Chapter 6

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I drove to Bruno's house,I wanted to tell his family first. I opened the door and walked inside,"Anyone here?",I asked. A few people yell "Here!" back,"Can you guys come here? I need to talk to all of you.",I yelled. A few minutes later everyone was sitting in the living room. I sighed,might as well get it over with. "I'm pregnant with twins.",I said. "Oh sweetie,that's great. Congr-","Wait. I have to tell you something else.",I said cutting Bernie off. "They're Bruno's.",I said. Everyone's mouths dropped,"What?!",Eric yelled. "The night before he left we made a mistake. Well not a mistake,I regret nothing,but we did something we shouldn't have done and now I'm pregnant.",I said. Everyone was silent,"Well say something!",I said. "What do you want us to say?!",Eric said. "I don't know! Something!",I said. "Well congratulations. Bruno's going to be so excited.",Bernie said. "No. I'm not telling him. At least not now,I know if I do he'll forget about his career and come back over here. And this isn't where he wants to be now.",I said. Everyone nodded,"Well I need to go. I'll see you all later. And please don't tell anyone about this.",I said. When I got out to my car Elvis looked really nervous,I opened the door and got in. Elvis practicly suffocated me,"Elvis get off!! And what is that smell?!",I yelled. I looked at the seat beside me,"Elvis! No! Bad dog!",I said. He crawled into the backseat and started barking and scratching at the window. I turned around to see what he was looking at and saw a old beat up car. Jason. I tried to pull out of the driveway but he blocked me in,I had no idea what I was going to do now and Jason looked MAD. When he was almost beside my car I got an idea,"Hold on Elvis,mama's going off-roading!",I said. I jerked the wheel and made a sharp turn. I drove through the neighboor's yard and got out on to the road. I could hear Jason yelling,I laughed,"Bet he didn't expect that!". I drove to the hospital to see my mom,"Elvis stay here. I'll be right back.",I said. I walked inside and went up to the front desk,"Hi,I'm here to see Veronica Peterson.",I said. "Ok,she's in room one sixty three.",the lady said. I nodded and walked down the hallway,I got to my mom's room and knowcked on the door,"Mom? Are you awake?". "Yeah,come in.",she said. I went over and sat down in a chair by the bed,"So how are you?",I asked. My phone vibrated in my pocket,I just ignored it. It was probably just Heather,she had moved here from Brooklyn a few days after Bruno let and we had instantly become best friends,she was always calling to tell me about her newest boyfriend or complain about one of her ex's that she had run into. "I'm not so good,I feel really sick.",my mom said. "I'm sorry mom. I have something to tell you though. Maybe it'll make you feel better.",I said. She smiled,"Then by all means,go ahead.","I'm pregnant with twins.",I said. "What?! What is wrong with you?!",she yelled. "What do you mean?!",I asked. "You know I hate Jason!! Why the f*ck would you let him get you pregnant?!",she yelled. "No mom,they aren't his kids. They're Bruno's.",I said. She smiled,"Oh good,I like him. But I thought you two were just friends.",she said. "We are,or were,the kids weren't planned.",I said. "The unplanned one's are always the best. You were unplanned you know. I remember it like it was just yesterday. James came home from work and we,you know. I knew I shouldn't have though,I could smell another woman's perfume on him. And when I found out I was pregnant I told him and he just packed his things and left. And you know what he said to me before he walked out? He told me he hated me and the baby and that he had been seeing other women for years and he regreted nothing. He took everything we had,the money,the car,almost all the furnature,everything. He left me with a house,a bunch of unpaid bills,no money,no car,no job,and a baby on the way.",she said. I shook my head,"What kind of person does that? How can you just leave your wife and unborn baby and never look back?",I said. "You know what? I'm glad,if that wouldn't have happened I probably would have spent the rest of my life with a dirty,cheating,lying husband. Anyway,enough about me. How did Bruno react when you told him?",she asked. "Ummm that's the thing,I haven't told him and I don't plan on telling him soon.",I said. "Why not? He'll be a great daddy.",she said. "I know. I want to tell him but he needs to stay in LA and focus on his career.",I said. My mom nodded,A nurse walked in,"I'm sorry ma'am but visiting hours are over.",she said. I gave my mom a hug,"Promise you won't tell anyone.",I said. "Promise. And you promise me you'll bring me the ultrasound pictures when you get them.",she said. "Promise. I'll see you later.",I said. I walked out to my car and when I got there I froze,all of my car windows were broken out and Elvis was gone. I ran over to my car,there was a note in the driver's seat. "You have to come home eventually,I have your dog. And I know you're hiding something from me. The longer you wait,the worse it gets. -Jason". I couldn't believe this,he was crazy. Completly crazy. I got out my phone to call someone and saw I had a voicemail. From Bruno! I listened to it,"Hey V. I wanted to tell you I'm really really really sorry and I hate myself for what I did to you. I wish I could go back in time and do it over. And um I was thinking of coming over there to stay for a year,my career isn't going to take off for a while and I miss everyone. But if you don't want me to come just tell me,I'll understand. Bye I guess. I love you.",ugh typical Bruno. He thought I was still mad at him,yeah it hurt but I wasn't mad. He was my best friend and he had been there for me since day one and he's the only person I can't stay mad at. I sat on the curb for a while before I decieded to call Heather,"Hey,do you still have that guy's number? The one that breeds Dobermans?",I asked. "Girl when do I not have someone's number?",she asked. I laughed,"Yeah that's true. So what's his number?",I asked. "Oh it's 768-9238. What do you need him for?",she asked. "Jason broke into my car and took Elvis and Elvis is a good guard dog but I think I need a real guard dog now because...I'm uh pregnant.",I said. "Oh girl congrats! Sucks that Jason's the daddy though.",she said. I sighed,I hated lying to people. "Yeah,I hate it.",I said. "I know but...THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! I've always wanted to plan a baby shower! Well I have to go,talk to you later. Love ya.",she said. "Bye,see you later.",I said. I dialed the guys number into my phone,"Hi. I was calling about buying a dog.",I said. "Ok,you can just come over and pick one out. My house is right by the Wal-Mart on the south side of town. You can't miss it,there's a huge sign.",he said. "Alright,thank you.",I said. I hung up then dialed Heather's number again,"One more thing. I need a tow truck and can you come pick me up? I'm at the hospital",I said. "Yeah,no problem. I'll be there in a few minutes.",she said. I sat down on the ground and waited,a few minutes later the tow truck pulled into the parking lot. "You want it to go to the repair place right?",the guy asked. I nodded,"What happened?",he asked. "My crazy,soon to be ex,boyfriend.",I said. "What is a girl like you doing with a guy like that?",he asked. I sighed,"Wasting my life.",Heather pulled up next to us,"D*mn girl! He really is crazy! You ready to go?". "Yeah,just let me get my purse.",I said. I got my purse and got in the car,as soon as I closed the door Heather started talking my ear off. I listened for a few minutes but after a while I zoned out. I couldn't believe Bruno was coming back,only for a year but still,he was coming back. I was getting Bruno back but I had lost Elvis. Who knows where Jason had taken him or what he had done with him,I knew I had to do something and I had to do it fast.

