Chapter 7+8

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Chapter 7

I opened my iced tea and took a sip, it felt so good as it ran down my throat. A half an hour passed and my phone vibrated.

“Just as scheduled.” I said and answered it.

“You wanted me to call?” Bruno said.

“What? No.”

“Oh I get it.”

“Uncle Tim?! W-wait, what happened?” Tito walked out.

“When?” I asked starting to cry.

“Wow, you’re good at this.” Bruno said.

“Thurs, okay, oh o-okay.” I wiped my face. “Bye, I love you.”

“Love you too.” we hung up.

“What happened?” Tito asked.

“My uncle Tim needs surgery.”

“What kind?”

“Brain, uh tran-transplant.” I stuttered. I rubbed my face. “On Thursday, he’s asking to see me before he goes in.”

“You need to take off, I understand. When will you be back?”

“Well, they have to fly him down to California for it, so I should be back Monday night, Tuesday morning.”

“Okay, don’t worry about it.”

“Thank you.” I said and wiped my face.

“Why don’t you go in the bathroom, and put some cold water on your face and take a break for a minute. I nodded and did as he said. I walked in the bathroom and texted Bruno.

‘It worked, thanks babe!’

‘Anytime!’ he replied. I wiped under my eyes, took a few deep breaths and walked out. The rest of the day was slow, so he let me go at 5. The beginning of the next week went by fast, Bruno and I spent the nights together almost everyday. Thursday night came around and Bruno knocked on my door.


“Ready to go?” I asked when she opened the door.

“Yeah.” she picked up her suitcase, I grabbed mine and we went downstairs to the waiting cab with Phil in it.

“Hey Phil.” She said.

“Yo.” he said all goofy. When we got to the airport we had to go through heavy security. When we finally got on the plane Phil sat in the window seat, I was in the middle andSydney was in the isle. When we finally made it, it was super early Friday morning. We took a cab to the hotel, out room had to beds in it. One for Phil and one for Sydney and I. 

“Get some sleep so were not tired, our interview is in 12 hours.” Phil said. We all hopped into our beds and passed out. Phil woke up first at 9:30 he took his shower and got ready. I was next. I got up at 10:30 took my shower and got ready. Sydney was last at 11:45. She took her shower, got ready and we ordered room service for lunch. At one we went downstairs and took a taxi over to the studio. We got there with ten minutes to spare. We were greeted by the receptionist and led into a conference room.

“I‘m Henry, this is mark, and Taylor.” Henry said. 

“I‘m Bruno, my partner Philip Lawrence and this is Sydney.”

“Bruno, Bruno what?” Phil and I looked at each other.

“Mars, Bruno Mars.”

“Mars?” Philip asked laughing.

“Why Mars?” Mark asked.

“Because I was once told I was out of this world.” I said and looked at Sydney, she blushed a little and lowered her head.

“So, we like your sound.” Henry said. “Could you sing us something now?” he asked Sydney.

“With them or alone?” she asked.

“Alone.” she started singing and they loved it. “Definitely talent, now you.” he said to me and Phil. We sang a song and they nodded a few times.

“Good.” he said when we were done. “We definitely wanna work with you.” he said.

“Oh that’s great!” Phil said.

“We meant Sydney. You two sound good, but she has something more than you. We’re still debating about you two. What do you say Sydney.” She looked at us.

“We’re a whole package, all or nothing.” she said.

“Sydney, don’t do that. This is your dream.”

“Our dream!”

“Is there anything I can do to help persuade you?” I asked.

“Well, singers write songs, write some songs, come back and we’ll go from there.”

“I have two with me now.”

“Great lets hear them.” I started singing Somewhere in Brooklyn Phil came in on his parts, and they loved it. Then I started just the way you are with Phil.

“Amazing! Why didn’t you sing like that to begin with?”

“It’s easier to sing like this when the song is personal and has specific meaning.”

“Great answer.” Taylor said.

“We’ll draw up a contract and you can come back in tomorrow to sign, that is if you wanna sign.”

“Of course we do!” I blurted. We all shook hands and left. 

“Let’s go to the beech!” Sydney said.

“Im down for some sun!”

“Yeah, get my tan on!” Phil said.

“Man, please.” I laughed at him. We changed into our trunks and Sydney put on a bikini. We walked down to the beech and sat on out towels on the sand. 

“I love it out here!” Sydney said laying back.

“Yeah the view is amazing!” I said looking at her.

“View of what exactly?” she asked. She caught me starring at her chest.

“Many thing.” I said pointing to the water laughing. She threw some sand at me. 

