Chapter 6

16/12/2011 16:47

"This Peter seems nice" Al said when he closed the door.

"I'll take you to dinner tonight" Al smiled to me while we were still in bed. "Oh nice" I smiled back. "I'm sorry for have not being here for the last two days, honey …" "I'll forgive you. It's nice of you to apologize" We laughed and I got up. I went to the bathroom and let an "AHHHHH!" out. "What happened?" Al asked with a worried voice and ran to me. "Dammit, it's nothing. I forgot to give back Peter's tee-shirt yesterday and it was in the sink. God, it scared me … It shouldn't be allowed to wear a yellow tee-shirt" Al laughed and kissed me on the forehead "And that's why I love you!" he said.

"Look, Al, I think I'm gonna bring Peter's tee-shirt back. I don't wanna have a heart attack every time I come to the bathroom" I told. Alex looked at me, a bit annoyed. I knew he wanted to spend the day with me but like … he couldn't refuse that to me! He let me alone for the last two days. "Yeah sure. But come back around 7 o'clock, we've got a date" I smiled and kissed him "Thank you!"

I decided to call Bruno for warning him I was coming. First, I wanted to send him a mail to tease him but I realized he was able to miss it. "You forgot your yellow thing" I explained. "Oh yeah, my Honolulu tee-shirt! I'll tell the hotel to let you in. And bring your Mac!"

I arrived at the Novotel hotel where the guys were staying. I was about to go in when I realized some paparazzi were in front of it. It was pretty clear it was for Bruno. I quickly made my brain work. I was in the middle of 10 Youtube videos, people took pictures of me when we were at Times Square yesterday. What if tabloids started rumors if they saw I was entering into Bruno Mars' hotel? I definitely didn't want to take the risk. I took Melly's cap who was always snapped around my belt, put it on my head, closed my jacket and hide my head into it. Paparazzi could take pictures of me. They would never guess I'm a girl.

"Bruno Mars told me he warned you I was coming" I told a Novotel's girl. "Room 1216"

I found room 1216 and heard some music coming from it. Piano and guitar. I bet Phred and Bruno were jamming. Bruno opened the door with a smile. "Come in!" I walked in and threw his tee-shirt in his face. Phred laughed. I promised Al I wasn't going to stay for a long time but I really wanted to know how singers found new music. I always wondered how they could find new rhythms and melodies. I was always being impressed to discover new songs. How did they manage to create a new awesome unique song whereas there already were thousands and thousands?

Bruno laid back on his bed and Phred was next to him, with his piano. I sat on Bruno's bed and crossed my legs. It was fascinating to watch them. They were both humming and playing some notes. Sometimes, one of them said what they just hummed was good and they wrote it on a piece of paper, sometimes, they stopped and ask each other to change the pitch of the note. I didn't understand a word what they were saying. Bruno was a dumb in everything except music but I was the total opposite. Me + music = Bruno + technology. They seemed to speak a foreign language. I must had a terrible face because when Peter remembered I was existing, he burst out loud. "Is it so bad?" he laughed. "What? No, it's great! It's just that I'm impressed" "Thank you! As soon as Phil comes back, I'll show it to him and if he likes it, we'll call Ari" "Ari?" Phed quickly explained me who was Ari Levine. It was the guy who missed to Bruno and Phil production, the Smeezingtons. He was as crazy as Bruno and Phil together but a great lyrics creator. "I wouldn't have written Doo-Wops & Hooligans without him" Bruno admitted. "Interesting" "By the way, why are you dressed as a dude?" asked Bruno with a smirk. I coldly watched at him. "First of all, you gotta learn that I never wear a dress except if it's exceptional. And for answering your question, I dressed like this because there are some annoying paparazzi in front of your hotel and as we hang out quite a lot since three days, I don't wanna be on the cover of stupid tabloids" "Now I wanna see you wearing a dress" Bruno said and shrugged. "You won't" I laughed. "Oh, and another thing while we're talking about paparazzi … The Hooligans are asking if you could make a twitter" "They what?" "You perfectly heard me and I don't know why but hey just asked me and the guys if you could make an account" I didn't know if I was going to do one but I was quite flattered these people asked me to make one. "Maybe I'm gonna try. Does it bother you if I check my e-mails? Watching you is very cool but as I don't understand a thing …" "Yeah sure. Anyway, we wanted to order lunch and I'm stating to have fingers ache" said Bruno. "LUNCH? But what's the time? Damn, 1 P.M … Well … Whatever … I'll stay here. Al won't get mad anyway I declared and threw my laptop away. "What you wanna eat?" asked Phred while dialing the kitchen's number. "Something not fat. Are the guys here? We could eat with them" "Yup, they are, but I warn you, it's going to be a zoo to be eight in this room" "Oh come on, you sound like a girl!" Phred laughed and Bruno didn't say anything. They eventually told me what were the guy's room number and I went to all of them. I first wanted to not invite Jay after what he done to me yesterday – but it happened that he was in Dwayne's room so I didn't have any choice. So there we went. Eight in a room, waiting for eating. Jay smiled to me but I ignored him and sat far way from him. He sighed, with a half-satisfied smile on his face and shrugged.

