Chapter 7 - Busted

05/06/2011 12:07

“You guys had sex?!” John blurts out. I cover his mouth and tell him to shut up, because if anyone were to hear, I would be screwed. 

         “Say it louder so the police can hear it why don’t you!” John puts his hands up and apologizes to me.
         “I don’t know why I’m shocked... but I am shocked by the fact that you both were yelling at each other today. In front of the whole class!” He puts his hands on my shoulders and says really loudly. “What is this?!” I laugh and pull him off my shoulders.
         “We got into a fight about…” I stop and start thinking for a lie. “…nothing. He just got mad at me. So he stopped, and now we are pissed at each other and I have detention.” I sigh and look at the slip of paper Mr. Jameson had given me and finally when school had ended I walk home by myself because John got called home because there was some emergency, so I guess he won’t be coming over today. I get inside the apartment building and I see something just sprawled out on the floor. It’s furry and it has a tongue. It’s actually really gross looking but I go up to it begin to pet it.
         “Who is an awful looking puppy? Who is? Yes you are!” I coo to it when someone taps my shoulder. I look behind me and some very attractive young boy is smiling at me. “Is this your dog?”
         “Yeah... that awful looking thing is my mom’s.” I blush and want to take back what I had said about the dog and stand up.
         “I meant what an awfully cute looking dog...” I try and save myself but he has a smile on his face and I know he knows I’m lying.
         “It’s cool... really I hate the dog too.” I laugh at his honesty and give him his. He nods to me in thanks I guess.
         “I’m Luke. This is Powder.” He points to the dog with a sarcastic smile. I giggle and that’s when I see some man making his way over here.
         “I’m Tatianna.” I respond to him. “I don’t have pets... just a mom you know?”
He stops in front of us and says, “Mom’s and wives the hardest animal of them all... Raina... is that you?” I stop breathing and look up at the man. What do I do?
         “N-no... I’m Tatianna. Who is Raina?” I try and act natural as if I had been asked the most random question of all.
         “Are you sure? Because we have a friend... she has a mother and a daughter who looks just like you! Crazy!” He says looking closely at me. I try avoiding eye contact. “Eleanor! Come here look at this girl!” He yells. As he and his son are turned around I make a run for the elevator and get in as soon as I hear him. “Doesn’t sh... where’d she go?” I’m in the elevator trying to calm down. How did he know me? I mean the real me. I reach my floor and run down the hall to my apartment room and walk in on my mom making out with Bruno. Ew... they just don’t go with me. Why can’t she pick a guy her age?
         “Bruno why don’t you leave this to your own room, but later. I need my mom.” I look at my mom and she sees the worry in my eyes.
My mom pats his shoulders and says. “You should go... she’s right.” Bruno nods his head and kisses her lips real slow and sensual. I don’t know if it’s to annoy me or what, but if it is... it’s working. He finally ends his little sex fest and begins walking out.
I open the door and as he is just going by me he looks at me. “She’s lying to you too.” I whisper to him. I close the door before he has a chance to say anything and I look back at my mom. “Someone’s in the apartment building.”
         “If you haven’t noticed there are people everywhere.” She responds.
         “But do all of them know my real name?!” I exclaim to her.
She quickly looks up from her shoes to my face and stands up, “You can’t be joking with me right now Tatianna. Who was it?” She asks me.
         “Mom I don’t know who he is! He’s tall, light, short brown hair and he has a son, Luke, and wife named Eleanor...” My mom looks up to the cieling as if she were trying to remember who it was.
         “I can only think of Maxwell Dunkin. He was one of your father’s employees before...” before that time in the hospital.
         “I tried to tell him my name was Tatianna… I don’t think he believed me.” she walks closer to me and grabs pieces of my hair and twirls them in her hand.
         “It’s time for a change of color... for the both of us.” She says nodding her head and smiling. “Let’s go get our hair done...” She takes my hand and we walk out just to find Bruno standing at the doorway. “Bruno what are you doing here?!” My mom exclaims putting her hand on her heart.
         “Errr... nothing?” He scratches his head and tries looking around for something to make an excuse of. There was nothing so I motioned my mom to go get the elevator ready.
         “What did you hear Bruno?” I ask him when my mom was gone.
He shrugs. “Raina why don’t you tell me who the fuck you and your mom really are?”
         “For the same reason we can’t be dating.”
         “Because it’s illegal?” He questions me.
I stand on my tip toes and get real close to him. “Because it would be wrong.” I can feel him loing his breath. He still has the feelings for me.
         “And it isn’t wrong to lie?” He asks me as he barely, just barely... like seriously he just barely touches my lips.         
         “Tatianna! Get your ass over here!” I hear my mom yell to me. I turn around and run off to her. When I get back, I’m no longer long, straight black hair to a light brunette with sutler, darker highlights. My mom’s old brown hair is now a strawberry blonde. I can’t believe she made me change my hair color. I feel different... like the old me. My mom and I were back in the apartment when Bruno comes walking in and grabs a hold of my mom and begins swaying back and forth with her. I turn on the TV and look back to see him kissing her neck.
         “Get a room assholes.” I say a little to loud. My mom gasps and I’m no grounded along with detention, shit. A couple of weeks pass and we lie low from this Mr. Dunkin’s guy. Turns out he lives in the apartment building across from ours so we were okay.. aside from Bruno still asking me questions from time to time. One day my mom was completely out from getting drunk the night before with some friends so I leave my room and sit down in the lounge on the second floor and start reading whatever there seems to be on the table.
Bruno walks around the corner and sees me. He walks over and looks around, “I’m sorry.”
I look up from what I was reading and cough. “Excuse me?”
         “I said I’m sorry!” He says louder and realizes I knew what he had said before. He hits my shoulder and kneels in front of me.
         “For?” I wanna hear him explain.
         “For stopping, pulling out. It’s been three weeks since that.... and I regret yelling at you. I regret being mad at you the day after. Then being all.. kissy with your mom for these past weeks. I should break up with her... but if she ever found out why I think she would hate us both.”
         “She would, but would you rather her hate you for liking me? Or because you’ve been lying for the past few weeks about liking her?!” I hold his cheek and he leans in and kisses me. “No one has ever raced my pulse as much as you do.” I whisper after the kiss.
         “Please tell me the truth Raina.” He begs me.
I sigh and look around. “Okay here’s the story...”