Chapter 71+72

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“Ohhh … it still looks all so beautiful! Even in the dark!”, I laid my chin on her shoulder and we looked together out of the window in the airplane.

“Sweet, sweet home!”

I missed that all a lot. Being here now, back together with Nila is like paradise. Even though Nila made me missing this all a little bit less than I usually would and I got now my own little family, I can’t wait to see the rest. It’s been a long time now. Actually the last time, when I met Nila. It’s crazy how fast the time passes when you got your hands full with work! It’s now more than one and a half year …

“In which hotel do we stay, baby? Is it also all the way deluxe like the one in Vegas?”, she laughed by the word deluxe, mentioning that it was absolutely not what she needed to be happy.

“Believe it or not! It’s even better!” “Bu…”, I interrupted her with a kiss before she could even start her sentence.

“Just wait and see!” Our nose rubbed a little bit at each other and I saw her smile.

“I just hope for you the bed is just as good as the one before! I got high standards now!”

“Don’t worry! You’ll survive, when it’s getting down in it.”, I whispered half nibbling on her ear. Planting small kisses down to her neck. At that point I can always wait for her to tilt her head to the side and to snicker silently and at the same time covering her mouth with one hand, while my lips continue to tickle her neck. It get’s even more critical behind her ear. I know exactly what I need to do to hear her sexy laugh!


“So… sweetie! I’m sorry but I need to blindfold you!” Wohoo that look!

“Are you serious now? It’s almost two years ago that I’ve been here! Do you really think I’ll know where we’ll go to if I see it?” “Yes you will and now shut up! No wait! Kiss me before!”

I know she wanted to protest again but I didn’t let her and planted my lips on hers. I don’t know if it was the kiss, but I felt how her head fell a little to the side, so I kept my hands a little longer on her cheeks and deepened the kiss a little more.

When I pulled away her eyes were still closed and she bit with a cute smile softly her bottom lip. I licked my lips by that look, already looking forward to the upcoming things.

I blindfolded her with a scarf and soon after that we arrived at the hotel, I planned to stay.

Careful I helped her out of the car that we rented at the airport and walked with her in into the hotel. Our baggage should be, like planned, already in our room when we going upstairs.

I checked in and let her for a minute a few minutes standing alone, not that she finds out where we are.

After everything was done I walked over to her. I grabbed her by the elbow and shove her over to the elevator. “He heey!”, she protested. I admit I was little bit rough with her.

Trying to speak with a deeper voice I whispered from behind in her ear: “If you stay silent young lady, nothing bad will happen to you!” She laughed about it, so I assume nothing happened and I wasn’t too rough with her.

The doors of the elevator opened and I walked her in the elevator and in the middle I spun her around that she faced me.

Luckily was no one in there. I don’t know if it was the Hawaiian air or it was me, but she looked second for second hotter and I honestly couldn’t wait anymore to have her.

Right then and there.

I put my hands on her hips walking her backwards pushing her against the wall.

I kissed her lips and let my hands wander to her lower back. I felt her smile against my lips and when I pulled away she whispered: “Whatchu doing?” “What does it feel like?”, I breathed against her neck, moving with small kisses up to her ear, obviously tickling her again.

“Is no one in here?”, she whispered again. “Absolutely no one!”, I whispered back in her ear. When I squeezed her butt lightly I felt how she took a deeper breath. While I lingered a little more on her neck I felt how she searched for my lips. It was sexy seeing her so helpless, begging me to bring my lips back up on hers.

“That’s unfair…I can’t see where you are!” She tried to find with her hands a part of me where she could grab a hold.

“I’m right here!”, I said against her lips. I grabbed her arms and put them around my neck, knowing that her hands would usually end up in my hair. She pulled me even closer and moaned quiet and softly in my mouth when I squeezed her butt one more time. God that turned me on!

In the heat of the moment I lifted her up and in the same time she wrapped her legs around me. I pressed her even more against the wall and myself between her legs. Our breaths got quicker by every second and I let one hand slip under her shirt.

Right at that moment she pulled her lips from mine and interrupted me out of breath: “Baby…we can’t…not in here!”

Right at that moment we heard the loud BLING!!! of the elevator.

I had to give in and let her careful with her feet back down to the floor.

“We’re not done yet, baby!”, I said again from behind in her ear.

I wrapped my arms around her waste and walked her out of the elevator, over to our room. Standing right before the door I couldn’t wait anymore to see her face!

I opened the door and everything was just perfect.

I walked with her over to the glass door of the balcony and opened it, leading her outside.

“You ready?”, I asked her as I buried my face in her hair and kissed her neck again.

“Yes please, take it off!”

Without killing her any more I took the blindfold off and waited for her reaction.

“…”, she said absolutely nothing! But her mouth was wide open!

Job done!, I thought proudly to myself.