We staid out in the sun for a few hours, we went in the water and had so much fun. When we left the beech we went out for dinner at a nice steakhouse. We walked around the city that night, just laughing and having a good time. When we got back to the hotel we watched some T.V until we fell asleep.  The next morning we woke up got ready and headed down there to sign the contracts. When we left we headed over to Presley’s house. I knocked on her door.

“Bruno?! What are you doing here?” she asked and hugged me.

“Well, we got some news.” I smiled, she looked at Sydney. “This is Sydney.

“Hi.” Sydney said.

“Hey. Hey Phil. Guys come on in.” we walked in she got us something to drink and we sat on the couch.

“So what’s the news?” She asked.

“We got signed.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Elektra records.” she smiled.

“No way!”

“We just signed the contracts.”

“Congratulations! You sing too?” she asked Sydney.

“Yeah.” she smiled.

“She’s amazing!” Phil said.

“Oh Bruno, I’m glad you’re here! You’ll never guess who I ran into the other day.”

“Who?” I asked.

“Stephanie.” I looked down.

“Who’s Stephanie?” Sydney asked.

“Bruno’s girlfriend.”

“That woman is not my girlfriend!” I yelled. 

“She seems to think other wise.” she said smiling. Sydney sat there quietly. "She wants to meet up with you, since you're single I'll set it up."

"I...I'm not single." Sydney and i never discussed it, but i'm pretty sure we're together.

"Really? Who is she." i looked over at Sydney so did Presley. Sydney waved her hand a little.

"Oh, god I'm so sorry! I didn't know."

"I'ts okay." Sydney said. 

"This should be awkward." Presley said.

"What should be?" I asked.

"Bruno?!" a girl squealed, I looked over and saw Stephanie standing in the kitchen doorway, she was smiling.


Chapter 8 

“Stephanie’s here.” Presley said.

“Edena? I asked Stephanie.

“I thought her name was Stephanie?” Sydney asked.

“It is, he’s just being difficult.” She said to her.

“Just stop, her name is Edena.”

“Before you continue telling my business to strangers, who are you?” she asked Sydney.

“That’s Sydney, my girlfriend.” I told her.

“No no, I’m your girlfriend.”

“Edena did you take your medicine today?” she walked out of the room. “She has too many disorders to go through. When we first met she told me her name was Stephanie, she seemed cool and we hit it off. Things started changing, she started forgetting things and not recognizing me, then she turned suicidal. I didn’t wanna break up with her because of that, but her parents and therapist thought it was best. Once she started taking her medicine she didn’t understand why I wasn’t with her and said that everything she did before was fake and that she was fine.”

“Oh.” she said quietly.

“Yeah. I would never be the person to break it off because they had an issue, but they said it was best.”

“There, I took my medicine, happy?” Edena said walking back in. “So babe, when are we going out tonight?” she asked sitting on my lap. I picked her up and slid her off me.

“No, I’m not your boyfriend anymore Edena. Please understand this.”

“I have a twin.” she said.

“You don’t have a twin Edena.” Presley said rolling her eyes.

“Seriously, she is the one with the issues, I’m normal! How can I prove that?”

“If you’re normal what medicine did you just take?”

“My insulin shot.” she said and showed me the top of her arm, it had a dot on it where you could tell she had a shot.

“I’m supposed to believe you?”

“Yes it’s the truth.” she said.

“Even so, I’m with Sydney and I’m as happy as I’ve ever been.” she glared at Sydney and walked away.

“Anyways!” Presley said sipping her drink. “How much longer are you guys here for?”

“We leave Monday.”

“So wait you’re gonna have to move down here right?”

“Yeah.” Phil said.

“I forgot about that part.” Sydney said. She shook her head.

“What the problem?”

“Nothing just thinking about finding a place to live, shipping my stuff over, money…”

“Yeah, we’re gonna have to plan.” Phil said. Phil got a call.

“Hello?” he answered. “We leave Monday.” pause. “When?” pause. “Okay…” pause. “How are we supposed to afford that?” pause. “Oh you will?” pause. “Great! You too, goodbye.” he hung up. “I think they heard you because that was them. They’re gonna pay for a place for us. Well $500.00 each.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if we lived together? At least for now until we can all save up some money?” I asked.

“I’m fine with that.” Phil said, we looked at Sydney.

“Yeah, that’s cool.” she smiled. 

“So next month we move.” Phil said.

“W- next, next month?” Sydney asked.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Nothing. I think I wanna go home before we move.” she smiled to herself. “Who knows when I’ll be able to see them again.”

