Chapter 65-67

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Chapter 65

Bruno pulled up to their house late in the evening. He noticed Isela’s car wasn’t in the garage. It kind of wigged him out. It was really late. He grabbed his phone from his pocket, opening the door while he flipped to her phone number.  The phone rang a few times before she picked up.

“Heyyyy…” she said sleepily.

“Where are you, mama?” he asked her.

“I’m with Yuli. We fell asleep.” she stood up grabbing her keys. “I’m coming home.”

“No, Selly. Stay there. You don’t work tomorrow. Just stay over there.” he told her. “I know she needs you…”

“But, but…you’re leaving again in two days…I want to be with you.”

“Isela. I’ll lock you out if you leave.”

“I have keys, Brunz.” she told him.

“Just stay there.” he laughed at her.

“Okay. Okay…” she responded.  “I love you.” she told him pressing the red button to end the call.

“I love you, Isela.” he said putting his phone in his pocket grabbing the baby book on the coffee table taking it to the kitchen table.  He dropped out all the papers that were in there the night before picking up a pink one she had written.

            We’re going to play “Find the Baby Name.” You have to find the notes in the book.

                        Love you mucho,


“Ugh. That’s too hard.” he sighed flipping to the few names he did like. Stella. I love this one. I this so much. And calling her a star is perfect. Please? He took the pen from the side of the table that was acting as paperweight for all their bills. Yes. We can have this one. He wrote. He flipped to Xavier, which for some reason was sticking out in his head. If you can have Stella then I can have Xavier, deal? ❤❤❤. He added the extra hearts to be cheesy as well as to be sentimental. 

While Bruno was doing that Isela put down her phone trying to wake up her sister. “Yuliana..wake up…” she poked her in the cheek.

“What?! What?!” she asked. “

“Come on, let’s go to bed.” Isela responded.


“And lemme borrow some pajamas…” Isela said rummaging through her sister’s drawers.

“There’s some over there…” her sister pointed to a pile of dirty clothes.

“Oh…this one?” Isela asked about a small t-shirt. “That’s not gonna fit you or me right now.”

“You’re right..that’s why it’s in that pile…” Yuli said throwing her sister a t-shirt she received when she donated blood a few months ago.

“This one is better…” Isela answered putting it on over her bra.

After getting on pajamas they both jumped in the bed facing the opposite direction of each other.

“If I end up on top of you, Yuliana, it’s not my fault.” Isela responded flipping over to face her sister.

“Ditto, sissy.” Yuli answered turning off the light.

“Good night, sister.” Isela told her.

“Good night, hermana.”


Isela threw her arm on top of her sister. “Oh…sorry.” as she glanced over to the side of the room she saw her mother standing at the door frame.

“Mama, esto fue espeluznante cuando eramos niños. No sé por qué crees que no es espeluznante ahorra cuando somos adultas.” she responded.

Translation: Mama, that was creept when we were kids. I don’t know why you think that it isn’t creepy now that we are adults.  

“Oh, mija…tu padre y yo hicimos esto cada noche. Miramos a ustedes cuando eran jovencitas para ver sus caras hermosillas. Y a decir nuestros sueños para ustedes.” Her mother explained.

Translation: Oh, daughter. Your father and I did this every night. We looked at you when you were very little to see your beautiful faces. And to say our dreams for you.

“Mama, que fue su sueño para nostras?” Isela inquired.

Translation: Mama, what were your dreams for us?

“Soñábamos sobre mucho. A que ustedes van a hacer cuando tiene quince anos, veinte años, diez anos,  lo que sería cuando están adultos…y nuestros nietos…”  Her mother explained everything she had ever dreamt for them.

Translation: We dreamt about a lot. What you would do when you were fifteen, twenty, ten years old, what you would be like when you became adults…our grandchildren…

“Ahh, lo mismo que yo soñé de mis niños…” Isela confessed.

Translation: Ahh, the same that I dream about for my children.

“Si, preciosa, es lo mismo. Pero, tu vas a ver todo en realidad de los niños, de sus niños y los niños de Yuliana, Max y Lola.”

Translation: Yes, precios. The same. But, you are going to see everything for real for your children and the children of Yuliana, Max and Lola.

“Si?” Isela questioned her mother.

Translation: Yes?

“Si, todos.” she answered.

Translation: Yes, everything.

And then she was gone.

