Chapter 6

03/05/2011 17:18

It was the next day and I found my self on Bruno's couch whenever I woke up. My arm slung over the arm rest. And Bruno was laying right next to me. I tapped him. His eyebrows raised and he yawned. "Good morning babe" he said. "Morning" I said. I got up. I was still in my jeans and my tank top. "I'm colddd" I said. Bruno got up and took his jacket off and handed it to me. It smelled like him. It actually smelled REALLY good. Hahahah. I wrapped it around myself. He came up behind me and popped his fedora on my head. "Hi I'm Bruno Mars and I love Caitlin!" I said in a deep voice and started laughing. He wrapped his arms around my neck from behind me and kissed my cheek. "What do you want to do for breakfast?" he asked. "Hmm... doesn't really matter to me. Wait, Phillip told me you can't cook!" I  said. "I can try for you though!!" he said smiling. "Kaye, we'll see." I said. He got up and pulled up his pants. Like really high like Steve Urkel LOL. I started to crack up. "What are you doing??" I said. "I want to know, am I sitll sexy whenever I'm a bad cook and look like Urkel?" he asked. He started cracking up. "Bruno, you're sexy if you were locked in  a cage of lions with you clothes ripped up" I said. "You want to see my clothes ripped don't you?" he was so fricken funny. "Well..." i said rolling my eyes over to another way smiling. "C'mon lets go to the kitchen." he said. I followed him into the kitchen. I sat at the bar. "A drink already?" he said. "Hahah no..." I said. "Bruno," I said. "Hm?" "What would you do if I got a tattoo of your name" I asked. Because I was actually thinking about it. But like, that would be cheesy. "My name?" he said. "Or my real name?" I had to think... "Probably Peter" I said. "You know what" he seemed really irritated. "'I'D LOVE IT!" he screamed. I screamed. I jumped into his arms. Then we were face to face. Like really close. His head urged towards me more. He closed his eyes. I guess we were gonna kiss. I closed mine and then we kissed. When we were done, he gave me all his attention. His eyes glared into mine. He pulled his fingers through my hair. And then laid his hand on my cheek. I looked down at my feet. Then he pulled my chin up and made me look at him. "You're beautiful" he said faintly. I heard him though. My heart sunk. I smiled "You're mine" I said.


It was around 2 o'clock. Bruno and I were in his dance room. The ball room we called it. He had turned on the "Doo-Wops&Hooligans" album. Marry You started playing. He grabbed my hand and we started ball room dancing. Which was kind of out of the blue because I was just sitting there on the floor watching Phredley And Bruno talking. So yeah, Phredley was watching us. He spun me around and then I landed in the postition where he was holding me. "You know, this is so off subject, but I'm not even in a dress. You're not even in a tux" I said laughing. "When it comes to you, I dont have to dress up all fancy just to see you" he smiled. Explains why he was just in sweat pants without a shirt on. "Pajama's" I said. I  was totally checking him out. "You checkin him out?" Phredley called from across the room. I looked at Phred and put my finger to my lips saying "shh" Bruno laughed. "She loves me Phred" he said to Phred. "Mhm I really do" I said agreeing. "Prove it" he said. Me and Bruno looked at eachother. We shrugged our shoulders like it was no big deal. We kissed. Bruno held my waist up to his. My chest was pressed up against his. "Abs" I thought. "Okay yall can stop" Phred said. Bruno kissed me. We were making out right infront of Phred. I felt bad. Not really. Heheh!


It was around 8. "I need to go to be around 9" I said. "Why so?" he said. "I dunno, maybe because last night we stayed up until 2 I the morning." I said "I don't even want to know what yall were doing" Phred said. I smiled. "Got some" Bruno said. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Watch this" Bruno said to Phred. He started tickling me around my hips. I'm REALLY ticklish there. I started squeling and then I fell back onto Bruno's bed. Soft. He was still tickling me. And at this point, he was on top of me. Then we got really close. Again! Bruno laid right besides me and ran his finger through my hair. I guess he felt or saw my foot lift up behind my leg. I was serinaded that means. He smiled. I blinked slowly. "What was that?" Phred said. "Dramatic effect" Bruno said looking over his shoulder. I leaned on top of Bruno and kissed his cheek. And there I said on top of him. And we had fallen asleep like that.


It was 11 the next morning. It was like some dailey routine. I looked over my shoulder and saw Phred snoring in a armchair and his arms crossed. I kissed Bruno good morning. "Best part of my day" he said. "Morning hon" I said. "Hi babe" he said. He got up and picked up my iPhone. He was teasing me and held it up in the air. I jumped to strive to get it. Then he laid on the bed with it. He took a ton of pictures of himself. I jumped right ontop of him. "Why?" I said laughing. "Just remember my sexiness" he winked. Phred woke up. He saw us on top of eachother. "I'm out" he said. So it was just me and Bruno" He winked again. "Guess what?" I said. "Huh?" he said. "Your gonna get it!" I kissed him. "How much he said. I winked.

We walked into the hosptial. And I don't care if I was banned... We visited Phillip. Bruno didn't do his hair today so it was kind of messed up. We walked into Phillip's room. "Whoa what did yall do last night?!" Phil asked. "Phil!" I said. I ran over to him and hugged him. Him and Bruno did this little hand shake thing. Men... LOL! But for sure i knew i loved him. And i know ill cry the day if we ever separate... and I said IF! SIKEE! We neevr gonnan  brake up... we love eachother too much.