-The next day-

I couldn't sleep,I was so worried about Elvis. And I did not want to have to tell Bruno something had happened to Elvis. My phone rang,it was Bruno. "Hi Bruno.",I said. "Oh good,you answered. Are you mad?",he asked. "You don't get it,do you?","Um I guess not. What do you mean?",he asked. "It mad me mad when you left without saying goodbye and then you wouldn't answer my calls or call me back but you're my best friend,I'm not going to stay mad at you forever.",I said. "I still feel really bad. Maybe I can make it up to you?",he said. I laughed,"Do you realize how sexual that sounded?". Bruno laughed too,"It wasn't suppost to sound like that..*seduction voice*..unless you want it to.",I laughed,"I'll let you know when you get here. When are you coming back?". "One week. You think you can wait that long?",he asked. "Oh I don't know,I might die before you get here.",I said sarcasticly. "Ha ha very funny. How is everyone doing?","Me and your family are doing good but my mom...not so much",I said. "Aw baby,I'm-","WHO THE F*CK ARE YOU CALLING BABY?!?!",a woman in the background yelled. "Shelby calm down,it's","That's what I thought!! You're a cheater Peter Hernandez!!!",she yelled. I hung up. I couldn't believe this,Bruno was gone for like a month and he already had a girlfriend. I sighed,I was so stupid. I had convinced myself that we would end up together and that he only had eyes for me,yeah right. My phone rang and it was Bruno again,I answered it but didn't say anything. "V I'm sorry about that.",he said. I still didn't say anything,"Look we're just friends but she wants to be more than that.",he said. "Yeah right Bruno,why would she get so mad if you were just friends? Don't lie to me.",I said. He sighed,"Ok truth is I met her a week ago and I asked her out because I missed you and I guess I was just trying to replace you.",he said. "...You missed me?",I asked. Bruno laughed,"YOU don't get it do you? I love you V,how could I not miss you?!",he said. "I don't know...I guess I just thought when you moved to California you would forget about me.",I said. "How could I ever forget about you? V even if I wanted to forget about you I wouldn't be able to,I think about you all the time.",he said. I smiled,it was nice to have someone that loved me that much. It was silent for a few minutes,"I heard that're pregnant.",Bruno said. "...Yeah..",Bruno didn't say anything. "Bruno what's wrong?",I asked. "I don't know it's just...I didn't know you loved Jason that much.","Bruno I don't love him! I hate his guts,I thought I loved him for like three days then I realized I hated him and now I'm in a relationship I can't get out of.",I said. Before Bruno could say anything else I heard the door open and I immedialty knew it was Jason. I hung up,deleted my recent calls,and turned the TV on. Jason walked into my bedroom,"Where's my dog?",I asked trying to stay calm. "Ugh all you care about is that stupid dog!",he said. "He's important to me and I love him.",I said stating to get really mad. Jason walked closer to me and I could smell alcohol on him,he had been at the bar with his buddies again. "Why? Because you're little boyfriend gave him to you? You want your dog back you're going to have to work for it.",he said trying to take my pants off. I pushed him away,"What do you want?",I asked even though I knew exactly what he wanted. "Mmm baby you know what I want,and I know you want it too. Your little boyfriend isn't as good as me and you know it",he said pushing me on the bed. I was getting tired of him talking about Bruno like this,"He's a thousand times better then you'll ever be!",I yelled. Jason slapped me,"You're a little slut but I still want you cause that turns me on.",he said starting to lick my neck. I wanted him to go farther,I remembered why I had even bothered to stay with him for the few days before he was mean and abusive and I could have gotten out of the relationship. He wasn't smart,funny,or that good looking but him in bed oh it was amazing,not quiet as good as Bruno but still. I decieded to go all the way with him one more time. I felt horrible about it though,I felt like I was cheating on Bruno. Jason got out of bed and put his clothes on,"I'm going to get the dog.",he said. I nodded,a while later someone knocked on the door. I opened it and couldn't believe what I saw.