Chapter 68-70

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Chapter 68

“Thank you for coming with me, Iselita…“ Yuli said sitting in the waiting room chair.

“It’s not like I had much of a choice, she wanted me to do the test too…“ Isela responded.

“Tasha said she would come and sit with us…but I haven’t heard from her yet…“ Yuli said grabbing her cell phone to facebook.  “But obviously we aren’t that important…“

“Whatever. We’ve got this…“ Isela responded.

“Excuse me, Bruno Mars?” Yuli asked.

”Oh, I know. That is something he would say, isn’t it?” Isela replied.

”it is…” Yuli laughed at her sister.

”It’s like y’all have the same brain sometimes.. .”

”You and Ben do that too, though. You laugh at exactly the same things that no one else would ever laugh at. ” Isela said hearing her phone buzz.

            Mama, I love you. Don’t be too sweet. I have cake for you at home.

”Oh my god. He said he has cake at home. Are you coming over after this?” isela responded.

”He made cake? He could be Osama bin Laden and have cake and I would say yes. ” Yuli answered.

”Well you can’t eat it all, Yuliana…I want some of it…” Isela said.

”You can have the middle piece. ”

”Bitch please, I get all the corner pieces…” Isela answered.

” corner.. ” Yuli responded.

”One corner per baby…” Isela laughed watching the nurse come out of the door.

”Which one of you wants this juice first?” she asked.

”I’ll take it…” Isela responded taking the sugary liquid to check her blood glucose. Dr. Garcia had become worried about both of the girls blood sugar at the same time - Isela because she had the twins and Yuli because she was craving very sweet things. She took the bottle from the nurse, looked it over taking a big gulp. She made a sour face continuing to drink it.

”That looks so gross. I don’t know how you did it last time. ” Yuli said taking the drink from the nurse. She looked it over the same way Isela did. Instead of drinking it she stared at it for a while.

”Drink it, sissy. The faster you drink it the faster you can start your hour of waiting. ”

”Okay, fine….but I don’t like it…” Yuli said putting the drink up to her mouth.

They waited for an hour to receive the results of the gestasitional diabetes results. 

”I didn’t think I could ever be this bored…” Yuli told her sister 45 minutes later looking up from her magazine. ”Bored with even reading random crap about you and Bruno…” she told her sister handing her  the US Weekly that had a small blurb about their baby announcement.

”And they’re hoping for happy and healthy babies.. ” Isela repeated the last line of the article handing the magazine back to her sister. Yuli threw the magazine on the table watching the door open.

”Yuliana Foster?” the nurse asked.

”Do you want me to come with you, sissy?” Isela asked.

”Please…” Yuli answered. Isela took her sister’s hand as they walked into the exam room. Isela looked at the room from a different perspective. She had always been the patient. This is kind of weird..even intimidating she thought to herself.

”Scary, huh?” Yuli asked.

”It’s just way different than I remember. I don’t think I have been the one supporting someone in a really long time. ”

Yuli laughed at her sister’s reaction watching Dr. Garcia walk in. She held on to two folders.

”So, since I have both of you here…” she said. ”Isela, you are so perfect that I don’t even know what to say. I want to just squeeze you….but Yuliana..we need to have you come back for the 3 hour test…what did you eat before you came?” she asked.

”I think I had some do-nuts…” Yuli answered.

”Well, don’t eat the do-nuts next time. It should help…” Dr. Garcia said.

”And Isela, just be careful not to have too much citrus. I want to test you again in a few weeks. ”

”Okay. ” Isela answered.


Isela sat down on the couch crossing her legs placing a plate on her lap. Bruno walked up in front of her with a piece of cake in his hand.

”Stay right there, Selly…” he told her.

”What are you doing?” she asked him. He pulled out his phone.

”Smile, you’ve got cake all over your face…” He told her.

”Bruno! Oh my gosh…” she started to stand up to grab the phone from his hands. He looked at the picture he snapped starting to laugh.

“Oh my god, Isela. You are perfect.” he smiled flipping the phone to show her.

“Oh my god. Delete that!” she screamed reacting to the picture where she had stuck her tongue out at him with her hand in the air.

“This is what I want to see every time you call me…” he said flipping through his phone to make it her default.

”God, you are dumb. ” she responded stuffing her hand in the homemade cake he had made. She smeared frosting all over his face laughing at him. He responded to her action by pressing his lips and face against her cheek moving to her lips.

”I guess you can have your cake and eat it too” Isela answered taking his plate to the kitchen.  

Chapter 69

”We’re going to Hawaiiiiiii….we’re going to Hawaiiiii….” Isela sang putting a pile of clothes In her suitcase.

”We’re going to Hawaaaiiiiiii, Hawaaiiiiiii…” Yuli sang back at her sister. ”How are you not packed yet, Sissy?”

”There is an art to packing, and you haven’t quite mastered it yet…” Isela responded sitting on top of her suitcase zipping it.

”Brunoooooo. Come and get my bag…” Isela yelled. Bruno walked in staring at the bag.

”We’re only going to be there for four days and you have that much stuff, mama? You’re crazy.”

Isela shrugged pointing to the suitcase. ”Brunnnzzzz….come on. ”

”Okay. You win this one, Iselita.” He said kissing her as he rolled the suitcase out of the room.

”I love you Bruno Mars!” she yelled as he closed the door rolling the suitcase out. Isela grabbed her sister’s hand to get up. ”Oh my god. I want these kids out.” Isela moaned overdramatizing the effort to stand up.

”No you don’t, Isela.” Yuli answered her.

”You’re right. I want my buns to be crispy when they come out of the oven. ” Isela answered.

