Chapter 6

22/05/2011 22:15

Me, Naomi and Kirsty got out of the cab and started to walk up to the club.

The line to get in was endless. We went to the front of the line and Kirsty showed one of the bodyguards a pass and we were let in. Inside was AWESOME!!! and packed.  We saw a table and Kirsty went over to grab it quick before anybody else could and me and Naomi went straight up to the bar and ordered our drinks and went back to the table. The dancefloor was way to crowded so we thought we would wait a while.


"Hey Bruno! You ready yet?" Phil asked.

"Yea nearly". Bruno said.

"He's probably just filing his nails" Phredly said.

Everybody laughed.

"Hey I heard that!"

The band had done 3 shows in New York and they only had 2 days left to enjoy themselves so they didn't waste anytime.

"Okay done" Bruno said with a smile putting his comb in his pocket.

"Finally lets go" Eric said.


"So Sarah do you see any Fellows" Naomi asked. 

"Nope, they are all worthless creatures" Sarah said.

Kirsty had went to go talk to her boyfriend at the bar.

"OMG I love this song" Naomi said

"Well it looks like there is less people on the dancefloor! Should we go?" Sarah asked.

"Hell yeah! Let’s party like there’s no tomorrow" Naomi said as she dragged Sarah to the dancefloor.


Bruno and everbody arrived at the club.


"This club betta be good" Phil said.


"As long as there is lots of hot chicks around it will be" Phred said with a smile

Everyone agreed but Bruno still couldn't stop thinking about Sarah.


Bruno Sighed. 


"Hey Bruno dont worry about that chick at the concert we will help you find a pretty young thang" Phil said.

Bruno just smirked he knew getting hooked with a girl tonight wouldn't help him get over her.

They all entered the club. 



As soon as we got onto the dancefloor it seemed all my problems just flew out the window but of course they came straight back in again.


"Hey sarah" 


"What?" I asked


"Isn't that Brian over there?"


I turned around and saw him gawking at me.


"Oh God no no no no no! I said with a frown. Why is he here?"


"I don't know but I’m going over there to have a talk with him" Naomi said.


"No don't it will only cause more problems, listen he’s not doing us any harm so let’s just leave him and just pretend he’s not here"


"Well okay but if he so happens to lay one finger on you I swear im gonna-"


"Okay Okay" I said.


We continued on dancing and having a good time.



Bruno and the gang went to the V.I.P area, they were already getting asked for autographs and pictures and to be honest they just wanted to get really drunk and have a good time.


Phil and Bruno went to the bar and sat there with their drinks for a while.


"Hey Bruno isn't that ya girl over there" Phil said pointing to the dancefloor.

Bruno turned around and saw her, dancing the night away! He couldn't believe his luck mabye he would got another shot with her.


"Yea it is" he said smiling showing his perfect teeth.


"Wow she is smoking hot! If you don’t want her I will sure have her" Phil said sounding a bit tipsy.


"Hey I saw her first" Bruno snapped.


"Okay, okay put your claws down"


"I’ll be right back" Bruno said as he lifted his drink.



I was about to go sit down because my feet were killing me with these heels on. As I turned around I could not believe what I saw.


"Bru - no????"