Chapter 68

01/03/2012 15:17

He smiled at me with so much love. Then he let go of my hands and laid them on both sides of my cheeks. Softly he rubbed with his thumbs the last tears away.

He moved closer to my face till our lips met. It was a mix of pure fire, love and passion. It felt like this one moment lasted forever. It was more than a kiss between lovers. It was a binding for a lifetime.

When we pulled away, I had still my eyes closed for a few seconds, lasting and enjoying the moment.

Our foreheads were still together, when I whispered to Bruno: “I love you! More than anything else in the world.”

His smile was so gorgeous. I think I’ve, up to that moment, never seen anything more beautiful.

Flashes lighted up when we pulled away from each other and our kiss. It was the photographer you get automatically when you marry in a little chapel like this.

Rob said his congrats and introduced us as Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez. Then he started to play and sing Love me tender, when Bruno kissed me once more.

After that we both signed the certificate of marriage.

And I was right! When we both walked hand in hand out of the chapel we were laughing and had those shiny eyes. Bruno throw his arm around my shoulder and pecked a few more times my cheek.

“And now Mr. Hernandez?” “And now…Mrs. Hernandez! We try to get as fast as possible from the streets here…”

God! I could die when he says that name with this sexy Spanish accent, rolling the ‘R’…

“…And then I’m gonna invite my wife to a nice dinner!”, he finished his sentence and kissed me once again fully on my lips.

He throw again his arm around my shoulder and we walked back to the street, where Frank waited with the car.

I felt like a teenager. We walked laughing and giggling down the street, until we reached the car. Bruno opened the door for me and helped me in.

Then he told Frank to bring us back to the hotel. We planed to eat in the restaurant there, that we don’t get seen from too many people on the street.


Frank came around to my door and opened it politely. He reached out for my hand and said: “Mrs. Hernandez!”, and added a wink.

I let out a giggle, and brought my index finger to my lips and let a “Psssst” escape.

I knew well, that he knew what we did in the time we were gone, earlier.

“Thank you Frank!” I grabbed his hand and got out of the car. Right behind me Bruno who took my hand again. We stood there for a few seconds, telling Frank that we don’t need him that evening anymore.

We began walking back to the hotel, when I suddenly stopped and turned back around to Frank. I took one of the flowers from my bridal flowers and put it in one of the buttonholes in his suit.

“Thank you for today, Frank!” I smiled and went then back to Bruno, grabbing his hand again.


“So I hope you planned to continue what we started earlier, in the morning, like you promised!”, I told Bruno while we waited for our food.

“Uh, believe me! We will, baby! We will!…I even thought, we should use that bathtub again, as long as we have this luxury!”, he said with a raised eyebrow and a teasing tune in his voice, grinning from ear to ear.

“I think we should do that!…” I had the same grin on my face like Bruno.

Suddenly Bruno took one of the flowers and tucked it behind my left ear. Then he whispered taking one of my hands: “No more the right side, from now on only the left!”

“I gotta say, I prefer the left side, too!”


“Bruno, stop it! Here are cameras!”, I giggled. “Yeah?! So what?” “You don’t need pull all the attention on us!” “But I gotta do what I wanted to do already the first time when I was in an elevator alone with you!”, he answered between those sweet kisses down my neck.


“But you better continue with that in our room, and not here!”, I told Bruno laughing. I pushed him off of me and pushed him out of the open elevator door. He walked all the way over to our room backwards, looking at me like a creep and me still with my hands on his chest pushing him till we reached the door.

I let go of him and fumbled in my small purse for our door card. When I set it in the door opened.

“Wuahh…Bruno, what are you doing?”

“Traditions baby!” “Uh ok … my strong man!”, I answered laughing and throw my arms around his neck. While I gave him a long kiss, Bruno tried to kick the door close.

When I pulled away I looked him deeply in the eyes. This day was full of magic. I couldn’t really realize what happened. It felt more like a fairytale than reality.

