Chapter 6

20/07/2011 23:56

Bruno’s POV

All day I have been practising and rehearsing with my band. Eric, my brother, had me up at 8am to rehearse for tonight. All we do now is just rehearse. Rehearse. REHEARSE! I’m getting sick and tired of it; I need a social life too! I don’t even have time to go out and find myself a girlfriend! Especially since the rest of my band have partners and I’m the only single one.

I hope so badly that changes tonight though! I’m not using her to change my relationship status, I just want someone I can cuddle up to at night and just hug to sleep.

It sounds really cheesy for a boy to say that, but there’s something special about Ashleigh, I don’t know what, but she seems like a keeper.

I really hope she can come out and see me perform tonight, she didn’t text me back…is that a sign to say she’s not interested in me and I should move on? Because I just want to give her my best shot and see what she thinks of us two being a couple. Am I going too fast though? Does she feel the same way as I do? If I tell her I really like her and she doesn’t like me back, how embarrassing would that be!?

It’s about 7:00pm now and Ashleigh still hasn’t text me back, damn…

I think I should just have a cool shower and get ready for tonight.

Once I showered I didn’t know what to wear, I was just standing in my room with my closet wide open and all my clothes scattered all over the floor. I was acting like such a girl. I then decided on a yellow and black checkered shirt, black skinny jeans and my black converses. I then put on my brown hat with a feather poking up on the side…I then decided to take it off; I wanted her to see all of me tonight. Lastly, I pop my Ray Bans between my shirt and I was done.

Dammit, she still hasn’t text me back…ugh I’m just going to call her, I’m scared I might annoy her though…? Oh well.

I got my phone out and started searching her name in my contacts; it took me about 5 minutes to search for her. I don’t do technology. I found her name and I pressed the green call button, after about 2 rings she picked up, she picked the phone up quick…

‘HEYYYY!!’ I jumped as she screamed down the phone

‘Hey beautiful’ I said trying to cover up the scare I just got.

‘I was just about to text you and say I’m up for tonight, I’m going to leave in about 5 minutes’ she said, I felt so relieved and I’m so excited now.

‘I’m so glad you’re coming; I can’t wait to see you, but please don’t mess up my performance like last time’ I teased her whilst laughing

‘I’ll try not too’ she giggled.

‘Would you like to come back to my place after?’ I asked, regretting it after I finished.

 ‘Sure, it would be a pleasure.’ She answered.

Wait what? She’s coming back to my place after…

‘Awesome! I’ll see you in a bit, yeah?’ I asked, rushing to get off the phone so I could clean this damn apartment.

 ‘Sure thing!’ she shouted excitedly and then hung up.

As soon as I put my phone down I was rushing around everywhere trying to make my apartment look SPOTLESS.

I made my bed for once, stuffed all my clothes that were scattered on floor back into my closet, washed the dishes, puffed up the cushions on my brown leather couch, kicked all the random rubbish on the floor underneath the couch and ran around my whole apartment like a fool spraying cologne everywhere.

By now it’s about 8pm and the rest of the band is packing the drums, guitars and speakers into the van. I quickly grabbed my phone, car keys, cigarettes, lighter, gum and headed straight to the door and sprinted downstairs. I quickly opened my car door and jumped into the driver’s seat, I was running late!! She has probably left by now!!! I shouted to my band I’d meet them there, they just nodded. I take that as a yes then…

I revved on the engine which made a loud roaring sound, and I was off.


Ashleigh’s POV

What do I do? Ditch Bruno and go to my father’s house? Or just pretend like I never knew and let dad tell me himself. My father didn’t even tell me, I had to find out this way. A world tour!? I swear his world tours last for years. I’m just going to go with Bruno tonight, enjoy myself and I will deal with my father when I get back. How could he do this to me? Is that why he’s suddenly become so busy? Why didn’t he tell me? He tells me everything.

I just realised I had been standing by the door for about 3 minutes, I quickly opened it and closed it quietly so Vanessa noticed I left ages ago because I really didn’t want to explain this to her.

I walked out of the apartment entrance and I was now outside. Walking through the city at night was kind of scary but very refreshing. I quickly got a taxi and it dropped me off to the club I was 24 hours ago.

I decided to wait outside the club until Bruno came, I had a feeling he’d be a bit late.

Whilst I was awkwardly waiting I was flicking through Facebook and every single person was writing statuses about my father’s worldwide tour. I had log off, I couldn’t stand to even see or hear his name right now.


Invades my thoughts on what I should say to my dad. I look up and Bruno is in a grey and white Mini Cooper waving his hand out of his open car window. I laugh and wave back, I start walking towards him and he starts to walk out of his car. I put my phone back in my purse and I hear a door slam, he was out.

