he steps in. He steps in without hesitation and vanishes. God starts to wonder if what he did was a wise decision or if it will make an inevitable fate just arise quicker.


Bruno walks out of the dream world with tears running down his cheeks. He hates seeing her hurt so much like that! He follows the same path that he ran down to meet Emily and sees god waiting for him. "Its time to go back." Bruno nods and for some odd reason he feels stronger than ever before. "I'm ready and god thank you. I don't know how I could ever repay you for what you have let me do." "You are welcome my child now close your eyes...." Bruno obeys and waits for a few moments and feels nothing. He slits open his eyes and realizes he's back in reality.


"Emily let me come with you please!" I sigh. "Alright c'mon let's go we don't have much time." Marybeth runs back in and is back out in 5 minutes flat with all her things packed. "Alright let's go." We get into my mustang convertible and make the 2 hour drive to the small town called Salzburg. Supposedly Taynesbury is hidden in salzburg but since I've only lived in georgia since I was 16 and being only 22 now I don't know this area very well. Emily looks over at Marybeth and sighs 'I hope nothing happens to her' I think to myself. We finally pull up to Salzburg and we look around. It's a nice little town......and when I say little I mean like one of those towns where everyone knows everyone. We decide to go in a market to ask for directions. "Excuse me sir, I was wondering......." The nerdy clerk interrupts. "Hey wait.......aren't you Emily? The one who was singing with Bruno Mars?" "Yes and I still am singing with the hooligans now if you would just please kindly give me directions to Taynesbury I can give you an autograph and we can be on our way." The clerk pales. "Did........did you say ....Taynesbury?" Please I don't have time for this! "I don't think I stuttered when I said it." He looks around and motions for me and Marybeth to follow him into a back room. "Listen that place is a very bad place. There are drug dealers and rapist....." "We got that in LA too." He sighs and gives me directions. He gives me a piece of paper and I sign. "Thanks." We get back into our car and I see a gun shop. "C’mon Marybeth were getting us some protection!" "What! You’re crazy!" "Ok your loss not mine." I get out of my car and walk across the street to the gun shop. "Wait for me!" shouts Marybeth. We walk in and I see the perfect gun. It's a 9mm revolver and then they have a 9mm pistol for Marybeth. We make our purchase and head back to our car. "Are you sure we really needed these?" I sigh "Yes Marybeth we both need them for protection ok I wouldn't know what to do if anything ever happened to you." Marybeth reluctantly agrees and we make our way to Taynesbury. The drive seems like forever but it only takes us 30 minutes and we hit Taynesbury. I look around and catch a glance of a small sports car that looks exactly like Bruno's car. I swing our car around and watch as the car pulls out and starts driving. I decide to follow it. We go through a bunch of twists and turns through the mountains and I loose the car. I keep driving and see a small batten down path with tire marks. I decide to turn down it and then I get about halfway when the trail opens into a huge field. I stop my car and get out to look around. At first I see nothing and then as I'm getting ready to get back into the car I hear screaming and I feel someone come up behind me and get my pressure point.


Bruno opens his eyes and sees 3 men in black with there backs to him. He quickly closes his eyes again and eavesdrops on there conversation only catching bits and pieces. ".......Are you sure it's them?" ".........A blonde and brunette........" "...........Has a cross necklace........." "..........which should we keep?" Someone walks in and he hears feet scuffling and someone flops down onto the chairs beside him. He continues to eavesdrop. " Hawaii......" " look there......." "...........she'd be lost forever!" Someone walks over and kicks him in the shin. He opens his eyes and looks around. He almost can't believe his eyes. To his left sits Emily she's tied up and has a bandana around her mouth. As soon as she sees him she starts to cry but he's not sure if they’re tears of joy or scared tears or both. He looks to his right where Marybeth sits. She's tied up and gagged and she looks terrified. He looks back at the man in black. "Wh.....what's going on?" They all laugh at him. "Well Hollywood ya see.........your lady here tried to save you and we caught her so now this is what's going to happen. We’re going to inject you and her friend with a toxin that will make you forget everything that has happened in the last 6 months and we’re going to send you back to LA and her friend back to where she came from." He walks over and unties Emily's gag. Then he unties Marybeths gag. "Please don't hurt him. Please just let us go!" Emily shouts. "Shut up bitch!" "Make me!" He walks over and slaps her. "Don't you dare hurt her!" "Bruno there's nothing you can do to stop them it's my fault." She whispers. The man in black laughs. "Now we’re going to get the toxins ready, so say your goodbyes!" Marybeth who's been silent this whole time speaks up. "I'll let them use me Emily, you and Bruno have a good life together." "No Marybeth you’re my sister and I could never let anything happen to you ok?" "We’re not related Emily..." "Listen to me yes you are my sister I was 2 when mom and dad adopted you ok? Once they passed away I had to take care of you and I didn't know how to tell you ok! Now I'm not going to let them use you ok? They’re going to use me and Bruno has a career and a wonderful life that he needs to live ok?" It's silent for a moment. "Ok." "I love you two very much ok? I never ever want you to forget that ok?" We both nod and tears start rolling down my cheeks. "Listen I'll find a way to escape and when I do I'll come home and find you both ok?" We both nod and then the men in black walk back in. I look over at Emily. "I love you...........forever and always." "Forever and always......forever and always." I watch as the man in black walks towards me and injects me with the toxins. Not matter what he would still remember Emily because what happened between them happen 6 and 1/2 months ago so he would still remember and he would never ever forget.