“Where exactly is home?” 


“Oh cool. Maybe I should go home too.”



“What? Like seriously?”

“Yeah.” I chuckled.

“Why would you move from such a beautiful place?”

“I wanted more.” she nodded.

The rest of the night we drank, ate, and laughed. We left her house around 1a.m.  We woke up the next morning and just lounged all day. My phone started ringing.


“Hey, I’m gonna stop by. Be there in about ten minutes.” my dad said through the phone.

“Oh dad, I completely forgot, I’m not in New Your right now. I’m in California.”


“Yeah, with Phil and Sydney.

“WHAT?!” he repeated. “You can afford to just go?”

“No, but um someone paid for our trip.”


“Electra Records.” he was silent.

“What did they want?” he said after a long pause.

“They signed us dad! All three of us.”


“Yeah, it’s a dream come true. We move out here next month.”

“So just curious, but when were you gonna ask my permission?”

“Permission? Why would I need your permission?”

“Because I’m your father! You can’t just up an move!”

“But dad this is my dream, my life! It’s something good, I’m not just coming out here for the hell of it!”

“We’ll discuss this when you get back.” he said and hung up on me.

“Everything alright?” Sydney asked sitting next to me.

“My dad’s mad because I didn’t tell him.” she rubbed my arm.

“Can he stop you?”

“No, but he can make me feel horrible. I don’t know how I’m gonna deal with this.”

“You’ll get through it.” she said rubbing my back, I smiled at her. “We leave tomorrow. Anything we still need or want to do?”

“I can’t think of anything.” Phil said.

“Something crazy!” I said.

“Like?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” I laughed. "I don’t know." I laughed.

"I know it's not crazy, but i still want to get my tattoo." She said.

"Ooouu, maybe i'll get something pierced!" i said excited.

"Yeah, you'd look sexy with a nipple piercing." She joked.

"Hmm, i would wouldn't I?"

"I was kidding!" she laughed.

"It's too late because i already want it."


"Hey Phil..wanna do me a favor?" i asked turning to him.


"Go to the store and buy Whipped Pinnacle Vodka, iced tea, and ginger ale?"

"You drink vodka?" Bruno asked.

"Ever since I was 15. My mom would give me shots sometimes, and i drink other things. If you drink it with the ginger ale it taste like Cream soda."

"I like cream soda." Bruno smiled.

"I know you do. but it tastes good chased with iced tea, or go by itself. Don't act like you don't drink! How old are you 21?" i asked Phil.

"22 actually." he said.

"So then you know." i smiled. "Here." i gave him a 50 dollar bill and he left. when he got back, 20 minutes, he had all that i asked and three shot glasses.

"Gimmie." i smiled grabbing the bottle. i poured us around. "Here ya go boys." i handed them theirs. "I'd like to propose a toast. To you guys, with out you my dream, OUR dream, wouldnt be coming true right now, and i wouldn't have met that special person in my life," i looked at Bruno, he winked at me, "Thank you."

"To us." Phil said. we chimed our glasses in the middle.

"Ahh.." i said when i swallowed.

"That's strong." Phil said smiling.

"Woo.." Bruno shhok his head and his cheeks jiggled, "I like the burn." i laughed.

"So what are you gonna get?" i asked Phil.

"I don't know, probably nothing."

"You'd look good with a piercing." i walked over to him and grabbed his ear lobe. "Riiiiiiightt here." i said and gave him a little pinch.

"Ow." he laughed.

"C'mon two more shots and we'll go." i pourned another round and we drank them. we did the last round, i grabbed the iced tea put on my bikini with jean short on top and we walked downstairs to find a tattoo/piercings place. We walked into one that had rock music playing, the smell of smoke, alcohol, and other illegal things, and the sound of buzzing needles in the air. i looked around and they're tattoos looked pretty good, Phil looked uncomfortable.

"You okay?" i asked him.

"Yeah, fine." he lied.

"Yo, can i help you?" a guy asked, i turned around and faced a guy behind a counter.

"Hey, yeah." i gave him my picture and he went in the back to make the copy and stencil. he came out and walked all three of us to a room. He put the stencil on my upper back in the space between and above my shoulder blades and i checked in the mirror to make sure it looked good; i approved. he got everything, pt on gloves and got to work. it hurt, not that bad, but it was nothing i oculdn't handle. half way through he let me stand up to stretch my legs. When he was finished i got up and looked in the mirror.

"Where's Bruno?" i asked Phil. He just stood there shaking his head and smiling. he came from around the corner.