‘Hey there!’ I shouted walking towards him for a hug.

‘You look beautiful’ he gracefully says.

I blush and I feel my cheeks getting hot ‘Thank you’ I smile. ‘You look amazing too, I love your hair.’ I say whilst running my hand through his silky soft curls. I love that he’s not wearing a hat tonight.

‘Thank you’ he humbly said.

As I was touching his hair he moved his head a little bit into my neck so I could get a better feel….awww! He’s so cute!

When I was done touching his amazing hair I asked ‘Do you want to go inside now?’

‘Sure.’ he replied, he elegantly held my waist and escorted me into the club.

We saw a couple of tables and seats free so we grabbed one table, he took my seat and held it out until I sat down, then he casually walked around the table and sat on his seat. I laid one hand on the table whilst my other hand was playing with my hair which I always do when I’m nervous.

‘Would you like a drink, honey?’ he asked so sweetly.

‘Yes please, can I have a vodka and coke?’ I innocently asked.

‘Sure’ he smiled ‘I’ll be right back’ and he walked off to the bar to get our drinks.

As I sat there awkwardly waiting for Bruno and his sexy self to come back with the drinks I quickly switched my phone off because everyone wouldn’t stop texting and calling me about my dad. I just want to forget about it and enjoy my night. If Bruno knows and he brings it up tonight, I am just going to tell him everything, like how my dad didn’t tell me, how he’s been too busy for me recently and how he hung the phone up on me today without saying goodbye.

I feel kind of bad though because I’m telling a boy I just met yesterday everything I have been thinking about today instead of telling my best friend…I pray he is not using me just because I am Michael Jackson’s daughter. Can I really trust him?

‘What are you thinking about, honey?’ a voice says whilst invading my thoughts.

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and turn to where the voice was coming from, it was Bruno with our drinks. I went to grab my drink he placed on the table and took a sip.

‘Nothing’ I lied.

‘Come on baby, I know you’re lying’ how did he know?

‘What makes you think I’m lying?’ I curiously asked.

‘Your face…you look worried. What’s wrong baby? You can tell me’ he sat down and gracefully grabbed my hand, then he started stroking my hand.

I sighed

‘My dad.’ I whispered.

‘Your dad?’ he sounds confused.

‘Haven’t you watched the news? He’s everywhere’ I snapped at him.

‘I have been rehearsing all day; I don’t have time for the news.’ He softly said.

I sighed deeply again. ‘Dad is going on a world tour. He didn’t tell me, I had to find out from my friends. I don’t when he’s going, but he didn’t tell me anything about some world tour so right now I am so pissed at him’ I quickly spat out with anger.

Bruno then started to move his hands up to my wrist and started stroking again. He knew I was getting angry.

‘Maybe he didn’t want to tell you, it is hard to tell people, especially your close loved ones, that they they’re going to tour the world.’ He said trying to make me feel better.

I nodded. ‘I know that, but I just want to know why he didn’t tell me before he announced his WORLD tour.’ I started to shout, but I quickly went quiet as I was finishing off my sentence.

‘I’m sure he has a perfect reason why he didn’t tell you’ He frowned, he doesn’t know how to make me feel better I guess.

‘Thanks, but you’re not really making me feel better’ I giggled.

He laughed. ‘I know, but I’m glad you told me’ he smiled.

‘That’s good; can we change the subject now please?’ I asked desperately.

‘Sure, hey I’m going to be performing soon; I have a surprise for you too.’ He said magically with his sexy voice.

‘OH MY GOSH! TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!’ I screamed and begged.

‘Nope! And shhh!’ He shouted whilst hushing me.

‘Oh come on! I will bite you…’ I threatened him.

He laughed out loud. ‘I dare you!’ he asked for it…

I leaped across the table and bit his shoulder.

‘Owwwwwwwwww!!!’ he screamed in pain.

I sat back in my seat and had an evil grin on my face.

‘I wasn’t lying.’ I protested.

He laughed again. ‘I’ll keep that in mind next time’ he frowned.

‘Awww! Come here! I’m sorry!’ I shouted sarcastically.

I got out of my seat and walked over to where he was sitting and I crouched down and hugged him from behind whilst he was sitting on his chair.

Flirting or what!? But I don’t regret a single thing.

He touched my arm and started stroking it whilst smiling.

‘I really like your apologies,’ he joked flirtatiously.

‘I should bite you more often then.’ I whispered seductively into his ear and giggled.

He laughed. I then took my arms off him and walked around to his chair then sat down on his lap in a sideways position. He moved his arms around my waist and put his other arm on my left thigh. I then wrapped my left arm over his neck and I left my other arm in my lap holding onto his hand.

