Chapter 7

18/04/2011 21:34

Maria Marie...”

Alicia Annalies”

Tears were running down her face like her grandma died all over again. The pain in her face, was readable. The bandages on her arm we're bloodier than ever, her eyes...GOD her eyes were scary red and puffy like she's been crying for days. Looking at that gun in her hand, I began to be scared but I swallowed my fear


Maria can you put the gun down, your making me uncomfortable.”

Look at you, always so calm, so brave always the one being so strong...”

Maria, please...”

Shut up!” pointing the gun at me “your gonna listen to me!”

OK, ok”

She walks towards me pointing the gun at Bruno. She was crazed in the eyes, looking like the killer that I know she's not. Even though she had my life in her hands, my hearts soften for her.



yeah what about me” he said

you are the cause of all of this! I was so close to being with her and here you come along, messing everything up!”

look, I know your upset but....”

She shot in the air. I flinched but Bruno looked at her with steal eyes, brave and unfearfull of the weapon she possessed. That's when I realized I fell in love with him.


NO!” maria said

what, what?!?”

She fell on the floor with her head in her hands, rocking back and forth, praying in spanish. “i need you to leave bruno”

i'm not going anywhere ma....”

A shot when off and I just fell over



My arm was bleeding, and a burning pain was all through my body. It felt as though my body was on fire but no matter the pain I felt, I couldn't cry. I looked over at Bruno, he was right by me side staring right at Maria but not with anger but with sympathy. It was like he understood what he was she was feeling.

I know you didn't mean to hurt her, but if I leave i'm going to be right by that door”

She walked back and forth across my room. She had her hands on her head but her finger on the trigger. She put the gun down and took off her scarf on her head and put it around my arm to stop the bleeding. I guess bruno and her had a moment because next thing I knew, he was gone. As soon as he left she started to cry. She pulled me into her arms and began to cry and play with me head.

i'm so sorry mi amor”

porque maria, porque?

por que te quiero”

but maria it's not love”

Yes it is”

& how do you know of this?”

because, your the Bees knees”

The pain was spreading. I couldn't really hear what she was saying after that. I feel like this bullet is a hot worm digging into me. As I look into Maria's eyes I seen the the love, but it was more so a sisterly love. She was confused with the love, even though she only walked about Phil once, I seen how she talked about him. Now that was love, but as of right now she feels as though i'm love. I am, just not just in that way. My eyes start to get heavy, drained from the wound I close my eyes.

Alicia please don't leave me.”

It'll be ok, things will get better.”


I felt her looking at me as I shook my head yes. All in a bussle I hear another noise

Maria baby, I told you”

Phil, what are you doing here? I thought you were in Philly?”

I came back last night and when I went to your house, I found this note”

Maria laid my head down and put a pillow under it. She got up and I guess she was just standing there

I though you left me for good? Music over me remember”

i thought about what you said & you we're right. You can't make a love song with no love in your life”

so what now?”

I strained to open my eyes and seen maria with her arms folded and that gun in her hand. Phil was by the door with bruno, who was leaning on the door. He had his eyes on maria but on me too.

Maria, I....”

You what, Phil?”

Bro just tell her” Bruno said

tell me what” maria said wide eyed


Bruno pulled out his guitar and Phil started to sing in spanish.

cuando veo maria's cara, no hay una cosa que phil cambiaría, porque usted es asombroso la manera que usted es, y cuando usted sonríe, el mundo entero para y mira fijamente durante algún tiempo, porque usted es asombroso la manera usted es”

Maria just broke down and started to cry but laugh at the same time. What Phil said didn't make sense but I knew from when Bruno sang it to me. It was just the way you are, I remember when he sang that. That was the day I broke my favorite vase.

“Aw Philipe!”

She drop the gun and ran over to Phil and wrapped her arms around him.

“Why did you do all this” he asked maria

“because alicia is the only girl I’ve ever loved that loved me back, she' never left my side for as long as I’ve known her & when you left, I didn't have anyone but her.”

“so you did all of this because of me?”

“would it be bad if I said yes”

He just kissed her in a way that was more than a simple kiss, it was love. Now I didn't know their relationship but I know love when I see it, That made me so happy for Maria. She's been throught a lot of heart ache and pain but I had a feeling that Phil will treat her right. They walk out of my room to leave my house and when they left, I felt a sort of relief. When I took off the bandage I seen that the bullet only grazed my arm. When I looked at Bruno, he had a band-aide and some alcohol on his hand. He came over next to me, disinfected the wound & put that band-aide on it.

“ you ok ?” he asked

yeah, I was good but I was to tired to say so, so I just shook my head yes. He kissed me on the lips and carried me to the bed. When I looked at him I realized he was staring at me with his hand on my face. Then he kissed me again.

“you know I fell in love with you today” he said

“really?” I said

“yeah, how you handled the whole situation with maria, you were calm and affectionate, & you weren't mad at her when she shot you, in that moment I fell in love with you or I realized that I loved you. Even thought we've known each other for 2 weeks, I feel so connected with you. Like Maria said you are the Bee's knees”

I smile “you know I thought the same thing when you stood by my side when Maira had that gun”

I just looked at him knowing that no more words needed to be exchanged. He grabbed my hand and took me to the window. The moon was full and bright and under it we made love right under the moon. When we finished he held me close. Looking at the moon I was more than head over  hill in love with him. Like a cow I was jumping over  the moon for him and for once, that was ok.