Chapter 67

16/03/2012 11:01

This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enojy!

“I can’t believe a beautiful woman like you is single..” he said with a sly smile. I just laughed, I didn’t know if it was the drinks I had, had at this point or his smile that was getting to me right now. “You know.. if you don’t have anywhere to go tonight.. maybe you could come back to my place?” “Uh..” “I’m not rushing into things and I would still like to call you anyway if you say no..” I thought for a moment, what was honestly holding me back from dating again. I was pretty sure Bruno had went back to his old days by now, he could hardly go a week without sex. I looked up to him, “You know.. that would be nice..” “Alright..” he said smiling and getting down from the stool. I figured I knew him enough, I was sure that he wouldn’t make me do anything that I didn’t want to do.

“Here we are my beautiful estate..” I joked as I opened the door. She laughed I walked into my apartment tossing my keys onto the coffee table. “Nice apartment..” I heard her say I went into the kitchen. I opened the fridge, “Oh it’s nothing but, you need anything?” “Some water would be nice..” “You got it.” I said grabbing two water bottles out. I held them close to me as I walked back into the living room. “You know I’m pretty upset that I didn’t buy your album yet..” I laughed, “Well that means that you need to make a trip to the store tomorrow huh?” I said as I sipped my water. “Oh I def will.” “So.. what you wanna do?” She smiled shyly, “I don’t know..” I sat my bottle of water on the table and slid over closer to her making our thighs touch, “You don’t have to be shy around me..” I went to her ear, “We’re friends right..?” I whispered. She looked over to me, “I wouldn’t call us friends.” I put my arm around her, “What would you call us then..”  ”You tell me after this..” she whispered as she went for my neck kissing it.

I looked around Leon’s house as he used the bathroom. It was pretty nice for him to be single and an attorney. I observed all the paintings on the walls and the shelves of books. “Alright so you want music or the TV?” he said rubbing his hands together. “Some music would be nice..” He smiled as he reached down and grabbed a remote control from the table. He pressed a button and pointed it towards his stereo system on the other side of the room. Smooth jazz started to fill my ears, “Guess you’re a jazz guy huh?” He shrugged, “I like a little bit of everything..” I nodded, “Me too.” “Dance with me?” he said holding out his hand. “I don’t really get down..” I said frowning and shaking my head. “Come on.. we didn’t a chance too at the club, and you said you would have..” I took a deep breath. “Look.. I’ll help and you got nobody watching you..” I smiled and looked down to the floor. He came over and reached for my hands away. I pushed myself up with his help and he put his hands on my hips. My heartbeat sped up a bit as I put my arms under his and around his back. “See you got it..” he said as we two stepped to the music. I smiled and closed my eyes letting the music take me away. The more we danced the closer we got. I rested my head on his shoulder and he slowly started to massage my hips. His hands started to roam upwards and I brung my head up, looking him in the eyes. I started to lean in and so did he, and our lips met. I have to say that he was a lot better of a kisser than he looked.

I took a breath from out making out, “Let me take you to the bedroom..” I said getting up. I grabbed her hand, pulling her into my room. I told her to get comfortable on the bed as I went through my drawers for a condom. I found it and made my way back over to the bedside. I put the condom on the nightstand as I crawled on top of her. I got into the mode, kissing her down her neck to her breast as she slipped her dress off. I stopped for a second pulling my shirt off as she finally got her dress off. I could hear her breathing and I was sure she could hear mine. I was just so ready to get started, I hadn’t had sex in almost a half of year now. I couldn’t believe it but, at the time I was a committed man. She reached out for my jeans unbuttoning them and I helped her pull them off. She tried to reach for me through my briefs but, I stopped her. I had no idea why this was happening right now. “Hold up babe..” I said looking down to myself and swallowing hard. “Wh—” Before she could finish her word I leaned in kissing her again. I kissed her as passionately as I could trying to cover up my embarrassment. I wasn’t hard at all. ‘Come on..’ I kept telling myself in my head. I started grinding against her a bit trying to help myself, but it wasn’t working. She wasn’t moaning or anything, it honestly just wasn’t the same.

We kept kissing more and more until we we’re in his bedroom. “You sure you want to do this?” he asked as we unlocked. “Yes..” I said looking at his lips. He started to slide my dress off of my shoulder kissing after each part he moved. I couldn’t help myself from letting out small moans. I didn’t let them all out considering that I wasn’t that comfortable around him. My dress fell to the floor and I heard him unbuckling his belt with the faint jazz coming from the living room. He stepped out of his pants gently pushing me into his bed. I laid back as he started to crawl on top of me. I hated that I couldn’t get Bruno out of my mind right now, I honestly really needed too. I looked away my heart beating a million times a minute as he started to kiss down to my stomach. He got down to my underwear and then reached up to pull them off. I quickly stopped him, “No please…” He looked up to me, “What’s wrong?” “I just got out of a relationship okay..” “Oh.. I understand..” he said backing away. He got the wrong message, “No… I mean I want you too.. just not that.. yet.” “Okay..” he said with a sly smile. I could feel him pushing up against me, and I didn’t like it one bit. I was so torn, I wanted this so bad, I wanted to get out of just wanting Bruno. I put my hands on his face, “Come on please.. start..” I whispered.