‘You can bite me now if you want.’ He sarcastically smiled.

‘I’ll save that for later.’ I whispered sexily into his ear.

‘Hmm, later?’ He winked.

As I was about to say something, his phone in his pocket started vibrating, which caused my bum to vibrate too since I was sitting on his lap. I giggled and I quickly rummaged through his jeans pocket to get his phone out. I got his phone and I handed it to him. He pressed the green button;

‘Hey Phil, what’s up?’ he said down the phone.

I was awkwardly sitting on his lap waiting for his call to finish so I can flirt some more.

‘Wait what? No man! This can’t be happening!’ he shouted.

I started to get worried, what happened?

‘Okay, okay man, we have to perform though, I’m already here and I can’t say to Matt I can’t perform tonight.’ He explained.

I’m so confused…

‘Okay man, performance off. I’ll come home later with Ashleigh’ he frowned.

Does Phil even know who I am?

‘Yeah man, see you later.’ He frowned some more. He pressed the red, end call button and he looked so worried.

‘Hey baby, what’s wrong?’ I asked sympathetically whilst bringing my hand up to his soft cheek and stroking it.

‘My pianist’s girlfriend has gone into labour, so he can’t turn up to tonight’s performance. We can’t perform tonight now. Ugh! I hate calling performances off. I really wanted to show you my surprise tonight too’ His face was blank…I don’t know what he’s feeling right now.

I stopped stroking his face and pecked his lips softly. His frown immediately turned into a massive grin.

‘Can we leave now?’ I asked whilst smiling.

‘Back to your place?’ he smiled.

I frowned. ‘My place? I thought we were going to yours.’ I said confused.

‘Erm…well…My band is at my place now, we can’t exactly do much when they’re there.’ He stuttered…why?

I fake laughed. ‘True, but Nessa is my roommate, she’s probably still up doing work.’ I said to him.

‘Damn, no place to go.’ He frowned…once again.

‘Let’s just go to my place, I don’t care what Nessa say’s’ I giggled.

‘Okay,’ he grinned. ‘I’ll drive.’

I got up off his lap, grabbed his hand and we started walking out the club, but then we got stopped by the club owner, Matt.

‘Oh, hey Matt. Sorry man, I can’t perform tonight. One of my band members’ got a personal crisis right now. I promise I’ll perform here next week, for free.’ Bruno quickly said.

‘Sure Bruno, make sure you come back. I’ll call you during the week. Take care man.’ Matt frowned but fake smiled.

We then both quickly walked to the exit so we could go back to my place. We both approached his car, he unlocked it and I opened the passenger’s seat door and stepped in then sat down whilst Bruno was on the other side and sat down with the steering wheel in front of him. He put the key into the ignition, I heard the loud engine come to life and we were off.

I gave him directions and we were at my apartment in about 15 minutes. I gave him a wrong turning and we ended up getting lost for 5 minutes, but then I realised where we was then I gave him directions again.

He parked his car outside my apartment and I walked up into the entrance, Bruno was walking behind me, he looked a bit lost. I approached the elevator and it came pretty quick. I walked inside with Bruno following behind and I pressed the level I live on. The awkward silence was killing me; I couldn’t wait to get off this tiny thing. What seemed like a lifetime, my level was here.

I walked out, Bruno followed like a lost puppy. I got my noisy keys out of my purse and opened my apartment door.

‘Shh…be quiet. I think she’s sleeping.’ I whispered so quietly to Bruno.

He just nodded.

I quickly checked Nessa’s room and her face was lying flat on her students book, her pen still lightly in her hand, her eyes closed, heavy breathing and her nostrils flaring as she breathed. I found it quite funny so I giggled a bit to myself. I closed her door softly and went into the living room where Bruno was lounging on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table.

‘Make yourself at home did you?’ I sarcastically asked.

He laughed. ‘Do I look that relaxed?’ he said.

‘Hmm…just a little.’ I giggled.

‘Hey, is Nessa awake?’ he asked getting a bit worried.

‘She’s sleeping on her work.’ I said and laughed.

‘Well you should be sleeping too.’ He said.

‘I’d rather do this…’ I sat down next to him and started kissing him passionately.

We then ended up in my room, half naked. I had my bra and knickers on, and he had his boxers on.

I kissed him sweetly again then snuggled up in his arms. My arms were around his waist as I rested my head on his chest and pecked it lightly. His chin was resting on my head and his arms were wrapped around my waist. He started humming a tune whilst we both cocooned as one. My eyes were lazily drooping and I fell asleep in his arms.

At least something went right today…now to face up to my father.