Chapter 6

28/04/2011 15:25

I opened my eyes and saw a gorgeous face sleeping next to me.His arms were wrapped all around me and I could feel the heat that’s going on.I don’t know how the hell am i here with him but I fell grateful.


He opened his eyes. ‘Morning beautiful’.

‘Morning.You’re awake?’ I smelt his perfume.


 I looked at his face and he kissed me.It was just like the first one.I looked at him again and smiled.Suddenly I remembered something.

‘Damn!’ I got up.


‘Can I borrow your phone?I have to call granny and well, I’m fucking late for work right now!’

‘Hey hey hey.Calm down.Don’t worry.I’ve called your granny last night and told her that you’re going to stay here for the night and she said okay.She just worries about you.And, I’ve already called Jenny for you and told her that you’re not feeling well and can’t go to work today.Thank you to me!’ He put his hands up like some kind of person who just won a marathon.

I look at him.This guy is unbelievable.

‘Well,guess I should say thanks????’

‘How about a thank you kiss?’

I look at him.This guy........

‘Fine then’. I leaned closer to him and as we were about to kissed,I moved back. ‘We can do this after I finish taking my shower,okay?’

‘Right.Then u can tell me what’s up with you last night.I still don’t get how Karen found you on the streets.I need answers and you have to tell me’.

Yeah.I need answer from you too,about the girl.

But one second thought.I have no clothes.



‘Erm,i have to go home since I don’t have any clothes’.

‘S’okay,I’ll ask Karen so she can lend you some stuff’.

‘Hey,that’s cool.I’m not going to borrow other people’s stuff.Besides,granny must been worried about me’.

‘Yes,you will borrow her stuff and.....’ He took out my phone. ‘See? No call from granny.So,she understands that u want some ‘alone’ time. Granny can wait. Now u wait here’. He got up and gave me a towel then left the room.

I went into the bathroom and took of my clothes. OMG.I cannot believe I’m with Bruno Mars right now. This is just unreal. Bruno came back a minute later screaming ‘I got u some clothes!!’ I just shook my head. This guy just can’t stop making me laugh. As I was taking my shower, I listen to Bruno singing while strumming his guitar.

‘I know girl , when you look at me,you don't know how i feel,cause I'm usually so nonchalant my feelings I conceal,but I want you to know,oh, I want you to know,
I must admit I've felt this way for more than quite a while,but I can't hold it no longer when I seethat pretty smile,can't wait no more,oh, I can't wait no more,oooh,girl, to tell you the truth,It's alway's been you,I'm all about you,oh, girl,no one can do me the way you do,It's always been you,I'm all about you.....’

After I took my shower,I got out and saw him with his guitar on the bed staring at me.

‘That’s a nice song u got there’.

‘Yeah,It’s for you’


He sighed. ‘Guess u didn’t watch me perform last night’. He made a sad face.

‘Sorry.I............I..............’ I looked at the clothes on the bed.T-shirt and shorts.

I changed the subject. ‘So,this is mine?’

‘Yeah.Besides,you’re not going anywhere today’.

‘Okay’. I grabbed the clothes and wanted to change but he couldn’t take his eyes of me.

‘Bruno,stop doing that.It’s creepy’.


I rolled my eyes and looked into the mirror.Suddenly he was already next to me and whispered ‘You smell good’ into my ear.Then we started kissing.He pushed me down to the bed and started kissing me.I hold my towel afraid that it might fell off.We rolled on the bed and finally fell down.

‘Bruno’. I pushed him.He just laugh and laugh and laugh.Then,there was someone at the door.

Knock knock knock.....

‘I’ll go and get it’.He got up.


He opened the door.

‘Hey man!’.Phil  looked at me. ‘Am i interrupting something?’

‘No man.We were just having a morning dance-off’.

I shook my head.

‘Okay......Well,me and Karen are heading out.We’re going to see her folks,probably be home pretty late so mind to take care of the house will ya?’

‘Sure.No prob’.

‘Okay’.He looked at me again. ‘Don’t break anything’.

Bruno turned to me. ‘No promises’.Phil just gave his funny laugh.

I stucked out my tongue.After Phil left,Bruno closed the door and came to me.

‘Where were we?’

‘The part where I supposed to change my clothes’

‘Okay okay.I give you some ‘alone’ time now.Wait you downstairs’.He kissed me again and walked out.

I hate when he said my ‘alone’ time.Like i’m some kind of freak or something.I quickly put on my clothes and took out my perfume and sprayed it.Now we can have our perfume battle.

I got downstairs and Bruno was in the kitchen searching for foods.

‘What are u doing?’

‘I was looking for.........’.He stopped. ‘Girl,you smell strong’.

‘Duh????Anyway,you’re not going to eat junk food in the morning.Remember,breakfast is the most important meal of the day’.

‘Man, you sounds like my mother’.

‘No, I sounds like my grandma’.I took out a few eggs from the refrigerator.

‘You cook?’

‘I look cooking though i’m still learning.I’m not bad at it’.

‘So,what are u making?’

‘Just simple stuff.You like French toast?’

‘Anything u makes must be delicious.Surprise me’.

I turned on the frying pan and took out a few breads,mix the eggs with vanilla,a lil bit cream and anything that I could find in Phil’s kitchen.

‘Will he be okay with me crashing his kitchen?’

‘Nah....they don’t mind.Karen cooks all the time’.

I put the first two breads and let it cook.I opened the fridge again and when I turned around,Bruno was behind me.



He’s making his sexy voice again.

I sighed.His voice just melts me away. ‘Just kiss me already’.

We were kissing so passionately that I almost forgot about the frying pan. He pulled me closer to him and I brushed my hand through his softly curly hair. Our smell just clash and suddenly I smelt something’s burning.Oh no!My French toast!

Bruno and I looked at each other.FIRE!!!!!!!I panicked and Bruno ran out of the kitchen.

‘Where are u going?’

‘To get the fire distinguisher’

I ran out of the kitchen too and few moments later Bruno came back with the huge tong and turned down the fire.The house smell terrible and I coughed so many time.

He came to me. ‘Are u ok?’

‘Yeah’.I coughed again.I went into the kitchen and saw my French toast just turned black.

‘Look at this’.

He laughed.I looked at him. ‘Why are u laughing?This is not funny’.

‘Sorry.It kind of is’.

‘S’okay.I’ll make new ones.....

He pulled my hand. ‘Oh no,you won’t.You smell this house?Let’s get out’.


‘Come on’.

He grabbed my jacket and put on his hat and headed to the door.