Chapter 6

24/07/2011 16:19

Melody threw her arms at Sean, trying to push him off her. She was on the ground with her head leaning against the wall. Her back was sore from when he pushed her there. As his fist forcefully came in contact with her arm, she winced in pain. His eyes stared into hers, and his jaw was clenched. She was terrified. She couldn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t strong – mentally and physically. All she’d been doing all her life was trying to prove to everyone she was a tough girl.


“Sean, get off of me!” she yelled. He glared at her before giving her one last push into the wall. She gave another yell as the back of her head stung with pain. He turned away from her and was breathing deeply. Finally, the nightmare would be over.


“Open the goddamn door!” shouted Bruno. Banging could be heard on the door. “Sean you had better take your hands off of her right now!”


Sean turned to Melody. Her eyes practically shouted with fear, tears flowing from them. Sean still looked furious. “You brought HIM here?” he shouted.

“N-n-no… Sean…” before she could speak, Sean had grabbed her by her dress and pulled her up to him. She could feel him breathing on her face. She closed her eyes as tight as she could, she couldn’t bear to see this all unwind in front of her.


The front door flung open and Sean released his grip from Melody. Her eyes shot open and Bruno ran into the room. Sean approached him. Bruno was angry. He’d never felt anger like it before. But he didn’t want to punch him. No, that wouldn’t solve anything. It would only make Bruno stoop down to his level. Sean eyed Bruno as Melody ran to him and threw her arms around him, crying. He scooped her up and held her tight, but didn’t take his eyes off Sean. Sean took a step towards them.


“I suggest you don’t do that, Sean. It’s two to one when the cops get here.” Said Bruno. Sean stopped in his tracks, glaring at Bruno. Sean was confused at how Bruno even got in. Melody refused to look in Sean’s direction, and Bruno could feel her shaking. “I’m pretty sure the minimum penalty for domestic violence is 3 years. But with all the bruises on Melody, there’s enough proof to get you locked away for 10. Maybe more. So I think you should grab your stuff, leave, and never come back.”


Sean and Bruno glared at each other. Sean looked ready to punch Bruno. But he simply stepped back, took his jacket off the counter and walked past him, towards the front door. Bruno didn’t think it would be as simple as that. There’s no way he could have just walked away like that. Bruno turned his head and Sean was at the front door.

“Don’t get in contact with Melody ever again. Don’t come anywhere near her ever again.” Bruno’s voice was stern. Sean still had anger in his eyes.


“I’m going to destroy you, Hernandez, just you watch.” The door slammed shut and Melody began sobbing loudly. Bruno placed his hand on the back of her head as she held him tight. He whispered to her, telling her everything was going to be alright. She was still shaking, it sadden Bruno so much to see her so distraught. He could practically feel her heart beating out of her chest.


He carried her to the couch and she covered her face, still crying.

“Melody, let me see your face,” said Bruno. She shook her head.

“Please don’t call the police Bruno, please don’t, they can’t get involved with this” she sobbed. Bruno moved her hair out of her face.

He saw a gash on the side of her face, and the obvious pain she had in her arms.

“We have to get you to an emergency room to get you checked out” he said.

“No-“ she butted in. “Bruno Mars seen walking into hospital with beaten up girl… sure people will see your just doing the right thing, but others will take it as a chance to ruin you, no, I’m fine…” Bruno grabbed Melody’s hand.

“Melody, please, think about you for once, not me, you’re a lot more important than me, okay?” said Bruno. He almost had a sound of annoyance in his voice. Melody simply shook her head and closed her eyes, still crying. Bruno wiped a tear that had fallen down her cheek.


“No, Bruno, please just let me deal with this, no emergency room, no police…” she pushed herself off the couch and walked herself over to the mirror that was in her bedroom. Bruno came over and leant against the doorframe. Melody looked at herself. Mascara had run down her face, her hair was a mess; there was a bright red gash on the side of her cheek. A bruise seemed to form under her neck. The fun memories from the designer’s gala had disappeared and she couldn’t process her thoughts.

Melody took a closer look at one of her bruises. Bruno felt sick to his stomach, he couldn’t believe the nerve of Sean. Bruno went behind Melody and they both looked at the mirror together. Melody was still distressed.

“You don’t need to tell me what happened, but you know I’m here to talk if you want too.” Said Bruno. Melody nodded. “Can you stay over the night?” asked Melody. Bruno placed his hand lightly on her shoulders and said he was more than happy to stay if it made her feel safer. Melody felt a shiver go down her spine when he touched her. She couldn’t explain why he made her feel so safe and comfortable.

She fell back onto her bed and Bruno sat next to her. She stared at her ceiling for a while, while Bruno simply looked at her. “Can’t sleep?” he asked.

