Chapter 62-64

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Chapter 62

Of course Bruno would be gone for sometime during Isela’s pregnancy. Even if she said she was used to it, she still had twinges of anger and jealously that made her remember when they first started dating. She would cry every few days and would talk to her sisters about him not being there. She always told herself not to go back to where they were in 2007 She tried so hard not to feel that way. But, when she went to her fancy prenatal yoga classes and got her massages she couldn’t help but think Why isn’t he here for me?

On one of the days when she was feeling particularly down about the distance she picked up her phone to talk to him on her way home from the grocery store. She knew he wouldn’t answer the phone, though. She really just needed to hear his voice. The phone rang three times. Of course he wouldn’t answer. He’s obviously busy with something else. Then she heard it click.

“Hey mama, what’s up?” he asked her.

“I didn’t think you would answer the phone….” she said to him.

“Iselllaaaa…of course I would pick up the phone. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just miss you a lot.” she paused trying to hold back her tears.

“Isela…are you going to cry, baby?”

“I don’t….I don’t….” she tried to keep herself together.

“Isela…I know it’s hard. I know it is. I miss you so much, too. I just want to be there, every day…” he told her.

“I knoooow.” she whined.

“Are you getting scared?” he asked her honestly worried that she was regaining the anxiety that swept over both of them when she was pregnant with Selena.

“No. I’m not scared. I just…I miss you. I miss you in the morning, I miss you at night, I miss you now. I just need you here.” she tried to tell him that she just needed to feel him. “Bruno..I just need to feel you with me. And I don’t feel it. It’s like when we were…”

“When you were in school?” he asked.

“Yeah, and I absolutely hate that feeling. It’s like I want to scream and yell at you right now, but I know that the only reason I want to yell at you is because I miss you.” she answered.

“Baby….if you need to scream and yell at me you can. That’s what I’m here for.”

“I can’t. I’d feel bad after.”

“Isela…I like it when you scream and yell at me.”

“What are you talking about? You’re crazy.” she told him.

“It’s sexy.” she felt him smile through the phone.

“Fine. I’ll do it more. But not today. I just wanted to tell you I miss you. I can’t wait for you to be home.”

“Isela…I love you. Please never forget that. I’ll be home in a week, mi amor.”

“I love you too. I’m going to go to work now.” she told him.

“Okay, babies. I love you. Don’t forget.”  he said clicking the phone.


Later that evening Bruno sat backstage waiting to perform. Eric sat next to him watching Bruno put on his shirt.

“Brunito…what’s wrong?” Eric asked him.

“Nothing.” he answered. Well, no, actually…I miss isela like mad and I can’t get to her.  He finished getting ready for his show in London thinking about her and how badly he felt that he couldn’t be with her.

 Midway through his show he stopped leaning over to talk to Phred. Phred nodded his head giving some type of head nod to all the rest of them. Bruno came up to his microphone to lots of screams.  “Alright y’all…I want to get your permission to go a bit old school on ya….” Bruno got several screams and yells back. Phred began to play the first few chords of Talking to the Moon. “It’s for that special someone all of you are missing tonight….”  He heard awes all over the arena. “He loves her sooo much!” he heard a girl in the front row say loudly. He smiled at her giving her a big thumbs up.  “Because it was written for my special someone….” he started to sing the song moving on with the show.

After the show he sat down on a chair to change his clothes.

“Dude…you never said that was about her…” Phil said throwing his tie on the table.

“It was...they all have been about her. “ Bruno said quietly.


A week later, Bruno walked into their house in the late evening. He saw Isela stretched out on the couch with the cat laying on her stomach. The cat jumped off of her to say hello to him.

“Hey there, buddy…” he said bending down to rub the cat. The cat followed him to the TV. Bruno turned off the TV, picked up Isela from the couch carrying her to the bedroom.

“Baby….” Isela responded to his touch.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“I’m glad you’re home.” she said looking up at him as he laid her on the bed.

“I am too.” he replied kissing her on the head and then on her stomach.

Chapter 63

Bruno walked into the living room sitting in the same spot she was before. He looked around thinking about turning on the TV. He looked over at the accent pillow where she was laying seeing a bulge underneath the pillow. He grabbed it seeing that it was a baby name book. He flipped through all the pages noticing a note tucked in one page.


            I knew you would find this. That’s why I left notes on a few pages. It’s your job to find             them.



“Shoot. It’s too late to play this game.” he said to himself finding a note on one of the A pages. “Angelina-messenger of God…I think it’s pretty. And they’re angels.” Hmmm. He thought to himself. It’s not bad…He flipped to the back of the book with a note falling out in the Xs. “Xavier-Savior…..I like that one…” he went over to their junk drawer pulling out post its writing on it:

            I like this one.

He continued flipping landing on the Ss. “Stella-a star….” This time he wrote in the book. “Our babies will all be stars.” He thumbed through the Ss finding another note by Scarlett- Red….I just like it. No other reason….shooooot.” The book fell out of his hand. All the notes fell out of the book. He picked them up reading all of them. She had put notes in the book about Emanuella, Emanuel, Noelle, Anastasia, Jacob, Arabella and Sebastian. He wrote little notes on all of them. Bruno looked up at the clock on the cable box seeing that it was 4 in the morning. He put the book down on the coffee table turning off the lights to go to bed. He kissed the back of his wife’s head closing his eyes falling asleep next to her.


Isela’s alarm went off three hours later. Bruno moaned flipping over not getting out of the bed.

“ have to get up soon. We have to go to the doctor today.”

“Ugggghhh. I know.” he covered himself with the covers ignoring what she was saying.