“Do you like it?”, I tried to get some words out of her.

She starred a few seconds more out to the perfect look to the beach with the sea right behind.

She turned around to me and asked: “Are you serious now with that question??”

She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me as close as she could to her and kissed me deep and passionately!

When I pulled away I smiled brightly at her and said: “I take that as a yes!” “I love you!”, she took my hand and pulled me back inside the room and looked astonished around.

“Is it the exact same room I had?” “The exact same room! Number 783”, I hold up the key to show her the number.

“Oh my god! You’re so awesome Bruno! How did you do that?” “My magical skills!” “Oh man!! You’re right! This is even better than in Vegas the room! Thank you so much! That’s really unforgettable!”

She was still looking around in the room when I grabbed her hand and flipped her back around to me and kissed her without a warning.

“Where did we stop?” “Don’t know…remind me! I couldn’t see anything!”

I lifted her up once again, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me, real tight. Nothing started slow off anymore! And she didn’t seem to have a problem with that anymore.

I crawled with her on the bed and laid her down. Pulling her shirt over her head, I kissed from her stomach up to her breast.

“Bruno! Is the door locked??”, she asked with one hand in my hair.

I crawled off from the bed, run to the door as fast as I could, put the ‘do not disturb’ sign from the outside on the door and locked it twice. While running back to her I opened already my pants and stumbled out of them and took my shirt of as well, right back on the bed.

“You got no time?”, she laughed at me. “Honestly, not tonight!”

I went straight back down to her neck and let my hand move down to her jeans.

“You can’t get me going, and then try to slow me down, baby!”, I breathed against her skin.

“But don’t hurt me!”, she answered half joking, half serious … I felt it.

For a short moment I looked up to her and stopped kissing her neck. I smiled brightly and our noses touched before I kissed her lips.

“I wont! I’ll never do that, baby! I promise!”

“Ok..”, she whispered and I could see a smile escape.

“So. Let’s get you out of these damn jeans!”, I said heated up like never before.

I made it somehow to get her out of this stuff and pulled her underwear luckily with it.

“Don’t smirk like this you jerk! You planned that!”

“I can’t help it! It just wanted to get down.”, I told her innocently.

Surprisingly she grabbed me on the waistband of my boxers and pulled me back close to her, kissing me passionately. It was incredible the way her lips made their way along my jaw bone. I felt how her tongue burned on my skin.

The moment I caught her lips again with mine and our tongues danced with each other, I felt how her hands made their way in the back of my shorts and made me gasp unmistakable loud.

To feel her smile on my lips when I drove one of my hands through her wavy her, was one of the best feelings. And it got even better when I felt how she squeezed my butt and she whispered sexy: “I thought you got no time…” “I need time to enjoy all this!”, I said before I kissed her once more and my hand traveled along her neck, over her breast, down her sides to her thighs.

I don’t know how she’s doing it, but no one else makes my whole body tingle like she does.

One of her hands moved back to my neck and rubbed there along up to my hair gripping it tight, when I sucked softly on her neck. I quite moan escaped her mouth, that she obviously tried to hold in. But another squeeze on my butt told me, she couldn’t.

“Don’t do things your mama could see in the end, nasty boy!”

Gosh this girl is such a tease!, I thought. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and ribbed the bra a little bit too rough off of her. But she didn’t seem to mind that so I leaned down to kiss my two babies. I could spend all day with them. They are just so perfect, a dream for every man. I swear! This is heaven!

With every kiss, every licking and little sucking she grabbed my hair tighter.

“Baby?!”, she breathed. I looked up from the middle of her boobs and saw her closed eyes, pushing her head back in the pillow, slowly opening her beautiful eyes again.

“Let’s get you to the place where you belong to!”

In the same moment she pushed my boxers down and we let the things flow…


Cuddling up next to each other after sex is one of the best feelings. Even though Bruno is by far not as trained as … like … Ryan?! … But he is perfectly defined, just the way I like it. And perfectly enough to feel good and protected in his arms.

those arms … and those shoulder …

We laid on our sides and Bruno hold me from behind on my waist.

Do you know that you look fuckin sexy when you grab the bedsheets that tight?!”

His hand moved up to one of my boobs and squeezed it lightly.

You had not enough yet tonight?!”, I asked as put my hand over his.

He kissed softly along my ear and nibbled lightly when he said: “Never!”, sending a shiver down the back of my neck!


Part 72

“Nila?” I looked up from my book. “Why are you already up?”, he asked me with his sleepy morning voice. He lend on both of his arms to see me sitting on the couch on the opposite.

“I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I decided to get up and get ready!” “Oh my … who did I marry? You’re crazy!”

He rubbed his eyes and let himself fall back on the bed.

I’m not gonna lie! This was one of the cutest things. Like a little kid that gets dragged out of the bed for school. And especially his messed up morning curl head. You could plop every little one with your finger. A thing that I could do all day long.

