Chapter 6

01/03/2012 16:07

Rain? Rain in Hawaii? This just keeps getting better and better! I stand by the bus stop as cars zoom past spraying me with water. My makeup is probably fucked up now! A black car slows down a couple of yards away from the bus stop.
“OhMyGod rapists!” I think as I watch in anticipation as a guy walks out from the car.
“Fayy!” I turn around and watch the man call me again.
“Fayy come here!” I’m frozen. I don’t know who it is. I have never seen that car in my life. The man walks towards me. I’m still frozen. Scared shitless.

There was a knock at the door.
Who on earth could it be? Fayy?
The knock just got louder and more impatient.
“Okay okay I’m coming!” I ran to the door and flung it open.

Sitting in this black car. Dark tinted windows and leather chairs. He stepped out the car walking towards Marvin’s. I’m dreading every moment of this.

“Phil?” Phil? Why the hell is here? I know he’s my best friend and all but I really wanna be by myself now. 
“Bruno what’s going on?”
“Nothing. Why would there be something going on?” I am such a bad liar. Why am I going to try and lie to Phil out of all people. I know he can see straight through me.
“Let me in man. Can’t you see It’s pouring buckets out here.” I let him in and we sit on the couch. I’m just waiting for the reason that he’s here. He wouldn’t just leave and come back.

“What’s going on with you? You sound like your dog just died. If you had one.” No, my heart just died.
“Nothing man, I’m fine.” Lie.
“Whatever man. I’m here when you wanna talk. Imma leave you now. Oh and by the way, Fayy took it rough too. So you’re not alone.” What? Fayy? What does he mean? He turned towards the shop’s entrance pushing the door.
“PHIL WAIT! What do you mean she ‘took it rough too’?” He turned around and looked me dead in the eye.
“She’s outside. In my car. I don’t think she wants you to see her that way. She’ll talk to you. Eventually.” I looked down. I really wanna speak to her but I guess I’ll have to wait. I must’ve really rushed into things. I’m such a stupid shit. I looked back up to Phil and gave him a ‘I’ll be okay’ smile and he went on his way. 

Phil walked back to his car. 
“He looks hurt.” Way to make me feel better Phil!
The only thing I can manage out is an “Oh.” And with that he stepped on the gas and made our way en route to my house. By the time I made it there it was 7:45. I stepped out car and asked if Phil wanted to come in. He said he has to see if Bruno’s alright so I let him go. Every step I took lead me closer to my mom. I wonder what she would say? I don’t have to tell her right? Yeah, she’ll never know!

There’s a knock on the door again.

“WHAT NOW PHIL!” I flung the door open. To my surprise, it wasn’t Phil. Far from him.

“Hey babes! How you doin?” I was standing there in complete and utter shock. “Cat got your tongue babe?”
“Cassie, what the fuck are you doing here?”
“Can’t I see my ex without getting my head bitten off! Jeeeez!”
“No. No you can’t. I told you I didn’t want to see you again. Ever! And you waltz on in here acting like no shit happened between us. When you damn well know there was. I promised myself that I would never love another girl if my heart was going to be fucked around with. No way Cassie. FUCK OFF! Oh wait, you already did behind my back with my best friend!”
“Bruno come on. GET OVER YOURSELF! It’s not like I wanted you back and to be honest, that fuck was the best I ever had. Even if it was in Roosevelt’s toilets. It was better then anything you gave me. Way better!”
“FUCK OFF! Join your mom’s strip club because I don’t give a fuck anymore! Go and be a hoe and sell yourself just like your Whore of a mother!”
Cassie was just standing there shocked at my words. To be quite honest so was I. I would never hurt a girl’s feelings but the fact that today was already stressful and then she showed up just made matters worse.
“Cassie I’m sorry. Please just go home.”
“Whatever…” she bumped my shoulder as she made her way back out the door. “… dickhead”
I ignored her and watched her leave making sure she was completely gone.

