Chapter 69+70

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The next morning I woke up, still in Bruno’s arms. I wonder how he can sleep like that all night, without his arm falling asleep.

The bright sun hit me in my face and made me automatically smile. When I looked over to Bruno, he was still fast asleep. He looked so cute. He must have slept like a baby after that night. His hair was all messy but looked so sexy. I just wanted to drive my hands through this sex hair. But that wouldn’t have been the nicest way to wake him.

That moment I realized, what really happened the night before.

Oh my … it was … I have no words.

Rapt in my thoughts, Bruno’s movement brought me back. I looked down to his chest that was only half covered with the blanket. I watched his chest move up and down in the same relaxed rhythm, before he inhaled and exhaled deeply.

His eyes were still closed but I could see how he wrinkled his forehead a bit. Suddenly I felt his hands move. With one of his hands he tapped carefully on the side of my body and the other hand touched my back.

I didn’t move a bit. I just stared at him waiting for what he did. Suddenly a smile creeped over his face. And at that point I was still not sure if he was dreaming or if he was awake.

But then he pulled me closer to his body and whispered: “Good morning Mrs. Mars!”

This sexy morning voice for the rest of my life! I’m blessed!

This deep but drowsy voice drove me a little crazy and there came this strong feeling up inside me, that I just wanted to jump on him.

Morning sexy!”, I smiled at him.

He sighed once more deeply and then he slowly opened his eyes. He looked in my eyes, smiling bright. He moved one hand from under the blanket and laid it around my neck. Coming closer to my face he whispered: “I missed you!” He kissed me and moved his hand back under the blanket, sliding down on my side.

“But I’m right here…”, I whispered back, enjoying his movements.

“Mhhhmm I know…”, he answered seductive, rolling on top of me. His hands wandered further all over my body. “And you’re still naked Mrs. Mars…”, he said his head buried in my hair. He kissed my neck and I felt how the kisses turned into a soft sucking. But with his hands he tickled my sides. He made me squirm like an idiot.

Between my laugh, when I could catch a breath, I answered: “…and so are you.” “Can I have you for breakfast.”, he finished before he bit in my neck. Making his way down to my shoulder, kissing and biting softly in turns.

“You sound like a little school boy Bruno.”, I said laughing when I pushed him lightly off of me, with my hands on his chest. But he came back down again, kissing me deeply.

“You gotta let me go to the bathroom first!”, I said against his lips, when he gave me another deep one. “You better hurry!”, he told me. He gave me another peck on my lips and rolled off of me.

On my way out of the bed I felt how he suddenly slapped my butt slightly. I turned around to him, raising an eyebrow.

“Hurryyy!!”, he said squeaking, what made me even more laughing.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I grabbed the cover of the bed and wrapped it around me.

“Heeey give that back!” Laughing I turned around to Bruno who laid complete naked on the bed without a blanket left.

Ignoring what he said, I walked off to the bathroom, leaving him without anything, but himself.


Bruno’s P.O.V.

Oh man this girl! I think I really got a jackpot with her. Only the thought of waking up next to her every morning brings an unbelievable huge smile up to my face.

She looked so sexy this morning. And even though I respect her completely and am somehow proud of her, that she wanted to wait till we got married. Honestly, I couldn’t wait anymore to continue what we started the night before.

Even though I didn’t think that I could live without it so good. I mean sure I missed it a lot and it was hard. But I could wait.

But now that I got the chance now, I gotta take it and treat her the best I can. And the good thing is, this is now all mine. I’m in heaven!

Suddenly I my thoughts got interrupted by a noise that I couldn’t define. I sat up in the bed and tried to find out where it came from. It sounded like the vibration of a phone. I got off of the bed and walked over to our bags. For a few seconds I stood their guessing where from it came. Then I bend down and opened zipper for zipper trying to find the origin.

It buzzed again and I found my phone. I thought I turned it off, because I promised Nila that the next two weeks no one will bug us. But seems like I forgot about it. I took a quick look and saw that Phil called….like a million times.

What could be so important that he called to often?

I decided to call him quickly back. Nila was still in the bathroom, so I got time.

After only two rings:

“Yo Phil…whaddup man? You called?” “Not only once! Nice that you were able to call finally back!”

That moment Nila came back out of the bathroom. I saw her reflection in the window I looked out.

Shit! She had the blanket a little bit open and walked over to me with a hips-shake to die. She knew I could see her. God she did that on propose! She looked so fucking sexy. I really couldn’t concentrate a bit on what Phil said.