“Nila?”, he mumbled. Again I looked up from my book. “Hmmm?” “I didn’t think that we would end up like this so soon!” He sounded a bit theatrical, what made me laugh. “End up like what, boo?” “You know…only yesterday I got woken up with the sweetest kiss and my wife cuddled up next to me and now?? … Nothing … no kiss … no sexy wife next to me … instead she sits fully dressed on the couch in front of the comfy bed, where we should stay in all day and make out because we’re in our honeymoon!”, he finished with a dramatic gesture.

“Ohh Bruno!”, I really had to laugh. “Common get your ass over here and you get your kiss!” “Naww but that’s not the same! Why don’t you come over and lay down next to me?” “Because you won’t get out of the bed all day, if I’d come now over to you. And I’m just as lazy as you! So come over!” “But Nilaaaaa…”, he mumbled in the pillow. “It’s still so earlyyyyyyyyy come baaaack!” “Nope!” “Pwwwweeeeaaaseee!”, he sat up again, looking at me with his pouty lip.

“Oh Bruno! You’re too much!”

And again he let himself fall back on the bed, trying to be a little bit more convincing when the kid in him stomps on the floor.

“Common! You’re no fun!” “Hmmm ok!”

And the third time he sat up in the bed. Just looking at me. I pretended reading, but had him in my view. I couldn’t concentrate anymore anyways.

“Babyyyy!” “Hmmm?”

My eyes traveled nervously over the pages of my book. The urge to ran over to him, back in the bed was for that moment too big.

“Come back!… Please?”, he whined.

I really wanted to ran over, but at the same time I don’t. It was so comfy on the couch. I didn’t want to move.

“Look Bruno! You’re perfectly awake now! Why don’t you come over here? Huh?”

“Because you belong in the bed next to me!”

“You know that, in the time that you discuss with me, you could already have your kiss, right?!”

Like a little baby he sat there on the bed, crossed arms and sighed deeply.

Laughing I looked again up from the book, that I didn’t read anymore.

“What Bruno?”

“What are you reading anyways?” “How to get rid of my annoying husband!”, I laughed.

“Uhh yeah, ok! I see how it is.”, he snapped back.

I looked back down to my book, but saw that he sat there leaning on his elbows. And again he puffed, sighed deeply, breathed heavily, wheezed and gasped loudly.

This man is unbelievable! This was too funny!

“Is life so hard?” “Yeahhh… My wife hates me and doesn’t want to come in bed with me!”

Enough was enough!

Quickly I put the book on the coffee table and stood up. Too quick! Soon enough I felt the real reason why I didn’t want to get up from the couch. And fell straight back on it.

“Brunoooo … I can’t come over!” “Aww pretty please! You almost made it!”

I sighed and lend forward for the next try. Step by step I made my way over to the bed and jumped on top of Bruno, straddling him.

“So now! Here I am! Happy?”, I smiled to him. He pulled me down to him and I gave him the promised kiss.

“I shouldn’t give always in so easily!” I lend down and kissed him again.

“You see what I’d do for you? Crawling in pain, that you caused, over to you that you get your kiss!”

“Common! First: It’s not like you don’t want to kiss me! Second: I haven’t raped you or anything! You were involved in that just as much as me! And you liked it! So you can’t call it like that!”


I put my head on his chest liked I’d make an handstand, kneed over him and pushed my ass a little in the air. It felt somehow acrobatic, and I did that only because I was bored. Only because I can! So I stayed like this for a while.

Sometimes I wonder what Bruno is thinking when I do out of the sudden weird stuff like this, but at the same time I don’t mind at all, because he knew what he gets with me!

I hate laying all day in the bed, when outside the sun is shining and is almost screaming ‘come out!’, even when the hottest thing on the planet is next to me.

Up to the point, when I felt Brunos hands travel along my thighs, moving higher and higher.

He slipped his hands so fast in my shorts, that I had no time to react.

“Eyyy..” I looked up to him. What has this man now on his mind?

“I love those booty shorts and the way they let my hands in so easily!” “You’re such a pervert!”, I answered laughing.

“What? You’re pushing your booty up like this and I can’t touch it?” “I didn’t say that! It was just  … unexpected!” I lend back in to him and kissed him. I felt a light squeeze and smiled on his lips.

“And now take your hands away and get up lazy boy!” I straddled him again and watched his hands still travel over my thighs.

“Noo I don’t wanna get out yet!” I stopped his hands with mine and intertwined our fingers. “But boo… it’s so nice weather!” “But I just got you back in the bed!!”

He pulled on my arms and I laid back on top of him.

“Common! Just a few more minutes!” “But I know that minutes turn in hours with you!” “No I promise! A few more minutes!”

A few seconds later I felt his warm lips on mine and him rolling on top of me.