“Whatever. Don’t get it. You’ll just miss finding out if we’re having girls or boys.” she answered his movements running into the bathroom to take a quick shower. After sh put on her clothes she went into the kitchen to get breakfast. Before making it to the kitchen she saw the name book laying on the coffee table. She sat on the couch, put on CNN and flipped through the book. She read his notes indicating his preferences. She found a note near the name Noelia and Evangeline. “Oh…I like those ones.” she grabbed the same post its that Bruno used putting little hearts by the names he suggested.

“But we’ll know which ones we should use later today..” Brun surprised her standing behind her.

“I thought you weren’t going to get out of bed?” she asked him.

“Naw, I have to get out of bed. I want to know what kind of babies I made.” he told her walking into the kitchen grabbing two bowls for their cereal.

“Bruno…the smell of the frosted flakes makes me sick. I’m going to have yogurt and toast.” she told him reaching into the fridge to get blueberry yogurt.

“I had no idea cereal smelled…” he said sticking his nose into the cereal. He wrinkled his nose. “Oh….it does. It smells delicious.” he responded with milk dripping down his nose.

“Oh my god, Bruno.” she replied turning around to see the milk dripping.  “Get that off your nose.”

“Will you help me?” he asked her.

She laughed at him putting the tip of her finger on his nose wiping it off. He touched her arm as she started to lower it. He licked every finger. “Brunnnooo, stop!” she yelled at him. He took her by the waist kissing her. “It’s a good thing you brushed your teeth.” she responded to the kiss.

“It’s a good thing you’re so sexy.” he responded running his fingers through her freshly washed hair.

“But not as sexy as you are..” she laughed pulling his messy curls. He kissed her again this time lingering on her lips.

“Bruno…do that again.” she insisted leaning into him.

“Only if you beg me.” he smirked.

“I’m not begging you…” she said turning around walking toward the bedroom. This will get him..I know it…She dropped her cardigan on the floor lifting her arms up to take off her shirt as she walked toward the bedroom.

“Iselaaaaaa…don’t do that…” he whined.

“Why? I’m hotter than hell. I have these babies in me and they’re making me hotter than hell…” she raised her eyebrows at him holding out her hand for him.

“Oh, it’s on…” he said as she ran into the bedroom unzipping her pants.

Chapter 64

“Bruno…I’m nervous…” Isela told him sitting on top of the examining table while the ultrasound tech went to get Dr. Garcia.

“I am too, Sel..but excited too…” he smiled back at her.

She smiled back at him. “You drive me crazy, Bru.” she responded.

“Yeah., I know it…”

The doctor came in with her chart and the ultrasound tech.

“Let’s see these babieesss…” Dr. Garcia said sitting down rubbing the ice cold gel on Isela’s stomach.

“Oh man. I always forget how cold that is…” Isela responded.

“I know…it’s rough there for a second…” Dr. Garcia told her. “Okay…and you are right at 16 weeks…and they look like they’re the right size….”

“They look chubby.” Bruno said pointing to one of the round stomachs.

“Aww…mira Bruno…they have their arms around each other…oh..that’s not a good thing…we can’t see them…” she started to talk about her disappointment.

“No, no….look right there…” Dr. Garcia said…baby b is a boy…”

“What?! No waaayyy!” Bruno answered.

“And Baby A….it’s a girl….” the ultrasound tech said.

“Are you sure?” Isela asked still unsure of the situation.

“’s not an exact science, Isela…but can say there’s a little boy and a little girl in there with about 80% accuracy. We’ll be a lot closer in about 4 weeks.”

“So can we get excited about having a boy and a girl?” Bruno asked,

“I’d get very excited…” Dr. Garcia responded handing him a copy of the ultrasound pointing to each of the babies.

“Oh my god…this goes on the fridge…” he responded.

“It’s a good place…” Dr. Garcia said.


Isela went to work and Bruno went to the studio after the doctor’s appointment. Later in the evening Isela sat down on the couch with the baby book and her computer.

She flipped to Xavier again reading over the definition. She put another heart next to it. “This is it.” she told herself. “And Stella. It’s Xavier and Stella.” She went back to the Ss putting more hearts next to Stella. She put the book in the same spot she found it in the morning, on the edge of the coffee table. She grabbed her phone walking to the kitchen to get something to eat. She dialed her sister.

“Yulllli! How are you?” she asked her sister.

“Uncomfortable.” her sister answered.

“Ohh, sissy. Do you want me to come over?” she asked. Ben was out of town working and Yuli was feeling the same down feeling Isela knew too well.

“Yeah. Can you?” she asked

“I will be there in a few minutes, Yuliana.”


Isela opened the door to her sister’s house seeing her laying on the couch flipping through channels. Isela lifted her sister’s legs up to sit down next to her.

“How do you do it?” Yuli asked her sister.

“Do what?” Isela inquired.

“Just be alone, wait for him. It’s so hard. “

“You have to be strong, Yuli. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I wish he was with me every single day. Every single minute, every single second I want him with me. But, it’s just part of who we are. And Ben going to Chicago for work is part of who you all are. And then you get the whole bed.”

Yuli laughed at her sister’s late comment. “I guess that is a plus. He hogs the blankets.”

“There are nights when I catch myself almost falling out the bed the way he sleeps.” Isela told her sister.

“He does stretch out, doesn’t he? I remember that one time we all went camping and I came to get you and you were all pushed up against the wall and he was sprawled out on the other side.”

“Oh my god. I was so uncomfortable that night. We started out right next to each other..I couldn’t sleep because it was just plain uncomfortable. He slept like there wasn’t a difference between the rocky ground and his mattress.” Isela told her sister.

“So yes, even if you miss Ben, you get the bed to yourself.” Isela told her sister grabbing the remote from her hand.

“What movie are we going to watch, Yuliana?” Isela asked clicking through to HBO.

“Let’s watch the United States of Tara. I like watching her sister when’s she’s all fat n shit.” Yuli responded.