Suddenly I felt how she pinched my butt cheek and wrapped then her arms around me from behind and then “Ohhuu!”, I couldn’t help myself, I felt how she pushed herself against my ass.

“I thought we said no phone Bru…”, she whispered against my shoulder blade and kissed there all around.

“It’s Phil! Sounds to be important!”, I whispered to her.

Don’t tell me it’s true and you two are in Las Vegas!”, Phil almost shouted into the phone.

“What??”, I answered confused.

At the same time I felt how Nila’s hands wandered deep down my stomach and made me taking deep breaths.

“Oh my…!” As much as I liked what she was doing, I needed her to stop before she could go down any further. I couldn’t concentrate a bit. Nada, niente, nothing!

I put my hand on her hands, just to stop her. “Just a few minutes baby!”, I said again to her.

“Wha what did you say?”, I asked Phil again.

At that moment Nila let go of me and stood, with the blanket completely wrapped around her, in front of me. “What’s wrong Bruno?”, she whispered to me.

I just lifted my index finger, making her wait a moment, that I could understand Phil.

I said don’t tell me it is true, that you two are in fucking Las Vegas!!” “What? Why? I mean how?!” “So it’s true! Please tell me it isn’t!” “Well kinda …” “What the fuck Bruno?! At least please please tell me you didn’t do what couples do in Vegas! Please don’t say the rumors are true!” “What?! Wait? How do you know that all??” “I found it in this magazine … I didn’t found it somewhere else yet, but it’s here! Bruno, damn! Did you guys??” “Well…”

Nila sat already on the bed watching me. She looked worried and I thought she already knew what it was all about.

Yes or no?” “….Yes we did!” “Oh my god! Bruno … I really should be happy for you guys and all but what did you think? Here’s this picture you all over her! In the middle of the street Bruno! In the middle OF THE STREET! I thought you was smarter!” “Listen Phil! Please! Please don’t tell anyone about it! We wanted to keep it a secret till the right thing! So please please keep it for you!” “A secret?! God you guys really couldn’t wait anymore, could you?! I’m not gonna tell anyone! But do yourself a favor and keep it low! I don’t think that too many people will see it, it’s only a small magazine and only handled as rumors! … God! And I thought you guys were chillin’ at the beach…”, he said finally laughing a bit.

Well then I gotta say congrats, my man! I think you two are really perfect for each other!”

This made me really smile. “Thanks man!” “Well than continue with what ever you … were doing! Uhhheewww…”, he said with his dirtiest laugh. “Alright! Thanks for calling, though! Bye!”

When I hung up, I saw Nila sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands.

“How bad is it?”, she asked me without looking up. “Not too bad!” “What shall that mean? God Bruno! I knew we shouldn’t have done it that way! I’m sure the whole world knows it already!” “No, no! They wont! It’s only a small magazine! And they didn’t even say, that we’re married! There’s only …” “What is only?” “There’s only the picture of us both on the street, when we arrived here … you know…when” “When you were all over me? God! Bruno! My family will kill me! What if they really find out all now? What did we even think?”

She stood up and walked nervously around in the room. Somehow that made me smile, because it reminded me on the day before, when we waited in that little chapel. She’s so cute when she’s doing that.

Then she walked over to the table and took my phone.

“What are you doing?” “Looking what everything’s already in the world wide web about this!”

I walked over to her, took the phone and put it back on the table.

“Baby, I promised you that no one will know it! And I keep my promise! There is nothing about the wedding! They only know that we’re here! And we’ll be soon gone so no one will know if it’s true or not!” “But what if my family sees that? They will ask! I can’t lie to them!”

I took her hands and made her look up to me: “Have they ever read anything of this gossip shit?!” “Nooo!” “You see! And they won’t this time either! … What? Why are you smirking like this?”

Smirking she looked me up and down…

“I can’t take you serious like this, boo!” That comment made me laugh, cause up to that moment I didn’t really realize that I haven’t even put on any boxers.

“And what do you wanna do about it?”, I asked her approaching her slowly.

Then she opened the blanket around her a little, coming closer, too.

“I think I’ll cover you up!” She stood right in front of me, as close as ever. She opened the blanket a little more and wrapped her arms around my neck, that both were wrapped in that blanket.

I took that opportunity, put my hands on her hips and pulled her even closer.

“God, baby! You’re so hot! And it hurts that you don’t even know how hot!”, I whispered along her neck, not touching it yet.