“There’s too much on my mind.” She responded. He went around to the other side of the bed and laid next to her, looking at the ceiling too.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Not being able to sleep with you.” Melody gave a small smile. Then she began giggling.

“Not being able to sleep with me? What a shame” said Melody.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” said Bruno. Melody continued laughing, so he hit her with a pillow that was sitting on the bed. She looked shocked, grabbed her pillow and ended up doing the same. They ended up having a pillow fight, chasing each other around the room and calling out at each other. Melody forgot about her pain for a while.


Melody looked at her clock – it was just past 3.30am. Were her and Bruno really up for that long talking? It felt like a lot less than that. They talked about everything and anything, Bruno was determined to get the bad thoughts out of Melody’s head.

“We should go to bed, you know” said Bruno.

“Yeah… but I can’t. I don’t know.” Said Melody. She was using her fingers to comb through her long hair.

“If I had a guitar here, I’d totally be jamming out right now. Getting out some relaxing beats…” he starting humming. Melody watched him get taken away into his music. It was magical. She thought about something she hadn’t thought about in a while – her father. How he used to play her music, how they used to sing together.  So she went and did something she hadn’t done in a really long time.

Bruno watched her stand up and open her cupboard, pulling out clothes and reaching for the back.

“What you got hiding in there, Narnia?” asked Bruno. Melody pulled out an old guitar. She looked down at it, feeling nostalgic. They both went silent, Bruno was unsure of what was going on, and why Melody looked the way she did.

“This was my dad’s…” she said. “I used to play all the time.”

Bruno was shocked. “How come you’ve never told me that?”

Melody took a seat next to him on the bed. “I don’t know… I didn’t think it would be right to continue playing after he died. It was something we used to do, so I never thought I could play without him.” After a long thought she strummed lightly at the guitar. Music came naturally to her.

“My dad called me Melody because he thought I’d be born with musical talent…” she smiled to herself. “It’s weird. I thought I would have forgotten how to play after all these years. But it’s all come back to me in an instant.” She continued strumming lightly. She started humming Talking to the Moon to herself, trying to work out what the chords would be on the guitar. Bruno watched her in awe. She took him into another world. He looked past the bruises and sadness in her, he only saw her for the beautiful and talented woman that she was. He couldn’t explain it. He tried to shake it off, but he couldn’t help it, she kept running through his mind. He said he wouldn’t fall in love with her, so he couldn’t be doing this now of all times.

“You brought music back to me Bruno. So thankyou.”  Said Melody. She turned to Bruno, and he was looking at her. “What?”

“You’re becoming less of a mystery to me… I like it.” Said Bruno.

Melody felt butterflies in her stomach. She told him not to fall in love with her. Sure, she said it in a joking way, but she couldn’t help but notice how she felt around him. How she acted. Maybe there was a part of her that starting liking him too. But he wouldn’t have felt the same back; he knew they were only friends, so she shook her head at the thought. She felt tired, but she still couldn’t go to sleep.

“May I?” Bruno took the guitar from Melody. She laid back down on her bed, watching Bruno take the guitar and pluck at the strings. She asked him to play her a song, one she hadn’t heard before. Bruno thought about it for a while.

“I wrote song a few hours ago. When you have inspiration, you gotta go with it” He chuckled.

“There’s no light in this room, it’s so bright, we got you, you shine like go-o-o-old, you’re so bright, cause I see, all the guys they agree, you shine like g-o-o-old…”

By the time he had finished the song, Melody was in a deep sleep. He couldn’t help but notice how peaceful she looked sleeping. He gave her a kiss on the forehead, and whispered “sweet dreams, beautiful.”


Melody’s eyes fluttered open. The sun was streaming through her window. She looked down and noticed she was still in her dress from the night before. A bruise on her leg caught her attention. She sighed; she had wished that it was all a dream. She looked to her side, and Bruno wasn’t there. There was no evidence that Bruno had even been there. Maybe that was a dream, and that was the part she wished was real. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. She felt disgusting seeing what Sean had done to her. But then she thought of Bruno, and anything negative she was thinking had gone away.

She walked out into the hallway, looking around. “Bruno?”

She heard footsteps and stopped in her tracks. Bruno appeared from around the corner. Her heart rate skyrocketed; it was like she was seeing him for the first time again. He had a smile on his face. Melody forgot how to talk.

“I thought you might be hungry, I didn’t really know what to make so I just made some toast… Um… how are you feeling?”


Bruno looked at Melody. She simply just gazed at him, smiling. He couldn’t do this to himself anymore. Try to convince himself he didn’t like her. Because he did, a lot. More than words or songs could say, and he couldn’t even give a reason why. She was just perfect. He felt like he couldn’t keep it to himself anymore.