Chapter 6

25/05/2011 15:47


When I woke up in the morning Bruno wasn't there. I layed in bed for a few more minutes then I finally got up and walked to the kitchen. Bruno, Eric and Phil were sitting in the kitchen talking. "Hey baby. Come sit down." Bruno said and pulled a chair out for me. Eric looked at me and said. "I don't think I've met you yet." "Um no, I don't think Bruno introduced us. But I know who you are. Is that creepy?" I asked with a smile. Eric laughed. "No, I've had people say weirded things to me." Eric looked at Bruno and motioned to me. "I like her, you should invite her over more often." He said. "We just met yesterday." Bruno said with a laugh. Phil elbowed Bruno and said. "Well you guys sure got to know each other fast." Eric and Phil both started laughing really hard. Bruno's face turned red. "Wait, what?" I said confused. Bruno looked at me, nodded his head towards the bedroom and rolled his eyes. " I'm going to go get ready." I said and walked away, blushing. "How did they know?" I thought to myself. I shook my head and pulled some jeans and a cute shirt out of my bag. I got dressed, straightened my hair and did my makeup. When I walked back out Phil and Eric were gone. "Did you kick them out?" I asked playfully. "Nah they left on their own. Surprising,right?" He said. "So where do you want to go today?" He asked. "I don't care, you pick." I said. "Nope, you're going to pick. Come on where have you always wanted to go?" He asked. "Well, I really want to go to Hawaii." I said. "Alright, pack your bags. We're going to Hawaii." He said with a huge smile. A few hours later we were on a first class flight to Hawaii. As soon as we got there Bruno called someone and within five minutes his mom and sisters were in front of the airport. His family got out and gave Bruno hugs then put his bags in the trunk. After about a minute Bruno grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. "I want you guys to meet Katie.” He said. His family all had weird looks on their faces but after a little while they gave me hugs and we all got in the car. We ate dinner and put our stuff in our rooms then Bruno went to go spend some time with his parents and I went down to the beach with his sisters. I was a little worried at first because sometimes the family didn't get along so well with the girlfriend but everyone was really nice. His sisters walked beside me and included me in their conversations. Then they all got silent, “Bruno really likes you.” Presley said. "How do you know?" I asked. "Bruno's only brought one of his girlfriends to meet us.....and he was thinking about marrying her.” Tahiti said. I looked down, I felt awful. I was going to have to go back home soon. I couldn't even stand the thought of breaking Bruno's heart. I pushed the idea to the back of my memory and changed the subject. After swimming for a while we walked back up to the house and everyone else was sitting around the fire singing and playing instruments. I went and sat by Bruno. After listening to them for a while I started getting tired and the last thing I remember is laying my head on Bruno's shoulder and letting him sing me to sleep. When I woke up the next morning I was laying in a really soft bed. I rolled over and Bruno was laying beside me. "Good morning." Bruno said. "I was waiting for you to wake up, we're going to take a tour of the island today.", He said. I really just wanted to lay in bed all day but I could tell Bruno was so happy to be home and he was really excited to be showing me the Island. He had the cutest puppy eyes and I knew that I couldn't have said no even if I wanted to. So I got out of bed and got dressed. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom Bruno grabbed my hand and started dragging me outside. "Bruno stop! I wasn't done getting ready yet! I haven't even put my makeup on yet!" I yelled. He hugged me and said. "You look gorgeous. Now let's go!" I had a bad feeling about this but I didn't say anything, but thinking about it now I'm kind of glad I didn't. It caused alot of trouble but it was also the best thing that ever happened to me.



I could tell she didn't want to go with me, but she was nice enough to not say anything. And I was really glad that she hadn't just said no and stayed in bed all day. So I made sure to go to all the places she had wanted to see. My family didn't come with us because they already knew the island so well and nothing was new to them. We took my mom's car and started driving towards the beach. When we got out of the car at the beach Katie froze. I looked over at her. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing. It's just so beautiful." She said. I thought about that for a while. I grew up with the beach just a few miles away from my house. Me, Eric and my sisters walked here almost everyday in the summer when we were kids. I realized that this beach was really beautiful and it surprised me that I had never noticed it before. I guess it was like noticing wal-marts or hobos or something where I live now, when you lived in Hawaii the beach was just there, it was a part of your everyday scenery. Nothing too special. We walked for a little bit and then went to go swimming. After a while Katie asked me if I ever surfed. "Um no,not really. I would rather watch other people surf." I said. "Can you come surfing with me? I want to try it." She said. "I guess. Come on let's go get our boards." I said. We surfed for a few hours and then went to go look at some other things. We stayed in Hawaii for a week before we had to leave. I had a tour starting in a few weeks and I needed to start getting ready. Before we left my family wanted to have a barbeque to celebrate my new tour. Me. Katie and my sisters went to the grocery store to get the stuff for the party and when we were leaving the store something caught my eye. There was a picture of me and Katie at the beach on the cover of people magazine. It took me a second to realize that there must have been some paparazzi at the beach. Usually when I came to visit my family no one took pictures because in Hawaii I wasn't famous I was just Bruno Hernandez and I didn't get any special treatment. I was just an normal person. "Hey,come look at this." I said. Everyone walked over to look. When Katie saw it she gasped and put her hand over her mouth. I asked her what was wrong but she just shook her head. When we got on the plane she looked at me and said she had something to tell me. "Ok go ahead." I said. "Well...I um...I have a boyfriend back home." She whispered. I was shocked. "So that's why our picture being in people is a problem." I said. "Yeah, my boyfriend reads people all the time." She said. I could barely breath, this was going to be terrible for my career but that wasn't really what I was worried about, it was going to be some much worse for her. She was going to be in so much trouble. I had to figure out how to get all the copies of that magazine destroyed or this was going to get really ugly really fast.