I managed to make it to my bedroom without my mom saying more than just a ‘Hey’ and that’s it. I’m surprised myself. I kick off my chucks and get changed into something more comfortable. Sweats and a Mickey Mouse top is how I roll! I stretch out onto my bed and replay the events of the past few hours. Holy fuck Felicity you should’ve just kissed the guy! He’s nothing like Kameron! He’s thoughtful, sweet, caring, into the same things as I am and actually a really- I was interrupted by Beyoncè’s Halo playing as my ringtone. I never recognized the number but I picked it up still caution as to who it could be.

“Fayy. It’s me Bruno.” Bruno. I should really apologize shouldn’t I?
“Bruno, I’m really sorry about earlier. I really didn’t know what came over me. I guess I’m not used to being around a guy that I’m really into-” Shit. I just confessed that I like him! NOT GOOD BITCH! NOT GOOD AT ALL!
“You’re really into me?”
“Bruno you already know the answer. Please don’t make me feel like an ass and say it again!” I begged but I’m sure he wasn’t gonna take it.
“You made me look like an ass by leaving me outside. Feeling rejected so It’s your turn. So, are you into me?”
Oh fuck. I guess I’m gonna have to say how I feel. Even though It’s totally gonna drain me.
“I already apologized but fine. I will say it. All of it. I like you Bruno. I mean REALLY like you. I’ve liked you since this morning’s bus journey. There happy now!”

OhMyGod she likes me! SHE LIKES ME SHE LIKES ME SHE LIKES ME! I rest on the headboard of my bed as I continue talking to her.

“It’s actually really great to hear that because I really like you too. You’re beautiful, real and you have the most beautiful voice that I’ve ever heard. You’re amazing Fayy. You need someone to tell you that and believe me, I would love to do it. I don’t know what that dickhead Kameron has done to you but I’ll make the pain go away just please let me in.”
“Bruno. I’ve known you for literally for a day so calm the fuck down!”
“I’m sorry but Fayy you really are amazing!”
“Thanks Bru that means a lot.” I could feel her smiling her gorgeous smile through the phone and I loved that I was making her smile.
“Bru Imma have to go. My mom’s calling me downstairs text you later then. Bye!”
Click. She was gone. I missed her already! I hear giggling outside my bedroom door and I bet I know who it is. Presley and her little friends.

I opened the door to a group of 4 girls giggling and running down the hallway back to Presley’s bedroom. I wonder what she heard?

I was making my way downstairs until I was rushed by my sister and her friends. 
“Tha fuck Presley!” 
“You walk too slow!” I continue to make my way to the dinner table ignoring whatever she was saying. I swear her main goal in life is to make my life a living hell! Fuck little siblings!

“So Bruno, who were you talking to earlier? You know, in your room?” Presley asked during dinner obviously knowing the answer but just wanting me to say it in front of my mom.
“None of your business. Mind your own” 
“Well you see I WOULD if I COULD but you’re the one screaming your conversation down the phone. You could’ve just shouted out the window to her knowing how loud your voice is!” Presley said obviously wanting to kill me inside. Her and her little friends giggled in their seats.
“A girl? Who’s this?” My mom Bernadette asked.
“A girl I met this morning. So anyways, how did you make this chicken mom. It’s awesome!” I said trying to change the conversation.
“I made the chicken like I always make the chicken. You never really asked before.” My mom grinned knowing I tried to change the subject. I quickly scoffed the food down and asked to be excused from the table dodging further questions on the topic. I made it to my room without Presley or her annoying little fucks pestering me about Fayy. It’s not that I’m not allowed to talk to girls, It’s just that I don’t want to talk about us. Well until we figure out what we are at least. By now It’s 9:45 and I’ve got nothing else to do so I should probably get to bed. I decide to text Fayy to show her that I’m a real guy that cares about her.

Goodnight Amazing ;) <3 x