Chapter 6

19/07/2011 10:25

"What the hell is she doing here?" I asked

"I dont know, its not friday. Is it?"

"No Jen its not, its Tuesday" 
"Do you think she is going ask us about Leo?" Jen ask
"I hope not. Lets stop talking about it, she is coming closer"

"Hello Tori & Jen, how are you ladies?"
"Hello Mrs. Artis, we are doing great. How about yourself?" Jen says
"Im fine thank you for asking" she says with a smile

"Mrs. Artis--" I began to say before she interrupts me
"You can call me Michelle, after all you 2 ladies are my favorite waitresses."

"Oh....really?" Jen says

"Yes, you ladies know how to keep a smile on every customer & employee face. Not like that little Marissa. By the way where is she today?"

"Oh...." I say as turn I to Jen for the answer

"She was feeling a little under the weather so she called in for the next 2 days. She will be back on Friday." Jen says

"Oh, well I'll be here all week any way."

"All week? What happened to Leo?" I asked

"He says he was feeling sick, so he wants me to watch the place until he comes back next monday"

"Oh well I hope he feels better soon" Jen says

"Well I'll let you ladies go so you can start on your shifts, I will talk to you both later."
"Ok Mrs. Ar--"
"Ah! its Michelle" she says
"Ok Michelle" I said

Then she walks away, Jen & I both look at each other.
"Ok that was a little creepy"
"Tell me about it Tori"

We begin to take orders, as the hours went by we notice that Michelle kept walking in & out of the office.

"What the hell is going on with her?" Jen asked

"I dont know Jen, but its a little creepy. I guess--"

"Hello my fabulous bitches!"

Jen & I turned around, we knew who it was. Chris, was one of the cooks. He comes walking in the diner with his bedazzled coach clutch, coach shades, & sparkling pink converse. Leo found it odd how he carried a clutch. He shouldve expected that when he hired a gay man. Chris was like our own little Lafayette from "True Blood" but with a mixture of RuPaul also. He is funny as hell & loves to gossip. We both loved him.

"Hey Chris!" I said

"Tori & Jen, I missed you both! Come here & give me some love."

We both hugged him. Then he had this look in his eye like he knew something went wrong while he was gone on vacation.

"Ok, what happened with Marissa? Did yall beat her ass without me!?"

"No we didnt Chris! I wanted though. But she is out for the next 2 days." Jen says
"For what? She better be sick"
"Yeah I guess you can say that" I mumbled

"Ok can yall please fill me in? Yall know something but dont want to tell me."

"Can it wait until after the lunch?"

"Ugh! ok. well let me go start cooking some of these orders"

"Ok hun" Jen says

The customers start to come in for lunch, it wasnt that many like I thought is was going to be. So Jen & I started to take orders & giving them to Chris. Then all of a sudden a certain someone walks in.

"Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me" I said

"What?" Jen says

"Look over there"

She looks & see Phred sitting down at a table. Then she finally says

"Oh, damn"

"Jen I dont want to go over there. Can you take his order for me?"

"Tori I cant, im already waitressing 3 tables. Go on you will be ok"

"Ugh! Ok"

I walk over to his table & my mind is going crazy with questions. What is he doing here? Is he here trying to flirt with me again? He knows me & Bruno are talking.
"Oh well hello beautiful" he says with a smile on his face

"Hi Phred, what can I get you?"
"What? No how are you doing or anything?"

I just looked at him & he has a smile on his face. I took a deep breath & put on a fake smile.

"How are you Phred? See anything you want?"

"Im fine thank you for asking, yes I do. I want you" he says as his smile gets bigger

"I meant from the menu"

"Oh well, I'll have a chocolate milkshake, extra thick" he says as he looks at me up & down

I just look at him & shake my head

"Ok one chocolate shake coming up" I said as I walked away
"Extra thick!" he yells

I continued to walk away. I went behind the counter & made the milkshake for him. Besides waitressing I make milkshakes when Jen & I are feeling down or when a customer orders one.

"What did he say to you this time?" Jen says coming towards me

I sighed & begin to tell her
"I asked him is there anything you want & he says yes, I want you."
"What the hell?" 
"Oh im not done, he then orders a milkshake & says he wants it extra thick. After he said that he looked at me from head to toe & then smiled. It just didnt feel right. I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes."