I kept stalling long as I could, it just wasn’t working right now. I stopped kissing and looked her right in the face taking a deep breath, “Look I know this may sound weird.. but can you like.. make some noises… please..” She giggled, “Oh my god..” “Please..” I said going back down to her neck. I started to suck on her neck and she started letting little moans come out. I closed my eyes and finally felt myself starting to get hard. I reached down and pulled off her underwear quickly. When I felt like I was ready I reached over and and grabbed the condom off of the nightstand. I pulled my briefs down and opened the condom with my teeth tossing the wrapped somewhere. She watched me closely as I slipped it on. “Wow.. don’t hurt me with that..” she said. I smirked as I continued putting it on. I laid back down on top of her and went to her ear, “I’ll try..” I whispered as I reached down and guided myself into her. I watched her face as she winced a bit but, I kept pushing myself deeper into her. She pushed on my chest signaling me that I had went far enough. I started thrusting into her gently and she just stared at me. “Are you okay?” I said confused. “I mean I don’t know..” “What do you mean..” I said getting a bit frustrated. “Just go.. please..” I put my head next to hers into the pillow and pushed myself all the way into her anyway making her squeal. I put my elbows into the bed and she started to moan out. I closed my eyes just taking in the fact that I was having sex right now. “Bruno stop!” she said suddenly. I stopped and looked at her, “What?!” “It doesn’t feel right..” she said looking sad. “What..?” You’ve got to be kidding me right now.

I swallowed hard as he started to push himself into me. “I got you..” he whispered. “Okay..” I said spreading my legs a bit more. He put his head into mine and I didn’t expect it at all. I held my breath as he started to thrust into me softly. I couldn’t keep my eyes open because I felt so guilty doing this with him, and when I closed my eyes all I could see was Bruno’s face. I reached my hands up and put them over my face. He stopped, “What’s wrong?” I moved them down to the side by my ears, “Nothing.. I’m sorry..” “Okay..” he said as he continued. With each stoke he pushed himself deeper inside me and I started to moan out. He put his hands into the bed smiling down to me and I honestly just couldn’t smile back. I hated being with him right now, I just wanted it to stop but, I didn’t want to disappoint him. He leaned back down and kissed me and I kissed him as hard as I could to take my mind off of Bruno. He slipped in a little deeper and started to hit my spot. I moved my mouth quick enough for me not to moan into his mouth. “Don’t move..” I said under my breath squeezing my eyes closed shut. He kept hitting doing his same strokes and I felt a climax coming. He kissed my ear making spending chills down my spine. I slowly put my hands up to his back gripping it as he kept going. I kept my eyes closed as tight as possible just getting into the moment. I reached my peak and  threw my head back as I started to cum. I moaned Bruno’s name right in the middle of it. I quickly put my hand on my face, oh my fucking god I did not just do that.

I moved around a bit finding a different spot and then started again. I kept going at those slow gentle strokes and she wasn’t even making much noise and it was irritating me. “I’m gonna speed up okay..” I breathed into ear. She nodded and I sped up to the speed that I loved. She put her hand over her mouth covering up her moans. I leaned up and looked her in the eyes, I reached up and moved her hand from her mouth, “Let it out.. it’s alright..” She started to moan even more and it was just what I was looking for. I closed my eyes and just tried to focus. “It hurts..” It had just started feeling good and now she wanted me to stop. “No.. please come on..” I whispered. Her moans started getting higher and I went back down again grabbing her thighs and spreading them farther apart. I went even deeper and she yelled out, but I loved how it felt. “Please..” “Shh.. come on now..” I whispered into her ear. She kept squealing but, it was only music to my ears. I would usually wait till the girl got hers, but I had been played with enough. I felt myself climbing close in only 10 minutes. I was so into at this point and I just kept thrusting away. “Seriously.. you got to stop now..” “Damnit Diamond.. just take it..” I said into her ear. “What…” she said quietly. I put my head into the bed, shit.

“Umm..” he said stopping. “I am so sorry..” I said behind my hand. “Yeah.. maybe we should just wait for awhile..” he said crawling from off of the bed. I sat up on my elbows, “Leon.. I swear I’m so sorry..” I watched him slide his boxers on, “No it’s no big deal..” “But, you don’t look like it..” “Look it’s alright.. okay?” I nodded and he turned and walked into the bathroom. I got up and started getting back dressed. I couldn’t believe that I had just did that.

“Get off of me please..” “Aww come on..” “Off of me..” she said pushing at my chest. I slid myself out of her and she rolled from underneath me. “I’m sorry..” I said as she started to get dressed. “Uh.. right..” “Seriously.. I am.. I was just really into it okay..?” I said just saying the first thing that came to my head. “But, still..” she said shooting me a look. I slid out of the bed, “You want me to take you home?” “No I got it..” she said leaving the room. I quickly slipped my briefs on running behind her, “Hey you sure?” “Bye Bruno..” she said as she slammed the door. “Fuck!” I yelled as I grabbed my head. I rubbed my face and ran my fingers threw my hair, this was going to be a lot harder than I thought it was.