Bruno walked slowly over to the middle of the room, still with me on his arms. But then he he slowly brought me back to my feet and looked again deep in my eyes: “You have absolutely no idea how much Nila!” “I think I do baby… but we got a whole life to show each other!”

He came again closer. Another soft kiss. Then he reached out for my right hand and put his arm around the left side of my waist.

“May I get this dance?” “But we got no music …”, I said confused. “I’ll be your personal jukebox Mrs. Hernandez…” “That sounds great…is that real or is it just a dream?” “That’s not a dream Mrs. Hernandez! Not at all…”

Slowly he began to sway us from side to side when he started humming a familiar tune and went over to sing softly:

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.
I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ‘bout my girl (my girl).


I don’t need no money, fortune, or fame.
I’ve got all the riches baby one man can claim.
I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ‘bout my girl (my girl).”

As sweet as it was, I couldn’t help to laugh from time to time when he sang his background vocals in a high-pitched girly voice.

While Bruno sang I snuggled myself more and more against his chest and listened to the sweet tone and felt the vibrations of his voice in his body. It made everything even more peaceful. He was too perfect to be true.

After a few more minutes of thinking and listening to Bruno, I put again my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

“This is the best wedding dance I could have wished Bruno! This was … the best wedding I could have wished, this was the best day of my life. Thank you for everything!”

It was like falling in love with him over and over again when I saw those cute dimples and this beautiful smile. His loving huge, beautiful but froggy eyes. Everything on him seemed to be so perfect, even if it wasn’t. He was the best decision I’ve ever made.

“Thank you for you… Nila, baby, I have absolutely no idea where I’d be right now without you! I love you so much!”

And again he laid his hands on my cheek, just the way I loved it, and kissed me again deeply. Again our foreheads touched when we pulled apart. Bruno still had his hands on my cheeks and my hands were stuck in his hair. We stayed like this for a few minutes closed eyes, til I opened my eyes and broke the silence:

“Bruno …”, I whispered softly. “Hmm?!”, he answered. It seemed almost, like he was in deep thoughts.

“Bruno…I’m all yours now…”, I continued in a whisper.

That moment Brunos eyes shot wide open and he looked me directly in the eyes, not moving his hands from my cheeks.

“If you want me to…”, I said, not sure what he was thinking.

He was still kind of starring in my eyes, but his lips finally formed into a smile and he began: “Are you sure baby?”

“Well…I had once this boyfriend who told me not to let the fear of striking to keep me from playing the game…yes I am sure, if you want me and my flab. … hey don’t laugh about me!” I punched playfully his arm.

“I’m not laughing! I just think that this boyfriend was very wise!”

“You know that you destroyed all the romantic in this room now??”, I said a little bit pouting. But then he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck on the side.

“I want you … and your flab my flabby girl!”, he said with a jokingly long pause in the middle of his sentence pinching my tummy.

He went up to my lips and kissed me one more time softly. Then he looked again up to my eyes, smiling like a fool. I only can imagine how hard it was for him.

But the longer he let me wait now the more scared I got again. Everything was new for me and … I absolutely didn’t know how to handle that all.

“Don’t be scared baby…I got you, ok?!” He’s amazing…how does he know me so well?!

I simply nodded and he kissed me again. First his kiss was soft and sweet and got more and more passionate. Our tongues danced together and my hand made it’s way up to Brunos hair again. I loved playing with those little curls.

Slowly I felt how the heat went through my body. Brunos hand made it’s way down to my lower back till it reached my butt. I felt how he squeezed it a bit. This day must have been for Bruno like wonderland or something.

His other hand made it’s way up to the zipper of my dress. From time to time I let soft moans escape when his lips touched my sensitive spots on my neck and he knew them too good.

Slowly he helped me to get out of my dress. The gentle touch of his fingers on my shoulder made me tingle and made me want him more and more.