"If that was me, I would be all up on that fine ass chocolate man" Chris says

"Nobody didnt ask for your opinion RuPaul!" Jen says

"Whatever wanna be J-Lo. Look more like J-Ho with those tight ass shorts on" he says

"Of course they are gonna be tight, they are part of the uniform dumbass!" she says

"I just find it funny how yall talk shit to each other but still love one another at the end of the day." I said

"Its the key to all friendships duh! How in the hell you put up with us?" Jen says

"I dont know, I just do" I said

"Well damn." they both said & start to laugh

"Well let me go give him his milkshake" I said as I walked away

"Show a little cleveage if you have to!"

"Shut up Chris!" I yelled back

When I get to the table, he begins to smile again. I just did a fake smile back.

"Here's your shake Phred. Anything else?"
"What is it?"

"Sit with me"

"What? No I cant"

"Come on, I wont bite or at least try not to" he says with a smile

"Ok im leaving"

"No, please sit with me"

He looks at me with those brown eyes. I sighed & finally sit down.

"Ok, now what do you want?"
"Mmmm this milkshake is thick! Just how I like them" He then looks at me

"Phred what do you want!?"

"Besides you, I want to know why are you with him?"
"Ok so you wanted me to sit down so you can question me about Bruno? Really? Thats random Phred"

"Just answer the damn question" he says as he stares at me 
I sighed & then I finally answered
"Maybe because I like him--No I do like him"
"Why cant you be with me?" 
"Uh hello Phred are you blind? I am dating your best friend!"

"Thats not the answer I was looking for, but I'll take it"
"Phred did you flirt with his last girlfriend like this?"
"Then why are you flirting & with me?"
"Because......." he says as he begins looking out the window
"Well im waiting?" I said with my arms folded
"Just answer this Tori, Do you think im attractive?"
"Phred, you're an attractive man"
"How come I didnt catch your attention that day?"

He looks at me with those big brown eyes & tries to hold my hand But I quickly get up from the table.
"Look I dont know Phred. Can we just stop with the questions please?"

"Ok, just one more thing?"
"What Phred!?"
"Can I have another milkshake to go?"
"Oh, sure. Yeah. my bad I thought you were going to ask me another question about Bruno & I. Im sorry Phred"
So I went back behind the counter & made him another shake to go. Jen comes behind the counter with orders.

"What did he say this time?" she asked

"Can we not talk about it now?"

"Ok. wanna talk about it later?"

"Probably not"

I grab the cup with Phred's milkshake. I walked back to his table

"Here you go Phred. Again im so sorry" I said as I handed him the milkshake. He then takes my hand & hold it

"No its ok, Damn.." he says as he looks at me

"You're even more beautiful up close"
"Uh thanks I guess, & you can let go of my hand now"

"Oh yeah, sorry about that. Well I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow, the next day & the next......" he says

"Bye Phred!"

He then blows a kiss at me & walks out the door. I walked into the restroom & put some water on my face. Then I begin thinking of what just happened. My thoughts interupted by a knock on the door.

"Tori, open the door"
"Yeah its me, now open the door"
I opened the door & she has a concerned look on her face.

"Are you ok?" she asked

"Yeah, im fine"
"No you're not"
"Yes I am Jen. Come on lets go we have tables to serve"
I walked out the restroom & she follows me. I began taking orders again. When it was time for my break, I went outside & sat down on the curb. Jen comes out the diner.

"Tori, what did he say to you?"
"Nothing Jen!"
"Alright fine then be a bitch about it, im going back inside"
I closed my eyes & took a deep breath.
"He was asking me questions about Bruno & I relationship &--"
"You felt like it was wrong of him to ask you those questions, right?"
"Tori can you tell me at least one question he asked you?"
"He asked me why cant I be with him? I told him why"
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah. I mean he knows me & Bruno are dating."
"Was there a reason behind the random questions?" 
"I dont know. I just hope he doesnt come in tomorrow with more questions."

"Wait, how do you know he is coming in tomorrow?"

"He told me I'll see you tomorrow, & the next day, & the next day...."