“When do we leave?”, she asked seemingly enjoying my moves.

“The flight takes off at 7p.m.” “Does your mom even know that we’re coming? This came everything came out of the sudden that you didn’t even gave me time to think about stuff like this!” “Yeah, but she thinks that we’ll be tomorrow there!” “So do we stay at a hotel? Not at her place?” “Hell no, baby! This is kind of…no wait! This is our honeymoon! And I’ll do those things for sure not with my mum next door! If you know what I mean?!”, I kissed her deeply.

“Yeah, I think I know what you mean!”, she said with a smile against my lips. With her arms still wrapped around me, she walked suddenly backwards over to the bed.

“We still got some time then, right?!”, she said breaking our kisses.

“Every time in the world, darling!”

“So if you still want some breakfast…”


Bathed in sweat I fell on top of Nila, trying to catch our breaths. Her heart against my chest, I felt how fast it raced. My lips pressed to her neck, tasting the sweat that run down.

“I love you, baby!”, I breath against her neck, still not able to speak complete sentences, feeling the last vibes running through my body.



Slowly able to breath, I rolled off to the side of her and kissed her cheek.

“Do you think the couple in the neighbor room is mad?”, she asked with the cutest laugh I’ve ever seen on her face.

It was like she let the whole room shine only with her presence. I didn’t think that was even possible, but she looked after our love making even more beautiful. Yes, what we did wasn’t just sex. Now that I had it with her, I think I never experienced it like that. Sure I slept with women I loved. But it felt with none of them as good as it felt with Nila!

I never thought I could love a woman that much! She’s my everything!

“Don’t know..”, I answered while I pulled a flick of hair out of her face. “At least I hope for them they left with their banging no holes ins the wall!”

“Oh noo!”, she giggled ashamed and buried her face from the side against my chest.

“Their fists must hurt … a lot!”, added teasing her.

“God Brunoooo … Stop it!” She banged with her fist playfully on my chest. She sat half way up leaning on one arm, raising her eyebrow at me.

“What?”, I asked laughing. “Your screaming: ohh yes Brunoo, don’t stop!, wasn’t to overhear!”, I imitated her.

Suddenly we heard another bang on the wall behind us! For a moment Nila looked shocked at me, but crashed then laughing down on my chest.

“Oh common Bruno! I wasn’t that loud!” “No you’re right! You were even louder! Poor neighbors!” “Don’t be so silly Bruno! It’s not like you got a halo over your head you know?!” “Me? Sure! I’m an angel!” “Yeah sure! I’ll record the next time your screams and moans! And shall I show you the marks you left on my hips? Obviously your hands!” “Ok, ok! You got me! I admit it! But I regret nothing!” “Yeah that’s what I thought!”, she said peering up to me, when she started kissing the last pearls of sweat from my chest.

Out of the sudden I felt how she slipped her hand under the blanket, drawing circles on my stomach. Going down and down and down! Holy shit! She was not touching yet, but alone the thought let me escape a moan!

I rolled her off of me and right on top of her.

“You know baby, don’t start anything, you can’t finish!”

“Who said I couldn’t?”, she answered.

“I was just saying … maybe we should do an experiment!?”

“And what would that be?”, she asked with a smirk, pushing me lightly up with her hands on my chest.

“You could help, reminding me, how loud I can make you really scream! And if we can make our neighbors come over and bang on the door!”, I finished with another deep kiss.

Did I already say how much I love her laugh??? And her eyes. Her beautiful green eyes with a light brown center and a dark fringe in the outside. I could get lost in them.

“You’re crazy boo! … Do you remember that we haven’t used that amazing bathtub yesterday again?”

“How could I forget that? And we’ll still doing it! We got the whole day!”

“But can we eat something before we do that?”

“Hadn’t you have enough yet?”, I asked smirking, leaning down to kiss her. Suddenly she put her finger on my lips and said: “Real food Bruno!”

“I got everything I need!”, I said when I took her finger from my mouth, licked it with the tip of my tongue and bit then softly in it.

“You’re silly Bruno!”, she laughed.

She pushed me again off of her and rolled over to the edge of the bed. She got up and started walking, but suddenly she stumbled a little and needed to balance herself.

“Whoo!”, she breathed out. “A little weak on your legs, huh?!”, I laughed behind her, while I laid on the my side leaning on my arm, watching every little move of hers.

“That’s not funny at all, mister!”, she said turning around, trying to hide her smile.