While he let the dress slide down my body I went down to his neck and let a trail of small kisses lead down to the collar. I tried to stop thinking and started to unbutton his shirt. It was not the first time that I undressed him, but it was different this time.

Reaching the end of the shirt I placed kiss by kiss on his chest. My hands stroked over his chest up to his shoulders and slipped the shirt off off of him.

He lifted me up, just like he did when we came back into the room.

Carefully he laid me down on the bed and crawled over me on the bed.

I felt how his warm breath tickled along my neck when he planted small kisses down to my collarbone. He grabbed one of my hands and intertwined our fingers. With each move he made I squeezed his hand tighter and got more and more nervous.

“Just let me make you feel good baby…Don’t be nervous”

He came back up to my neck and kissed along my ear, moving his hand softly through my hair. I couldn’t help but moan from time to time. The way he made me feel with his touch was unbelievable.

One hand reached behind my unclasping my bra, while the other was roaming all over my body. Kiss by kiss he made his way down. Over my tummy, rubbing down to my thighs. Not even missing the smallest part.

Bruno got for a small moment up from the bed to get out of his pants and came back up to face me and kissed me. His hand was stroking from my inner thigh back up the same way over my tummy. Further over my breast to my shoulder, gently taking off the bra.

The before so soft kisses got more and more fire and I could feel he was ready.

One hand on my breast caressing it while our tongues explored each other.

He hasn’t done anything yet, but the way he licked and sucked down to my boobs made me go crazy. I throw my head back in the pillow, closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.

God…he was so good in what he was doing. He new exactly where to kiss and touch me.

A few seconds later I felt how he pulled down my panties and I tensed up again. It wasn’t the first time that he saw me complete naked, but still was it something complete different.

He looked up to me and gave me the sexiest smile and came again closer to my lips. I sighed and melted already when he came near my lips and I could only feel his breath.

“Relax baby…I’ll be as gentle as I can…just enjoy the moment….”

I nodded simply, not knowing what to do or what to say.

He kissed me again and pulled his boxers down.

He leaned back down to me on one arm and I saw how he fumbled around in the bag next to our bed. Somehow he made it to get out a condom. He gave me another sweet kiss and I couldn’t help but smile against his lips. Then I reached out for his hand and throw the condom away.

Bruno looked confused at me.

“I took already care about that.”, I whispered smiling.

The expression on his face was priceless. To bring him back to where we were, I kissed him again a little bit roughly and drove with my hand through his hair.

“Let me take care of you tonight…”, he whispered between our kiss and I felt how his hand wandered back down to my legs and spread them.

“Oh ohh my… oh fuck…”, I gasped. The first pain turned soon into pleasure and the only things I remembered were that I wrapped my legs tight around Brunos bag and soon our bodies moved in the same rhythm.


“Sorry for that babes!”, I said smirking and rubbed over Brunos shoulder, where I left a huge bite mark.

“That’s alright…so you liked it, huh?!”, he asked laughing when me fondling over my arm, while I laid on my side in his arms. I painted little circles with my fingers on his bare chest and smiled like a fool. I thought this should be answer enough. But decided then to give him a huge and long kiss as an answer.

“Yep…I think the same way about it!”, he giggled at my kiss.

“So you planned that, huh, mister?”, I asked joking with a hint to the condom.

“Well…you can’t say planned…I hoped! …. Same question to you!” “Actually I figured out I let you already wait too long… but since this all happened I thought you’ll survive a few days more!”, I said laughing and kissed his chest. “Sorry boo…you don’t know how much a appreciate that you waited for me! Thank you Bruno! Thank you for everything!”

“You were absolutely the worth wait baby! And you don’t know how much I appreciate that you waited for me. That you let me be the one…and I swear! I’ll never ever give you away!”

He pulled me even closer to him, than I was before and intertwined our legs. A last kiss on my head and we were out of space, prepared for much more of this, together.