”Burnt buns!” Yuli laughed at her. Isela started to sing about burnt buns. She was finally channeling Bruno’s singing.

”I love your songs, Isela. I’m going to steal them…” Bruno told her taking her hand to go to the car.


Bruno, Isela, Ben and Yuli sat around a large table at Bruno’s mother’s house watching Bernie pile gifts up in front of them.

”I don’t know why y’all are getting us gifts…” Isela told his family. ”We have everything we need…” Isela continued.

”Having babies is about the baby shower, Iselita. Why do you think I have 5 kids?” Bernie replied.

”To make my husband, obviously.” Isela responded.

”Yep, that was exactly it, my love.. ” Bernie responded kissing the two of them on their cheeks.

The couples opened mounds and mounds of gifts, getting clothes, toys, and everything else they could have imagined. ”Bruno…” isela leaned over to talk to him while the attention was on her sister. ”This is perfect. ” she told him. He looked at her giving her a huge smile.

”I know it is.” He responded.

”Hey, Mrs. Hernandez….It’s your turn…” Ben yelled throwing wrapping paper at them.

”It’s the last one…” Isela responded. ”Open it, bbbbyyy…” Isela told him.

”No…this one’s for you….” he responded handing her the box.

”What is it?” she asked him.

”Just open it, Isela…” he insisted smiling.  She ripped the paper gently touching the two small boxes inside the larger box. She ran her nails through the tape lifting the top off to see a deep mahogany hand crafted jewelry box. She opened it seeing a little girl holding a guitar spinning around to the tune of Just the Way You Are. She saw a small locket laid gently and meticulously in the middle of the box. She picked it up opening the locket to see a picture of Stella’s ultrasound. On the inside he had engraved. She’s our star. Isela felt a tear come down her cheek taking the other box running her nails gently against the tape. She found the same hand crafted box.

”Bruno, you don’t give boys jewelry boxes….” she told him.

”It’s not a jewelry box. ” he told her. ”Just open it…” He insisted. She opened the box not finding any music. It was a small toy box. He had placed a small toy car in the middle. ”Open it…” he said reaching over to take the car from her hand.

”It opens?” she asked watching him open the small door. He flipped it around so she could see what it said on the inside. Our savior. ”Oh my god. These are perfect, Bruno. ” she said hugging him.

Chapter 70

Isela, Yuli, Ben and Bruno helped clean up the mess from the backyard party after all the guests left. Even after all the guests left there was still a huge group of people there.

Sit down, baby…you look tired…” Bruno told Isela taking a box from her hands.

”I am fine…” she said taking the box back from her.

”No, I’m making you sit own… ” he said dragging her to the table.

”Okay, fine, you win...” she responded. She glanced down at the pile of cell phones sitting on the table next to her. She picked up Bruno’s phone noticing he had two missed calls and a voicemail. ”Bruno, you have a voicemail…” she yelled across the yard.

”Check it for me. It’s probably a survey or something. ” she clicked the dial listening to the prompts. She pressed the button listening to the message.

”Oh my god.. ” Isela gasped.

”What’s wrong, Iselita?” Presley asked her seeing her reaction.

”Someone broke into the house again…” she replied in a hushed tone.

”No way!” his sister yelled.

”I know. They didn’t say if anything was taken. They want him to call them back.”

”Brunooo….?” Isela got up from the chair he had placed her in a few minutes earlier. She walked into the living room watching him turn around to see her concerned face.

”Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked her.

”Bruno,  it happened again…” she told him.

*What happened again, Sell?” he asked her.

”Someone broke into the house.” she told him

”No way! ” he responded.

They need to talk to you…” she handed him the phone. He walked to the front of the house with Isela following him.

"Sit down…” he told her as he sat down on the curb listening to the number to call. Twenty minutes later and several questions answered he hung up the phone. Isela stared at him throughout the whole thing. ”They took all my stuff…they didn’t take any of your stuff…”

Isela hugged him tightly to comfort him. ”Brunooo..I am so sorry. ”

He pulled away from her looking at her cncerned face. ”But at least we weren’t there this time. ” he told her.

”True. But we’re going back tomorrow. ” she told him.

”It’ll be okay.” he told her hugging her.

”It’s a load of crap, B. ” she told him.

Tahiti walked out to the front of the house with her two boys holding plates of cake. ”These are for y’all.. ” she told them looking at their faces. By that time everyone had found out about the break-in.

”Thank you.. ” Isela said taking a big bite.


”They rekeyed the lock while we were gone…” Bruno said taking the new key out of his pocket handing her a copy. She smiled at him hooking it on her keychain. She squeezed his hand as he turned the key. Everything looked normal in the front of the house. She followed him to the music room where things were all over the place, thrown and broken. They saw three empty corners where he had placed his guitars. Several notebooks were missing near his computer which was smashed. He looked down at the ground to see the CPU was also gone.

”Oh my god, B.” she responded.

”I don’t want you here by yourself, Isela…”

”What do you want me to do, Bruno? ” She asked him.

”You’re going to go stay with Jamie…or your sister..or your dad…I want you to be safe.. ” he said turning around running his fingers through her hair. He gave her the biggest puppy dog eyes she had ever seen knowing that she wouldn’t want to stay with his first choice, his sister.

”We need to move, Bruno…” she said with a tear coming down her cheek.”Like yesterday. ” she told him.

”I agree…” he responded taking her hand leading her out of the room.

”Bruno…” she stopped in the middle of the hallway. ”They’re kicking.. ” she said taking his hands placing them in two different places.

Aww, my babieesss!”  he answered leaning down to kiss her stomach.

”Our babies, Bru…” she laughed touching his hair as he kissed her stomach.