I lifted my arms up in defense, also trying to hide my smirk.

“Fuck”, she moaned as she rubbed her thighs.

“Exactly!”, I laughed way louder.

“You evil little thing! This is just your fault.”, she throw a towel, that lay on the chair next to her, at me.

“But you can’t say you didn’t like it!” “Whatever!”

“Heeey what are you doing now?” “Ehmm… What people do with clothes?!” She grabbed one of my shirts and then my boxer shorts and got ‘dressed’.

Without a word I followed all her steps with my eyes, waiting for what she will do. Sometimes she’s just like a riddle.

In the meantime I sat up in bed to watch her bit better.

Soon she came back with the menu card for the hotel restaurant, that laid on a table. She crawled back in to the bed and cuddled up next to me, studying the card concentrated.

“What?”, she asked when she realized I stared at her. No one spoke a word from the moment she pulled the clothes on. I admit I looked kind of fascinated maybe for her more confused. But at that moment I just admired her beauty the way she walked, even the way she pulled on the clothes. Always knowing what she wants, without being selfish or demanding.

Knowing that I’ll get to see this all for the rest of my life, was kind of heart warming. Yeah, the pure softie in me is talking. I can’t help it. I love this woman and just sitting next to her or watching her what she’s doing, makes me happy like I’ve never been before. It’s crazy how one person can do this to you. But I’m glad that she does!

“Nothing…so you’re still hungry?” “Yesss! I guess I’ll never stop being hungry.” “Then let’s see my very hungry caterpillar!”, I put my arm around her and kissed the top of her head.


“Bruno…I’m scared!” “Huh? Why?”, I asked from the bathroom, preparing the bubble bath I promised her already the day before. “Because…I meet your whole family…your mom, your sisters………I bet they don’t like me!” “Are you serious now, baby?” “Yeah…”

There she sat, with her head hanging down, fumbling around with her hands. She was looking like a picture of misery and had absolutely no reason for that.

“You know what your problem is, sweetie?”, I asked when I walked over to her. She shook her head no, still looking down, so I lifted her head up, making her looking at me.

“Nila, you think too much! And now come with me, the water is running!” I gave her a quick kiss, grabbed her hand and pulled her behind me in the bathroom.

I turned the water off and was almost in the tub, when I saw that she was still standing there in her clothes.

“Baby you need to get out of this!” At least she giggled now a little bit. I turned back around to her and hugged her tight.

“Do you think we can turn your head to autopilot and you come in with me now?!” She nodded and smiled.

Out of the sudden she said: “Bruno you look already so much better, than after you came back home this week. Do you feel good?”, she stroked with the palm of her hand along my neck, rubbing it slightly.

“I got married with the for me most amazing woman on this planet…and I’m not talking about my mom!”, I laughed, my arms still wrapped around her. “And I never slept better in my entire life, than this weekend! So, yes, I do feel great! And I would feel awesome, if you’d come with me now in there!” I let go of her but she pulled me again closer and gave me a deep kiss.

“You have the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen, Bruno!” “Nah, this were just my dimples you were falling for!”, I laughed at her. To here her laugh as a response is every time again, like music in my ears.


“Bruno, I’m sorry! …. But the pilot took over again.”, she broke after a few minutes the silence in the bathroom. We were just enjoying the warm water. Surrounded with bubbles. Her head laid on my chest. She sat between my legs and she positioned her hands on my thighs.

I had to smile about her comment. “And what does the pilot say?” “He says that I’m still scared about everything. It happened so much, that I had no time to think about this all. No time to prepare for that. Other ways I don’t wanna think about it, but I can’t stop.”

“Nila, but seriously, I have no idea what you’re afraid about? You know my mom and she knows you. You already met her and she loves you!” “But it was like two seconds I’ve seen her and I was not even your girlfriend. I was just a stranger, she didn’t know a bit about me.” “But you talked already on phone with her.” “Yeah, but still… that’s not the same!”

I sighed. How could I make her clear, that everything was alright? That she didn’t have to worry about this all?

I moved my hands from her tummy and grabbed hers from my legs and intertwined our fingers.