The room looked indeed like a zoo but it was awesome. They were worst than girls. They couldn't stop talking and laughing. The groom service arrived and what happened next was the funniest thing I ever saw in my whole life. Did you ever see seven guys eating together? Well you should cause this is hilarious. First of all, they all eat like starving savages, which leads to some fights : "Who ate the last hamburger?" "Dammit Kameron, you stole my fork !" "Back off my french fries Bruno …" Secondly, even if they were all close to their thirty years old, they acted like they were eight. Jay split the salt shaker all over Bruno's bed and Kenji managed to put ketchup on his tee-shirt. "Use vinegar and salt to erase it" Bruno said and winked to me. I burst out loud. And last but least, they were all very loud and I wondered how can the people next to us didn't come to get us and tell us to shut up. While we were eating the dessert, I asked : "Should I make a twitter account?" They all encouraged me to do it. "The goal is to have the most followers" Eric said to me. "Oh yeah, and how can I do it?" "We can make you some shout out and Bruno told that you worked with Justin Bieber. Maybe he could also promote you. Of course, if you post interesting photos, people will follow you" I mentally took notes and thanked Eric with a smile.

"Now if y'all could leave my bedroom please" begged Bruno "You ruined it" We all laughed but I don't know why, they soon obeyed and Bruno and I found ourselves alone. We looked at each other and turned our heads back. Awkward situation yeah. "Technology time?" I proposed. He nodded. I took my Mac and decided to make a twitter account. "You know, I did my account in one hour …" he told me. "ONE HOUR? What the hell did you do with it?" "Erm, first I had to google a picture of me and I can't decide easily" "Are you retarded? Don't you know Photo Booth exists?" He didn't pay attention to the 'retarded' "Photo what?" I rolled my eyes, half-amused, half-exasperated and clicked on the little red button on my dashboard. "This is Photo Booth. Damn I gotta show you or you'll don't know how to do it" I clicked on the 'enter' button and three seconds later, our faces were graved on the computer. "HOLY SHIT! That's awesome!" cried out Bruno and took my laptop in his hands. "And you can take sepia photos, black and white photos, Andy Wharol style …" "Damn that's cool … Oh, that's Alex!" he showed an old picture of Al and I. I was on his back and we were doing epic faces. "Yup he is" "You like him uh?" "Well, if I didn't like him, I wouldn't be with him" "Of course, that was a stupid question" He focused back on Photo Booth with his frowning puppy eyes and clicked on the enter button and made weird, funny faces. "Come on, do some with me" he told. We started to take pictures and I think we both had a blast. On some pictures, we could see me stealing his hat or wearing it while he had my Snapback. On one of them, I was touching his hair, on another, I was slapping him. In short, we had a good time. We couldn't stop laughing. We agreed to chose a picture where we were back to back, like James Bond as my profile picture for my Twitter. "And now, what am I doing? Waiting for someone to follow me ?" "Of course not" He grabbed his Blackberry and after ten minutes (TEN) I saw on my Twitter screen that BrunoMars was following me and mentioned me in of his tweet : "Swaggish Wall Girl in on twitter. Everyone go follow her and watch her profile picture!" Then, I didn't know what happened, but I suddenly had a tsunami of followers. In less than one minute, I already had more than a hundred. "What the … " "I'd advise you to stay away from Twitter for the next five hours and when you'll come back, you will be quite shocked" advised Bruno. "Dammit, I've got about 50 mentions! That's insane"

We stopped talking and I glanced through the window. Broadway by night was so beautiful! Wait a second? Did I day night? FUCK! I checked my watch. 6.50. Dammit, dammit, dammit. I was officially screwed. Even if I had the time to go home to meet Al, I couldn't change clothes. And I couldn't go to a restaurant with a pair of jean and a plaid.

"I'm fucked" I cried out. "What? Why?" Peter was really sweet to worry but I didn't have the time. "First of all, I was supposed to spend my day with AL but I wanted to give your tee-shirt back because it looked like a dead chick was in my sink. Then I got here and went curious about you creating songs. We had lunch with seven starving guys and finally we took pictures like crazy. And now I only have 10 minutes to meet Al but I don't have any clothes and I can't go dressed like that" I pointed my clothes and sighed. "Instead of complaining, why don't you jump in my shower?" Bruno said. "Pardon me?" "I know it's hard to admit but you are the same height as me. I can lend you some clothes even if it's for guys. Take a quick shower while I'll chose something nice" "What? But …" "Oh shut up and take your shower ! Anyway, I don't think you have any another option"

It was the first time I saw Peter authoritarian and I didn't complain. I jumped in the shower and got out her three minutes later. Bruno was holding white pants and a white tee-shirt in his hands. He gave them to me. "You're lucky that I wear tights pants" I went back in the bathroom and changed myself. I could smell Peter's cologne onto his clothes. I checked myself in the mirror and its was quite correct actually! I got out and Bruno judged me. "You need something to break all the white stuff" he finally said. He took his leather jacket and threw it to me. It was heavy. I threaded it and looked in the mirror. He was right! It was a bit too big for me but it looked nice. The leather jacket broke the 'innocent white clothes' and looked very classy and a bit rebel. "You are officially swaggish tonight" he smiled. "Thank you very much. I can't thank you enough" "Go, don't be late" I took my helmet on the table and smiled a last time to him.

"I thought you forgot … Oh my … You are gorgeous!" I smiled and kissed Al. I curled his blond hair with my finger. I loved to do it even if he disliked it.

"My girlfriend is stunning" he proudly smiled. "I like the way you dress too" I said. Black pants, white shirt. He took my hand and we went to the restaurant.

"So, what have you done today? " he asked me while we were looking at the menu "Erm … Nothing much" It was a half lie. I mean, I just watched some dudes play music and eat and then, I took pictures. But if I said that to Al, he would do a heart attack. I mean, any boyfriend who had good sense would be shocked to know his girlfriend spent her day with eight guys.

I spent a nice night but couldn't stop thinking about my twitter account. How many followers would I get when I'll be back? What were my mentions saying? But the worst was maybe Peter's cologne. I could smell it like it was incrusted on me and it honestly disturbed me. I never smelled a cologne like that. It was absolutely unique. At the same time strong and discrete.

I sighed. Bruno Mars was officially a part of my life now.