"Hey, where were you?" i asked him, he stood there smiling. "What did you do?" i laughed. he lifted up his shirt. "You DIDN'T!" i walked over and put my hand underneath his left nipple. "Oh my god!" i laughed. Through his left nipple was a good sized silver hoop. "I can't believe you got your nipple pierced." i laughed at him, he did look sexy though, not gonna lie.

"The alcohol helped." he smiled. we walked out of the room, Phil was looking at piercings.

"So you find something yet?" i asked walking up next to him.

"I don't know." i walked over to the closet girl with a piercing gun and asked her for it. she put a small stud in it and handed it over smiling. i crept up behind Phil, put it over his left ear and pulled the trigger.

"HEY!" he jumped when i pulled the gun off. "Are you crazy?!"

"You were taking too long." i smiled and gave the girl her gun back. she gave me a high five laughing.

"You don't know what you're doing, that kinda hurt too. What if you missed?" i shoved a mirror in his chest. "What if it's off-" he looked in the mirror and shut up." I look gooooood!" he smiled checkin himself out in the mirror.

"You're welcome!" i shook my head.

"Chack ya boy out!" he said and posed, we laughed. i paid for my back, Bruno for his nipple, and Phil for his ear. we walked along the boardwalk with all the shops, games and food places. Bruno held my hand as we walked.

"Step right up, win a prize!" a vendor said as we walked by. "Win a prize for hte lady!" He said to Bruno.

"What do you have to do?" he asked.

"Throw the ball and knock down the bottles." he looked down at me, i smiled up at him. 

He put money down and the guy gave him 5 balls. he threw the first ball and missed them all, i laughed at him. he threw the second one and knocked the first one down.With the third ball he knocked two of them down. the fourth one, nothing! Phil and i were snickering the whole time, Bruno laughed sometimes. With the fifth ball he shot two of htem out, but the ball bounced up in the air.

"Aw too bad you didnt win." the vendor guy said. the ball bounced back down and knocked the last ball down. "Looks like you did win! Pick your prize." Bruno saw me starring up at the sea turtle. Bruno nodded towards it and the guy brought it down, Bruno handed him to me.

"Thank you!" i hugged the turtle. His arms, legs, tail, head and neck were light green with arek green sections. His shell was Blue with green section outlines and he had big black eyes. "I love him!" i said and hugged Bruno, he gave me a kiss. we walked more hand in hand and stopped at a grill. We odered some food and went back to the hotel. When we got in we turned the A.C on because it was HOT. We were tired so we went to bed. I slept in my bikini on my stomach, Bruno in his boxers on his back, and Phil in his boxers on his right side.

When we woke up we tried to pack up some things because we're leaving tomorrow. We ordered some room service and just hung out in the room. We watched T.V, played games, laughed and just hung out in the A.C; they even wrote some songs. The next day we went back to Presley's house one last time so Bruno could see her before we left. He spent the day with her, she was shocked when she found out about his piercing and Phil and I went to the beech. At the end of the night, we finished packing, and went to the airport. We were sitting the same way as the way out here.


When we got back to Brooklyn, Phil went home, I went home and Sydney came over after she unpacked.

"So when are you gonna leave for Ohio?" i asked her.

"I don't know. I still have to think of a story to quit and tell Tito about my 'uncle'." she did air quotes around uncle. "What about he died?" she asked.

"That could work."

"I'll tell him he passed away on the way there, we had a funeral, i sang at it, was discovered and they want me to move out there!" she smiled. "If you were my boss would you believe that?"

"I might."

"When are you going to Hawaii?" she asked.

"The week of the 4th."

"Oh yeah, june is over in a week or so. I guess i'll go next week."

"Can I come?" i asked shyly.

"If you want of course!" she smiled. "I'm warning you now though, my family is crazy, always drinking, and always laughing!" she laughed.


"Yup, and plus the tempers, we got German, Irish and many more!"

"What exactly are you? If you don't mind me asking.

"A lot! Besides those two, Russian, Czechoslovakian, Belgian, Choctaw, Cherokee and African American." i starred at her.

"Wholy shit! You're international!" we laughed.

"Yeah and probably more." she smiled. "What about you?"

"Puerto Rican and Philipino. That's it." he shrugged.

"You say it like those aren't good things. Aren't you considered Hawaiian since you were born there?"

"Yeah i guess you could say that." we sat there in silence for a minute.

"'s the nipple?" she asked then laughed when she saw my face.

"A little sore, you wanna see it?" i asked.

"Yeah." she smiled. i lifted my shirt and showed her. She smiled, bent down and kissed the skin next to it.