“Nila, listen …I’ve never told you about this…but I’ll do now!…You remember the night of the concert in Hawaii, right?! When we were before at my moms house?” “Sure…How could I not…” “Well that night after I brought you in your hotel room and I went back home, I found my mom waiting for me…” “Really? What did she want?” “I remember that she had a huge smile on her face and said I shall sit down next to her. I had absolutely no idea what she wanted. First I’ve thought I’m somehow in trouble…” “Aww thought little Bruno he gets in trouble with mommy?!”, she laughed. “No, listen, I’m not ready yet! … well she sat there with her smile and simply said: ‘So that was her, huh?’ And I was at that point even more confused. And then she said: ‘I’m talking about the girl, that makes you smiling like a fool. I assume that’s the same girl you brought here, earlier?’ And from that moment I knew she was right. You were the girl that made me smiling like a fool. So much that I didn’t even realized it. And you wanna know what else she said?” “Hmm…” “She said that you seemed to be a really nice girl and that she liked you. She wanted to know more about you. Where you came from, what we’ve done the weeks over and all this stuff. It got later and later and at a point she asked me how I feel about you and I answered her that I really liked you a lot, that I had an awesome time with you but I didn’t want anything more. That I didn’t want to fall in love with you and all those feelings, because I thought this wouldn’t have a future at all.”

“You didn’t want to??”, she asked me and I heard the disappointment in her voice.

“No I didn’t want to. At least that was what I thought. But after I told my mom all what she wanted to know she simply said: ‘It’s already too late! It’s just up to you to realize it!’ I had no plan what she was talking about. But then she continued: ‘If she’s really so special like you think she is, at least is it that what it sounds like when you talk about her with your huge smile, than you’ll find a way that you can get to know her better and maybe even have a future with her! And I love her already for making you that happy! Think about it… I haven’t seen you that happy in ages!’ And then she stood up gave me a kiss on my cheek and left me hanging with my thoughts. Believe me I slept that night not more than 10 minutes. I lay there the whole night, thinking about you and what my mom said. And she was right! She’s a mom! Moms always know those things. It was already to late. I guess I fell for you that day. That moment when I laid you down in your bed and watched you a few minutes and kissed your forehead. That was the day I knew I didn’t want to let you go! That I wanted to be the one waking up next to you.”

“And why didn’t you say anything the last evening? Why did you leave me hanging like that?”

“I wanted to! I planned that all! I wanted to kiss you and tell you how I felt and that I wanted to see you again… I wasn’t used to those feelings and got scared … I thought you might not feel the same and on the other hand I thought you might not be willing to deal with all the things that come up with being with me. I was simply afraid of rejection. And honestly if my mom wouldn’t have pushed me the next morning out of the house I wouldn’t have brought you to the airport! I didn’t plan that at all. I thought a last nice day with you and hoping to forget you soon would be easier than being rejected by you! But mom wouldn’t be mom if she wouldn’t have known me better than I know myself and helped me to my own luck!”

“…wow…”, was all she said.

“Do understand now that there is absolutely no reason to be scared that my mom doesn’t like you? If my mom wouldn’t have been, I wouldn’t sit here with my beautiful wife and tell her the whole story! She loves you! A lot! Even before I realized that I love you! You know, I didn’t let the fear of striking out keep me from playing the game, even when it was last minute! But I did thanks to her. And I’m so thankful that she knows me so good, other ways I wouldn’t have you now and would always think about what could have been. I love you and my mom loves you and that’s all that counts … actually does it only count that I love you! But what I wanna say is, that … the rest will love you, too!” “I don’t know what to say…why did you never tell me?” “I don’t know, maybe the time wasn’t right!” “Then I’ll you something, too now …honestly I didn’t wanted you, too. Well …I wanted you but I didn’t want you to be just a holiday flirt. I guess it’s also my fault that I made it pretty hard for you…” “It’s ok though. At least I got you now!” “Your mom is pretty cool… … I love you Bruno!”, she lend her head back up to me and I kissed her.

After a few minutes more she let go of my hands and put hers back on my thighs, rubbing them up and down. My arms still wrapped around her stomach.

“Why did I never see how sexy your knees are?”

“What? My knees are sexy? Hows that?”, things I’ve never heard before.

“I don’t know…. I just think they are…!”, she draw with her finger and the foam little circles on my knee.

No?! What? Would she do it again? Right here?, I thought to myself.

“Baby…”, she purred with a smile on her face. “Hmm?” “Don’t even think about it! I’m still so sore that I can’t walk straight!” “What? I didn’t even say anything!”, I said kind of shocked that she could read my mind.

“You don’t need to say anything… I know you! ….Don’t hate me!”

“I think I can wait till tonight …. and don’t even think about running away!”, I whispered from behind in her ear.