Chapter 67

Bruno decided to surprise Isela and Yuliana with breakfast tacos the next morning. He went into the small restaurant that they loved, ordered several tacos and headed over to Yuli and Ben’s house. He used the key that Ben had given him (in case of an emergency), put the tacos on the table and went into their bedroom to see where they were. The two sisters were sleeping facing each other with their arms around each other. Oh my god, if they were two year olds that would be cute. Wait, it is. He thought to himself. He saw Isela turn her body around facing him. Shit. She’s going to catch me before I make coffee. He hurried quietly into the kitchen putting the Starbucks coffee beans in the coffee maker.

“Yuliii…” Isela said waking up. “There’s someone in the house…”

“What?” Yuli said jumping out of the bed. “Call Bruno…he’ll save us.” Yuli thought out loud.

“He may have been shot, Yuli, but he’s hardly a super hero…” she told her sister grabbing her phone tightly. She pressed the button to dial him.

“Oh my goooodddd…” Isela started shaking. They heard his ringer go off next to him on the counter. It made the girls jump and scream in shock.

“Hey there, Beautiful…” he answered the phone.

“Bruno! What are you doing?” Isela yelled walking into the kitchen.

“Making you breakfast…” he said holding up a taco with a smile. Yuli came out dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Good morning, Sunshine.” He said to her.

“God Bruno. You almost scared the baby out of me.” she said grabbing a potato and egg taco.

“You didn’t get bacon did you, baby?” Isela asked grabbing the bag of tacos.

“No, they’re all potato and egg. I know both of you can’t stand the smell of bacon…” he responded.

“Ben wouldn’t have remembered that.” Yuli said taking a bite of the taco.

“We’re gonna have to whip him in shape, Iselita.” Bruno said taking the plate from her as she finished.

“Gracias.” she answered his action.

“De nada, mi amor.” he smiled.

“Hey, y’all found out about the babies yesterday. What are you having?” Yuli asked casually taking another taco out of the bag.

“She said 80% sure…a boy and a girl.” Isela answered taking a sip of the coffee Bruno had made them.

“What! A boy and a girl? I would have thought girls…” Yuli replied.

“I mean…I’m craving and hating everything at the same time. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be with a boy and a girl?”

“That’s what I remember reading…” Yuli said.

“Well, I’m just excited you’re having one girl.” Isela told her sister.

“I knooow!” Yuli said excitedly.  “I also heard the sex is better because of the extra estrogren the baby has…” she told her.

“Oh my god….” Bruno covered his ears. “Lalalalalalalala I can’t hear what you’re talking about!” Bruno said. Yuli threw a foil wrapper at him.

“I know for a fact that y’all have amazing baby sex…” Yuli told him.

“We have amazing sex no matter what.” he said triumphetly.

Isela nodded. “He’s a sex dragon, don’t forget.”

Yuli put her hands over her ears responding in the same way Bruno did. “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear yoooou!” she yelled.

“Hey..I have to go, babe…” he said pouring more coffee in her mug. I brought you some clothes, though.” he pointed to the couch where he had put her gym bag.

“Oh…thank you. Where are you going?” she asked him. “You’re only here for two days…I thought I would see you more today.”

“I have to meet with Aaron. He’s being all pushy again.” Bruno responded. No, I really don’t...but that’s what she’ll have to believe. He thought to himself. He walked over to her kissing her on the cheek.  “I will see you tonight, mama.” he told her. He kissed Yuli on the cheek too as he left.

“That’s still gross, Brunito.” she responded.

“It drives you crazy. You know it.” he said closing the door behind him.

“What an ass.” Isela said after he closed the door. “He’s going to be here for two days and he left. God. I want to punch him in the face.”

“I’ll do it for you the next I see him. But you have to promise to punch Ben in the face in return.”

“It’s a deal.” Isela said grabbing the clothes out of the bag. She dug her hand down into the bag feeling the baby name book.  She took it out of the bag dropping her clothes on the floor.

“He put a baby name book in your bag? He’s such a girl.” Yuli said.

“Hahaha..we’ve been going back and forth writing notes in it. Listen to this…” she read through a few of them waiting to read Xavier and Stella for the end. She glanced over the note he left next to Stella…”Awww…I can’t wait to see baby Stella.” Isela read.

“Stella?! I fucking love that, Isela.”

“I do too.” she answered her sister.

“What about a boy?”  Yuli asked.

Isela flipped to the short X section. “I think we’ve decided on Xavier…” she said.

“Aww. I love those two.  This is my niece Stella and my nephew Xavier.” she said out loud.