“Just a few more minutes?”, I raised my eyebrow with a smile on my lips.

“Trust me! Like I said!” And again I felt his lips on mine, giving him the permission to slip his tongue in.

Soon enough I wrapped my arms around his neck and we both rolled on our side.

When we pulled away I caught my breath and asked: “So what are the plans for today?” “Is it ok when we go over to my mum?” “Yeah sure! Remind me that I need to thank her.” I planted another kiss on his lips.

“Remind you? What do you want to thank her for?” “That she pushed you out of the house the day I left Hawaii.”

He came again closer and kissed me lingering a little bit longer on my lips.

“I need to thank her for that even more!” He grabbed one of my hands, pulled it up to his lips and kissed it as well softly.

“You feel better now about the whole family stuff?” “Since you told me the story, I feel better. I just try not to think about it too much!”

He pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me. We laid there really only for a few minutes longer.

While Bruno took his shower and got ready for the day, I grabbed my book again, put my RayBan on and laid on the balcony in the deckchair. The weather was beautiful. Not even one cloud in the sky and it was already before noon hot outside.

When I heard that Bruno came out of the bathroom I became a little nervous again. Knowing that I’d meet his family soon, was crazy. Apart from this our whole relationship was crazy. Nothing was like it would be for normal couples.

“Are you ready?”, I heard Bruno saying from inside the room. “Yep” I stood up and walked back in. And there her stood, my man. Looking all the way fine for his mum.

“You look good, Bru!” I smacked his butt on my way to my purse.

“Shall we grab something to eat on our way? A bit too late for breakfast, huh?” “Nah I don’t need anything. I couldn’t eat now anyways.” “Aww baby! Come here!”

I walked back over to him and he pulled he in a tight hug.

“Everything will be alright! You hear me?” “Yeah I know…but I’m still pretty nervous!”

I felt how he pressed his lips on my forehead. “I love you!”, he whispered. He is so good to me. He gives me always the strength I need, doesn’t matter in which situation.

“You alright?” “Mhhm. Let’s go! The earlier the better!”


“So here we are!” “Oh my god! How many cars are this? You haven’t told me that so many people would be here.” “You would have run the whole night up and down the room, if I told you!” “But Brunoo… You could have prepared me at least. You know that I’m …” “I know that you’re nervous and afraid around new people. Especially so many, but I’m here with you. I’m right by your side. And if you don’t feel good or anything, we can leave anytime! You hear me? I’d do anything for you.” “That’s cute Bruno! I know you would do anything for me, but you don’t need to leave with me! This is your day! And I’m going to survive this somehow…you did so much for me the last days. This is the least I can do for you. I can’t ran away anyways. Just please don’t leave me alone so soon!” “I’ll hover over you! I promise!” “You don’t need to promise always! I believe you!” “Come here!”

With his index finger he lifted my chin up and kissed me deeply.

When we pulled away, our foreheads still touched.

And at the same time we said both: “I love you!”

This drew a smile on my lips.

Suddenly our moment was interrupted by a knock on Bruno’s door.

In a blink of an eye we pulled away from each other.

Even Bruno looked shocked for a minute but then his eyes lit up and he had a huge smile on his face, when he saw a little boy standing there. He swung the door open and was welcomed with a heart warming: “Bruuuunoooo!!”

Bruno stepped as fast as he could out of the car and swung him up in his arms, spinning the little fella a few rounds.

I need to correct. When I thought this morning it is cute how Bruno is sitting all sleepy with his curly head in the bed, then is this the definition of cute!

“Heey my buddy! How you’re doing??” “Everyone’s waidin for youuuuuu!!” “Really?? Then we should hurry and get in huh?”

In the meantime I stepped also out of the car and walked over to the two fellas.

“Bruno, who is she?” Bruno walked closer to me, still with the little boy on his arm. He put one arm around me and answered: “This is Nila!” “Hello you”, I waved shortly at him. “And this is my little nephew, Tahiti’s oldest Nyjah!”

“And why did you kiss her??”

Pretty nosily for that age.

“I kissed her because she’s my wife!” I starred at him in disbelief.

“What?? She’s your wife?? Why you didn’t let me come to your wedding??”

Bruno saw what he did and tried to find words.

“Well … Ehmm … I want her to be my wife! She’s my girlfriend. But I promise you you’ll be the first one I’ll invite. But I haven’t asked her yet. So you need to promise that you don’t tell anyone yet!”

“I pommis! … She’s pretty!” Suddenly he hung one arm around me and hugged me with his little small arms.

This little boy had already a place in my heart and took almost all my fear away. At least one person of his family likes me already!

Bruno smiled at me like he has never before! He really missed his family! He looked so happy.

With Nyjah on his arm he grabbed my hand and said: “You ready?” I nodded nervously and we started to make our way to the door.