"Damn, he is in stalker mode"
"I know! he just makes me feel so uncomfortable. I wish he was more like the other guys."
"Enough with talking about this. How--"
I turn to look at Jen & she has a huge smile on her while texting on her phone.
"Whats with the huge smile?"
"Oh nothing, im just texting Kenji. He wants to go on a date tonight."
"Are you going?"
"What the hell!? of course im going! Im not gonna sit in my house like you do. You act like a grandma."
"Well damn Jen, what a way to bring me down"
"Im not trying to bring you down, im just telling the truth. C'mon my grandma is damn near 70 & she is still getting it in like she is still 25."
"I really didnt want to hear that. Your grandma is still getting it like that? Damn!"
"Look the point is you need to go out more with Bruno."
"How? I dont have--"
"Ah! hefier you do have time. you just dont want to do anything. I swear Tori you act like you damn 65, but you're only 24. Have fun. Live a little damn!"
I just looked at Jen, then I turned my head the other way.
"Tori im sorry I--"
"Dont need to say anything else. Everything you just said is the whole truth about me. Yes I do act like a grandma sometimes--"
"Ok well most of the time. But I cant help it Jen, I really cant."
"Well you're gonna stop acting like a grandma from this day foward. You have new man that has so much love & respect for you. I know you dont want to let him go."
"Yeah, I do & he does. Do you know why I love you Jen?"

"Because you keep it real with me & you dont hold anything back. You're outspoken & funny as hell."
"I know that"
"Then why did you sit there & let me say all those things if you already knew?"
"I just want to hear it"
"Well damn"
We both laughed & talked more. Then I looked at the time, I seen our break was over.
"Well lets go back on the diner"
We both walked inside the diner & see Michelle sitting at a table looking out the window. She looks over at us & says
"Can you both come here please?"
We walked over to the table. I see Chris peeping out of the kitchen door.

"Both of you have a seat"
We sat down. For 5 minutes she stared out the window & didnt say a word to us. She looks at us & begins to talk
"I have a feeling that he is doing it again. No I know he is doing it again. I just know it."
"What are you talking about Michelle?" Jen asked
"Im talking about Leo. I know he is cheating on me again"

Jen & I didnt say a word to her. we were in shock. Neither of us didnt know what to say. We werent going to blurt out "Hey your husband is sleeping with Marissa".

"If he was--well is cheating on me & you both know who the woman is would you tell me?"
She looks at us & her eyes were pleading for an answer. I was at a lost for words.

"Of course we would" Jen says

"We would?"
"Yes Tori, we would" she says to me as he eyes got bigger

I knew what she meant by that look. It was saying "Just play along & dont say a damn word".

"Yes we would Michelle" I said

"I just have this feeling he is cheating on me with Marissa" she says as she looks out the window
"What? Pfft....It couldnt be her! Pfft..C'mon Marissa? Really?"
"Shut the fuck up Tori" Jen says under her breath

"I have to go to the restroom" I said

"Could you excuse us both Michelle"
"Oh yeah sure ladies" she says continuing looking out the window

We both ran inside the restroom. Jen closes the door & locks it. Then I feel a hand go across my head.

"Ow! what the hell!?"
"What the hell was that!?" she asked
"What do you mean?"
"Just stop it Tori! just stop! Everytime you get into a weird situation like this you always hesitate to answer any question. Just shut the hell up & let me do the talking"
"Ok Jeez!" 
We walk out the restroom. I smack Jen across the head & run back to the table.
"Ow!" she yells

When I get to the table, she was gone. Then I turn around & see her walking out of the office with her things in her hand.
"Im closing the diner early today, could you stay here with Chris & Jesse, help them clean up?"
"Yeah sure" I said 
"Thank you see you both tomorrow"
She leaves & I lock the door. Jen & I sat down at a table.

"Damn she is not taking it so well, just imagine how its gonna be when she finds out" I said
"The damn diner is going to turn into a shooting range!"

"Shut up Jen!"
"Well lets go help Chris & Jesse in the kitchen"
Jesse was the other cook. He was a good looking dude, tall, muscular, tattoos everywhere, black hair, & blue-green eyes. But he had a temper on him. I talked to him maybe once or twice

We walked into the kitchen, see Chris is cleaning the dishes & Jesse is just looking at him up & down.

"Fucking drag queen" Jesse says under his breath

Chris stop washing dishes & turned around